32 Most Beautiful Anime Eyes with Mesmerizing Designs!

beautiful anime animation

Best Anime Eyes: Here are the most beautiful eyes in anime, be it from male or female characters, we will include them all.

Anime eyes are a big part of anime characters and are often very expressive. They can be wide, narrow, squinted, powerful, or have different colors. This article will go over the different types of anime eyes and why each type is considered to be the best by Japanese animators.

Eyes in anime and manga allow us to see the world from the perspective of various anime characters who possess beautiful eyes and grab everyone’s attention. So with no further addition… Here is a compiled list of anime characters with the most beautiful eyes from around the anime and manga world.

Are you looking for the best anime eyes from both male and female characters? The answer is below!

32. Kurumi Tokisaki from Date a Live


Kurumi is a yandere anime girl who has one of the best anime eyes. At first looks like a sweet kind girl, who is actually one of the main antagonists of the series, and proves more than once that she has a split personality. It’s not surprising that such a complex anime character gets a pretty cool pair of eyes, right? While having red-eye is already impressive enough, having an eye with a clock design is even cooler.

31. Yu’s Pluderer eyes from Charlotte

plunder charlotte

From the Charlotte series comes those cool anime eyes that have the ability to take over someone’s body for approximately 5 seconds. While in use, Yuu’s irises become lime green and his pupils become light teal. However, his body slumps into unconsciousness while this ability is in use. He can use other abilities whilst controlling their bodies. However, the five seconds time limit still applies. It is revealed that Yū’s true ability is “Plunder” which takes someone’s ability away from them (They can’t ever use their ability again) and use it as his own.

30. Touwa Erio from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

beautiful anime girl eyes

Erio Touwa is the main character in the Denpa Onna series. She is one of the most beautiful anime girls with such pretty blue eyes, alabaster skin, and shoulder-length light blue hair. She was very awkward at first, but when she realized that she is not actually an alien! Erio started to let her real self out, that she is very shy.

29. Ahiru Arima from Princess Tu Tu

cute anime girl eyes

Well, Ahiru’s hair is of pretty strawberry blonde color and braided up with a huge cowlick. She is also one of the best anime girls who have blue eyes and light skin with freckles. Be it human or non-human she always wears Drosselmeyer’s pendant or a golden necklace.

Ahiru is a friendly, kind-hearted, and quirky character. She is easily excitable and talkative, but also very clumsy. She might not be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to figuring things out. With time, she becomes determined and gets more focused on her duties.

28. Bell Cranel From Danmachi 

bell cranel danmachi

Bell Cranel is the protagonist of Danmachi. He is a young, yet mature, teenager with white hair and is one of the hottest anime boys with red eyes. He is often compared to a ‘bunny’ or rabbit due to his appearance, and women of the series usually refer to him as a cute guy.

Bell (the protagonist) is kind and straightforward, but he often feels shy despite his desire to be a hero. He also deeply cares for the people who surround him and has a very strong bond with his master Hestia and the rest of his friends.

27. Free’s The Demon Eye From Soul Eater

Free's The Demon Eye From Soul Eater

Among the coolest eyes on our list is the demon eye. which is granting the character “Free” the ability to manipulate ice, perform spatial magic techniques such as teleportation, and create barriers and illusions. It also grants him the ability to perform the Demon Eye Cannon. so, in short, these powerful anime eyes carry their own magical abilities. however, these anime eyes have finite energy and must go through a charging period before being able to perform spells.

26. Akashi Seijuro from Kuroko No Basuke

badass animes boyEmperor’s eye is one of the best anime eyes of all time, there are so many characters from the Kuroko No Basket series who use them. However, when Akashi uses them, it really stands out among the others. These eyes serve as a base to develop other skills such as Ankle Break, but also to strengthen his other movements like passes and interceptions. Akashi’s Ankle Break is a movement in which he makes the opposing player unable to face him.

Akashi uses the Emperor Eye to see the weak points of players in movement and the posture of the opposing body to make them fall. Due to being awakened to his ability early enough, Akashi is the only player who has the most experience and knowledge on how to use his power, making full use of his eyes. However, his eyes cannot predict opponent players who move from afar like Kuroko due to the lack of confidence and teamwork between him and his team.

25. Tetsuya Kuroko from Kuruko no Basket

tetsuya kuroko

Next up among the best characters with the most beautiful anime eyes, we have Kuroko from the anime ‘Kuroko no Basket. He is a really handsome character who sports a great set of features. Deep blue eyes, short blue hair, and smooth skin. He is a very calm person. There are times when he uses his misdirection ability to run away, and also when he is late for a reason, but he claims to have always been there from the start. Although initially cold towards his teammates, he gradually approaches it and begins to speak more openly. It has been shown to have a soft spot for cute animals, such as kittens and dogs.

24. Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom

nagisa assassination classroom

Nagisa is a young teenage boy from the Ansatsu Kyoushitsu series! He is considered to be a character with one of the best anime eyes with a deep blue color of all time. When he’s around friends and acquaintances, he shows a more affable side and is courteous. But as an assassin, he has one job – to effectively kill people. Karasuma says that when Nagisa’s killing intent is on, he’s not training at all, and he attacks for the kill.

23. Ciel From Black Butler 

pretty anime eyes

Ciel is a fictional character who has pretty blue anime eyes, one of which has the symbol of the Faustian Contract, which refers to his deal with a demon. The contract states that a demon can offer specific services in compensation for a human’s very own soul. When Ciel takes off his eye patch, unveiling his Faustian Contract, he can then summon his “one hell of a butler” – Sebastian Michaelis – to come and save the day.

22. Kurusu Syo From Uta no Princess Sama

hot animes boy

Syo from the Uta No Princess Sama series is a handsome male anime character who has blond hair, but his bangs are held back by a few pink barrettes. He has one of The most striking anime eyes that are blue. He is described as a stylish person and is also very cute. People often call him that, but he hates it when people do so. Kurusu Syo always has lots of energy and a positive attitude. Sometimes he can be someone who’s quick to react and defensive, especially when it comes to his height being teased.

21. Yoshino from Date A Live

kawaii anime girl

Yoshino is one of the loveliest and kawaii anime girls on this list, and she’s great at what she does as well. She has a personality and appeal that couldn’t be matched by any other female anime character in the Date A Live series. Yoshino is a cute, gorgeous little girl, with one of the most amazing blue anime eyes and long curly pretty blue hair, with all that said nothing will stop you from stallion in love with her beauty.

20. Train Heartnet from Black Cat


Next up among the best characters with the best anime eyes, we have Heartnet Train. A cool anime character with an average height, short brown hair, and cat-like anime eyes that are gold-colored. Train is a badass anime character from the Black Cat series, he is an assassin who always says “I’ve come to deliver the bad luck” before killing any target. He always completes missions without fail, and without remorse.

19. Hyuuga Clan’s Byakugan From Naruto


We all loved Hinata’s for having one of the most beautiful anime eyes ever seen in history, that is also a powerful eye! called The Byakugan these eyes allow Hinata and the whole Huuyga Clan to have an almost 360-degree field of vision, except for the blind spot at the back of the user’s neck. The user could also see the chakra pathway system of their opponents, and be able to see through when genjutsu is being used on them.

18. Rinnegan From Naruto Shippuuden

naruto powerful characters

In Naruto, there are various anime eyes such as Byakogan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan. Rinnegan is considered one of the most powerful eyes in naruto anime and manga series, these overpowered and cool anime eyes grant its user god-like abilities: manipulation of gravity, ability to remove souls, mind-reading, summoning creatures, absorbing chakra, summoning the King of Hell and most importantly – the power of resurrection.

17. Sharingan of Uchiha Clan from Naruto

badass animes boyThe Uchiha or Uchiha Clan is a clan of fictional ninjas in the manga and anime Naruto. the Uchiha grew increasingly isolated from the village’s affairs. The Uchiha clan was considered the most powerful and one of the four noble clans of Konoha, and the ninja world, having as its only rival the Clan Senju of the Forest. reputed to be the village’s strongest because of their powerful and beautiful red anime eyes called Sharingan and their natural battle prowess.

16. Violet from Violet Evergarden 

violet from violet evergarden

Violet is a very charming young girl with one of the most beautiful anime eyes, as well as shiny golden long hair. She is a female character, who has a beauty that may catch everyone’s attention. Violet Evergarden’s animation is top-notch of what a good anime would be. While the aesthetics were phenomenal, and the story is so epic following the development of this magnificent fictional character.

15. Sawada Tsunayoshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

 anime boy eyes

Tsunayoshi Sawada is the main protagonist of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime and manga series. Also known as Tsuna, he is among the coolest anime boys, whose character’s design features a short slim figure, spiky brown hair, and orange eyes. He is a badass character that you should also check out and see what kind of change happens to him. The show is underrated and has a lot more than just the ordinary shonen plotline.

14. Milla Maxwell from Tales Of Xillia

beautiful anime girlsMilla takes the appearance of a tall, beautiful young woman with amazing curves, and long blonde hair that reaches down to her waist, and she has one of the prettiest anime eyes ever seen! Having not interacted with many people, She hasn’t had a lot of exposure to the outside world, so she is very honest and upfront about what she thinks.

13. Shiro from No Game No Life

shiro from no game no life

Among the best eyes in anime, are those of Shiro, a cute girl from the No Game No Life series. Her character’s design features pale skin, long messy white hair, and big gold/yellow eyes. She’s on the slim side with an average height for someone who is 11 years old. Despite Shiro’s intelligence, she can be indecisive and has trouble interacting with humans. However, she and her brother are pro gamers; together, they are an unstoppable force!

12. Yuki Nagato from The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

best anime eyes

Yuki is short for her age compared to her friends. Her hair is cut in a jagged style, and there’s usually a sad expression on her face. She used to wear glasses but made the switch after Kyon told her it would be better. For such a pretty anime girl, she has an amazingly expressive brown-golden eye. Nagato only wears her school uniform or the clothes she was told to wear by her superiors, even on weekends. However, you might spot her in casual clothes during vacations.

11. Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin

beautiful anime eyes

Kenshin from The anime series “ Rurouni Kenshin, is a famous assassin from the Meiji Revolution, who has unusual anime eyes that are deep violet. When his eyes begin to change, it reflects his reversion to Hitokiri Battosai, and their color changes from violet to gold.

Kenshin has been traveling around Japan for 10 years as a Rurouni and has sworn to never kill again. But now he’s living in Tokyo and is being challenged to keep his vow – because even the Kamiya dojo is not an easy place to live peacefully.

10. Rin Matsuoka from Free!

hot animes boy

Rin Matsuoka is one of the main characters of the anime series Free! He’s a freestyle and butterfly swimmer who competed for Samezuka Academy and became team captain after Seijuro Mikoshiba graduated. He’s really into swimming and he understands teamwork well. He has a hot appearance, being muscular with semi-sharky teeth, long maroon hair, and one of the prettiest red anime eyes of all time, which make him undeniably one of the hottest anime guys ever.

9. Akame from Akame Ga Kill

akame ga kill

Akame from the Akame Ga Kill anime series is a very attractive female character with striking features. You’ll be captivated by her gorgeous hair, mesmerized by her big red eyes – she’s just a gorgeous anime girl you will never forget! Akame is the strongest character in the series and belongs to a group of assassins called Night Raid. She may look cute and innocent, but she can easily take care of the most powerful opponents with minimal effort.

8. Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass 

beautiful anime boy eyes

Lelouch Lamperouge is one of the coolest and most badass anime characters of all time, he has black hair and purple eyes and is often seen with a glowing purple aperture that emanates from his eyes. He’s one of the hottest guys, but he’s strong nonetheless. His power is known as Geass, which he inherited from a girl named C.C.

Lelouch is pretty thoughtful and calm. Who can also be quite arrogant sometimes, but that’s not always a bad thing. His charisma and confidence in him make it easy for people to follow his lead. His badass behavior is what gives him a certain edge over the competition.

7. Miku Nakano from The Quintessential Quintuplets

beautiful anime girl eyes

Miku is a pretty, gorgeous, and beautiful anime girl who has the prettiest anime eyes you will ever see. Plus she’s really nice too with a really reserved, silent, and emotionless personality. We only used Miku as an example from the series since we can’t cover all the female characters in the said series, but what’s important to know is that there are a lot of gorgeous girls you’ll like. Trust us! Hence, If you like cute and sexy anime ladies, check out this show as soon as possible.

6. Light Yagami From Death Note

light yagami death note

In the Death Note anime and manga series, the death note holders can obtain those beautiful and powerful Shinigami Eyes in exchange for half of their lifespan, gaining the ability to see other humans’ names and lifespans, making it easier for them to write their victim’s names into their Death Note. Also, a person’s eyes look no different after they gain the Shinigami Eyes. So, It is impossible for humans to differ (scientifically or otherwise) on who possesses Shinigami Eyes or not.

5. Soushi Miketsukami from Inu x Boku SS

hot anime boy

Soushi Miketsukami is a tall, handsome young man with white hair, pale skin, and two different colored anime eyes: his left eye is gold and the right one is blue. His outfit consists of a black suit with a gray undershirt and maroon tie.

He’s half-human/half-ayakashi. Of all his ilk, he’s the most powerful. Soushi is usually calm and polite to people. He passed away in the first part, trying to save Ririchiyo from a band of evil demons. He awakens again but he doesn’t remember his past life, he realizes being by the side of Ririchiyo is important. Once he learns more about that responsibility, he decides to become her SS agent again.

4. Eru Chitanda from Hyouka 

beautiful anime girl

Talking about the cutest anime eyes of all time without including characters from Hyouka is a shame! So let’s take a look at Eru Chitanda, the cutest girl in the entire series. She’s a pretty and sweet girl, who got the best eyes in anime history. She can be a bit cheerful, too–especially when she has something new or exciting to share with her club.

3. Nia Teppelin from Gurren Lagann

pretty anime girl

Nia has one of the most beautiful and best anime eyes ever drawn! She is a young girl of medium height, with blue hair, peach skin, and unique blue eyes with pink crosses

Nia Teppelin is the go-to villain for the final act of Gurren Lagann. She was created by Antispiral and is his messenger. As the series progresses she will become Simon’s girlfriend and eventual wife before she dies before the final episode. The way she loves him connects them even though she has faded away.

2. Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai

 anime girl eyes

This beautiful female character has pretty rainbow-colored anime eyes but can also be dangerous. Her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception is a type of rare “Eye”. Shiki Ryougi is the main protagonist of Kara no Kyoukai, and she has one of the most powerful anime eyes with a supernatural ability that allows her to see the inherent mortality of things.

Shiki also has great physical skills, allowing her to quickly dodge and attack in combat. She’s also had a strong resiliency to pain over the years, which is likely due to her strong self-discipline.

1. Leonardo from Kekkai Sensen

best anime eyesAside from having one of the best anime eyes that are so beautiful and super-powered too, Leo is actually a normal young boy and can be somewhat of a coward, easily intimidated by the bizarre nature of Hellsalem’s Lot. Leonardo is a character from the manga and anime series Blood Blockade Battlefront. He’s a good-natured photographer who ventured to alien Hellsalem to help his sister.


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