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The 27 Cute Anime Girl Characters You Will Fall in Love With

cutest anime girlfriends

The Best 27 Cute Anime Girl Characters of All Time

We all love cute anime girl characters. They are just so adorable that we can’t resist them. The best anime girls are those who have been designed to be cute and beautiful. They can be categorized into various types such as schoolgirls, maids, sisters, or even powerful females.

If you are looking for the most irresistible kawaii anime young-girl characters, look no further. This list is all about the coolest, most adorable, and surprisingly cute-looking anime girls in Japanese manga and animation.

Alright, let’s get on to this list so you can find out who are those cute and kawaii anime girl characters of all time.

Among these 27 best young anime senoritas characters are the following.

27. Yuzu – Konahana Kitan

cute anime girls

Kicking off our list of the cute anime girl characters with Yuzu, the protagonist of the Konohana Kitan series and is a gentle, hardworking anime fox girl. She lives with Bikini, an old nun with extensive knowledge about a lot of things.

Yuzu is a cute kitsune girl who, on average, is about the same height as normal girls with blonde hair. You won’t see anything unusual when she has her hair down, but she sometimes sticks her cowlick out to express emotion. The tips of her ears also have small tufts of fur.

26. Charmy – Black Clover

charmy black clover

Anime girls are always so cute, and Charmy from Black Clover is one of the most adorable out there. She loves food more than anything else, making her a great character for any fan, especially for people who really love food too.

As a hybrid dwarf human, she’s pretty small. Which is great. Sometimes she even fills her mouth with food or shows off her cute cotton clothes to all the other characters. Simply she’s healthy, cute, and kawaii!

Charmy is a pretty little girl with hair that touches her shoulders and green eyes. Sometimes she gets confused for someone younger than she actually is, but just by looking at her charisma, power, and speeches, it’s clear that she’s way too mature to be a child.

25. March – To Your Eternity

cute anime girl

As one of the few cute girls in her area, March is a kawaii anime girl and all she wants is to be a mama as soon as possible. She mostly spends her time playing “house” with her dolls, but she ended up becoming a sort of an adorable mother figure to the immortal being Fuchsia.

Despite the tragic things that happened to her, this girl managed to make everyone smile with her sweet and funny style. Mars is definitely one of the most endearing anime girl characters of all time.

24. Momo – March Comes in Like a Lion

cutest anime girl

Momo from the anime series “March Comes in Like A Lion” is Kawamoto’s youngest sister. She wasn’t raised by her parents but has two older sisters and a grandpa who took care of her. Momo is always happy, cute, and adorable because of her family!

Her bright personality is always able to cheer up Rei Kiriyama, even at the point where he’s crying. Momo is a cute little anime girl with slightly shoulder-length orange hair where it curls towards her face, big green eyes, and rosy cheeks. Momo is a very cheerful and happy-go-lucky sister that everyone would dream to have.

23. Popura Taneshima – Working!!

kawaii anime girl

Popura is one of the main female characters in the anime series Working!!. She’s not around the same height as most high schoolers and works as a waitress at Wagnaria. Takeshima is a young girl who looks very innocent and like she is much younger. She has reddish-brown, fluffy hair, and pretty sienna eyes.

Well, Popura Taneshima is a bubbly cute anime girl with an elementary school-aged body who is always mistaken for a child. All she wants is for people to get along. In the series, she is portrayed as a clumsy girl who is unaware that Jun Satou has a crush on Yachiyo Todoroki.

22. Kisa Sohma – Fruits Basket

kawaii cute anime girls

Kisa Sohma from the Fruits Basket anime and manga series is a shy girl with pale skin and pretty amber-colored eyes. People around her like to say that she’s very cute, especially Tohru and Hiro. Kisa is a very sweet and sincere person who can’t deal with conflict. She prefers civil conversations over arguments to solve problems and can get shaken easily, and is really very sensitive, so don’t upset her.

In the series, she is portrayed as a girl who is influenced by the family’s zodiac curse, which means that when a member of the opposite sex embraces her, she transforms into a tiger. She is one of the shyest and cutest anime girls ever, but when she gets attached to someone, she follows him like a little chick.

21. Naru Kotoishi – Barakamon

barakamon naru

Naru Kotoishi is a little cute anime girl who lives on the island and has done her best to get Seishuu Handa to enjoy himself. She really wants him to go out and have fun. Naru is a really friendly and outgoing kid. She likes to visit Seishuu’s house often and doesn’t always understand the importance of personal space.

I really like Barakamon, it’s such a great anime, and I personally love Naru. She is incredibly one of the cutest anime girls of all time, especially because she acts mature even though she’s just a little girl.

20. Tsukasa Hiiragi – Lucky Star

cut kawaii anime girl

Tsukasa Hiiragi is one of Lucky Star Anime’s many cute characters. She is good at cooking and loves to sleep. In the anime, Konata calls Izumi “Kona-chan” and is the only character who does so. She is Kagami’s younger twin sister and a member of her family.

Well, this kawaii anime girl is typically depicted as being short and a bit smaller than the average person. She’s also prone to being awkward in her actions and has a very klutzy personality.

Tsukasa is generally a sweet, naive, innocent, and dim-witted person who never gets mad. Compared to her twin sister Kagami who is much more sharp-minded, assertive, and a tsundere. Tsukasa’s personality seems very different at first sight. But in the end they’re really just two halves that make up a whole.”

19. Nelliel – Bleach

nelliel bleach

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck from the Bleach anime and manga series was the former No. 3 Espada. She is also known as Nel Tu and is a small, cheerful, and good-natured Arrancar from Hueco Mundo who resides in the Desert.

Nelliel is actually a female Arrancar with hazel eyes and green hair. Nelliel first appears as a cute anime girl but is actually not someone you should get tangled with, especially once she gets her adult form by transforming into a pretty woman, with a tall, curvy, and well-endowed body and long green hair.

18. Tsumugi Inuzuka – Sweetness & Lightning

cutest animes

Tsumugi Inuzuka is a kawaii 3-year-old girl in the anime Sweetness and Lightning, she spends most of her time learning to cook with her father. She is among the best cute young anime girl characters I have ever seen! her character design comes with pretty green eyes and messy, long dirty blonde hair hidden under a baseball cap.

Tsumugi is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves food and goes to Kotori’s restaurant to cook with everyone. She really likes her dad and never tries to upset him as much as she can.

17. Nadeshiko Kagamihara – Laid Back Camp

kawaii animes

Nadeshiko is a cute teenage anime girl from the anime series “Yuru Camp”. Her design is one of the best anime aesthetics, as she is a pretty female with pink hair in two plaits. She has light blue eyes and pale skin.

Nadeshiko is a clumsy, cheerful, and energetic girl who is easily excitable. Her appetite is huge and she loves food. Her personality would be considered the exact opposite of her best friend, Rin.

Nadeshiko has had her interest in camping sparked after her first encounter with Rin Shima at Lake Motosu. After an exhausting trip from Nanbu, she couldn’t help but be woken up by Rin at the sight of Mt.Fuji at night. Nadeshiko has loved camping ever since then, and is up for going whenever she can!

16. Nene Sakura – New Game

nene sakura

Nene Sakura, is a cute girl, who is portrayed as the friend of Aoba Suzukaze from the anime series, “New Game”. She has short blonde hair. Her eyes are light blue and she looks like a middle schooler despite being in college.

She seems to like programming and is innately curious, but Nene is more childish, selfish, and clumsy. Aoba Suzukaze can’t focus on what she’s supposed to be doing because of Nene, which led her to spread rumors in the past. She’s also a vivid Otaku girl.

15. Taiga Aisaka – Toradora

taiga toradora

Taiga Aisaka is the main female protagonist of Toradora! anime and manga series. Although Taiga’s still a teenager, her short height makes her seem like a kid. She’s got tsundere personality and all.

She’s also clumsy and often gets upset over trivial stuff, especially her height (which doesn’t match up to that of a girl her age). But overall, she’s a really kind person.

Aisaka Taiga is known for her violent temper as she is a hotheaded tsundere. If you say something cute about her, she won’t hesitate to hit you. But that doesn’t mean she is just one of the cute anime girl characters of all time – but also a strong and determined person.

14. Umaru Doma – Himoto! Umaru-chan

cute kawaii anime girl

Umaru Doma is the adorable protagonist of the Himouto! Umaru-chan Anime series. She prefers to be a graceful, mature girl but when she’s in her true form, she is lazy and loves to play around and have fun.

In her ‘Outdoor’ mode, Umaru is the perfect cute anime schoolgirl. She’s beautiful, nice, hardworking and she helps everyone – plus she really calm, feminine and has a sweet voice! However, In her ‘Indoor’ mode, she’s not exactly the girl we mentioned before. Her true form is that of a lazy chibi otaku girl who doesn’t do much to help out with chores

13. Yui Hirasawa – K-On!


Yui is one of the main female characters from the K-On anime and manga series, she loves to play the guitar but realistically she’s not very good at it. However, her dedication and passion convinced her to learn so with her fellow Even if everything that they do goes horribly wrong — Yui sticks with it and still finds enjoyment out of playing music with them!

Yui is always down to have fun and doesn’t know what stage fright is. She is among the cutest anime girls ever! She likes cute stuff, and is really touchy-feely with her friends, like hugging them a lot or holding their hands. She also loves all the sweets that Tsumugi brings to her and it doesn’t seem to affect her waistline. She seems to be able to eat as much as she wants without any weight gain.

12. Ayuko – Aiura

cute kawaii anime girl

Ayuko Uehara from the anime series “Aiura” is a high school student who’s friends with Saki Iwasawa and Kanaka Amaya. She is not a random run-of-the-mill anime girl, because Ayuko has a dangerous side.

Maybe she looks like a cute anime girl who is gorgeous, smart, with pretty black hair and innocent eyes. Thus, she has all the potential to ruin your heart! As she usually tells cutting remarks without hesitation for a moment.

11. Filo – The Rising of The Shield Hero

filo the rising of the shield hero

This is Filo, a cute, lovely anime character with blonde hair. Filo was originally born from a monster egg that Naofumi got from the slave trader.

What makes her one of the cutest anime girls is her personality. She’s childish and, in many cases, hard to control. For example, she’ll refuse orders unless she’s fed and will randomly turn into an animal because whenever feels like it.

Filo tries to appease Naofumi and get his approval as much as she can, but also doesn’t really care about anything that isn’t interesting to her, but since Filo’s an airhead, it’s understandable.

Well, Filo and Raphtalia are among the prettiest girls in “The Rising of the Shield Heroes” anime series and are Naofumi’s loyal partners. They’re ready to do anything for him.

10. Ushio Okazaki – CLANNAD


Ushio is the daughter of Tomoya and Nagisa from the sad romance anime series “Clannad”. Ushio may not be the healthiest or happiest girl on this list, but she’s still too adorable to resist.

Ushio pretty’s apperence make her almost look like her beautiful mum Nagisa. The big differences are that she’s got no ahoge like her mother and her hair is slightly shorter.

Considering that her personality is like a miniature of her father Tomoya, she also has her own unique personality. In fact, she seems to be more sociable and generally easier to be around than her father.

9. Yui – Sword Art Online

kawaii cute anime girl

This anime has a lot of great characters, including Kirito, Asuna, and Sinon, but this cute anime girl called Yui is also one of the most memorable characters along with them. Not only she is cute and really sweet, she also brought life to a place that was quite dark before her arrival.

Yui had long dark hair and black eyes. Her usual outfit included a white, one-piece dress with a ribbon around her waist. She is not a real human but is just an artificial character in the game. However, when asuna and kirito adopted her as their daughter, there’s really no way to think of her as anything else but a cute human girl.

8. Rem – Re:Zero

rem rezero

Rem is one of the twin maids at Roswaal L Mathers. Her appearance is that of a young cute girl, she has medium-length sky blue hair that covers her right eye and large light blue eyes. She usually speaks in a polite way and sometimes behaves thoughtlessly. She feels both respect and guilt towards her sister, she used to think of herself as inferior.

However, as soon as Subaru saves her, she falls deeply in love with him. Therefore, she is always there for him and sticks by his side no matter what, even if Subaru rejects her! She’s a rather shy self-erasing type who always looks cute. The only thing is, if anything were to pose a threat to her sister or someone she cares about, she’d suddenly become a demon girl! Scary!

7. Shiro – No Game No Life

shiro-no game no life

From the anie series No Game No Life anime series we have Shiro, an 11-year-old girl who likes to spend all her time playing games with her brother. The two of them are transported to a world where games are true and quickly start dominating due to their years of competitive gaming.

Shiro has pale skin and long, white-colored hair that makes her look rather unique. Her large, golden eyes are so beautiful to stare at too. Though Shiro looks like a cute anime girl, but she has great insight when it comes to strategy.

6. Yoshino –  Date A Live

kawaii cute anime girl

Yoshino from the anime series “Date A Live” is one of the kindest, prettiest anime girls on our list. She’s super cute and is among the nicest female characters I’ve seen so far!

Himekawa Yoshino is a sweet, beautiful anime girl with enchanting blue eyes and long curly blue hair. Yoshino can be shy and usually keeps to himself, but she is actually a kind person at heart.

5. Rikka Takanashi – Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

cutest anime girls

Rikka Takanashi is the female protagonist in the anime series “Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions” ! who enrolls into the same high school as Yuuta Togashi. She is actullay have feelings for him in her own route and wants to get closer to him.

Her animated design is so cute that she’s currently one of the cutest anime girl characters in existence. With her hair as a dark purple-blue and tied with a yellow ribbon, Her right eye is blue, but she sometimes wears yellow contact lenses over it. She also wears a medical eyepatch.

Our heroine Rikka Takanashi has Chuunibyo or Grade 8 Syndrome that make her believe she has special powers. But, as you can imagine, this doesn’t seem too scary or pathetic to us as it only makes our main character more endearing and attractive.

4. Eri – My Hero Academia

eri - my hero academia

Eri from My Hero Academia is a cute petite anime girl who has off-white hair and innocent red eyes. She wears her hair in a cute style, parted down the center and falling just below her waist.

Well, Eri is an insecure and shy girl who has never been loved. Deku’s touch was the first time any one ever showered her with affection, and it brought her to tears. Now that’s surrounded by good people and been taking care of, we think that she’ll open up again.

In the series, even though she has been through so much and is still recovering, you can’t help but fall in love with this adorable, kawaii anime little girl!+

3. Chika – Kaguya-sama: Love is War

chika - kaguya sama love is war

Chika’s famous dance from Kaguya-Sama: Love is War has gone viral on the internet thanks to its coolness and humour.

Chika is always smiling, and always looking to have a good time. Our adorable anime girl plays the role of student council secretary and often participates in silly activities with others on the council, like playing games or teaching the president how play them. Her quirky, messy personality is on display in the series, which has made her a popular and empathetic female character.

2. Nezuko – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

kawaii cute anime girl

From the Demon Slayer anime series we have Nezuko, a fairly small young cute girl with pale skin, large fangs, black eyes, and sharp nails. Her hair color is light pink which fades towards red at the tips of the fingers.

After being turned into a demon, her brother Tanjirou is looking desperately for a way to turn her back to her previous state as a cute human girl. Although human eating is diabolical, Nezuko is able to suppress her instincts and preserve her humanity.

As both a human and a demon, Nezuko had a kind disposition like her brother Tanjiro and often looked out for others. She also made sure to take care of her beloved ones. Who knew a demon could be so cute?

1. Kanna Kamui – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

kana kamui

Finally, number 1 of the best cute anime girl characters we have is Kanna Kamui, maybe she is a powerful dragon, in the form of an adorable little human girl. According to Riko, Kanna is quite appealing when she takes her human form. She has white-lavender hair in ponytails and blue eyes.

Kanna is a polite, soft-spoken girl. She’s capable of exhibiting most of her emotions through minute expressions, and although she’s technically older than humans, she behaves just like a human child. Kanna tires quickly of routines and can get easily distracted by other toys or games.


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