17 Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul To Watch

anime like tokyo ghoul

The Top 17 Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul  (Best Recommendation)

Are you looking for some anime like Tokyo Ghoul series? If so, you’re not alone! Many anime enthusiasts have found Tokyo Ghoul to be a unique and captivating masterpiece, filled with action, supernatural powers, mystery, drama, horror, gore, violence, and psychological elements. These elements have contributed to the show’s success in capturing both audiences’ attention and hearts.

If you’re searching for some good anime tv shows that are similar to Tokyo Ghoul, look no further! Here is a list of the top 17 anime series that are comparable to the beloved show. From thrilling action to spine-chilling horror, these anime series are sure to give you a similar experience to that of Tokyo Ghoul. So, be ready to experience the thrill and chills all over again, and check out this list of anime similar to Tokyo Ghoul.

17. No 6

anime like tokyo ghoul

No 6 is an apocalypse anime like Tokyo Ghoul that takes place in a future world where humanity is divided into six city-states, each with its own government and way of life. The story follows two friends named Shion and Nezumi who live in the city of No.6. They lead seemingly perfect lives until Shion discovers a dark secret about the city and its ruling government. This revelation sets off a chain of events that causes Shion to question everything he thought he knew about his city and its rulers. Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, No 6 raises highlights the issues of violence, power, and the role of authority in society.

16. Black Bullet

anime similar to tokyo ghoul

In a world ravaged by a deadly virus known as Gastrea, humanity is forced to take refuge behind towering walls made of Baranuim monoliths, a metal that is able to subdue the virus. As the years pass, a new generation of children are born – known as the “Cursed Children” – who possess superhuman abilities due to the virus’ interference, but with the drawback that they are all born as females. In order to combat the threat of Gastrea, specialized units called Civil Securities are formed, consisting of a Promoter, who leads the team, and an Initiator, who is a Cursed Child.

Ten years after the war, Rentaro Satomi, a high school student and member of the Civil Securities, and his Initiator, Enju Aihara, are tasked with a dangerous mission to prevent the destruction of Tokyo. Together, they must navigate a treacherous world filled with deadly creatures, political intrigue, and moral dilemmas as they fight to save humanity from certain doom. Black Bullet is an anime that features thrilling action, interesting characters, and deep themes, which make it a good show that will captivate audiences in a similar way to Tokyo Ghoul.

15. Kyoukai No Kanata

kyoukai no kanata

Kyoukai No Kanata is a demon anime that takes place in a mystical realm where spirits and humans coexist, a young girl named Mirai Kuriyama is tasked with the duty of eliminating a powerful youmu, a being that threatens the balance of the world. However, her mission takes a turn when she meets her fellow classmate, Akihito Kanbara, who also happens to be a half-youmu. Despite her initial reluctance, Mirai becomes drawn into Akihito’s circle of friends and the Literary Club and begins to question the morality of her mission. As she delves deeper into the mysteries of the supernatural realm, she discovers her true identity and the responsibilities that come with it. This captivating tale of self-discovery and camaraderie is set against the backdrop of a fierce battle for survival, where the lines between good and evil are blurred. With its themes of action, fantasy, and romantic moments, this is a story that will leave a lasting impression on fans, much like the Tokyo Ghoul series.

14. Inuyashiki

Superhero anime

Inuyashiki is a masterpiece of psychological anime that tells the story of an old man who receives the devastating news that he has cancer and not much time left to live. However, fate intervenes when a UFO crashes into him, giving him extraordinary abilities. He uses these powers to help people in need, but also there is someone else lurking around, who got the same power, and is wreaking havoc wherever he goes. Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, Inuyashiki is a really good tv show that explores subjects of getting sudden power, revenge, and the meaning of maintaining humanity.

13. Claymore


Claymore is a classic anime series that follows the main character Clare, a half-human warrior known as Claymore. She must navigate a world filled with danger, evil beings, and challenges as she fights to put an end to the threat of Yoma, or shapeshifting demons. Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, this anime explores themes of survival and the struggle against supernatural forces. Hence, if you enjoyed the themes of survival and fighting against supernatural threats in Tokyo Ghoul, you may find Claymore to be a thrilling and exciting watch. With its action-packed storyline and compelling characters, this is a similar anime to Tokyo Ghoul that is definitely worth checking out.

12. Another

anime like tokyo ghoul

It’s true that Another and Tokyo Ghoul share some common elements, such as a focus on horror and mystery, as well as main characters who have eye patches. However, it’s important to note that each anime has its own unique plot and themes, and what one person enjoys about a show may be different from what someone else enjoys. That being said, if you enjoyed the dark and horror elements of Tokyo Ghoul, then you might also enjoy Another, which has similar themes and atmosphere.

11. Blood C 

similar anime to tokyo ghoul

In the anime and manga series Blood C, the main character, Saya Kisaragi, is a seemingly ordinary high school girl who is actually a powerful monster hunter. She is tasked with protecting her village from a variety of supernatural creatures. However, Saya’s peaceful life is turned upside down when she discovers more mysteries and her dark past. As she struggles to come to terms with her true identity, Saya must also confront the fact that she has been unknowingly consuming the souls of the creatures she has been killing. The series explores themes of identity, self-discovery, and the blurred lines between good and evil. Blood C was produced by Production I.G. It is classified as a horror and supernatural series, with elements of action, mystery, and vampire and school themes. Like Tokyo Ghoul, it deals with the struggles of being a monster and the challenges of trying to fit into a world that fears and hates what you’ve become.

10. Elfen Lied

elfen lied

Elfen Lied is a disturbing and thought-provoking anime that explores the consequences of discrimination and abuse. The story follows the struggles of Lucy, a Diclonius who is shunned by society due to her mutant powers. As she navigates a world that hates and fears her, she grapples with the pain of her past and the desire for revenge. Along the way, she encounters other Diclonius who are struggling to find their place in the world, and together they must confront the dangers and prejudices that come with being different. Like Tokyo Ghoul, Elfen Lied tackles themes of power, identity, and morality, and offers a raw and emotionally charged viewing experience. If you’re a fan of dark and mature anime tv shows that tackles tough issues, then you may absolutely enjoy Elfen Lied.

9. Devil’s Line

Next up we have Devils’ Line,  a vampire anime that depicts the story of the main character, Tsukasa Taira, who is a half-vampire who is struggling to control her bloodthirst and fit into human society. She meets a detective named Anzai, who is one of the few humans aware of the existence of vampires and who is tasked with protecting society from them. Together, Tsukasa and Anzai must navigate their complicated relationship and deal with the challenges of being outsiders the norm in a world that does not understand or accept them. Both anime series highlight concepts of how to fit in a world that shuns the supernatural.

8. Demon Slayer

demon slayer - Kimetsu no yaiba

Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba is a wonderful anime series that depicts the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who sets out to become a demon slayer after his entire family is killed by demons. The only survivor of the massacre was his own sister who is turned into a bloodthirsty demon. Therefore, he starts his journey of exploring the world of demons to uncover the secrets of their existence and looking for a way to save his sister. He faces endless challenges, both physical and emotional, but never loses sight of his ultimate goal. This anime like Tokyo Ghoul is a tale of hope, fitting, and perseverance in the face of unimaginable tragedy. So, get ready for an epic show that is both exciting and heart-wrenching.

7. Ajin  


Kei is the main character of the anime and manga series Ajin. After being hit by a car, Kei’s life is changed forever as he becomes a demi-human and is ignored by his classmates and family. He eventually meets other demi-humans who share his same struggles and they decide to run away from the life they’ve come to hate. However, things are not as easy as they hoped, as they are constantly pursued by hunters who want to capture them. Kei’s story has many similarities to that of Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, as both characters undergo major transformations and struggle to adapt to their new lives. Ajin has two seasons with a total of 26 episodes and was produced by Polygon Pictures. It is classified as a seinen series and includes genres of action, mystery, horror, and the supernatural.

6. Deadman Wonderland 

deadman wonderland

Yes, it’s true that both Tokyo Ghoul and Deadman Wonderland are anime that involve supernatural and superpower themes, as well as various bloody scenes of horror and violent fights. Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland is more centered on the action and survival elements, as the characters fight to stay alive in the deadly games of the prison.Both shows also involve main characters who have gained powers that they did not want and who must struggle to come to terms with those powers and find a way to use them while maintaining their human side. Both shows also involve themes of survival and the struggle to stay alive in a dangerous and hostile world.

5. Shiki 


Next up among the top anime similar to Tokyo Ghoul, we have Shiki. This is an anime about a small village where a series of strange and mysterious deaths occur, and where it is eventually revealed that vampires are responsible. The show follows a group of characters who are caught up in the conflict between humans and vampires, and who must struggle to survive and protect the people they care about from the dangers that threaten them. Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul do share some similarities, such as a focus on supernatural beings and the exploration of dark and horror themes. Both shows also involve main characters who are caught up in conflicts with supernatural beings and try to survive in a world that is messed up, and no one can distinguish evil from good.

4. Psycho-Pass 

good anime like tokyo ghoul

Psycho-Pass is an anime about a future society where people’s mental states, personalities, and potential for criminal behavior are quantified and monitored using a device called the Psycho-Pass. The show follows a group of officers who use the Psycho-Pass to track and apprehend criminals, but who also struggle with the ethical and moral implications of living in a world where everything is measured and judged by a machine.  Psycho-Pass is another great anime like Tokyo Ghoul, as both do share some similarities, such as a focus on dark themes and the exploration of self-depth and confronting the dangers and consequences that come with the supernatural worlds they are set at.

3. D.Gray-man 


Yes, it’s true that D.Gray-man is a good anime like Tokyo Ghoul, and shares some similarities in terms of plot and themes. Set in an alternate apocalypse world, D Gray Man follows the life of a young Allen Walker who has superpowered body parts and joins an organization of exorcists named the Black Order. Both shows involve characters who are living in the middle of a conflict between humans and supernatural forces, and who must struggle to come to terms with the powers and abilities that they have gained as a result of that conflict. Both shows also explore themes of identity and the challenges of living with powers that are seen as dangerous or frightening by others. Additionally, both main characters, Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul and Allen Walker from D.Gray-man, have red eyes when they are in a state of rage or when their powers are activated.

2. Death Note

anime similar to tokyo ghoul

Death Note is similar to Tokyo Ghoul in that both shows involve characters who have gained extraordinary powers and are struggling to come to terms with the world they are living in. Death Note is a psychological thriller, a high school student named Light Yagami discovers a mysterious notebook that grants him the power to kill anyone whose name he writes in it. As he begins to use the notebook to rid the world of criminals, a genius detective known only as “L” sets out to catch him. Both shows also involve a cat-and-mouse survival game between the main characters and their opponents as they try to outmaneuver each other in order to achieve their goals.

1. Parasyte The Maxim

anime like tokyo ghoul

Parasyte is a good anime that follows the main character Shinichi becomes a hybrid of a human and a monster after a sudden incident. Therefore, he must navigate his new identity while also dealing with the dangers and enemies that come with it, all while trying to live a normal life. In both Tokyo Ghoul and Kiseijuu (Parasyte), the main characters, Kaneki and Shinichi, experience sudden and dramatic transformations that change their lives forever. Both characters become half monsters while they are determined to live as normal a life as possible, even with their transformed bodies. Kiseijuu is a perfect anime similar to Tokyo Ghoul, it has a total of 24 episodes and was produced by Madhouse. It spans genres of action, sci-fi, horror, psychological drama, and more. 

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