23 Must-Watch Anime Like The Eminence in Shadow

the eminence in shadow

If you’re a fan of The Eminence in Shadow and want more anime with similar vibes, you’re in the right place! Today, we’ve got some great recommendations for you to check out.

Well, The Eminence in Shadow is a 12-episode anime series that aired in the Fall of 2021. The story follows Minoru Kagenou, a boy fixated on becoming stronger, who takes on rigorous training while trying to blend in with the crowd. But after a truck accident, he is reincarnated as Cid, the second child of the noble Kagenou family in a world where magic exists. With newfound power, he establishes Shadow Garden, a group dedicated to combating the Cult of Diablos. However, as the group grows in influence, it becomes clear that the cult is not just a product of Cid’s imagination. The anime was produced by SILVER LINK. and Studio Palette features themes of isekai and reincarnation and encompasses action, drama, fantasy, mystery, and romance genres.

So, without further ado, here are the 23 best similar anime series to watch.

23. Mahou Shoujo Site


First up is Mahou Shoujo Site, an anime like The Eminence in Shadow that you will absolutely love. The story follows Aya Asagiri, a girl who’s constantly bullied at school and physically abused by her older brother. One night, she comes across a mysterious website promising to give her magical powers. Skeptical at first, Aya soon discovers that the website was no prank, and she finds herself wielding a magical gun. However, after using it to defend herself against her bullies, Aya realizes that her new powers come with a dark side. Together with her classmate Tsuyuno Yatsumura, Aya must navigate the dangerous world of magical girls while uncovering the truth behind the website and the looming threat of “The Tempest.”

22. Spy Classroom

good anime like eminence in shadow

Another great option is Spy Classroom, which has a similar feel to The Eminence in Shadow. The show centers around Lily, a young girl in the Din Republic who dreams of becoming a spy. Despite struggling academically, Lily is given the chance to join the elite spy team Lamplight, where she meets six other girls with their own academic struggles. Together, they must complete an “Impossible Mission” and infiltrate the Galgad Empire after just one month of training. With the enigmatic Klaus guiding them, the girls must work together to prove their worth as spies.

Now, there’s Uncle From Another World. After being comatose for 17 years, Takafumi Takaoka’s uncle, Yousuke “Ojisan” Shibazaki, awakens and reveals that he’s been transported to a magical world called Gran Bahamal. Takafumi is initially skeptical of his uncle’s claims, but after witnessing his magical abilities, the duo starts a YouTube channel to showcase Ojisan’s talents. Along the way, Takafumi must help his uncle acclimate to the modern world and tackle online trolls, all while sharing his uncle’s wisdom from another world.

21. The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

the greatest demon lord is reborn as typical nobody

Well, with a similar core concept of rebirth as an overpowered protagonist. This is a good similar anime to the eminence in shadow. Here we have the story of Varvatos, who had reached the peak of human potential and was so formidable that others called him the Demon Lord. But despite his power, he felt isolated from humanity and yearned for true companionship.

In his next life, Varvatos is reborn as Ard Meteor, the son of an ordinary couple in a rural town. However, even after weakening himself, he remains too strong for this era, and his social awkwardness prevents him from making friends. To make matters worse, his past actions have unforeseen consequences.

20. The Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist in Another World

the strongest exorcist

Well, Both MCs are overpowered, therefore this is a cool anime like the eminence in shadow that you will really enjoy. The plot follows Haruyoshi Kuga, who was the strongest exorcist but sought even greater power, leading to his downfall. With his dying breath, he casts a spell to reincarnate and swears to become more cunning in his next life.

As Seika Lamprogue, an illegitimate son of a noble family with a magic deficiency, Haruyoshi leverages his past knowledge to make valuable allies. But he must also avoid repeating past mistakes and be wary of the consequences.

19. Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-

tsukimichi moonlight fantasy

Tsukimishi Moolit Fantasy is a good anime like the eminence in shadow, as both the main characters are op and both are epic to watch especially when they are involved in fight scenes.   Makoto Misumi finds himself sent to another world as part of a mysterious contract with a goddess. But she deems him “hideous” and revokes his hero title, giving him the ability to understand all languages except for human language as compensation. He is sent far away to the wasteland, where his innate physical and magical capabilities awaken.

Makoto meets various demihumans and mythical beings and forms a community with them. However, he still yearns to meet fellow humans, and it is up to him and his companions to reform society and fulfill his desire.

18. Akame Ga Kill

akame ga kill

Akame ga Kill! and The Eminence in Shadow are both fantasy series that revolves around a corrupt group of individuals who hold power over society and a secret organization fighting against them. The plot here revolves around The Night Raid, a covert assassination unit of the Revolutionary Army, which is fighting to overthrow Prime Minister Honest, whose greed for power has resulted in the exploitation of the child emperor’s inexperience and the impoverishment of the rest of the nation. Despite their experience as killers, Night Raid members understand the gravity of taking lives and the consequences of their actions. They are prepared to face retribution as they ruthlessly eliminate anyone who stands in the way of their revolution.

The latest addition to this band of assassins is Tatsumi, a young and inexperienced boy from a remote village who joins Night Raid on their mission to help his hometown. Akame ga Kill! follows Tatsumi’s journey as he confronts the Empire, encounters powerful enemies and weapons, and grapples with his own morality and beliefs, all while discovering what it truly means to fight for a cause as an assassin.

17. Trapped in a Dating Sim

trapped in a dating sim

Just like The Eminence in Shadow, where the main character seeks greater power and is reborn as an op being, Trapped in a Dating Sim shares a similar background of reincarnation. In this anime, an ordinary man finds himself blackmailed into playing a dating simulator set in a matriarchy. Despite the unbearable and convoluted world, he grinds tirelessly to beat the game and finally succeeds. However, his hardcore gaming habits come at a cost as he suffers from extreme sleep deprivation and hunger.

As he heads out to solve one of these problems, he falls down the stairs and wakes up in the worst possible situation. He has been reincarnated into the game as the mob character Leon Fou Bartfort, trapped in a world he despises. With his knowledge of the game, Leon must navigate the plot safely and survive in a society where the odds are heavily stacked against him.

16. Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

anime similar to the eminence in shadow

In Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!, Kurihara Misato finds herself alone due to her heightened capabilities as a high school student. After an accident takes her life, she reincarnates in a new world and desires a chance to lead a normal life with regular friends. She pleads with God to grant her abilities that are average for this new world, but the outcome is far from what she expected. Though magic is now a reality, Misato struggles to find contentment in the simple things she yearns for.

15. Am I Actually the Strongest?

am i actually the strongest

Imagine being given a second chance at life in another world with the added bonus of a “cheat” power. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, not for Reinhart, who was reincarnated as a baby and then abandoned by his royal parents after they deemed him powerless. But little did they know, Reinhart possesses an unprecedented level of magical ability that makes him the strongest in this new world.

Now, as Hart, he must navigate through the treacherous and perilous world that he finds himself in. However, with his unparalleled magic, he has the potential to become an unstoppable force. Will he be able to harness his power and become the greatest hero this world has ever seen? Or will he fall victim to the dangers that lurk around every corner? Only time will tell.

14. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord


How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is an isekai fantasy anime that centers around Takuma Sakamoto, a reclusive gamer with unparalleled power in the MMORPG game, Cross Reverie. Despite his virtual dominance, Takuma is socially inept and cares only for his virtual life. However, his world is turned upside down when he is suddenly summoned to a new world with the appearance of his in-game persona, the Demon King Diablo.

In this new world, Takuma meets Rem Galeu, a Pantherian adventurer, and Shera L. Greenwood, an Elf summoner, who try to enslave him through a spell, which instead backfires and makes them his slaves. Now, Takuma must find a way to break the spell while navigating his new role as the powerful and feared Demon King. Much like imminence in the shadow, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is an anime that promises epic action, unexpected twists, and exciting another world setting.

13. Youjo Senki

youjo senki

Similar to the eminence in shadow, Youjo Senki features a reincarnated protagonist with a unique personality and incredible powers, making it an amazing anime. Tanya Degurechaff, also known as the “Devil of the Rhine,” is a young and ruthless soldier with remarkable tactical skills. Despite her innocent appearance, she is actually a man who challenged Being X, a self-proclaimed God, to a battle of wits and was reincarnated as a little girl in a world of magical warfare. With a fierce determination to defy Being X, Tanya climbs the ranks of her country’s military during a world war, inadvertently leading her empire to become one of the most formidable nations in human history.

12. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

the misfit of demon king academy

The Misfit of Demon King Academy is an anime that bears various similarities to The Eminence in Shadow. If you enjoyed one, you’re likely to enjoy the other as well. In a far-off era, the never-ending strife between humans and demons plunged the land into chaos and destruction. In an effort to end this ceaseless war, Demon King Anos Voldigoad willingly gave up his life in the hopes of being reborn into a peaceful future.

To welcome their king’s reincarnation, the demon race established the Demon King Academy, a prestigious institution charged with identifying Anos upon his return. Two thousand years later, Anos is reborn, only to find that the world’s magic levels have dramatically declined during his absence. Moreover, upon enrolling in the academy to reclaim his rightful title, he discovers that his reputation, accomplishments, and even his legacy have been distorted, and buried under the guise of an imposter. This lack of historical knowledge makes him the academy’s outcast, a misfit like no other in history. Undeterred by this setback, Anos sets out to uncover those who have twisted his glorious past, taking it upon himself to make his descendants acknowledge the return of their rightful ruler.

11. Hatarakou Maou Sama

hatarakou maou sama

In a world far beyond our own, the Demon Lord Satan wages war on the land of Ente Isla with his vast armies of demons. But his quest for power is cut short when he is defeated by the hero Emilia and forced to flee through a dimensional portal. To his surprise, he finds himself stranded in modern-day Tokyo with his loyal general Alsiel. Without his demonic powers, Satan must adjust to life as a powerless human named Sadao Maou and starts working at MgRonald’s fast-food restaurant to make ends meet.

But Sadao soon realizes that conquering Earth is just as enticing as conquering Ente Isla, and he sets his sights on climbing the corporate ladder. From part-time work to household chores, Hataraku Maou-Sama! Is an anime like The Eminence in Shadow that offers a hilarious take on the everyday struggles of a demon lord trying to make it in the human world.

10. Konosuba


Konosuba, like The Eminence in Shadow, is a comedy anime that will give you a similar feeling of excitement. The story follows Kazuma Satou, a high school student who dies in a comical and pathetic way after purchasing a game. He meets a beautiful but annoying goddess named Aqua who gives him the choice to either go to heaven or reincarnate into a fantasy world. Kazuma chooses to start a new life in the fantasy world, but his mission to defeat the Demon King is made more difficult by the fact that he chose Aqua as his aid, and she is completely useless.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kazuma and Aqua soon find out that living in a fantasy world is not as easy as it seems, and they must work to pay for their living expenses. Their daily adventures take them on a journey of self-discovery, friendship, and hilarious misfortunes that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

9. Arifureta


Another Similar anime is Arifureta, which is all about Hajime Nagumo, a typical 17-year-old otaku, who finds himself transported to a fantasy world along with his classmates, where they must save humanity. However, while his peers are bestowed with powerful abilities, Hajime is ridiculed for his weak transmutation skill that has no real offensive capabilities.

During a mission in the treacherous Great Orcus Labyrinth, Hajime is betrayed by one of his own and falls to the abyss. Despite his miraculous survival, he is faced with unimaginable horrors and misfortunes that turn his world upside down. Driven by the desire to return home, Hajime is determined to fight for his survival. Along the way, he meets a captive vampire named Yue, who shares his desire to escape the labyrinth. Together with a few others, they join forces and embark on a perilous journey, gradually growing stronger and becoming a powerful character to be respected by everyone.

8. One Punch Man

one punch man

Just like The Eminence in Shadow, One Punch Man is an action parody anime featuring an overpowered protagonist. Saitama, a seemingly unimpressive man, has a unique hobby of being a hero. He trained for three years to become so powerful that he can defeat any enemy with just one punch, but this has also led to boredom as he can no longer find excitement in battling.

One day, Saitama catches the attention of Genos, a young cyborg who witnesses his power and wishes to become his disciple. Genos suggests they join the Hero Association to become certified heroes and gain recognition for their positive contributions to society. As they meet new allies and take on new foes, Saitama embarks on a new journey to experience the excitement of battle he once felt. 

7. Sword Art Online


If you’re a fan of The Eminence in Shadow, Sword Art Online might be right up your alley. The introduction of the groundbreaking NerveGear console has revolutionized the world of gaming, allowing players to immerse themselves in a virtual reality like never before. One of the most popular games on the NerveGear is Sword Art Online (SAO), which transports players to the enchanting world of Aincrad, a medieval-inspired realm where anything is possible.

Unfortunately, the game turns into a nightmare when its creator traps thousands of players inside, removing their ability to log out. To escape, players must conquer all one hundred levels of Aincrad, with the added challenge that in-game death means death in the real world as well. Although Kirito, a beta-tester for the game, has some advantages, he quickly realizes he cannot do it alone. With the help of Asuna Yuuki and other skilled players, Kirito takes on the seemingly impossible challenges of SAO. But with daunting bosses and ominous dark factions standing in their way, the journey to freedom may prove to be their toughest battle yet.

6. Wise Man’s Grandchild

wise man's grandchild

For fans of The Eminence in Shadow, another anime that might be of interest is Wise Man’s Grandchild. The story follows a young man who dies in a car accident and is reborn in a magical world. He is found by the old and wise Merlin, who takes him under his wing and raises him as his own, teaching him combat skills and powerful magic. After 15 years, the young man, now known as Shin, sets out on his own to explore the world. However, despite his impressive abilities, he quickly realizes that he lacks common sense, as Merlin forgot to teach him this essential skill. As Shin navigates his new surroundings, he must learn how to interact with others and avoid causing unintended chaos with his actions.

5. The Rising of the Shield Hero

the rising of the shield hero

Summoned to the medieval kingdom of Melromarc, four ordinary men from modern-day Japan are given the title of the Four Cardinal Heroes to protect the land from the deadly Waves of Catastrophe. Among them is Naofumi Iwatani, an otaku who is bestowed with the cursed fate of being the “Shield Hero.” He is constantly belittled by the kingdom’s people and his fellow heroes for his weak offensive capabilities and lackluster personality, armed with nothing but a measly shield.

In spite of the challenges, Naofumi sets out to fulfill his duty with the help of Malty Melromarc, the only person willing to train with him. But his trust is quickly betrayed when he is falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit, leading to discrimination and hatred from the people of Melromarc. Fueled by hurt and anger, Naofumi embarks on a journey to clear his name and restore his reputation. Along the way, he purchases a dying demi-human slave named Raphtalia to accompany him. As the Waves threaten the kingdom, Naofumi, and Raphtalia fight together to protect Melromarc and its people from a grim fate.

4. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

reincarnated as a slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and The Eminence in Shadows share some striking similarities, including overpowered protagonists, magic, and comedic elements. Satoru Mikami is a middle-aged man living a dull life in Tokyo when he is killed in a random attack. As he lies dying, a mysterious voice gives him a set of instructions that he doesn’t understand. Upon waking up, he finds himself reincarnated as a slime in a new world, with the power to devour anything and take on its form and abilities.

In his quest for adventure and purpose, Rimuru Tempest befriends a powerful dragon named Veldora, who had been sealed away for centuries. Rimuru promises to help Veldora break the seal, and in return, the dragon grants him divine protection and a new name. With his newfound abilities, Rimuru sets out to explore his new world and change his fate, leaving behind the monotony of his old life in Tokyo.

3. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat


This is an anime with a similar theme of reincarnation and an op mc. The story depicts Lugh, who is determined to fulfill his mission and sets out to gather allies and form a powerful harem of skilled fighters, all of whom share his desire to eliminate the hero and the entities responsible for the kingdom’s downfall. As he navigates through the intricate politics of the aristocratic society, he encounters unexpected challenges and enemies, but he never wavers in his resolve to save the world from destruction.

Along the way, Lugh discovers secrets about his past life that fuels his determination and give him an edge in his quest. As he continues to grow stronger and gather more followers, he faces increasingly dangerous opponents, each with their own agenda and motivations. But with his cunning mind, exceptional skills, and a loyal harem at his side, Lugh is determined to succeed, no matter the cost. As he battles his way through the trials and tribulations of his new life, Lugh realizes that he may have found something he never had in his previous life: a purpose and a family he can truly call his own. And with his harem of fierce and beautiful women by his side, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal and protect the world he now calls home.

2. Code Geass


One of the best recommendations for anime like The Eminence in Shadow is Code Geass. In a world where the Britannian Empire holds absolute power and rules with an iron fist, Lelouch vi Britannia, a former prince of the empire, leads a double life as a student in Area 11, the occupied territory formerly known as Japan. Despite his privileged upbringing, Lelouch harbors a deep hatred for the Empire and its cruel treatment of the Japanese people.

One fateful day, Lelouch encounters a strange girl who bestows upon him a mysterious power – the ability to command anyone to do his bidding. With this newfound power, Lelouch sees an opportunity to bring down the Britannian Empire and fight for the freedom of his people. However, as he delves deeper into his quest for justice, Lelouch must grapple with the darkness within himself and the danger of succumbing to the very hatred he seeks to eradicate.

1. Overlord


Finally, we have Overlord, which depicts: As the clock strikes midnight, Momonga, a veteran player of the MMORPG Yggdrasil, finds himself still logged in after the game’s servers were supposed to shut down. But instead of being disconnected, he discovers that he is now a part of the game’s world. Equipped with his powerful character and control over his loyal NPC followers, Momonga decides to seize the opportunity to conquer this new world. With his formidable abilities, he effortlessly crushes all who stand in his way and soon earns the title of Ainz Ooal Gown, the all-powerful mage. However, as he faces even stronger opponents and delves deeper into this strange world, he begins to question who is truly trapped within it – him or the game’s inhabitants.

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