Top 31 Best Anime Cat Girls Ever

best anime cat girl
If you’re an anime fan, you are probably familiar with the popular trend of cat girl characters. These feline-inspired characters have captured the hearts of fans with their unique blend of human and cat-like traits. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best anime cat girls and Neko female characters of all time.

From fluffy ears and tails to cat-like nails and whiskers, these characters are beloved for their cuteness and charm. In anime, manga, and comics, cat girls are often used as a way to add a playful and cute element to the story.

Without further ado, here are some of the most popular cat girl characters and the anime series they star in:

31. Catherine From Gintama

anime cat girls

First on the list of the best anime cat girl characters is Catherine from the Gintama series. She’s portrayed as an Amanto who currently works at Snack Otose.

Catherine is a funny character who used to be part of a group of thieves called Cat’s Punch and was under their leader Kurikan.

After leaving them she heads to earth and finds a new life on Edo with Otose, with whom she can confidently move forward and keep her promise to her to never become a burglar again.

30. Nekohime from And you thought there is never a girl online?

anime cat girl characters

Nekohime is a charming anime cat girl with captivating eyes. Voiced by Yoshino Nanjō, she plays the role of Hideki’s teacher and is known for her overprotective nature.

She supervises his interactions with other girls and becomes their club’s advisor, offering guidance on how to balance school, hobbies, and relationships.

As the series progresses, it is revealed that Nekohime is also a popular neko girl from the online game L.A. guild, who had rejected Hideki’s in-game proposal and revealed that she was actually a male player. Nekohime’s fame in the game has earned her a large fanbase.

29. Haineko from Bleach

anime cat girls

Haineko is a cat-like spirit manifested from Rangiku Matsumoto’s Zanpakuto. She takes the form of a voluptuous woman with alluring eyes, olive-colored skin, a prominent posterior, and chin-length hair styled into cat ears.

At one point, Haineko is brainwashed by Muramasa, and as a result, she displays impulsive and impatient behavior.

She expresses her desire to leave the Zanpakuto cave due to boredom and complains about the wait for Muramasa’s return.

28. Chloe Lolo from Danmachi

anime cat girl

Chloe Rollo is another beautiful and kawaii neko girl from the anime “Danmachi. She is a captivating and unique female character, portrayed as a cat-human hybrid, who possesses feline features such as a tail, green eyes, and black hair.

Chloe’s adventurous spirit is quite prominent as she enjoys gambling, which has earned her a reputation among her coworkers. Despite this, she is incredibly loyal to her colleagues and is a member of the Njord Familia.

Her background as a former assassin adds an intriguing layer to her character, but she holds an honorable code of conduct and only kills those who she deems deserving or evil. As a waitress, she adds a touch of cuteness to the series.

27. Shizuka Nekonome from Rosario + Vampire

rosario vampire- nekonome

Shizuka Nekonome, a cat-eared character from the anime series The Rosario+Vampire, is a beloved figure among fans.

As a Neko-Musume (cat girl), she has blonde hair, and as a teacher at Yokai Academy, she plays a vital role in the lives of the main characters, Tsukune and Moka, as their homeroom teacher and the advisor for the Newspaper Club.

Her character is portrayed as carefree and aloof, but also perceptive to others’ emotions, never coming across as unaware. Well, her unique combination of traits makes her alone of the best nyan nyan anime female characters of all time.

26. Kyaru from Princess Connect! Re: Dive

anime cat girl

Kyaru is a charming anime cat female from “The Princess Connect Re: Dive” series. She is a member of the Guild Gourmet Edifice and boasts a striking appearance with long black hair that reaches her ankles, green eyes, and cat ears on top of her head.

Kyaru’s character is portrayed as a classic tsundere, often complaining about her friends yet still following them closely.

Her sharp tongue and tendency to get annoyed or flustered when things don’t go her way add depth to her character.

However, underneath her harsh exterior lies a kind and soft-hearted anime cat heroine, that you will fall in love with.

25. Cyan Hijirikawa from Show By Rock!!

cyan - show by rock

The next character we have is Cyan, a pale anime cat heroine with pale skin, and pretty green eyes. She also has dark blue hair and a black whiskered tail and ears.

Cyan is gothic lolita and Setaria lover. Once she started high school, she decided to join the music club.

She was too scared and couldn’t though. One night, she was playing a game on her phone and won a guitar called Strawberry Heart.

Then, Cyan was transported to a distant world and there, she joined Plasmagica. Her mission is to help the myumons.

24. Coconut from Nekopara

anime cat girl

Nekopara’s Coconut is a tall and cheerful anime female cat character, known for her glamorous style.

Despite her towering height, she is the third youngest of the cat girls in Minaduki and struggles with feeling feminine enough.

Even with this, her devotion to her master Shigure surpasses that of any dog. Coconut possesses impressive physical abilities and desires to assist others but struggles to control her powers effectively.

23. Alicia Rue from Sword Art Online

alicia rue sword art online

Alicia Rue from the series Sword Art Online is a pretty anime girl known for her petite figure and kitten ears, which give her a distinct cat-like appearance.

As the leader of Cait Sith, she is highly respected and trusted by her people. They rely on her guidance and leadership as she was elected as their leader through popular vote.

Alicia is also a skilled practitioner of dark magic, such ability makes her an important asset to the group and plays a key role in their quest to conquer the World Tree.

So, in order to achieve this goal, Alicia forms an alliance with the Sylphs to overcome obstacles and achieve their objective.

22. Nozomi Kiriya from Mayoi Neko Overrun!

anime cats

Nozomi Kiriya is one of the most adorable anime cat girls out there. In the series, she was picked up by Otome Tsuzuki at a train station on the way home.

For some unknown reason, Nozomi is very private and doesn’t like to share much information about herself with the other people in the series, known as Stray Cats.

Nozomi has long, light-purple hair that reaches her hips and cat ears, as well as red eyes. She is usually calm and collected, but can sometimes be a bit scatterbrained when it comes to certain things, and she doesn’t seem to mind getting undressed, which can be seen as quite naive of her.

Overall, Nozomi is a cute and interesting Nekomimi character you should add to your list.

21. Vanilla from Nekopara

vanilla - nekopara

In the Nekopara anime series, Vanilla is a cat girl who stands out for her intelligence and quietness.

As the twin sister of Chocola and the youngest among the Minaduki cat girls, Vanilla may seem cold due to her lack of verbal communication.

However, despite this, she always tries her best to assist those around her. Furthermore, Vanilla is quite insightful and often makes thoughtful observations, a surprising trait considering her reserved nature.

Her dry humor and independent personality are in stark contrast to Chocola’s, but despite these differences, she remains kind-hearted and cat-like in her behavior.

20. Tamako from Isuca

tamako from isuca

Tamako, from the animd tv show “Isuka”, is a two-tailed cat girl Specter from the realm of the dead.

She made her first appearance in the series at Shinichiro Asano and Sakuya Shimazu’s school and is the second Specter to be introduced in the series.

She is also noteworthy as the first “good” Specter to be revealed in the story. Tamako, being an anime cat girl, is a demon cat who becomes Asano’s familiar after he was able to call out her true name with his “Shingan” or Eye of Truth.

As a result, she is now bound to him. Overall, she adds an interesting dynamic to the series as a Specter who is not necessarily malevolent but becomes a valuable asset to Asano and his companions in their journey.

19. Yoriko Sagisawa from De Capo

yoriko de capo

Misaki is a cute girl who spends her time looking at the world through her window, she has a cat named Yoriko who she wishes to become like so she can experience the outside world.

In the anime, Yoriko became a Nekomimi (a maid with cat ears) that looks like Misaki, but she’s afraid of people. She starts to overcome her fear and explore the outside world with the help of Junichi’s kindness.

However, due to the magical sakura tree being destroyed, the magic that turned Yoriko into a human was no longer, and she had to go back to her original form as a cat.

On her last day as a human, Yoriko asked Junichi to go on a date with her and revealed everything before disappearing.

18. Persia from Gate

persia from gate

I recently started watching the anime series “Gate” and one of my favorite characters is Persia, from the Special Region.

She has the typical anime cat girl features such as two cute cat ears, slit eyes and a tail. Persia has a playful and mischievous personality like a cat.

Throughout the series, her feelings for Takeo become stronger and stronger. She is also very loyal to her household and will become fierce when faced with a threat.

17. Kuune from Cat Planet Cuties

anime cat girl

Kuune is one of the cutest and hottest feline themed girls characters in anime you will ever see.

She is the captain of an elien spaceship that visits Earth. She is Eris’ commanding officer and the head negotiator for the official friendship between Catians and Earth.

In the anime, it is clear that Kuune enjoys Okinowian food just as much as Eris does. She is also known for having the largest chest among all Catian captains. Kuune is playful and can be distracting to men but she is also a tough negotiator and won’t accept any unfavorable compromise.

She may appear confident, but in reality, she can be embarrassed by her tight swimsuit. Oh yeah, she is damn hot!!

16. Chaika Trabant from Chaika- The Coffin Princess

chaika trabant

Coming in, we have Chaika Trabant, one of the best moe feline female anime characters.

In the series, she is a 14-year-old sorceress who meets Toru Acura and his sister Akari, and joins them on their journey.

She is known for carrying a giant coffin with her. She is a skilled mage who specializes in high-precision spells. Chaika is a polite and compassionate girl who is opposed to violence and often disagrees with Toru’s suggestions without providing alternatives.

However, she can be quite naive and unaware of the dangers around her. She is a kind-hearted individual who is willing to help others, whether they are friends or enemies.

15. Dejiko from Di Gi Charat

anime neko

Di Gi Charat is a manga and anime series that follows the life of a kawaii catgirl named Dejiko. She is a princess from the fictional planet Di Gi Charat, and is known for her cute kitten-like appearance and her habit of ending each sentence with the cat sound “nyo”.

Sometimes, Dejiko can be a tough girl and uses her special power, eye beams, when necessary. However, she can also be lazy and will give up easily if there is no reward or the task is too difficult. Despite this, when motivated, she can work hard and diligently.

14. Natsuki Sasahara from Hyper Police

natsuki hyper police

Moving on, we have Natsuki, a 17-year-old sweet cat girl character from the anime “Hyper Police”. She is the offspring of a human father and a Nekomata mother.

Natsuki is known for her kind nature and willingness to help others. She values justice and is always ready to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Natsuki’s personality is very feline-like, she likes to eat cat food, groom herself, play with string and other moving objects, and her favorite drink is catnip which has an intoxicating effect on her.

13. Ichigo Momomiya Tokyo Mew Mew

ichigo tokyo mew mew

Ichigo Momomiya is a main character in the anime “Tokyo Mew Mew” and is considered one of the top iconic anime cat girls.

She plays a significant role in the story and is the first character to be introduced. Ichigo’s DNA has been merged with an Iriomote cat.

Ichigo is a fun, friendly, and outgoing person who is always ready for action, but her kind heart shines through in every situation.

She is deeply in love with Masaya and often thinks about him. Ichigo’s bold nature means she will give everything to what matters to her, be it love or friendship.

12. Ao Nanami from Yozakura Quartet

anime catgirls

Ao Nanami is a popular anime cat girl character from the anime series “Yozakura Quartet”. She is a demon from Japanese folklore with mind-reading abilities.

Her appearance features a petite figure, short blue hair shaped into two cat-ear-like “antennas” and light skin with blue eyes.

Her powers include the ability to read people’s minds and a “Satellite” that can read the thoughts of everyone around her.

Her unique abilities and cute cat-like appearance make her a memorable whiskered female character in anime history.

11. Eris from Cat Planet Cuties

anime cat girl

Eris was born on the planet Catia, a planet of cat-like girls and has lived there her entire life. Upon arriving on earth she has made many friends and many cat friends.

Initially, most do not believe her to be an alien, but she shows Kio the proof directly with her technology, ears, and fluffy tail.

While she is learning the ways of Earth, she is also a competent fighter who employs strategies and technologies not seen on Earth.

10. Ibaraki-Douji from Onigiri

ibaraki onigiri

From in the Onigiri series, we have Ibaraki-Douji, a unique is a catgirl anime character with distinctive design and aesthtics.

Due to her appearance, she is often mistaken for an actual cat that can transform into a human girl.

She first joins the main party when they arrive in Kumaso Village, becoming the fourth member. As a Half-Oni, she is a very happy and curious individual who enjoys engaging in silly activities with her friends.

This makes her feel a special bond with the main character. Furthermore, she has an unusual profession of running a traveling bar, similar to the roving merchant status of Miroku.

9. Felicia from Darkstalkers


Felicia is a unique and captivating character who was first introduced in the Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors series, alongside Morrigan Aensland.

She is a cat-inspired anime female, with a stunning appearance and a heart of gold. Felicia’s story began when she was taken in and raised by Sister Rose, who named her Felicia, meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘felicity’ in Latin.

She is an optimistic catwoman, who exudes energy and positivity. Felicia’s passion for singing and dancing is unmatched, and she is always eager to make new friends and spread joy.

Her ultimate goal is to achieve peace, coexistence, and harmony in the world. She is not one to engage in unnecessary fights and only fights when she has no other choice.

8. Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi

shibi anime

Tsumiki, the main protagonist of the anime series Acchi Kocchi, attends Nekoge Prefectural High School along with her friends Io Otonashi, Mayoi Katase, Hime Haruno, and Sakaki Inui.

As a cute neko anime character, she possesses the unique ability to form cat ears and tail when she sees Io, her crush.

However, when she feels teased or embarrassed, her demeanor changes and she becomes quite hostile, even resorting to violence at times.

Despite her Kuudere-like attitude of striking Mayoi when she teases her, and using biting as a punishment for Io throughout the series, she deeply cares and loves her friends.

Her actions may be harsh, but they are due to her strong emotions and attachment to her friends.

7. Koneko Toujou from High school DxD

high school dxd

Koneko Toujou is a unique and prominent cat female character in the popular light novel and anime series High School DxD.

She is a first-year student at Kuoh Academy and an active member of the Occult Research Club, where she serves as Rias Gremory’s Rook.

With her distinctive white hair, Koneko is a feline-like girl and is the younger sister of Kuroka. Her cat form gives her white cat ears and a matching tail, with pupils that resemble that of a cat.

Koneko has always had a reserved personality, never expressing any emotions or feelings even when she speaks.

Her serious demeanor is a result of taking inspiration from Rias and is in stark contrast to the mischievous personality of her sister.

6. Millianna from Fairy Tail

anime neko girls

In the anime Fairy Tail, Milliana is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet, who she met during their days as slaves at the Tower of Heaven.

She also worked with Jellal for a short period of time. Currently, she is a powerful mage in the all-female guild, Mermaid Heel.

Milliana is one of the most beautiful anime catgirls, with a curvaceous figure and striking Neko-like features, such as cat-like eyes, nose, and mouth.

Her brown hair is styled in cat ears at the crown and tied in two ponytails at the back, adding to her feline appearance.

5. Rem Galleu (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord)

anime cat girls

Other notable anime cat girls is Rem Galleu is a cute female character in the anime series How Not to Summon a Demon Lord.

She is a Pantherian, a race of feline-like beings and an invoker, which makes her a powerful adventurer. Her ultimate goal is to defeat Demon King Krebskrem.

Rem Galleu has striking green cat-like eyes and spruce eyebrows, giving her an expressionless and tough appearance.

But, despite her intimidating exterior, she is actually a cheerful and honest person who opens up to those who get close enough to see through her facade.

Her willpower is undeniable, but she also has a softer side that she only reveals to those who earn her trust.

4. Himari Noihara from Omamori

anime neko girl

Himari Noihara is the central female character of the anime series Omamori Himari, she is one of the most adorable anime cat girls on the list.

What makes her unique is her oath to protect the main character, Yuuto Amakawa, from the enemy Ayakashi. This oath is rooted in a promise made by her ancestor, who was saved by the ancestor of the Amakawa family.

Himari is portrayed as a kind and loyal person who cares deeply for the safety of her master. However, she also has a more volatile side that emerges when someone she cares about is threatened.

She has feelings for her young master and is not afraid to show her intense, seductive side towards him.

3. Blair from Soul Eater

anime cat girl

Blair is an intriguing and pretty anime cat girl from the series Soul Eater.

Initially, she was thought to be a true witch by Maka Albarn and Soul Eater, but as the show progresses, it is revealed that she works for DWMA and provides valuable assistance to Maka and Soul on their various quests.

Blair is known for her empathetic nature and her eagerness to help others with their problems. She has a carefree and outgoing personality that is always seeking out new and exciting experiences, regardless of the potential risks.

Her lighthearted and outgoing personality makes her a joy to be around.

In her human form, she possess a captivating and statuesque figure. In her cat form, her unique bauble can be seen below her neck.

Her ears are purple and cat-like, with pink tips at the end, which are hidden by her hat adding to her feline appearance.

2. Neko from K Project

neko k-project

Neko from K Project is a beloved and iconic anime cat girl, widely considered to be one of the sweetest nekomimis of all time.

She belongs to the silver clan, and is known for being extremely affectionate towards those she trusts, such as Yashiro Isana.

Her role is to forcibly remove memories from those around her, such as the students at Ashinaka High School.

Neko is a carefree individual who loves to have fun with others. She has a tendency to disregard the potential dangers of her actions, instead interpreting them as comforting and even entertaining.

Despite this, she is an independent woman with a strong will, who uses her powers for the greater good and is not afraid to take on challenging or difficult tasks.

1. Neferpitou from Hunter X Hunter

catgirls anime

Neferpitou is a formidable and powerful female character in the famous anime series Hunter x Hunter 2011.

She is known not just for her cat like appearance but also for her exceptional abilities.

As a member of the Chimera Ant Royal Guard and being ranked as the second strongest member, Pitou is considered as a formidable villain in the series.

She possess the unique power to instantly heal any kind of injuries, even those that are fatal and have remarkable physical strength, speed and regenerative abilities which make her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

These exceptional abilities, combined with her feline appearance, makes Pitou a truly unique and memorable anime cat girl character of all time.


In summary, anime cat girls are a beloved and iconic trope in the anime world. They come in different personalities and abilities and they are sure to leave a lasting impression on fans. From the cute and loyal Himari Noihara, to the powerful and formidable Neferpitou, these feline characters have something special to offer. If you’re looking for some kawaii kittens in anime, these beautiful cat girls are worth checking out.

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