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The best anime cat girls and neko female characters of all time.

Anime cat girls or neko female characters are often used in anime, manga, and comics because they are considered to be cute. In Japan, a related term is “Neko Musume,” which translates to “cat-girl.” These female characters are often characterized as having a humanoid form with some kitty traits, and their roles can vary depending on the series. Some catgirl traits might be fluffy ears pointed on the top of the head like an elf while others could have tails, nails, and even whiskers.

In this article, we will explore the best cat girl characters along with their given anime series, so that you can enjoy watching these beautiful girl characters with cute feline traits.

With no further addition, The following are the best 31 anime cat girls that have made their way into the hearts of anime lovers worldwide.

31. Catherine From Gintama

anime cat girls

Kicking off the list of the best anime cat girls with Catherine from Gintama, She’s an Amanto who currently works at Snack Otose. Catherine used to be part of a group of thieves, Cat’s Punch and was under their leader Kurikan.

After leaving them she heads to earth and finds a new life on Edo with Otose, with whom she can confidently move forward and keep her promise to her to never become a burglar again.

30. Nekohime from And you thought there is never a girl online?

anime cat girl characters

Nekohime is a cute anime cat girl, with one of the prettiest anime eyes of all time. She is voiced by Yoshino Nanjō.

In the anime, she plays the role of Hideki’s teacher, who is overprotective and supervises his interactions with girls and becomes their club’s advisor. She gives him advice on how to be successful with girls and juggle life between school and hobbies.

Afterward, it is revealed that she was actually Nekohime from the L.A. guild, an anime catgirl who rejected Hideki’s in-game proposal, and stated that she was a guy all along. His/her popularity within LA gives her a large number of fans.

29. Haineko from Bleach

anime cat girls

Haineko is a cat-like girl from the manifested spirit of Rangiku Matsumoto’s Zanpakuto. Haineko’s apparition takes the human form of a voluptuous woman with pretty eyes, olive-colored skin, a large posterior, and chin-length china hair styled into cat ears at the top of the head and frames Haineko’s face with several long locks framing her face.

Brainwashed by Muramasa at one point, Haineko starts off impatient and impetuous. She tries to leave the Zanpakuto cave because of boredom and later complains about how long she needs to wait for Muramasa to return.

28. Chloe Lolo from Danmachi

anime cat girl

Chloe Rollo is a Cat Girl from the anime Danmachi, she is a waitress and a former assassin, and a member of the Njord Familia.

Chloe is a cat-half human hybrid with a tail, green eyes, and black hair. She had a bit of an adventurous side and likes to gamble, that’s why her co-workers would just roll their eyes and ignore her. She is very loyal to her co-workers. Despite being an assassin, she has an honorable code of conduct. She only kills people who deserve it or are bad.

27. Shizuka Nekonome from Rosario + Vampire

rosario vampire- nekonome

Shizuka Nekonome is a blonde hair anime girl from The Rosario+Vampire series, she is one of the many school teachers at Yōkai Academy. She is Tsukune and Moka’s homeroom teacher and also the adviser for the Newspaper Club. Shizuka is a Neko-Musume (cat girl) who can sometimes be carefree in her attitude, but she’s rather perceptive to others’ feelings and doesn’t come off as oblivious.

26. Kariya Momochi from Princess Connect! Re: Dive

anime cat girl

Kiruya Momochi is among the cutest anime cat girls in The Princess Connect Re: Dive series. She is a member of the Guild Gourmet Edifice. She has long black hair that goes down to her ankles, green eyes, and cat ears at the top of her head.

Kyaru is portrayed in the anime as a classic tsundere. She complains about her friends, but she kind of always follows them. Kyaru has a sharp tongue and often gets annoyed or flustered when she doesn’t get what she wants. However, underneath the harsh appearance, she is a kind soft-hearted anime cat girl.

25. Cyan Hijirikawa from Show By Rock!!

cyan - show by rock

The next character we have is Cyan, a pale anime cat girl with pale skin, and pretty green eyes. She also has dark blue hair and a black cat tail and ears. Cyan is gothic lolita and Setaria lover. Once she started high school, she decided to join the music club. She was too scared and couldn’t though. One night, she was playing a game on her phone and won a guitar called Strawberry Heart. Then, Cyan was transported to a distant world and there, she joined Plasmagica. Her mission is to help the myumons.

24. Coconut from Nekopara

anime cat girl

Nekopara’s Coconut is tall, cool-headed and among the most glamorous anime cat girls, I have ever seen. Despite her stature,  in the anime, she is actually the 3rd youngest of the cat girls in Minaduki, and she has a little complex about not looking feminine enough.

However, her loyalty to her master Shigure is greater than that of any dog. Coconut has amazing physical abilities and really likes to help people, but often fails because she can’t manage her capabilities well.

23. Alicia Rue from Sword Art Online

alicia rue sword art online

Alicia Rue is an essential character in The Sword Art Online Anime series, her petite figure and kitten ears give her a cat-like appearance. The Cait Sith rely on her as their leader as she was elected as such by popular vote.

She is also training her dark magic capable of using Moonlight Mirror. She forms an alliance with the Sylphs to finish the Conquer the World Tree Quest.

22. Nozomi Kiriya from Mayoi Neko Overrun!

anime cats

Among the cutest anime cat girls is Nozomi Kiriya, a girl that Otome Tsuzuki picked up at the train station on the way home. She also happens to be one of the anime’s main heroines. For some unclear reason, Nozomi refuses to share any personal information apart from her name with Stray Cats.

Nozomi has light-purple hair that falls to her hips with cat ears and red eyes. She is usually calm, but when it comes to certain things, she can tend to be airheaded. And in the anime she doesn’t care about getting naked, then that would be one hell of an experience. This shows how naïve this anime cat girl can be at times.

21. Vanilla from Nekopara

vanilla - nekopara

Vanilla from the Nekopara anime series is a clever and quiet cat girl, she is Chocola’s twin sister and the youngest among the Minaduki cat girls. Vanilla can seem cold because she doesn’t talk too much, but she always tries to help those around her as best as she can.

Surprisingly, she’s very intelligent and often has noted some insightful points. Her dry humor and independent personality contrast Chocola in every way. But, she remains both kind-hearted and catlike despite all that, though.

20. Tamako from Isuca

tamako from isuca

A two-tailed cat Specter from the world of the dead. She was the second specter to appear in the anime series, we first see her at Shinichirō Asano, and Sakuya Shimazu’s school. Plus, she’s the first good specter to be introduced in the series.

Overall, Tamako is a demon cat that became Asano’s familiar after he was able to call out her true name with his “Shingan” or eye of truth. She is now bound to him.

19. Yoriko Sagisawa from De Capo

yoriko de capo

Misaki (Yoriko) is among the cutest anime cat girls ever. She is a young girl who stays at home looks out at the world from her room window and Yoriko is her loved cat

In the anime, Yoriko jumps out of Misaki’s window to see the world in her place. But instead of doing so, she turns into a cat-eared maid. Yoriko is now a maid in the new household but she fears people since some children had scared her. Later, she will slowly build her confidence and explore the world outside of the mansion for the first time.

18. Persia from Gate

persia from gate

I’ve been watching the “Gate” anime series recently, and one of my favorite characters is Persia from the Special Region. Like most anime cat girls in almost every popular series, Persia also has two cute kitty ears, slitted eyes similar to that of a cat’s, and a tail.

She also has a mischievous personality that is similar to that of cats. Her feelings for Takeo are revealed to be growing steadily stronger day by day. She is very loyal to the household, therefore, In the face of a threat, she will become even more brutal.

17. Kuune from Cat Planet Cuties

anime cat girl

Kuune is among the cutest anime cat girls of all time, she is the captain of the Catian ship that visited Earth. She is Eris’ commanding officer as well as the head negotiator for official friendship with Earth. In the anime, It’s clear that Kuune enjoys Okinowian food just as much as Eris does. All of the Catian captains have big chests – but Kuune’s is the biggest!

Kuune flexes her playfulness to distract any man standing in front of her- she can also be a tough negotiator who won’t accept unfavorable compromises. Although she doesn’t show it, until the end of negotiations, she can also be vulnerably embarrassed by her tight swimsuit.

16. Chaika Trabant from Chaika- The Coffin Princess

chaika trabant

Chaika Trabant is a 14-year-old sorceress who runs into Toru Acura and picks him up as a traveling companion, along with his sister Akari. Chaika is a mage who carries around a giant coffin as she goes on her adventures. She is the queen of high-precision spells.

This neko anime character is a polite and compassionate girl who hates violence and often objects to Toru’s suggestions without any better solutions. However, she can be really naïve and is often oblivious to danger. She lives her life with a lot of kindness and devotion to others, often going out of her way to help people in need regardless of whether they are friends or enemies.

15. Dejiko from Di Gi Charat

anime neko

Di Gi Charat is a manga and anime series, that follows the life of a young female cat-demon who is known as Dejiko within the series. Dejiko is a princess from Di Gi Charat, a fictional planet from the anime, in which she’s displayed as a cute anime cat girl, who ends each sentence with the cat sound ‘nyo’.

Dejiko can be a tough Girl, who will sometimes use her special power, eye beams. But, when motivated, she can work vigorously but will give up easily if there is no reward or there is a challenging task.

14. Natsuki Sasahara from Hyper Police

natsuki hyper police

Natsuki is a 17-year-old cat girl from The Hyper Police Anime. Born in 2005, she has a human father and a Nekomata mother. Natsuki is kind to everyone and always willing to help those in need. She likes to uphold justice and protect those who cannot do so themselves. She behaves very cat-like. She likes to eat cat food, groom herself like a cat, play with string and objects that move, and her favorite drink is catnip which seems to have an alcoholic effect on her.

13. Ichigo Momomiya Tokyo Mew Mew

ichigo tokyo mew mew

Ichigo Momomiya is one of the main protagonists in Tokyo Mew Mew, and she is one of the best anime cat girls. She plays an important role in the story. She is the first of the series to be introduced and her D.N.A is merged with an Iriomote cat.

Ichigo is fun, friendly, and ready for crazy action when stressed or excited – but her big heart will always show through. Ichigo’s madly in love with Masaya, she’s always thinking about him. Her bold nature means that she will put her all into anything that really matters to her, whether it be love or friendship.”

12. Ao Nanami from Yozakura Quartet

anime catgirls

Ao Nanami is one of the main characters in the Yozakura Quartet series. She is a demon from Japanese folklore with mind-reading abilities. She has a petite figure and short blue hair, shaped into two cats’ ear-like “antennas”. She has light skin with blue eyes, and the ability to read people’s minds, and she also has a “Satellite” that can read the thoughts of everyone around her.

11. Eris from Cat Planet Cuties

anime cat girl

Eris was born on the planet Catia, a planet of cat-like girls and has lived there her entire life. Upon arriving on earth she has many friends and many cats friends. Initially, most do not believe her to be an alien, but she shows Kio the proof directly with her technology, ears, and tail. While she is learning the ways of Earth, she is also a competent fighter who employs strategies and technologies not seen on Earth.

10. Ibaraki-Douji from Onigiri

ibaraki onigiri

Ibaraki-Douji is a catgirl and one of the characters in the Onigiri anime and game series. Due to her markings, she often gets mistaken for an actual cat that can turn into a human girl. She first joins the party when they arrive in Kumaso Village, becoming its fourth member.

She is a Half-Oni, a very happy and curious girl who likes to do foolish things with her friends. As such, she feels a certain connection with the main character. She has a unique career of running a traveling bar, similar to that of Miroku’s roving merchant status.

9. Felicia from Darkstalkers


Felicia was first introduced in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors series alongside Morrigan Aensland. Felicia is a pretty anime cat woman who was taken in and raised by Sister Rose. She was given the name Felicia from the word ‘Felicity’.

She is an energetic, optimistic cat girl who loves to sing and dance and make friends with people— all she wants is peace, coexistence, and harmony. She only fights when she has to.

8. Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi

shibi anime

Tsumiki is the main protagonist of Acchi Kocchi. She attends Nekoge Prefectural High School along with Io Otonashi, Mayoi Katase, Hime Haruno, and Sakaki Inui.

She is a Neko anime character who has the ability to form cat ears and a cat tail when she sees Io, and when she feels teased she becomes rather hostile to the point of violence. Despite acting like a Kuudere by striking Mayoi over teasing and using biting as a punishment for Io during the series, she still loves and cares a lot about her friends.

7. Koneko Toujou from High school DxD

high school dxd

Koneko Toujou is one of the many female protagonists of the light novel and anime series High School DxD. She is a first-year student at Kuoh Academy and a member of the Occult Research Club, where she is Rias Gremory’s Rook. She has white hair, is a cat-like girl, and is the younger sister of Kuroka.

Her cat form gives her white cat ears and a matching tail, with pupils that appear more like that of a cat. Koneko has always had a quiet personality, never showing any emotions or feelings even when she speaks. Her serious persona is a result of taking influence from Rias and is unlike the mischievous personality of her sister.

6. Millianna from Fairy Tail

anime neko girls

Milliana is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet from their days as slaves at the Tower of Heaven and also worked with Jellal for a little while. Currently, she is a powerful mage at the all-female guild—Mermaid Heel.

Millianna is a mong the prettiest anime cat girls with a curvaceous figure, with cat-like eyes, nose, and mouth which add to her distinctly Neko-like appearance. She has brown hair styled in cat ears at the crown and tied in two ponytails at the back.

5. Rem Galleu (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord)

anime cat girls

Rem Galleu is one of the female protagonists of the series. She is a Pantherian and she became an invoker, making her an adventurer who continues demonstrating her strength, saying that one day she will exterminate Demon King Krebskrem.

Her green eyes are cat-like, with spruce eyebrows, Making her look expressionless and tough that making anyone can feel the extent of her willpower. But actually has a cheerful persona and is honest about her moods to those who get close enough to see through the facade.

4. Himari Noihara from Omamori

anime neko girl

Himari Noihara is the eponymous female protagonist of the anime Omamori Himari, she is among the cutest anime cat girls on our list. What I like about this Neko anime girl is that she swore an oath to protect the main character Yuuto Amakawa from the enemy Ayakashi. The oath comes down, according to her ancestor, whose life was spared by the ancestor of the Amakawa family.

Himari is shown as a kind and loyal person who cares for the safety of her master, she also has some hints of being more volatile when something threatens someone she cares about, She got feelings toward her young master and she doesn’t shy away from showing her intense seduction side towards him.

3. Blair from Soul Eater

anime cat girl

Blair is an anime cat girl witch from Soul Eater, she was once thought to be a genuine witch by Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. In the course of the show, she will work for DWMA as well as help Maka and Soul with various quests.

Blair is a great listener and she loves to help others with their problems. She is always looking for something fun to do, even if that’s not what’s best for her. Blair is a lighthearted and outgoing person that most people enjoy being around.

In her human form, she has a tall and alluring figure. When in her cat form, her bauble can be seen below her neck. Her ears are purple cat-like with pink tips at their end, that is hidden by her hat.

2. Neko from K Project

neko k-project

Neko is definitely among the best anime cat girls of all time! She is a female of the silver clan, who can be very clingy to those she trusts, such as Yashiro Isana. It’s her job to forcibly remove memories from those around them, like those students in Ashinaka High School.

She is a carefree anime cat girl, who always likes having fun with people. She doesn’t seem to take any notice of the possible dangers she’s causing to others, instead of interpreting her actions as comforting and even entertaining. Neko is an independent woman with strong willpower who enjoys using her powers for the good of others and doesn’t shy away from being challenged or taking on difficult tasks.

1. Neferpitou from Hunter X Hunter

catgirls anime

Besides being an anime cat girl, Neferpitou is one of the most powerful female characters in the hunter x hunter anime series. She is a villain, a member of the Chimera Ant Royal Guard, and is ranked as its second-strongest member. She has the power to heal any type of injury, even fatal ones instantly, and also have enhanced physical strength and speed, as well as the ability to regenerate from wounds quickly.

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