The 24 Best Twin Anime Characters of All Time

twin anime sisters

Today’s list is about the best twin anime characters in history! Therefore, make sure to scroll down this list to see all of these amazing anime twins. Be they… female or male characters, some of them have adorable personalities, while others have creepy tendencies that are hard to hide. Regardless, twins are made up of two individuals who have a lot of similarities and frankly- kind of hard to tell apart!

So, to celebrate the special bond between twins, here are some of the best anime featuring twin characters.

24. Bonbori and Hozuki from Otome Yokai Zakuro

bonbori and hozuki

Kicking off the list of the best twin anime characters with the twin girls Bonbori and Hozuki, who are portrayed as one of the seven main characters in the manga and anime Otome Yōkai Zakuro, which is a good anime to watch.

The twin sisters at the Ministry of Spirit Affairs are usually seen with Ganryu throughout the series. They are never apart from each other and always with him.

23. Nana and Momo from To LOVE-Ru Darkness

nana and momo

Next up we have the anime twin female characters Nana and Momo are the main female protagonists of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga and anime series. As the series progresses they don’t seem to be as attached to each other as they used to, but they still have time together.

Because, Nana befriends Kurosaki Mea, with whom she hangs out; while her sister Momo got a little bit of a crush on Rito, who she sees more often now. She’s been trying to expand her plan for him, “The Harem Plan,”.

22. Hikaru and Hibiki from Sekerei

twin in anime

Hibiki and Hikari are two hot anime twin sisters who have the power of electricity. In the first and second stages, these anime twins seek to fight unwinged Sekirei together.

Homura even reveals that although these twin sisters are the underdogs, they are powerful and still have more expertise in fighting than himself.

21. Yu Fan and Yu Lan Xia from Full Metal Panic

twin anime characters

Next up among the best twin characters in anime we have Yu Fan Xia and Yu Lan Xia from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid anime and manga series.

They’ve been at odds with Amalgam since at least the Second Chinese Civil War, before which they wiped out their hometown in China. Therefore, Xia Yu Fan and her twin sister Xia Yu Lan are working with Gates.

20. Mariya and Shizu Shidō From Maria Holic

mariya and shizu

The only way to tell the difference between these two beautiful twin anime characters is with a mole under their eyes. Mariya’s mole is under her left eye and Shizu’s is under her right eye. Mariya and Shizu decided to compete in a competition. They would switch places at their respective all-female and all-male schools.

Who knows who won the bet when Mariya is so well-liked and respected by her peers. The main character Kanako and her maid are the only ones who know the truth about how s/he really isn’t all that attractive and is a sadistic male.

19. Diva and Saya from Blood+

diva and saya

Saya Otonashi is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Blood+. She is the older twin sister of Diva and lover of Hagi. In the series, she is the firstborn of the daughter of a Chiropteran mummy, a pureblood Chiropteran.

These anime twins have some cool powers. They don’t look alike, but when Diva turns into a Chiroptech, her eyes glow blue and her pupils look like slits, while her nails turn into long, sharp fangs and her lips darken too. She becomes just like her sister, Saya!

18. Tsukasa and Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky☆Star

tsukasa and kagami

Tsukasa and Kagami are among the cutest twin anime sisters of all time. The sisters live in a six-member family household with their parents. Tsukasa isn’t good at studying or at sports, but she excels in cooking. While Kagami’s grades are excellent and she studies very hard, she even was the class president of her class in her first year.

Tsukasa is portrayed as a stereotypical clumsy, sleepy character. She spends a lot of time sleeping, while Kagami loves to read light novels, and feels lonely sometimes because no one around her shares the same interests as her.

17. Linze and Elze Silhoueska From In Another World With My Smartphone

twin anime girls

Anime twin sisters Linze and Elze Silhoueska from the series “In Another World With My Smartphone” are one of Touya Mochizuki’s wives.

In this isekai series, they were saved from being swindled by him. While Linze is the younger of the Silhoueska twins, Elze is the older. They currently live with everyone else at Brunhild Dukedom.

Both Elze and Linze are among the most beautiful teenage anime girls with green eyes and waist-length silver hair, and they are also so powerful that you can rely on them if need be.

16. Akari and Kotone Kirishima from Nyan Koi!

cute anime twins

The twin anime characters named Akari and Kotoni are among the most attractive anime girls ever. Kotone is the older one and has sadistic tendencies but is still sweet, delusional, and compulsive.

Kotone has a crush on Junpei due to his sometimes misfortunes, and she becomes jealous if he is close with anyone else. While Akari starts off being confrontational at first but later has come around to liking him.

Akari has the ability to sense supernatural activity which is seen when she tells Junpei that she can see spirits and know he was cursed. She and her sister Kotone are the only people who know that Junpei’s curse.

15. Ren and Ran Tachibana from Free!

ren and ran free

Ren and Ran Tachibana are other cool anime twin female characters from the sports anime series Free! In the series, they are the younger brother of Makoto Tachibana.

Ran has a small figure, with teal-colored eyes and olive-green hair tied in two pigtails. While Ren is a guy characterized by his brown eyes and dark, straight, short hair. He lives with Ran and Makoto and enjoys Makoto’s company and takes him as a male influence. It appears that Ran thinks Ren is always late for everything.

14. Kozue and Miki Kaoru from Revolutionary Girl Utena

anime twins

In the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena, we have Kozue who used to really love playing the piano with her twin brother Miki Kaoru and the two were incredibly close. Kozue is a talented pianist, although together, they both shone.

Their parents wanted them both to be successful in their music careers, including scheduling a tour before for the twins before Miki got sick. Therefore, Kozue was forced to go on alone because Miki wasn’t able to perform.

13. Yuuko and Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

twins in anime

Hideyoshi Kinoshita attends Fumizuki Academy and is a second-year student. He is a classmate of Akihisa since first grade but he also has a fraternal twin sister named Yuuko who attends their school, Fumizuki Academy. Hideyoshi is also part of the drama club at his school.

While Yuuko has a significantly higher academic level than Hideyoshi does, she’s also very prideful, arrogant, and easily irritated, unlike Hideyoshi who is always nonchalant.

12. Kaguya and Yuzuru Yamai From Date A Live

date a live girls

Kaguya and Yuzuru Yamai are among the cutest anime twin characters on our list. They are often seen as the major heroines from the Date A Live franchise. They’re a pair of spirits named Yamai, who was simply one spirit at first.

Kaguya and Yuzuru are identical twins with the same eyes, hair, and height. But they still have their own unique characteristics and personality.

11. Shalsha and Falfa from I’ve Been Killing Slimes

anime cute twins

Falfa and Shalsha are among the best anime twins, they are the main characters of the I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years Kuku series and they have a lot in common.

Falfa is a cheerful and cute girl while Shalsha is shyer. They have the same appearance, but she has light-green hair tied into two tails with a light blue band and bright blue or violet eyes.

Shalsha can be a bit of a contrast to Falfa, given she is much more reserved and introverted than her sister and prefers not to engage with unfamiliar people. She speaks only when it’s necessary.

10. Chiho and Chizi Mihara from Kobato

anime twin characters

Some anime twin sisters are so adorable they’re almost too cute. Chiho and Chise Mihara must be among them because they’re so pretty. In the series, they are the daughters of Chitose Mihara.

They look alike and both have blond hair reaching their knees and brown eyes, just like you’d expect from a blondy!

When it comes to their personalities, both Chizi and Chiho Mihara are really nice, and cheerful and they like the same things. They both love animals

9. Orihara Twin Girls from Drurarara

orihara durarara

It’s sad that these two anime twin sisters were only featured for a short time in one episode. They have an awfully tight relationship together and have identical obsessions with an actor named Yuuhei Heiwajima.

They’re never been apart from one another. They have always been close and it seems their relationship just got stronger because of Izaya.

8. Misaki Twins from Another

anime twin characters

These anime twin characters give the impression of being identical, but they’re just doing it on purpose; like dressing similarly.

Mei and Fujioka used to meet secretly at first, but, after some time passed, they became unseparated again. They share lots of things with one another and got hooked up with each other because of their shared love for dolls.

7. The Sonozaki Twins from Higurashi no naku koro ni

twin anime girls

These anime twins are confusing, but the whole plot came into focusing on them a little later down the line. The sisters used switched places and met again after a long time without seeing one another. Once they saw each other again, they started opening up.

In the anime, Shion doesn’t seem like she is having a bad relationship with her Mion overall, and it doesn’t seem like she was scared of her sister during the ‘torture’ scene. Shion was only afraid of Mion’s emotionally charged and volatile behavior toward Keichi

6. Fujibayashi Twin Sisters from Clannad 

anime twin girls

From the popular anime series Clannad, we have other cute twin anime characters named Kyou and Ryou Fujibauashi. While Kyou is the tsundere kind lady with long hair who is often protecting her sister. Ryou, on the other hand, is calm and caring. They’re two wholly totally different ladies who only get on well as siblings.

5. Italy Twin Brothers from Hetalia

anime twins

In the anime series Hetalia, we have the Italy twins, who have contrasting personalities, Italy is known for being mellow and friendly and tough, and aggressive, but has a nice side to reveal as well. While Romano is a bit grouchy with a not-so-attractive side like his brother.

These twin anime brothers do not get along well, as Romano is the one who’s bullying and not tolerating his brother. He does not really care about what he does to him.

4.  Kiryuu Twins from Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Ichiru and Zero are anime twin male characters who have a cursed past. They belong to a family of vampires, and in reality, they should’ve been one person. Ichiru should have taken his brother’s life in the womb.

Ichiru was jealous and hated his brother so much that he caused a lot of trouble for the whole family. Even Zero hates his twin as well, but still has love left in him for his brother. They had a great relationship when they were younger. However, now they hate each other.

3. Hitachiin Twins from Ouran high school host club

high school anime

Hitachiin brothers are twin characters from The Ouran High School Host Club anime series. They are so popular among fans of the series due to being depicted as mischievous and devious young men who toy with people at times, including their schoolmates.

These twins are nearly indistinguishable! They really need each other to experience everything – so you’ll see them together in this anime that also features their humorous, and ridiculous scenes.

2. Asahina Triplets from Brothers Conflict

anime twin brothers

Well, they are triplets who are not extremely identical. Azusa and Tsubaki are more identical, he is also a voice actor, however, he is calmer and less tenacious than Tsubaki and is usually the one to keep peace in the family.

They both have a closer relationship and often still talk to their brother. All three have spots on their face, but one of them has purple eyes.

1. Rem and Ram From Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

twin anime sisters

Rem and Ram are the most popular anime twins ever. these anime twin sisters have contrasting personalities. They are very close to each other but they have their own struggles too – like being different from one another in some ways.

Ram is pretty self-centered and she’s slow to make decisions, Rem can come off as polite but won’t think twice before doing whatever it takes to help the situation.

These beautiful sisters are strong when they are fighting, even though Rem is stronger than Ram by a small margin, but when they are angry no one thinks twice about fighting them.

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