New Pokémon Anime World Championships Arc Trailer

pokemon world championships arc

A New Preview for the Pokémon Anime World Championships Arc

Pokémon has an official Twitter account that’s been streaming a new Pokemon Anime World Championship arc trailer on Friday. It’s at its climax now and we got you excited for more!

The promotional video that just dropped on the anime’s official Twitter account chronicles the eight main trainers who will be a part of the next tournament. It’d be a great time to tune in since it could give you some insight on who’ll win next.

Fans are going to love these re-released Pokémon characters including Cynthia and Leon.

The trailer also highlights each trainer’s Pokémon partner! Ash with Pikachu, Iris with Haxorus, and Steven have his Mega Metagross.

pokemon world championships arc

The Pokémon Journeys anime has been running continuously in Japan since 2019. It’s a Netflix streaming exclusively now, and this arc is dubbed “the climax” of the series.

Netflix is about to release more episodes of what’s easily one of the biggest shows on their service, Pokémon Ultimate Journeys.

So, while long-time fans are awaiting more arcs to come out. Maybe, it’s time for people who don’t know anything about Pokémon to watch the whole franchise.

Pokémon Journeys Story:

pokemon journeys

Satoshi was invited by Professor Yukinari Ookido over to Professor Sakuragi’s lab-opening ceremony in Vermillion City. There, Professor Sakuragi gets a notification of a rare Pokémon that could be found in the harbor. The other trainers want to go search for it.

Satoshi and Pikachu will find The rare pokemon Lugia. They will strike Lugia with a Thunderbolt attack. Unfazed, Lugia will flee and escape from the area.

It’s amazing that Satoshi meets another boy who jumped on the same Pokémon, Lugia. The two fly on Lugia’s back as they go on an incredible journey across the seas. When they land, they say their farewells and set off in different directions. It’s funny how these Pokémon have a one-of-a-kind journey!

Sakuragi is very impressed by Gou’s findings and how Satoshi’s insight helped him work with his product better. He asks them to become his partners. So, the duo’s journey begins and they are on their way to meet many new Pokémon. an adventure that will lead them to find plenty of different species that they had never seen before.

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