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10 Amazing One Piece Facts You Should know!

gold d roger

Some interesting facts about the One Piece anime and manga series to know!

Welcome to “The Best One Piece Facts You Didn’t Know” 

One Piece is a Japanese manga series created by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga has been adapted into an anime series, broadcast in Japan on Fuji Television. . The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who gained enormous strength after eating a supernatural fruit and embarks on a quest to become king of the pirates. The series has been translated into several languages for publication in countries such as China, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, and the United States.

One Piece is one of the most popular series today, full of secrets, mysteries, and adventurous things that every anime and manga lover is still amazed by. But here are some unknown facts about One Piece you probably don’t know yet.

so without any wait, Here we go.

1. One Piece planned to air for only 5 years

one piece facts

Kicking off the list of the best One Piece Facts with this one that says: One Piece was originally planned to air for only 5 years, but Oda says that he enjoys writing the story and adding more characters, mysteries, and adventures to the series. So he decided to change his mind and continue this work up to now.

2. Roronoa Zoro and Buggy crew

facts about one piece

No one could believe that Roronoa Zoro was originally supposed to be a member of the Buggy crew. But luckily for us, he got switched to the Strawhats pirates.

Imagine Zoro is under the command of Buggy!! this is really one of the most unbelievable One Piece facts I have ever heard.

3. The Real World Nationalities of One Piece Characters

the strawhats nationalities

Oda revealed the country of origin for each character in One Piece crews if they belonged to this real world.

  • Monkey D Luffy From Brazil
  • Usopp is a South African
  • Nami is from Sweden
  • Roronoa Zoro is from Jpana
  • Cyborg Franky is American
  • Nico Robin is from Russia
  • Sanji is French
  • Tony Chopper is from Canada
  • Soul King Brook is Austrian

4. Whitebeard “Edward Newgate”

wi=whitebeard newgate edward

Despite Edward Newgate having no beard at all, he was called “Whitebeard” due to not having a word in Japanese for beard or mustache. There’s only the word, “Shige,” which means facial hair.

5. Sanji is Naruto

one piece facts

Next up, this is one of the most shocking One Piece facts on our lit! Author Oda decided to change Sanji’s name because of the confusion around the two characters. At first, Sanji was going to be named Naruto, but then Oda changed his name after thinking it would avoid any confusion among fans of anime.

6. Oda cried over the One Piece Manga

one piece facts

You may not believe him, but it’s true Oda cried when he drew the funeral for The Going Merry. Well, looks like Oda needs to bring tissues next time because he is always drawing intense emotional scenes.

7. Gold D. Roger’s last words

gold d roger

Another one of the best facts of one piece is about Gold D. Roger’s last words, which were much similar to words written on a piece of paper that a real pirate called Olivier Levasseur threw from his necklace into the crowd before being executed.

8.  Olivier Levasseur’s cryptic message

facts about one piece

When he was led to his execution, Olivier Levasseur told people: “Find my treasure ye who understand it!”. Some members of his former crew found some of the treasure, but most of it remains unidentified.

9. The Shichibukai

seven warlords

Driven by real-life stories, the show has taken inspiration from real-life pirates. The British Navy used to hire them and start wars with other countries much in the way that Shichibukai is doing in One Piece.

10. Jewelry Bonney

one piece facts

Jewelry Bonney, a pirate female character in the One Piece series, was based on the real-life pirate, Anne Bonny. Anne was a woman who became a famous pirate operating in the Caribbean during the 18th century.

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