15 Facts About Naruto That You Never Knew About!


15 Facts About Naruto That Never Knew About

Every anime show contains lots of hidden facts that not everybody pays attention to.

Therefore, we have to do some digging to left the cover on these hidden facts about Naruto franchise.

As a result, We did that for you and come up with a couple of facts about Naruto, inside and outside the tv show.

Anyways, stay with us to know these 15 Facts About Naruto That you’ve probably never know!


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1. Naruto’s favorite ramen shop “Ichiraku” exists in real life.


Ichiraku is a ramen shop in Kyushu near the university that author Masashi Kishimoto graduated from.

2. A pair of twins played Sakura’s part in Naruto.


So The twin singers Mikura Mana and Mikura Kana (Manakana) were double cast as Haruno Sakura!

3. The reason only Hinata appears in the Naruto ending.


That because the anime staff contained a lot of Hinata fans.

On that note, Kurenai’s class (Hinata included) does not get many panels in the manga but gets more screen time in the anime because of the anime staff.

4. Kakuzu’s techniques are named after the series Mobile Suit Gundam.


For example, Earth Grudge Fear (Jiongu) had the name of the Gundam MSN-02 Zeong.

5. The toads all have namesakes.


  •  Gamabunta = Bunta Sugawara
  •  Gamaken = Takakura Ken
  •  Shima = Iwashita Shima

However, They were famous actors and actresses in the 80s and 90s.

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