The 10 Best Hand to Hand Combat Anime Characters

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Today we will depicting those hand to hand combat anime characters, who are relying on martial arts, that usually involves some forms of karate, boxing, or swordplay. Most these powerful anime characters are are fighting with their raw strength and in a traditional hand-to-hand combat style, with no use of weapons. These characters only use their Fist and Kicks as a weapon, some of them may have some other superpowers.

Examples of the best hand to hand combat anime characters include the following:

10. Shizou Heiwajima – Durarara!!!

hand-to-hand combat anime characters

Shizou is considered by many to be one of the best anime characters and fighters with hand to hand combat styles in the world. His current occupation, as a mafia member, is also well-respected. He has a short temper. and with His superhuman strength, which surfaced when he was a young child. He can crack up any wall and leap from one building to another. His special abilities are parkour because of his years of battling Izaya who also masters parkour.

9. Lenalee Lee – D Grayman


Among the best hand to hand combat female anime characters is Lenalee, who is one of the main characters in D Grayman. Her graceful acrobatic skills, as well as her weapon, are some of her best traits. And Lenalee’s amazing “good punch” is one of them! She’s quick and agile. When she activates her Innocence, of course, she becomes even quicker and more agile still.

8. Yasutora Sado – Bleach

anime characters with hand to hand combat

The character Chad from the popular superpower anime series Bleach is known for his superhuman strength and it is amplified by his ability to use Full-bring. His ability can take many forms that allow him to land pertinent punches. Sado has a lot of raw power for an average Human, and there is a scene in the anime that shows us how his strength allowed him to lift a metal beam that had fallen on his arm. Additionally, he only uses his fists in a fight, which makes him stronger than those he faces and he can even cause harm to Hollows. He has also been given this power by the Quincy bloodline and is capable of swinging a pole like a bat.

7. Silver Crow – Accel World


Silver Crow from the anime series Accel World is the name of the Avatar of Haruyuki Arita, which is originally just a regular avatar with no skills or weapons, he would have been nothing but luckily he will get wings that suddenly gifted him the power to fly! Even though he has an ultimate speed, this character doesn’t use a weapon and is only known for his strong blows.

6. Kenshiro – Fist of the North Star

anime characters with hand to hand combat

There is no way you could survive an encounter with Kenshiro, he never fails to beat his opponents and always has a glorious victory. Even if you’re one of the most overpowered characters in the entire anime world, there’s no time for celebration against Kenshiro!

He is among the best hand to hand combat anime characters like no other, while his rush-down tactics give off that perfect balance. He takes down his enemies with just one strike!

5. Strength – Black Rock Shooter


Strength’s introduction to the show was through a bizarre self-manifestation as Yuu Koutari. Unlike other characters, she uses a steel fist that can become different shapes such as a machine gun. But she prefers to hit people than shoot them down.

She fights recklessly Black★Rock Shooter, using the immense strength of her Ogre Arms and her reality-altering abilities to gain the upper hand in the battle. She manages to crush Black★Rock Shooter against a wall and then swings both of her fists.

4. Sanosuke Sagara – Rurouni Kenshin


Another popular Anime character from the series Rurouni Kenshin is the fighter and brawler “Sanosuke Sagara”. He is a fictional anime character with inhuman strength for wielding a heavy sword but prefers to fight with his bare hands. His superpower is enough to break rocks and pulverize them into dust.

With his immense strength and physical power, Sanosuke is a valuable and trusted ally in Kenshin’s adventures. He’s a friend you can count on for good times and bad and is reliable when it comes to battles.

3. Rock Lee -Naruto


One of the few ninjas who prefers to use Taijutsu over Ninjutsu is Lee from the anime series Naruto. He has a lot of cool techniques. Including his strong fist, he’s trained really hard and is strong enough to unearth a massive tree root from the ground with ease. He also has fast enough speed to make quick escapes.

Lee, as per his training, is wearing heavy ankle weights. By removing them, his speed increases wildly and he’s able to do more: bypass Gaara’s Shield of Sand for the first time ever! Yeah! Rock Lee is among the best anime characters with hand to hand combat style.

2. Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

anime characters with hand to hand combat

There’s almost no one who’s willing to go against Luffy simply because his ability allows him to throw multiple punches at once.

“He is the main character of One Piece and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy has incredibly evolved hand-to-hand combat skills, which are mostly learned through personal practice with Ace and Sabo since childhood.”

Luffy has the power to take down a bunch of enemies in a row and even beat the overpowered Lucci in a one-on-one fistfight powered by his Gomu Gomu fruit abilities.

1. Saitama – One Punch Man

anime characters with hand to hand combat

Saitama, the bald hero, is one of the most powerful people alive. He is too powerful to get any thrill from his actions anymore, so without any rival, he’s been lazy and bored lately.

What Saitama uses in a fight is different from other fighters. He excels at punching and lots of other basic fighting techniques, which are very effective when combined with his high strength.

Saitama moves so fast that he leaves afterimages when he moves, which makes him hard to hit. He has also been shown to be perfect at dodging and catching any move with ease and without realizing it was happening.

This man has quite a reputation. He even boasts of getting a powerful punch that not only can damage a planet but still feels no signs of fatigue.

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