Banished from the Hero’s Party Season 2 Reported!


Banished from the Hero’s Party: Everything You Need to Know About Season 2 – Release Date, Trailer, Story, and Updates!

Today’s news will be about the highly-anticipated second season of Banished from the Hero’s Party, which has been officially announced! Fans of the anime can look forward to more adventures of the former member of the hero’s party, Red, and his journey to live a peaceful life in the countryside.

As for the release date of the new season, it has yet to be announced somewhere in 2023. Yet, the cast from the first season is set to return and fans can expect to see the same talented voice actors bringing their characters to life.

Check out this trailer of the first season while we wait for the second PV to be released.

The anime adaptation of “Banished from the Hero’s Party” was first revealed in November 2020, with animation by Wolfsbane and Studio Flad, and direction by Makoto Hoshino. The series features scriptwriting by Megumi Shimizu, character designs by Ruriko Watanabe, and music composed by Yukari Hashimoto. This marked the first leading voice role for Ryōta Suzuki. The series was originally set to premiere in July 2021 but was delayed to October 2021 due to unforeseen circumstances. It aired from October 6 to December 29, 2021, on AT-X and other channels, with Yui Nishio performing the opening theme “Iki o Sū Koko de Sū Ikiteku” and JYOCHO performing the ending theme “Minna Onaji”. Funimation licensed the series outside of Asia and also premiered the English dub on October 20th, 2021.

Banished from the Hero’s Party Second Season Release Date

Banished from the Hero's Party Season 2

Fans were thrilled to hear that a second season of this fantasy romance anime was announced on October 31, 2022, leaving them excited for what’s to come.

The anime is based on the novel series written by Zappon and tells the story of Gideon Ragnason, who is the brother of the hero. He is banished from the hero’s party because his blessing is not strong enough and chooses to start a new life in a rural village, where he opens a drug store and forms a bond with a princess.

The first season ended with Red supporting his little sister, Ruti, who is also a hero, as she fights her own fate to defeat the demon lord. The second season is expected to continue the story of the siblings and their struggles as they navigate their roles in the world.

In addition to the exciting story and character development, fans can also look forward to the unique blend of genres in Banished from the Hero’s Party. The anime combines elements of slice-of-life, romance, and fantasy to create a unique and entertaining viewing experience.

One of the highlights of the series is the relatable and down-to-earth portrayal of Red, who chooses to leave the high-stakes world of heroes and live a simple life. His journey to find peace and happiness in the countryside is something that many viewers can relate to.

Another aspect that fans have praised is the strong bond between Red and Ruti, who have a deep understanding and support for each other despite their different paths in life. The sibling relationship is an important aspect of the story and is sure to be explored further in the upcoming season.

Fans of the series can also read the light novel series, which has been published by Kadokawa since 2018 and has 11 volumes available. The manga adaptation is also available in North America, licensed by Yen Press.

Overall, Banished from the Hero’s Party season 2 is highly anticipated by fans and promises to be an exciting continuation of the story, and it can be expected to be released sometime in 2023. With the official announcement of the new season made back in October 2022, fans can look forward to finding out what happens next in the lives of Red, Ruti, and the rest of the cast.

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