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Rinkai! Anime Officially Announced for Spring 2024 Premiere

rinkai anime release date

Rinkai!, the women’s cycling story, is turning into an anime premiering in Spring 2024.  As part of a larger mixed-media project created by Mixi, the anime comes with a fresh visual too. While the manga series, Rinkai! Azalea, by Kiyoshi Yamane, will be starting its serialization on Amazia’s Manga Bang! service in 2024, adding to the anticipation for the release date of the upcoming Rinkai anime; which is slated for the spring season of 2024.

rinkai anime release date

Here’s the cast for the Rinkai anime characters: Rena Hasegawa voices Miko Yahiko, known for her role in “Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. Heart.” Saika Kitamori takes on the role of Sachi Nagoya, recognized for her part in “Puraore! Pride of Orange.” Riho Sugiyama, known for “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai,” voices Kinusa Takamatsu. Minami Hinata, who appeared in “Pole Princess!!,” voices Ai Kumamoto. Finally, Rico Sasaki, from “World Dai Star,” voices Tsutsuji Kurume.

Rinkai is an anime about cycling, where each character represents a different place in Japan and has a special connection to a specific cycling track there. Their last names match the city where the track is. For example, Izumi Itō, part of the “On-Sen Sisters,” loves cycling and comes from a family that runs an onsen inn. Nana Hiratsuka, with a Japanese mom and French cyclist dad, got into a special cycling training program while finishing school early. Miko Yahiko, a former local idol, turned to cycling to make a living. Sachi Nagoya, from a wealthy family, became a cyclist for independence. Kinusa Takamatsu, good at sports and school, switched jobs until she found joy in cycling. Ai Kumamoto, a natural leader, dominated national cycling competitions since high school. Follow their unique stories as they pursue their dreams on the cycling track.

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