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Top 15 Anime News Websites You Should Know!

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Well, being an anime fan for decades, I know it’s important to have good streaming anime websites. But, otakus should also check out a reliable anime news website to stay informed about the latest news on their favorite TV shows and more. So, with the title above, we’ll be highlighting the best websites covering the latest anime news and reviews.

Without further ado, check out these good news websites that every anime fan should know about. Bookmark some of them to be the first to get updates on what’s happening in the anime and manga world.

15. Sportskeeda

best anime news websites

Sportskeeda is like this awesome all-in-one website that gives you the chance to check out the latest sports news, live scores, daily fantasy tips, and even stuff about eSports, gaming, wrestling, and pop culture. But they’re not just about sports; they’re also the go-to place for the latest and greatest anime news! You can find everything there – from the latest anime updates and themes to cool characters and series. Sportskeeda like your one-stop-shop for all things Japanese medium-related and beyond!

14. Polygon

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From the latest blockbuster movies to the hottest TV shows, the coolest gaming trends, and all things entertainment, Polygon covers all of that. They have an extensive collection of lists, reviews, and news that spans across various realms of pop culture, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a movie buff, a gamer, an otaku, or just looking for your next binge-worthy TV series, they always provides us with the latest insights, recommendations, and updates everything worth talking about in the world of entertainment!

13. Anitrendz


Anitrendz is like the go-to place for awesome and latest anime news! If you’re into anime and want to know all the cool stuff happening in the anime world, this website has got your back. They share the latest updates on new anime releases, what’s hot in the industry, and even some behind-the-scenes insights. It’s super easy to browse, and they make sure you get the real scoop on everything anime. Whether you’re a real anime fan or just like to catch a few gossips here and there, Anitrendz is the spot to stay in touch with what going in the japanese anime industry.

12. Animecorner

anime corner website

Next we have Animecorner, which is like the coolest site for anime news! They’ve got this big fanbase on Facebook, and that’s how they rocked the Google rankings. They bring you all the latest details about anime – new seasons, cool adaptations, interesting stuff about episodes, you name it. If it’s anime news, they’ve got it, and they make sure it’s all legit by verifying and showing the source. So, if you’re an anime buff and want the real scoop, Animecorner is the place to be. They’ve got your back with all the verified and source-backed anime news you need!

11. Kotaku

kotaku anime news

Kotaku is like a veteran in the anime news game, and it’s totally one of the best! Personally, I’m a fan and i like to check their site sometimes. What’s cool is that it’s not just about anime – they’ve got all the lowdown on news, reviews, and tips in the gaming world too. So, if you’re into both anime and games, KOTAKU site is a jackpot. They keep dropping the freshest gossips, reviews, and lists, making it a go-to for all you anime and gaming fans out there!

10. Japan times

japan times

The name says it all – Japan Times is like a newspaper straight from the heart of Japan. It’s not just about anime; they cover everything related to Nippon Culture, which, of course, includes otaku things, gaming, and our beloved anime and manga stuff. What’s super cool about this site is that it’s the real deal, being originally from Japan and all. Since anime’s roots are deeply Japanese, you can bet Japan Times delivers the most accurate and up-to-date news that’s riding the hype train. Japan Times is for those  who are craving the latest details from the anime world.

9. Viz

viz media

VIZ Media LLC. is an American company that’s all about manga and anime. Being a manga publisher and anime distributor, you can trust them for the most accurate reports and updates on all things manga and anime. But here’s the cool part – not only do they bring you the freshest news, but their awesome website also lets you read and watch some of your favorite shows. It’s like a one-stop-shop for manga and anime lovers! So, if you’re a fan, do yourself a favor and bookmark Viz Media website. That way, you’ll never miss out on the latest news and updates they have in store for you.

8. CBR

cbr website

With millions of monthly visits, CBR is a popular website that delves into a variety of topics, such as Movies, TV Series, and Comics. What makes it even more awesome is their dedicated section that focuses on everything anime, covering news, top lists, reviews, and much more. For those who are on the lookout for a site that brings diverse headlines across various subjects while also keeping an eye on the latest anime and manga updates, CBR is likely to become your one of your favorite sites. All that information, just a click away!

7. Manga.Tokyo

manga anime news

Manga.Tokyo doesn’t need much explaining – just by its name, you can tell it’s all about Japanese anime and manga. For anime enthusiasts like me, this website is a go-to because it provides more than just rumors. It features fantastic reviews, insights into the Otaku world, seasonal anime and manga guides, and much more. So, in a nutshell, MANGA.TOKYO is an online news site that keeps you in the loop with the quickest and latest updates about anime, manga, games, and various aspects of Japanese otaku culture. It’s like a treasure trove for otakus!

6. My Anime List

For any anime fan out there, MyAnimeList is like the holy grail. It’s a site I personally visit several times a day because it’s a must for otakus. You can find the best anime and manga recommendations, stay updated with news, read reviews, check out lists, and see the current rankings of our favorite shows. In a way, if Facebook brings people together worldwide, MyAnimeList does the same but for otakus. It’s a place where we can chat, share reviews, opinions, votes, and so much more. This website truly brings the anime community together in an awesome way.

5. Crunchyroll

anime news site

Crunchyroll is like the Netflix for anime fans, serving not just as a streaming site but also as a go-to place for the latest anime news. The best part? Everything you need in the anime world is right here. You can watch your favorite anime TV shows, catch up on the latest news, and even join forums for recommendations or any questions you might have. Without further ado, check out Crunchyroll and discover all things related to Japanese culture.

4. Otaku Mode

otaku mode

Otaku Mode is a fantastic anime website that’s packed with otaku-related goodies. From selling anime goods to providing articles, reviews, and discussions about Japanese culture – they’ve got it all. Also, Otaku Mode keeps you in the loop with the latest Japanese pop culture news through its Facebook page, boasting over 20 million likes. Plus, you can grab products related to Japanese anime, manga, games, music, and fashion right from their website. Their dedicated team works hard to be your go-to source for swiftly delivering world-famous Japanese pop culture content worldwide.

3. Anime Uk News


I found this cool site called Anime UK News, and let me tell that they’ve got all the newest updates, the coolest reviews, and a friendly community for anime, manga, and light novel fans in the UK and beyond. So, I decided to join them, and let me tell you, it’s become my new addiction! I’ve made some awesome friends on their portal, and I’m always updated with the latest anime and manga news.

2. Bakabuzz

bakabuzz website

Our little corner of the internet BakaBuzz, has been hanging out online for a solid seven years now. We’re on a mission to compile for fans the best anime lists, gaming hot topics, and throw some top-notch manga recommendations. But also, we’re not just stopping there – we’re also committed to keeping you informed with the freshest anime news hot off the presses from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. It’s our way of bringing a slice of otaku trending stuff right to your doorstep!

1. Anime News Network

anime news network

Securing the top spot on our list of awesome anime news websites is Anime News Network. This site is beyond amazing – super accurate and a total info goldmine. Think of it as the Wikipedia of the Anime World. This site is like the best place for lightning-fast updates on Japanese anime, manga, video games, music, and even other cool cultural stuff. If you want to stay updated with everything happening in the anime universe, this is the best anime news website you should check out!

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