The 60 Best Anime on Hulu to Watch Right Now


Here are Every Japanese Anime on Hulu to Watch Right Now!

Hulu is a streaming service, that allows people to stream their favorite anime series, shows, movies, documentaries, and so on, But Today our main focus will be on what are the Best Japanese anime on Hulu that you can watch? Be it Dubbed or Subbed, Hulu has a list of anime that will keep you hooked.

Well, cheer up because Hulu has a variety of anime lists including Action-packed adventures, hilarious comedies, inspirational anime stories, from classics to the newest ones, just sit tight, bring your popcorn, and choose what’s the best anime for your taste.

Here We Go!

High School of the Dead

highschool of the dead

Kicking off the list of the best anime on Hulu streaming service, with High School of the Dead, which is an amazing horror school anime that you will really enjoy. overall the story of this anime depicts the daily horrific life f some High school students, who are overwhelmed with the start of the zombie apocalypse.
and now they all must fight for their survival.


Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

This anime is relatively new as it was released in 2019, the story follows the main character who gets transported to a fantasy world, along with his classmates.
They all get magic powers, but the main character is now the weakest among them, it is because of this that they abandon him and leave him to die.
However, he manages to fight his way through the world with his vampire-companion Yue, and he becomes a different person because of it.

High School DxD

sexy hot anime

High school DxD is another popular anime on Hulu, the story follows Issei, whose life will turn upside down upon meeting up with The demon Rias Gremory, who looks like an ordinary Beautiful girl.

Therefore, and now that issei is within a world full of angels and demons, he must train and fight in order to survive in this violent world.

Any given adventure leads to many hilarious and epic moments with his new comrades. all the while keeping his new life a secret from his friends and family in High School DxD!

Sword Art Online


Hulu also offers fans the opportunity to watch this popular mainstream anime. Following characters like Kirito, Asuna, and all the rest, the story of this anime takes place inside a “videogame world” called sword art online.

The gamers will find their selves unable to log out from the game, and the worst part is that if you die in the game, you die for good in the real world too.

Hence, this is an epic adventure fully packed with action, and romance that is about to begin in order for the characters to survive in a harsh fantasy world.

Owari no seraph


The story showcases that One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13.

Meanwhile, vampires emerged from the world’s dark recesses and enslaved mankind.

Enter Hyakuya Yuuichirou, a young boy, who along with the rest of the children from his orphanage, are treated as livestock by the vampires.

A dark past that will push the main character Yuui to swear revenge for all vampires.


anime on hulu to watch

With a total of three seasons, Danmachi is not only a good romance anime, but also has superpowers, adventure, action, and a few comedy themes going on too.

Danmachi is a pretty good anime on Hulu, where you will get the chance to watch and follows a unique adventure of the main characters of this well-known anime show like Bell and Hestia.

Frankly, this anime is worth your time and will definitely keep you entertained.


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Noragami is a well-recommended anime on Hulu that I personally like so much, we have the story of a minor god who is named Yato who dreams of one day accomplishing his goal of having millions of worshipers, despite not having a single shrine dedicated to him.

Yato seems friendly, weak, and somehow an idiot, but don’t let appearances fool you, because he is with a bloody dark past, was an overpowered cold character, who isn’t afraid to kill… Well, the story goes from there!!

Fairy Tail

hulu anime series

If You like Magic anime, fairy tail is the best title to pick. the story of this long-running Shonen anime follows Lucy, an aspiring and beautiful Celestial Wizard, who becomes a friend and ally to the overpowered wizards Natsu, Gray, and Erza, who are part of the famous wizard guild, Fairy Tail.


isekai animes

Moving on to the fantasy, videogame, and a kind-of-isekai genre, we have the Overlord Anime Series. I’m sure many of you have seen it already, and if you haven’t, at least heard of it. this is depicting the story of a super-strong mc who happens to be a very powerful wizard in a videogame. He decides to stay in the virtual world as the servers for the game started turning off. Hence, to his surprise, he is still conscious, and the NPCs are now sentient beings.

Mahouka koukou no Rettoussei

anime with overpowered mc

The story of this anime is set in a world where magic is now a regular practice, which has been accomplished through the powers of technology.

This is another best Anime on Hulu that spans categories of action, magic, sci-fi, and romance, we have 26 episodes of season 1, and 13 episodes of season 2 being released from October of this year.

Fire Force

hulu anime

Fire Force is one of the newest best anime on Hulu you should check out. Set in a world where ordinary people turn into violent, inflamed creatures known as “flamed”. They are also some talented people with the ability to control and manipulate their fire.

Therefore, to combat the threat of the inflamed and discover the cause of this, the Tokyo Armed Forces, the Fire Protection Agency and the Holy Seoul Church have released the solution, Special Fire Forces.

Tokyo Ghoul

anime on hulu

This is One of the most well-known anime on Hulu that you will really enjoy. Tokyo ghoul tells the story of a boy named Ken Kaneki who lives in fear of ghouls, like many people around him. Only to be attacked by one, and eventually become a half-human half-ghoul hybrid.

He now has to try and survive the hate from all the humans, and the viciousness of enemy ghouls.


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Black Lagoon

anime on hulu to watch

Next up on the list of the best anime on Hulu, we have Black Lagoon, an anime that you will never forget, with a total of two seasons that offers a unique story that follows an ordinary boy who will find himself joining a mafia group. an environment will he will question his own morals, and his vision toward life will be changing.

Just binge-watch this magnificent anime series that is so enjoyable and thank me later for such a great recommendation.

Darling in the Franxx


One of the best anime on Hulu so far is Darling In The Franxxx which is a themed-mecha series, that really stands out among the other.

as darling in the franxx got me hooked to it, and made me want more! Overall the story is set in a future where humanity is on the edge of extinction, and children of that time are raised in places known as Plantations where they are taught to pilot mechs that are used to fight against monsters.

Zero Two, a badass pilot of mecha, will invite Hiro to pilot the franxx with her, later the duo easily starts defeating the monsters in the ensuing fights.

The Promised Neverland

darkest anime

The Promised Neverland is another best anime on Hulu that spans the categories of Drama, Horror, and Psychology. This thriller may be you next best anime you have ever seenThe story takes place In a forest with a big gate entrance where orphans happily live as a family, with “Mama”.

Until, One day, the Three oldest siblings will be traumatized while discovering the cruel fate that awaits them and the children living at Grace Field, including the twisted nature of their Mama.



Haikyuu is good sports anime on Hulu that highlights Hinata’s love for playing volleyball sport.

His club had no members, but somehow persevered and finally made it into its very first and final regular match of middle school, where it was steamrolled by Tobio Kageyama, a superstar player known as “King of the Court.”

Vowing revenge, Hinata applied to the Karasuno High School volleyball club… only to come face-to-face with his hated rival, Kageyama!

Assassination Classroom


Adapted from the fantastic hit manga series by Yuusei Matsui, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is the best anime on Hulu that you will never forget.

The Story depicts the story of these students as they harness their assassination skills and grow stronger in order to face the oppressive school system, their own life problems, and one day kills the overpowered mc Koro-sensei.

The Future Diary


We follow the main character Yukiteru Amano, and his stalker Yuno Gasai, as they go through a rather gruesome battle royal with a total of 11 contestants, in a fight to become the Master of time and space.

Definitely, this is among the best anime on Hulu that you will truly enjoy! because anyone who has seen this anime knows it takes a while to get over it.


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Food Wars


We have also food wars, which is a good cooking anime on Hulu, that follows the main character Souma, who will join an institution famous for its “Shokugeki” or “food wars,” where students face off in intense, high-stakes cooking showdowns. As Souma and his new schoolmates struggle to survive the extreme lifestyle of Tootsuki, more and greater challenges await him, putting his years of learning under his father to the test.

Black Clover


This is an amazing magic long-running anime on Hulu, that follows Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church and have been inseparable since.

Their childhood was tough, and they promised that they would do whatever they can to become the next emperor of magic in order to prove that even if you are not a noble you can also become the king of magic

since, the duo starts competing against each other, joined different magic guilds, made so many friends, and foes along the way.

Asta and Yuno are getting stronger With one goal in mind, which is to see who would become the next Emperor Magus.

Naruto Series

anime on hulu

If you haven’t heard of Naruto, you should probably move out from under your rock that you apparently live under and watch Naruto immediately.

Naruto has 220 episodes. While Naruto Shippuden has a total of 500 episodes, there is also a Spin-off called “Boruto”. Hence, all parts of this amazing anime on Hulu are available to binge-watch instantly.

My Hero Academia

hulu anime to watch

Set in a world where 80 percent of humanity possesses various abilities from manipulation of elements to shape-shifting.

The unlucky Izuku Midoriya is a powerless individual. who want nothing more than to be a hero.

Izuku’s unfair fate leaves him admiring heroes and taking notes on them whenever he can.

Until, under some circumstances, he will turn into a hero, then, a newly born will starts to shine.

Yuyu Hakusho


Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic anime on Hulu that you will absolutely enjoy. because it has everything that makes for a good anime.

the story focuses on the delinquent Yuusuke Urameshi, who did nothing good in his previous life, except for getting killed while he saved a young boy from an accident.

Hence, the authorities of the spirit realm offer Yuusuke an opportunity to regain his life through the completion of a series of tasks.

Jojo Bizzare Adventure


The story of the Joestar family, who are possessed with intense psychic strength, and the adventures each member encounters throughout their lives.

This is the best anime On Hulu to watch and enjoy the tale of how Jotaro Kujo and friends go on a vacation to Egypt as he learns that magic breathing gets you nowhere in life.

so he instead learns how to control his magic punching ghost to fight his great grandfather’s adopted brother.


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Cowboy Bebop

classic anime

This is another best anime on Hulu that will offer you twenty-six epic episodes that are set in the year 2071. although the show aired back in the 90s, it is still one of the best anime up to now.

The main story depicts the daily adventurous lives of a bounty hunter crew traveling in their spaceship called the Bebop.



Well, this is a good superpower anime on hulu that follows the High school student named Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper a death personification similar to the Grim Reaper from another Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki.

His newfound powers force him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife.

Dragon Ball Series

dragon ball hulu

Dragon Ball’s premise tells the tale of a young warrior who is extraordinarily strong and lives alone in the woods, the boy named Goku.

The young peculiar boy There he meets a girl called Bulma who takes him with her in search of the seven dragon balls which when combined can grant any wish in the world.

This is a popular anime on Hulu, that got so many seasons, just sit tight and behold the adventure of Goku as he grows up to become one of the most overpowered anime characters of all time.

One Piece


One Piece is One of the longest-running anime on hulu that is still on the air, this show is over 900 episodes, with even more to come, a perfect show to keep you busy during those long hours at home.

Telling the story of the main character Luffy, who set out as a pirate to explore the seas in hope of one day discovering the ultimate treasure left by the previous Pirate King. This treasure is called One Piece.

One-Punch Man


With a total of two promising seasons, we have the best anime on Hulu that is a well-packed comedy and action from the bald person who’s just a hero for fun.

The main character Saitama definitely provides a lot of entertainment from a general lack of enthusiasm in a lot of what he does.

Hunter X Hunter

Anime to Watch on Hulu

Here we have Hunter x Hunter anime that will keep you hooked on Hulu. The story is about a boy named Gon who aspires to become a hunter, someone who will undergo dangerous tasks that no one else would want to do.

He makes friends with other hunters along the way and basically tries to survive and harness his skills to become a pro hunter.


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Demon Slayer

kimitsu no yaiba

Here is a dark drama-action anime on hulu, that depicts the story of the Mc Tanjirou, who returns home only to finds that his family was brutally killed by the demons.

Lucky his only remaining sister survives, but she turns into a demon too.

He is resolved to turn his sister back into a human being once again and to do so, he must fight those who want to eliminate her. while vowing vengeance on those responsible for all of his misery.

Attack On Titan

anime on hulu

Set in a world where humanity lives inside of walls, afraid to venture out and face the man-eating Titans that live outside. From the very first episode, the series delivers high stakes and shocking twists that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Attack on Titan follows the story of young Eren Jaeger, who joins the military to fight Titans after his mother is killed by one.

Death Note

anime on hulu

This is the most awesome, popular, and best anime on Hulu, On all streaming services, and everywhere… death note is a masterpiece that is so enjoyable to watch.

the story follows the main character Light Yagami as he stumbles upon a book known as a death note.

He finds out that if someone’s name is written in the death note, they will die, and he eventually sees himself as a savior to the world as he writes names of criminals and cleanses the world.

Here are the rest of the best Anime on Hulu to check out:

  • Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

  • Bofuri

  • Akudama Drive

  • Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

  • By The Grace of the Gods

  • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

  • Monster Musume

  • Digimon Adventure

  • Infinite Dendorgram

  • Toilet-bound Hanako-kun

  • Pokemon

  • Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl

  • Danganronpa

  • Yu Gi Oh

  • Kamisama Kiss

  • Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

  • How not to Summon a Demon Lord

  • Devil’s Line

  • Rakudai Kishi no Cavalery

  • Cautious Hero

  • Wise Man Grandchild

  • Initial D

  • Fruits Basket

  • Inuyasha

  • Sailor Moon

  • Angels of Death

  • Plunderer

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