The 21 Best Supernatural Anime of All Time To Watch Now


What are the Best Supernatural Anime Series to Watch Right Now?

Welcome to the list of the best supernatural anime series that are perfect for those who enjoy watching things that are outside the realms of reality, and beyond the limits of our understanding.

Some of these supernatural anime series focuses on the fight between good and evil, while other ones are about ghosts and monsters. As well as those ones that are about solving mysteries or following the antics and interaction between people.

So, if you want us to help you find some great anime tv shows that are supernatural-themed? Here is a listing of a few titles.

21. Sankarea

horror animes

I really enjoyed this story, it had just the right amount of comedy and ecchi without hurting the quality of the show. You will be pulled into a fantasy world to see what would happen next. With a story about zombies, you can’t usually go wrong.

Every character in this show has their own unique story to tell and the vibe of the series is set by the enjoyable chemistry that each of these people has with one another. It really will get even good when you decide to watch the series for yourself.

Sankarea is a good supernatural anime tv show that has an attention-grabbing open and haunting premise, leaving you wanting more. The show only has one season, so if you haven’t seen it yet you should definitely check it out soon!

20. K Project

best supernatural anime series

This supernatural anime is so cool! It’s a tragic tale of a group of people who share a bond thick than blood, that will eventually lead them into the most difficult of paths. K Project is a magical story I enjoyed and have to recommend to everyone.

K is a story of a young, easygoing boy who finds himself caught in the midst of some problems after he’s wrongly accused of murder, now he must deal with those superpowered Kings who are after his head.

19. To your Eternity

to your eternity

We have one of the newest anime series coming up that we’ve never seen before! It’s a supernatural drama, and it will be an experience, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Even if you’ve just been introduced to the anime, the unique storyline is worth giving a try.

To your Eternity known in Japanese as Fumetsu no Anata e is a good supernatural anime series that illustrates the story of an immortal being as he experiences what it means to be human while meeting all sorts of people in many places and at different times.

18. The World God Only Knows


This is a good supernatural anime tv show that has a captivating plotline. It actually makes sense in the world it was created into and there is a good mixture of romance, harem, and comedy. Now World God Only Knows is an anime that tells the story of Katsuragi Keima, the “king” of love games, and dating sims, known as the “Capturing Master” on the internet.

He is thankful for being able to be good in the virtual world, where he feels like this fantasy world is on his side. He’s not gonna try and interact with girls in real life, because no matter how good he gets, those girls are impossible to deal with! Somehow his email account received a mysterious email addressed to another one of his aliases, and after that, he meets the demon girl Elucia. Therefore, an epic adventure kicks off from here!

17. Kokoro Connect


If you and your friends started randomly switching bodies, it could cause a lot of confusion in your life. While your deepest darkest desires suddenly being brought to the surface can also be confusing and stressful! Kokoro Connect is among the best supernatural anime series that I’ve watched and really fell in love with it. It’s got such a well-written story, great characters, good scenes, and everything else that makes for a good anime!

Although nobody is sure what the source of this phenomenon could be, Kokoro Connect’s humorous insight into the idea helps make it fresh and interesting. It also surprisingly showcases and describes well what those side effects look and feel like.

16. Trinity Seven

good supernatural anime tv shows

Trinity Seven is actually a nice supernatural anime series and it has a typical harem theme that gets carried by a male lead with a cool aura, surrounded by pretty girls. The MC here is for once more intelligent and overpowered than just about everyone else in the series. No one in the show has to be constantly protected by him, which makes him a pretty competent leader. He handles ecchi situations with humor and honesty! It’s so nice to see someone being perverted yet not feeling sorry about it.

15. Shinsekai Yori

supernatural anime series

You’ll like this good supernatural anime. You’ll be hooked by the story and characters and you won’t stop watching until the very end. Even if you’re not into horror or mystery, this is your gateway to an amazing show that is sure to bring out new feelings in you.

Shinsekai Yori starts off following the adventures of five girls, whose story is set in a new world lot darker and more complicated than it needs to be. Once you get past that point, though, it’s a pretty enjoyable series about what each of us has to go through to grow up.

14. Haruhi Suzumiya


In this anime, Haruhi is the female protagonist who likes to play with irrationality often by keeping the hero and contributing characters in unrealistic situations. Most of the time, these situations are completely contrived or convenient. These different personalities come up with really wild topics that result in both happy accidents and disastrous consequences.

Yes, Haruhi has many different adventures that range in quality and intensity. Some were probably pretty disastrous while others were simply hilarious. And yes – this is one of, if not the best supernatural anime series you should definitely watch.

13. Kekkai Sensen

best supernatural anime

The story itself is not very complex. it can be simply put as an organization of super-powered people fighting against disorder in New York which has now turned into a supernatural zone between the underworld and the real world that has been renamed Jerusalem Lot.

In this city, there is our protagonist named Leonardo, who has All-seeing eyes that are so strong that he’s given a position in an organization called Libra, which is dedicated to keeping the peace in this city. If you are interested in seeing what the next supernatural adventure will happen in the anime series, then this is definitely the perfect tv show to watch.

12. Bungou Stray Dogs

good supernatural anime

Atsushi Nakajima was kicked out of the orphanage and left without a home due to being accused of what the mystical tiger had been plaguing his caretakers. He is hungry, homeless, and wandering through Tokyo.

Atsushi finds himself struggling to survive, however, he will save an eccentric man named Osamu Dazai from d. Dazai has been investigating the same tiger from Atsushi’s story.

The mystery is solved. Afterward, Atsushi is in a dilemma. As various odd events take place, he is coerced into joining Dazai’s group of supernatural investigators. They work on some unusual cases that the police can’t handle.

11. Baccano

best dubbed anime

Baccano! is a drama, action, and comedy anime that’s really enjoyable. There are a lot of cool characters with an interesting and compelling short-stories arc to get hooked to.

The series doesn’t have that “downtime” between its parts because the plot is non-linear and fast-paced. Instead, it brings more enjoyment to the story by eliminating those periods where things are dull and uneventful.

Baccano! has several storylines that slowly merge into one single story. Though often confusing at first, the events themselves and the characters they feature are worth following as they develop, intertwine, and deepen.

10. Hellsing Ultimate

underrated anime netflix

One of the best tv shows in recent memory (and maybe ever) is this supernatural anime series featuring a bloody battle between bloodsuckers. Yeah, here the dead are dancing and hell is in rock and roll. You should check out Hellsing Ultimate if you’re looking for a supernatural anime series that really dives into the action theme.

It is the first of its kind, with blood-throwing and fast-paced epic turns following Alucard’s journey of cleansing the world of bad beings that mean to cause harm. It is a series that is like a cross between Resident Evil and The Walking Dead.

9. Anohana


Jinta Yadomi and his friends who used to have a close bond have been separated by a tragic accident. When Menma was taken away by a sudden accident, it took years for the friends to re-build their connection and make sure they get along.

The friends must come back again one more time to confront the guilt they each feel after what happened that day. The friends are wracked by emotional pain and remorse. Will they be able to move on, or will they continue to live their life in regret?

8. Noragami

noragami yato

Yato has a very difficult time when it comes to the spiritual world as he is a lord without a shrine. One day he crosses paths with Hiyori who helps him along without even realizing it. Along Yato’s journey, they meet up with various new people who join in the fun and turn his luck around.

Therefore, an epic adventure will kick off when Yato finds a boy named Yukine who becomes his Regalia. A “sacred sword.” So, the three of them are now battling these monsters which are causing harm to the human world. While also some of Yato’s dark past starts to pop out.

7. Natsume’s Book of Friends


In each episode, Natsume encounters a different youkai. Sometimes they need his help to get their names back or get something fixed; at other times, they want some other form of help that he can’t refuse to provide.

Natsume Yuujinchou tells the stories of youkai, but ultimately, it’s about the people in the story. It focuses on the bonds humans have with each other, as well as those between humans and youkai. This is a slice-of-life supernatural show that highlights the importance of connecting with others.

6. The Garden of Sinners

best supernatural anime

Based on a novel by Nasu Kinoko, writer for Type-Moon. Kara no Kyoukai is set in a parallel universe, where the female main character  Shiki Ryougi comes from a long line of family members who have two distinct personalities, much like an internal yin and yang.

As Shiki is trained as a demon hunter, her frightening power is amplified by the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception –the ability to comprehend the fragility of mortality via some sort of lines and points. While Shiki is gradually becoming further and further away from humanity, her friend Mikiya tries to hold her back. This is a really good mature anime movie series that encompasses many themes of maturity.

5. Another

good supernatural anime

If you’re into psychological, school, and horror anime, Another is also a good supernatural anime tv show that is definitely what you’re looking for. The series has an interesting premise and high-level production value that make it more exciting to watch right off the bat.

In the story, there is a male protagonist named Koichi who has just transferred to a new school. There, Koichi starts to notice some odd behaviors involving a mysterious girl and a series of bizarre murders happening around him.

4. Death Parade

supernatural anime series

Death Parade is your next best supernatural anime that will get you hooked. The story is set in Quindecim a place where people who die will be brought together. It is a fancy bar and there’s an enigmatic figure that only appears after you have died—Decim.

When you’re at Quindecim, you may happen to see Decim challenging the guests to one of their games. These games have the power to decide if your soul is reincarnated or sent into nothingness.

From darts and bowling to fighting games, the clients will reveal their true natures when their fate is at stake. Though Decim is actually a cold character, he will have to revaluate his own rulings after a sudden appearance of a mysterious girl.

3. Tokyo Ghoul

best supernatural anime

Tokyo Ghoul is a good anime that has a suspenseful and dark story. It’s set in Tokyo with many creepy ghouls that are eating humans. Due to the tensions between humans and ghouls that naturally exist in society, there tends to be a lot of violence. Both sides are trying to avoid getting slaughtered while living on their own individual terms too.

The premise kicks off when the main character Ken Kaneki narrowly escapes with his life after getting attacked by the girl he dated who turned out to be a ghoul. It was then that he realized the weight of what had happened and the possibility of his life drastically changing overnight. Kaneki has become half-human, half-ghoul, living between both worlds, which has made his life a total mess.

2. Durarara!!

good supernatural anime

There’s always been a lot of rumors about gangs and dangerous individuals in Tokyo, but one story has stuck out more than the others – a headless black rider, who is said to be seen driving a black bike.

When the main character Mikado moves to the city, he’s immediately confronted by its bizarre characters and he’ll have to learn how to fit in. Durarara is a well-detailed anime series that documents the supernatural in various forms.

1. Mushishi

supernatural anime

“Mushi” is a Japanese word that refers to tiny bugs, like ants or bees, but they are mysterious beings. They exist without any goals or purposes and are beyond the shackles of “good” and “evil.” They can shape to any form and in any idea, but they are far away from understanding humans.

The series protagonist is Ginko, who is a Mushi researcher who travels the country to better understand these strange supernatural organisms and assist people to understand them. Ginko is a little creature that relentlessly pursues rumors of occurrences that could be related to Mushi. He’s been exploring the forest and beyond to find the answer to the meaning of life.

Mushishi is a supernatural show that focuses on calmness, mythology, and philosophy. It’s an excellent series to relax with because it doesn’t have the same impactful violence and gore that many supernatural anime series do.

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