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18 Best Isekai Anime 2021 To Watch Righ Now

Anime Like Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

The Best New Isekai Anime 2021 List – Let’s Rank All the New Isekai Shows!

With this rise in popularity of the Isekai genre, it’s hard not to feel excited about the prospects of what we can expect from The Isekai anime 2021 releases.

When it comes to the Isekai genre, there is a lot of anime series to choose from. Here are some new brand tv shows and a bunch of 2nd seasons and 3rd season releases of some other familiar Isekai anime series that you should keep on your watch list this year.

So, What Makes Isekai Anime Series Interesting?

Isekai anime is a subgenre of anime that features stories and worlds unlike what have seen so far the real life.

In these anime adaptation series, the main characters usually get transported, reincarnated, or resurrected in an alternate world or a game. in which they venture, getting newfound powers, meeting new species, discovering new places, and will have to adjust to their new life.

The Isekai genre is known for having lots of action, comedy, supernatural things, beautiful girls, and magic themes, but often has an overarching story with a moral message.

With no further ado, let the countdown of the best Isekai Anime 2021 Begin!

18. Cheat Pharmacist’s Slow Life: Making a Drugstore in Another World

Best New Isekai Anime 2021

Reiji wakes up in another world where he has gained the ability to produce and distribute medicines. He starts a drugstore with his newfound companion, Noera, and quickly becomes popular due to the quality of his work. There, he tends to the needs of all who visit the shop with potions and the like.

Cheat Pharmacist’s Slow Life is a perfect Isekai anime 2021 release that you should check out, where you will enjoy Reiji’s Drugstore days that are slow-paced but often chaotic.

17. Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG 

Best New Isekai Anime 2021

Yuuki Hiroshi is playing a game called Kiwame Quest. But this game is so lifelike; Yuuki can smell, taste, and feel everything in the virtual space. This game also has very realistic interactions like when he’s hurt in the game – his physical body gets hurt too.

He finds out that this immersive experience resulted in the same difficulty as his daily life. His best strategy is to try and improve and conquer the game. Even if this means risking dying trying.

Known in English as Full Dive, this is a popular action isekai anime 2021 that is adapted from the manga with the same title that has a huge following in Japan.

16. Urasekai Picnic

otherside picnic

The “Otherworld” is a dangerous realm controlled by dark and strange creatures, many of which threaten humans and pose a threat To get a better sense of the abandoned yet serene “Otherworld” that can be experienced here, you might explore hidden doors, ancient elevators, or even lengthy halls.

After an encounter with a denizen of the OtherWorld, Sorao Kamikoshi reflects on whether to keep going or give up in life. Meanwhile, Toriko Nishina searches for her friend Satsuki who she believes to be lost.

When these two cross paths, they became best friends, and they seek more Info about this mysterious dimension.

The two main characters in this isekai anime 2021 travel between the real world and their Otherworld counterparts, their bodies will get infected and there will be more dangers awaiting them.

15. Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω

another world animes

in 2021, the hype is real, because finally, we got the chance to follow the story of The Op Mc Diablo once again in this second season of ‘Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu’ Anime.

The story depicts Diablo as the most powerful player in Cross Reverie, that one should take care of when going up against him. He has access to some of the game’s rarest and most powerful artifacts, that not the most skilled players will be able to win against him.

Suddenly, Our protagonist, Takuma, finds himself transported and reincarnated in a game world. Now, all he thinks about is finding a way back to Earth with the help of two girls who have summoned and bent him with a contract.

As Takuma continues to venture into this fantasy world as an overpowered master of black magic, he starts to feel more confident and apt in his new life.

14. Tenku Shinpan

tenku shinpan

Tenkuu Shinpan is a good isekai anime 2021 release that spans some other subgenres, including action, mystery, and horror.

Yuri Honjou witnesses a horrifying man’s death and flees the scene. She finds herself too terrified while watching the assassin, so she hides in an abandoned building.

All doors are closed, Yuri Heads to the rooftop, and finds herself at a dead-end, trapped in an area that has no signs of life, and surrounded by high-rise buildings.

Yuri realizes that her brother is also in this strange place and she is now resolved and ready for anything in order to find him. It takes a little while for Yuri to realize there are more stalker murderers around. Yuri starts wondering how long they’ll be able to survive this nightmare.

13. Log Horizon: Entaku Houkai

log horizon 3rd season

Welcome again to the third season of the isekai anime ” Log Horizon”, Log Horizon: Entaku Houkai is a 2021 release that continues depicting the story Elder Tale, which is an online RPG that allows players to live out their adventures throughout different worlds. The twelfth expansion package, “Novasphere Pioneers,” wasn’t installed well and 30K Japanese players were stuck inside when it was released.

Among them is the quiet demeanor, of grad student Shiroe, who is not very adept at interacting with others. But to survive in a world full of monsters he forms a guild called “Log Horizon” with an eclectic group of other players.

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