20 Best Isekai Anime Series of 2020 to Watch

Top 20 Isekai Anime To Watch In 2020

Hey everyone and welcome back to this list of the best Isekai Anime Series of 2020 that You Should Really Watch.


Well, In today’s topic we’re going to be looking at so many new isekai anime tv shows that already came out, will come out, or are currently coming out this year.


Now before you see some of these anime and think “this isn’t isekai”, the direct translation of isekai from Japanese means “another world”, and whether it’s transportation to a fantasy world or a videogame world, it technically falls into the isekai genre.

Due to some… unforeseen circumstances this year… some anime studios have decided to delay anime, and there wasn’t many isekai anime coming out this year to begin with

but without further ado!!

Here is some of the Greatest Isekai Anime of 2020.

20. Darwin’s Game

darwin game

This 2020 anime has all the characteristics of an isekai, but it is hardly really referred to as one.

Technically it would be seen as a reverse isekai if anything, where instead of the main character going to a fantasy world, other characters come to his world that the main character is in.

The basic plot is that a mobile game based on fighting fantasy opponents, suddenly manifests the opponents in the real world.

This anime was released in January and finished airing at the end of March.



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19. Id: Invaded

id invaded

Again since this isn’t strictly traveling to a fantasy world, it is traveling to a different world being the inside of someone’s mind.

The main character has the task of diving into the minds of serial killers.

This anime was released in January, and continued on to March, with an expected second season coming out sometime in July of 2021.

18. Isekai Quartet

isekai animes



Although this is not an original isekai tv shows, but it still a crossover anime which has its second season released in January and goes by the name of Isekai Quartet.

This is an anime series that is a crossover between some of your favorite animes like Overlord, ReZero, Konosuba and lots more that is definitely enjoyed by many people, considering
another season is confirmed for 2021.

17. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense

isekai anime 2020 to watch

This anime was also released in January and ended in March of this year and takes place in a videogame world, where the main character ends up being trapped in.

It also happens that this is her first game, and doesn’t want to get hurt, so she invests all her experience points to buff her defense stats.

Her doing this makes her one of the strongest tanks in the game and hence we have the name of the show.

16. Solo Leveling

solo leveling

This is actually a manga, not an anime… yet. Unlike many anime mentioned in this list, this manga
did not start this year, in fact season 1 actually ended this year in March.

Rumor has it that The series might be adapted into an anime, however this should take so long because, even if the studios start working on it this year, the release date will still be next year or 2 years later.

15. Returner’s Magic should be Special

best isekai manga

Another manga, which unfortunately has no news of becoming an anime, but fortunately it has been releasing new amazing chapters this year.

The plot follows a magic user who is thrown back 13 years into the past when he expects death to consume him.

He vows to keep everyone he loves safe from a dangerous situation which is yet to come.

14. Infinite Dendrogram

new isekai anime of 2020

This anime takes place in the future when full-dive virtual reality MMOs are a real thing.

Set in the year 2043, the game named Infinite Dendrogram is a game where there are infinite possibilities to what you can do, from magic to futuristic technology and mech suits.

This anime was on air from January to April and a season 2 confirmed for sometime in April 2021.

13. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Even though season 1 of this isekai anime was released in October of 2019, the second season was released in April of 2020.

We follow the main character who with her dying breath wishes to be able to read more books in her next life, and is reincarnated as a young girl who will read all the books she can get her hands on.

12. The God of High School

best anime of 2020

First seen in April of this year, this anime is definitely not one you’d generally find under the isekai genre, reason being it has no transportation, no reincarnation, no beings coming to our world, nothing.

So why is it on this list?

Well this anime actually had its source material originally from Korea, and not Japan.

I know it is a stretch to say that Korea is a different world from Japan, but considering the cultural differences and everything else to go with it, I thought why not?

11. My next Life as a Villainess

new isekai anime

Sticking to the genre of videogame worlds, the main character Katarina is reincarnated into a videogame that she plays. However, instead of becoming the protagonist, she becomes the main villain.

She’s played the game so many times that she knows no matter what path is taken, it will end in her death, and she has to figure out a way to prevent that.

First released in April, it ran until June and has a second season lined up for next year.

10. Re: Monster

isekai manga

Another isekai manga that is mentioned, it started in 2014 and has been continued, and is
still enjoyed in 2020. and we need an anime adaptation for it ASAP.

The main character is reincarnated into a savage world, as a low-ranking goblin, and does his best
to climb through the ranks and gain enough status to survive.


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9. Re:Zero

re zero season two

The highly anticipated season 2 of ReZero has finally been released starting in the beginning of July, and ending at the end of September 2020.

We continue with the main character Subaru, who was transported to a fantasy world and found out, mainly through much trial and error, that when he dies, he can return to a specific point in time, and resume his life.

With the first season being released in early 2016, you can understand why so many people are excited for this new season.

8. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

best isekai anime 2020

This anime is technically breaking the already loose rules of what is defined as isekai, Technically there is no travelling to another world, however our Op main character, the demon king, reincarnates
himself into the future after growing bored with his life.

It’s still in this list because firstly, it would be a new world from his perspective, and secondly, if was released this year from July and ended in September.

7. Gibiate

isekai anime of 2020

Another New time-travel isekai kind of anime, also released in July 2020, this anime follows the story of a samurai and ninja, who travel through time to help a professor working on a cure for a viral disease which turns infected humans into monsters.

Although many people who have seen this anime have some rather harsh critics for it, so I would recommend you watch it if you don’t have much else to watch.

6. Deca-Dence

isekai anime 2020

This anime, which was released in July, is basically a reverse isekai, and basically tells the story
of a human who is living as an NPC who is trying to escape the “fake world” he is in.

With lots of action, sci-fi, strange creatures, enormous fortresses, this new 2020 anime is one that will definitely be enjoyed. Due to its recent release, there is unfortunately no news of a season 2.

5. Sword Art Online

sword art online 2020

Following characters like Kirito, Asuna, and all the rest, the isekai part of this anime is left to the “videogame world” side of the isekai genre.

Even though there is a lot of debate around the whole “SAO is a bad anime” topic, there are many people who have been excited for it.

Now even though the new season of Alicization originally started in October of 2018, it was split into 2 parts, with the name of the second part named “War of Underworld” and finishing airing mid September.

4. Kuma kuma kuma Bear

kuma kuma kuma bear

Releasing its first episode on the 19th of September 2020, this Isekai Game anime follows the main character Yuna, who one day is gifted a special bear outfit from an update to her favorite game.

When she suddenly is transported into the videogame world, the suit becomes her main source of strength as it grants her powerful abilities.

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

that time i got reincarnated as a slime season 2

Here, we follow the main character Satoru Mikami, a 37 year old corporate worker who is stabbed and reincarnated into another world, eventually going by the name Rimuru Tempest.

This isekai anime is a bit tricky because technically even though the second season was supposed to release in October 2020, But, unfortunately got delayed until January of 2021, the Hype is real as it is a really good recommended isekai anime that I couldn’t just skip over.

2. I’m Standing on a Million Lives

standing on million lives

This isekai anime recently released it’s first episode on the second of October, and follows the story of a boy who is transported to a fantasy world who, together with two of his classmates, have to defeat demons and monsters from this new world. the first episodes were amazing which promises that we will get another good isekai anime of 2020 this year.

1. By the Grace of the Gods

by the grace of the gods

Well, at the number one stop is Also this brand new anime called “By the grace of the gods” coming out in October 2020, this isekai anime follows the main character who, after leading a life of misfortune, is granted a gift from the gods, a gift of an easy life.

He is reincarnated into a world of magic with an easy life, and with the gods looking out for him, he can finally pursue all the life he dreamed he had.


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You can leave a comment and mention which anime you’ve seen and which ones you’re looking forward to, and with that, I’ll see you in the next recommended anime list.


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