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Shinjuku Soumei Game Release Postponed to April 12th – OP Song Revealed

shinjuku soumei game release date

G-mode has pushed back the PC game Shinjuku Soumei release date from February 2024 to April 12, 2024. This new game is an adventure created by Tomo Kataoka, known for works like 120 Yen no Spring and Narcissus, and Kohaku Sumeragi, illustrator of Nanairo Linkanation and Doukyuu Remake. The opening song, PROMISED COURAGE, performed by the TikTok-popular star AiRyA, has been revealed. Additionally, there’s news about a YouTube audition for selecting the singer of the ending song. The audition period runs from February 2nd to February 14th.

Shinjuku Soumei release date

The staff behind this project also said: Although we initially planned to release the product in February 2024, we’ve decided to delay the release to April 12 toa enhance the overall quality. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this may cause to our valued customers and those eagerly awaiting the product. Your understanding and continued support are highly appreciated.

The opening song of Shinjuku Soumei, titled PROMISED COURAGE, will be available on the AiRyA official YouTube channel starting Friday, February 2nd.

AIRYAThey will be also hosting a public audition on YouTube to pick the singer for the ending song, and AiRyA, who created the opening song, will again handle the writing and composition for it. The audition is open from February 2nd to February 14th, and participants are required to perform PROMISED COURAGE, the movie’s opening song, as their audition piece.

The Shinjuku Soumei game story explores the meaning of life. Created by Tomo Kataoka, known for the popular game Christmas Tina in China, and illustrated by globally praised artist Kohaku Sumeragi, this collaboration brings you the ultimate visual novel experience. Visual Novel games aim to engage players with captivating stories and emotional connections to characters. The gameplay is intentionally simple, requiring just a touch of a button, making it accessible and enjoyable, even for new gamers. The story takes place in Kabukicho, a vibrant city surrounded by the deteriorating slum of Shinjuku Kowloon, a haven for the poor, outcasts, and society’s exiles. Shinjuku Kowloon thrives by absorbing the lives and desires of its inhabitants. Uncover the mystery behind Torao Hiira, a man entwined in the complexities of this town, and understand the reasons behind his seemingly absurd actions.

Source: Fametsu

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