What you need to know about the profession system in the Dragonflight update

Dragonflight update

And a lot of things have changed – now the maximum level is measured at 70 and to reach it you have to go to the new Island of Dragons, or turn to the best wow boosting service Skycoach, which provides guarantees of anonymity and the ability to return funds in case of disputes.

The Craft System has been significantly changed and improved in such a way that it has become much simpler and returned to its relevance for both masters and players who need unique equipment and resources.

What has changed in the system of professions:

  • Interface
  • Specializations
  • Characteristics
  • Unique Equipment
  • Order table

Dragonflight game


Now the general interface of everything related to professions, including information about materials, available items, a list of recipes, and changes during crafting, can be tracked in the form of animated notifications and clear tabs.

Now you will immediately know about the triggered effects during the processing of materials or the manufacture of items thanks to animation and sound notification.


Now each profession, regardless of the bias towards resource gathering or production, has received its own specialization options, which allow you to delve into one of the formats for studying the profession and get more significant bonuses for yourself and your future clients.

Regardless of the chosen direction, the quality of manufactured items will increase markedly.

Weapons or armor will have better stats. Tools will give more bonuses, and there will be more sockets.

As part of the Dragonflight update, you will be able to learn all specializations, but knowledge points are required to master them. You will receive the first knowledge points for crafting any item for the first time, and the remaining values will be achieved through a quest with a cooldown of 7 days. This means that you will easily master your first specialization, but the rest will be learned much later, so think carefully about your path from the beginning.


Now each profession has its own set of useful characteristics, similar to combat classes, but the bonuses will not be in the form of useful parameters in battle, but in the form of pleasant events during crafting.

Characteristics are of several types:

Overproduction – allows you to create much more items than previously predicted and spend a standard amount of materials on them.

Mindfulness – allows you to significantly increase the chance of getting an item of a much higher quality due to a temporary increase in the level of your craft.

Resourcefulness – allows you to spend much less resources than planned in the recipe to get the item.

Speed – allows you to significantly speed up the time for processing the recipe and materials to get the finished item.

If we consider the overall usefulness, then of course, first of all, it is worth increasing mindfulness, since good quality items are valued much more, regardless of their rank and direction. Then there is overproduction, since it is very profitable to spend the usual and planned amount of resources, but get a batch of goods right away.

Resourcefulness can also be useful, but it is better to give priority to the number of results, rather than the number of attempts.

Speed is just a nice parameter that will speed up the work with materials and objects in an hourly interval, but nothing more.

For gathering professions, the principle is similar and the parameters affect the quality of the materials found, the quantity when collecting, and the speed of processing the places where they are stored.

When any of the bonuses in the form of characteristics are triggered, you will receive a corresponding notification in the professions interface and will be able to see the result in your inventory.

Unique Equipment

Now all artisans and resource gatherers have received their own unique equipment that enhances their characteristics, which means that it gives an impressive increase in the level of skills and the number of items they collect.

Blizzard went in an interesting way and connected all the masters between themselves and the order table – we will discuss what an order table is later in the article.

In total, there are three types of equipment that can significantly enhance the character’s skills, but no master, regardless of his rank, will be able to make all the elements of high quality equipment for himself.

Normal quality can be bought at the auction, but with the rest of the items you will have to tinker.

Of the pluses – at least one item the character creates for himself, therefore, at least partially, at least thoroughly, you will receive an increase for your master of the profession.

Order table

The Order Table is a new unique mechanic that allows players to place an order for the crafting of any item for crafters and apply a reward, and crafters can decide whether to take on the job.

The order table solves a long-standing problem – all high-quality items are individual and assigned to the player, that is, even if the master produces the best and unique item, he will not be able to transfer it.

The order table bypasses this mechanic, because by leaving a request the client receives the finished item automatically, and if the master is competent and experienced enough, then the chance of getting a better quality item tied to his hero is very high.

Orders are private and public.

A private order is created at the request of a specific player, and if the character accepts the assignment, the players agree on the conditions.

There is an important point – although the World of Warcraft system controls the entire process of creating an item and cheating is not possible, there are still loopholes for potential scams.

For example, a client player can specify that all resources should be provided by the master, and if the crafter does not see this in time, he will be forced to spend his resources on a cunning client. Of course, the situation is not a stalemate and you can just wait for the time allotted for crafting so that the order is canceled, but you risk your rating and reputation, so it’s better to check everything right away or work only with public orders.

A public order is simpler – the client sets the item to be crafted, puts resources and sets the amount that he considers fair for such work and chooses the minimum rating of the master who can take the order.

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