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Megami no Café Terrace Season 2 Premiering July 2024, Teaser Visual and Trailer Revealed

Megami no Café Terrace The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses SEASON 2

The season 2 of the romance comedy anime Megami no Café Terrace (The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses), based on the popular manga of the same name from Weekly Shonen Magazine, is coming back in July 2024. Plus, we’ve got the teaser visual and trailer for the new season released today!

Megami no Café Terrace season 2

The first season of The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses anime was made by Tezuka Productions, led by director Satoshi Kuwabara, with scripts from Keiichirō Ōchi, character designs by Masatsune Noguchi, and music by Shu Kanematsu and Miki Sakurai. It aired from April 8 to June 24, 2023, on MBS and TBS. The opening theme is “Unmei Kyōdōtai!” by Neriame, and the ending theme is “Dramatic” by Miki Satō. Crunchyroll got the license for streaming the series.

Now, the second season has been announced after the twelfth episode aired. It’s set to premiere in July 2024. For this new season, the original creator is Koji Seo, and Tomoki Kuwabara takes the director’s seat. The series composition is handled by Keiichiro Ochi, with character design by Masutsune Noguchi and music by Shu Kanematsu, Miki Sakurai, Kanade Sakuma, Tsubumi Tanaka, Kaori Sawada, and Misaki Tsuchida. Tezuka Productions is once again in charge of animation.

Here’s a look at the main cast: In the anime, The protagonist, Hayato Kasukabe, is voiced by Masaaki Mizunaka. While the other characters include Ouka Makuzawa, played by Ruriko Aoki; Akane Hououji, portrayed by Asami Seto; Riho Tsukishima, voiced by Aya Yamane; Shiragiku Ono, played by Azumi Waki; Ami Tsuruga, voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro, and Sachiko Kasukabe, portrayed by Kazue Ikura.

The story of “The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses” begins when Hayato Kasukabe returns to his hometown after his grandmother Sachiko’s passing. He inherits her café, Familia Café Terrace, with plans to tear it down and build a parking lot. But, to his surprise, he finds out that his grandmother had taken in five girls before she died. These girls—Ouka Makuzawa, Akane Hououji, Riho Tsukishima, Shiragiku Ono, and Ami Tsuruga—were very close to Sachiko, and they refuse to let go of the café they call home. They persuade Hayato to change his mind, even though he’s unsure at first. As they bond, Hayato starts to remember his own past with his grandmother and his love for the café. Determined to honor his grandmother’s memory, Hayato decides to keep the café open. He asks the girls to help him preserve the café’s spirit, dubbing them the “goddesses” of Familia Café Terrace.

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