18 Best Isekai Anime 2021 To Watch Righ Now

12. I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years

Best New Isekai Anime 2021

After many years of working as a corporate slave, Azusa Aizawa passed away. She died suddenly and met a ‘goddess’ who gave her immortality. She was then taken to another world to live in peace.

There, she enjoys farming, protecting the nearby village, and killing 25 slimes per/day., a routine that continues for at least three centuries.

Suddenly she found herself At level 99, and rumors of her power spread throughout the continent. Soon enough, various people show up at her doorstep. Some come seeking a battle, while others come seeking help. So, will Azusa be able to be relaxed and live at ease again?

11. The Dungeon of the Black Company

Best New Isekai Anime 2021

It has been a while since I’ve seen an excellent series and this brand new isekai anime 2021 release really stands out. The basic plot is that the MC can’t control the power or anything else in this world either and has to find a way to stay alive.

Kinji lacks any work ethic and finds himself lazy and unmotivated in modern society. One day, he’s suddenly whisked away to another world- not a so-good fantasy where he’s welcomed with open arms, but a harsh reality where everything is against him.

In this fantasy world, he finds himself doing a terrible and enslaving job, and he is at the mercy of the evil company while learning what it means to be a hard worker.”

10. Combatants will be dispatched

Best New Isekai Anime 2021

Kisaragi Corporation has been doing really well for itself in its expansion efforts. Now, They want to bring in new planets but need somebody to scout them out, which is why they chose their agent Six.

On the new planet, Six and his partner were sent to spy on the people and prepare for the takedown by Kisaragi.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched is a 2021 anime mainly focusing on comedy, while It handles the fantasy and isekai genre with a light-hearted tone and implements some good themes found in Science Fiction TV shows.

9. Seijo no Maryoku Wa Bannou Desu

Best New Isekai Anime 2021

Sei is 20 years old girl who got summoned to the netherworld. There, She works hard and eventually longs for ease from her harsh life in the netherworld.

One night, she ended up staying late and got tired, so when she went home from her work, it was dark and gloomy. When she walked in the door, a bright and warm light enveloped her. Suddenly a higher power transported her and another high school girl to another world.

The prince called them because he needed their help. Then, He had given them a tough set of tasks.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t labeled as a saint. Sei felt neglected and unwanted. It hurt that they perceived her as an insignificant person, while she was a dedicated workaholic. So she decided to leave the place.

8. Seirei Gensouki

seirei gensouki

This is a very rare happening story in this amazing isekai anime 2021. Haruto Amakawa, a college student from Tokyo dies in an accident and wakes up in a new world as a young boy named Rio. Haruto’s thoughts & memories are being merged with those of Rio, and now also has magical abilities.

Rio is a boy living in the slums who wants revenge for his mother who was murdered in front of him when he was five years old. Earth and another world. Now, Two people with completely different backgrounds and values. will soon after, rescue a kidnapped princess.

As a Reward, The King grants Rio an opportunity to study at a prestigious academy. He is excited and believes this will be the new chapter for his life. However, it does not go as planned and he struggles in life at the prestigious academy surrounded by nobles and those of the upper class.

7. How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom

realist hero

This is among the best isekai anime 2021 releases, it is really a change of pace from the combat-focused series, After his grandfather’s death, 19-year-old Kazuya Souma was left all alone and had no one to call family.

He suddenly finds himself transported to the Elfrieden Kingdom, a small ailing country in another world. Now as a hero, They need his help to “save” it from the demon army. Kazuya is not happy that he’s been put to work as a tribute so he joins the kingdom in order to improve its economy, which has been declining. He does this by implementing administrative reforms.

Kazuya as a king sets out to assemble a group of talented citizens and quickly learns that he must successfully overcome bureaucratic battles in order to rebuild his country.

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