20 Best Anime Sisters You Will wish to Live With

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Here are some really cute anime sisters you will wish to live with!

Anime sisters are an integral part of many anime series, and they can contribute to the themes and mood of a show. They can be seen as being a type of wish fulfillment for viewers, as they tend to have all the qualities that someone would want from a sister. Anime sisters are often kind, generous, loyal, supportive, innocent, and so much more.

Since anime has given us a lot of memorable sister characters so far. Therefore, here are some of the best anime sisters ever made.

20. Komachi Hikigaya from Oregairu

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Kicking off this list of the best anime sisters, with Komachi from Oregairu. She’s caring, intelligent, and everything her younger brother is not.

She is as famous and respected as her older brother and is unpopular as student council president. Of course, this isn’t surprising given her joyful and lively disposition, which makes even her chilly brother very tolerant of her. At home, she provides guidance and advice to her older sibling, even though he doesn’t like it.

19. Olivia from Asobi Asobase

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In anime, siblings are usually depicted as those close people who can support you for who you are. And the Pretty sister Olivia deserves an award for always being able to praise and respect her brother to such an extent.

When he sneaks a glimpse at “raw high schoolers,” she never appears bothered or disgusted. Or, you know, spits on the school administration.

It does not seem to be anything in comparison to the other girls on this page. Although, in all honesty, having a sister who accepts you for who you are is wholesome and admirable.

18. Kirino Kousaka from Oreimo

cute sisters in anime

Kirino is the anime series’ female lead protagonist, Kyousuke’s little sister, and the youngest of the Kousaka family’s two siblings. She is an overachiever who seems to have a flawless life and is idolized by almost all. She does, however, keep a huge secret from her family:

She is an ardent otaku and a fan of adult-rated games, especially those involving brother-sister dynamics. Stardust Witch Meruru is her favorite TV show. Kyousuke’s revelation of this secret prompted Kirino to reintroduce him to the world of otaku, allowing him to reclaim his place as her older brother.

17. Naomi Tanizaki from Bungou Stray Dogs

little sister in anime

From the Anime ” Bungou stray Dogs” comes Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s little sister called “Naomi”. This pretty young girl is a 16 to 17-year-old girl with hip-length black hair styled in a side sweeping cut and dark gray skin.

She is dressed in a traditional seifuku with a long skirt that falls well above her knees and black socks that reach the center of her calves. She has a beauty mark under her left eye as well.

Okay, maybe this is a little bit of a sweet home in Alabama, so don’t worry about it. Looking beyond the shenanigans she engages in with her brother, she is a very heroic woman. Despite her lack of capacity, she is never afraid to take initiative and assist the department.

16. Karen Araragi from Bakemonogatari

sisters in anime

Among the best anime sisters on this list, we have Karen Araragi, who is Koyomi Araragi’s older sister and the older half of the Tsuganoki 2nd Middle School Fire Sisters Tsuganoki Ni-chuu no Faiya Shisutazu.

She is a self-proclaimed “justice warrior” who often mimics the personalities and quirks of numerous characters from tokusatsu shows. Despite this, she remains totally uninterested in the supernatural before she becomes a survivor of an anomaly.

Koyomi’s older sibling also serves as the narrator for an arc of the anime sequel Wazamonogatari. Karen Bee and Karen Ogre are her two major arcs, and Karen Arm Leg and Karen Brushing are her two secondary arcs.

15. Nazuna Takanashi from Working!!

older sister in anime

In the anime Working, Nazuna the strong-headed is one of the five siblings in the Takanashi family. She is always Souta’s go-to person when he needs assistance. Despite being the youngest, she behaves very maturely for her age, to the point that Souta, who is obsessed with small details, exclaims that she is growing up too quickly.

The two of them are seen to be closer to each other than the rest of the Takanashi family. In addition to being mature for her age, Nazuna is seen to be exceptionally dependable and capable, to the point that her elder brother sometimes relies on her. Nazuna is an adorable anime girl that you might want to her be your younger sibling.

14. Nunnally vi Britannia from Code Geass

nunnaly code geass

Oh, my soul! If Nunnally, the anime sister, lived in the real world, world peace would be a piece of cake. In a metaphorical sense. Nunnally manages to be confident and kind about the fact that he is blind and unable to walk.

Throughout the anime, she plays the role of Lelouch’s little sister who has shown such a generous spirit that one has to wonder if she is a true saint. She, unlike Lelouch, cannot bring herself to be cruel and demand vengeance. And it’s incredible to see Lelouch, the powerhouse that he is, crumble at her smile.

13. Kana Minami from Miname Ki

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Among the best anime sisters of all time, we have Kana, the Minami family’s middle sister. Despite the fact that she is the middle child, she behaves as if she is the youngest. Kana is spoiled in contrast to her dependable older sister and astute younger sister. She is loud and lazy, as well as she performs as little as possible in the house. But what makes her such an excellent choice? Her vitality.

Kana’s upbeat demeanor and original thoughts often liven up the building. Though the anime advertises itself as a typical slice-of-life anime, it is Kana who makes the anime fun and life, in general, more thrilling. You could not find a finer friend than her.

12. Yakumo Tsukamoto from School Rumble

best anime sister characters

Yakumo was designed to be the ideal wife material at first. She is soft-spoken and withdrawn, and little is known within the anime about her other than her exceptional relationship with family members, as shown by her protectiveness of her older sister, Tenma.

Yakumo acknowledges her sibling’s responsibility without complaint. She excels in a variety of areas, including catering, athletics, and academics. Her sole motivation and conviction are to look after Tenma and ensure her satisfaction without expecting anything in return. The fact that she is still in high school and is the younger sister, exudes the aura of a typical Japanese mother.

11. Rem from Re: Zero

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In the popular isekai anime Re: zero, we have The Rem and Ram siblings who swept the group off their feet. There’s something strangely enticing about these anime twin sisters that can kill you. Rem, in my judgment, is the better of the two. When her character growth progresses throughout the season, we get to know her a lot better.

Rem harbors an inferiority complex against Ram, which stems from a guilty conscience. She, too, falls for Subaru after he saves her. On the other hand, she did kill him a couple of times… The unfortunate duck. On a side note, how can this guy maintain even a semblance of sanity?

10. Haru Onodera from Nisekoi

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We always overlook the roles that supporting characters perform in anime. We are always so focused on the lead characters and how the plot progresses from there that we forget to consider the side stories. In this case, we’d like to focus on the situation of one particular side character. For obvious reasons, Haru could be an underwhelming option for Raku.

Still, ignoring the main plot, much of the action in the first half of the anime centers around Haru’s efforts to persuade her older sister, Kosaki, not to be friends with Raku. Haru mistook Raku for a malevolent person out to corrupt her sister’s innocence due to a misunderstanding.

9. Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail

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Mirajane is among the best sisters in anime history. She is a petite young lady of medium height. Her hair is long and white, with two bangs surrounding her face and reaching down to her chest; her most distinguishing feature is a short, upward ponytail achieved by collecting and tying the hair covering her forehead.

Her hair seems to have adapted to her still wearing such fashion, with the hair on her forehead staying pointing upwards even when not tied. What I really like is Mirajane’s transition after “the event,” as well as Elfman regaining the power of that moment. To me, it demonstrates how much these three feel for one another.

Mirajane became such a docile and kind anime girl after that. It’s almost as if she’s a mother figure to the whole guild. However, if someone dares to contact her brothers or relatives, she will go momma bear.

8. Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan

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On the surface, she’s refined, well-mannered, and pretty; on the inside, she’s a slacker otaku. With her two distinct personas, Umaru from “Himouto! Umaru-chan” was the most famous cute anime sister last year. To the chagrin of her older brother, Taihei, Umaru is a true otaku.

Unfortunately for Taihei, he has difficulty adjusting to her tendencies because he is not an otaku. Otherwise, Umaru is the ideal sister for chilling, relaxing, and watching anime, We’d just love to have a sibling who shares our interests!

7. Miyuki Shiba from Mahouka Koukou no Rettoussei

miyuki shiba

Miyuki is perhaps one of the best anime sisters you might ever ask for, with undying loyalty to her brother and beauty to match the degree of deep commitment to her brother. Her devotion to her brother, Tatsuya, is so strong that she will not let another human, let alone a male, near her. The very idea of dating someone disgusts her.

In short, it’s as if she has co-dependency syndrome, but instead of leeching off you, she offers her whole being to you for your safety and happiness. Well, considering how cool that will be. Miyuki is like a guardian angel!

6. Akari Kawamoto from March Comes in Like A Lion

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My heart melts a little every time I see those amazing old sisters step up to the plate after their parents are no longer around to provide for their little siblings. And Akira does just that. Caring about her two younger sisters, preparing their favorite meals to cheer them up, and even assisting Rei when she sees him.

And, despite being the protector, her inner child emerges from time to time. As an example, when these three anime sisters went to a restaurant, they were able to pile on as many toppings as they wanted. I simply can’t do it; she’s so pure and cute.

5. Kobato Hasegawa from Haganai

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Kobato is Kodaka Hasegawa’s cute and kawaii niece-like-sister, she wears a gothic lolita outfit since she is a huge fan of an anime series, to the point of citing it to describe her thoughts and thoughts much of the time. When she’s upset, she reverts to the timid 13-year-old she is, which boosts her moe factor significantly.

Kobato, on the other hand, has a deep sibling complex and is very loyal to her brother. She refuses to let any other females near him because she perceives them as a challenge, vying for his attention. She is among the most beloved anime sisters to have! because she is both an otaku and insecure, making you want to owe her everything.

4. Tsukuyo from Gintama

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One of the best female characters in the Gintama anime series is Tsukuyo, who was sold to Yoshiwara at a young age and became the pupil of courtesan Kamekichi, under whose supervision she endured due to her lack of obedience. Tsukuyo grew up to despise Yoshiwara and the people who lived there because she was opposed to the notion of simply embracing the life of a courtesan.

This changed when she saw Hinowa’s optimistic impact on the other courtesans, which reawakened Tsukuyo’s ability to defend both Hinowa and Yoshiwara. She confronted Jiraia with that wish in mind, and he promised to take her under his wing and teach her the ninja arts. Tsukuyo then scarred her own lip, effectively ending her life as a woman in order to go in the same direction.

3. Ui Hirasawa from K-ON

ui hirasawa

Coming from the anime series K-On, we have Ui, and everyone in the Light Music Club wishes to have sisters like Ui for a reason. She is a complete angel!

Ui is essentially a more mature version of her sister Yiu, and she is talented, hardworking, and lovable. Despite being the younger sister, she is the one who does most of the chores while their parents are off being lovey-dovey.

She’s still the club’s biggest fan, always cheering them on with her whole giant moe spirit. I don’t know, man, Yui and Ui’s love is a sight to behold and a goal to aim for.

2. Shiro from No Game No Life

cute animes girls

Together with her brother, Sora, these anime siblings form the formidable gaming team known only as Blank and are the main protagonists of the anime No Game No Life. Shiro is normally the more composed and analytical of the two, despite the fact that they both have excellent intellect.

She has a deep brother complex, and they are both codependent on one another. If they are apart, both will have a nervous breakdown before they are reunited. Though formally step-siblings, they share an intimate relationship, leading not a person but a joint life that is contingent on the decisions taken by each of them. The bond between these two is the pinnacle of sibling relationships, in which both are in a mutual relationship, loving equally.

1. Tamako Kitashirakawa from Tamako Market

sisters in anime

To be honest, it was a toss-up between the Tamako Market’s anime sisters Tamako and Anko for this role. Luckily, I ultimately chose Tamako so we see more of her. Well, I couldn’t make up my mind because these two anime sisters complement each other too well.

They have an inverted friendship, with Tamako, the older sibling, normally having her head in the clouds. Anko, on the other hand, seems to be more grounded. And you might wonder what’s in those clouds. Mochi, there’s mochi all over the place! I love how they regularly check up with each other, and you can see how much they adore each other.

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