Top 24 Craziest Anime Girls You Can’t Help But Love

crazy anime girls

Here are 24 of the most insane and craziest anime girls to be aware of!

This list of mad anime girls is not ranked because each of them is nuts in their own unique way. While some may appear psychotic to some viewers, they are still adored by fans all over the world. Every female character in this article has unique characteristics, both good and terrible, but they all have one thing in common: they’re crazy. Prepare to be taken on a wild ride as we investigate the craziest anime girls to ever grace our screens!

24. Clair Aoki 

crazy anime girls

Kicking off the list of the craziest anime girls with Clair, the female protagonist of the Gleipnir series who searches for her missing sister. Along the way, she meets Shuichi. She then teams up with him to form a bond that can help her get closer to her goal. Clair is an unstable person, who is struggling to find her sister. She’s willing to do anything to achieve her goal, including killing others, and has been shown to be able to do so with frightening cold precision. On the other side, she does show a shameless/careless side and often makes lewd jokes, such as making heavy fanservice or getting naked when she’s near Shuichi.

23. Ophelia

insane anime girl

One of the wildest female anime characters is Ophelia from Claymore. She was Claymore No. 4 of Clare’s generation and may have killed humans despite the Organization forbidding it. Ophelia initially comes across as being carefree and bubbly, but this is often a facade to cover up her true crazy nature. She is known to find joy in battle and loves to psychologically manipulate her victims so that she can toy with them in a psychotic way.

22. Hana Midorikawa

craziest anime females

Anime has its fair share of alluring and crazy girls, and one such character is the school girl ana Midorikawa from the series Prison School. As the secretary for the Underground Student Council and a third-year student at Hachimitsu Academy, Hana initially appears kind and cheerful, with a penchant for tea brewing and collecting four-leaf clovers. However, her true nature is soon revealed, as she can become incredibly violent when angry, particularly towards men whom she dislikes.

21. Esdeath 


Esdeath is a psycho and crazy female character from the anime and manga Akame Ga Kill! Esdeath is ruthless and sadistic. She is portrayed as a high-ranking general of the empire and eventually becomes the leader of the Jaegers, an elite group of Imperial soldiers. She falls in love with Tatsumi right away when she sees him, which proves that she would do anything to get what she wants, even start a war to satisfy her needs.

20. Nina Einstein

craziest anime girls

Code Geass is known for its mature and collected characters, but Nina Einstein from Code Geass is a major female character portrayed as having crazy and obsessive signs. In the series, she was a student at Ashford Academy and a member of the student council. Due to her emotionally insecure nature, Euphemia li Britannia saved her life. As such, she developed an obsessive crush on her and treated her like a goddess to worship.

19. Takami Minatsuki

yandere anime girls

Takami is a crazy female anime character from The Deadman Wonderland series She is at first seen as a kind person. But her reserved personality is just a disguise and her main goal is to make others feel safe with her. She’s dangerous and a psychopath, who gets excited when she makes other suffers, but it turns out that the good bits of her are buried below her crazy exterior. In later series, she tries to keep this nice side to herself- though sometimes the mask slips.

18. Nana Hiiragi 

nana hiragi

Nana Hiiragi is the main protagonist of Talentless Nana. She’s friendly, a little air-headed, and kind to everyone. She is the only one who approached Nanao even if the rest of her class were bullying him. She slowly grew to like him for his immense knowledge and even asks him to become a class representative himself. Nana has a sweet craziness since she is quite talkative and curious, to the point of interrupting classes at times simply for talking with Nanao.

17. Kanaka Kagami 

kanaka kagami

One of the craziest anime girls out there is Kanaka from Tsugumomo. She’s Kazuya and Kasumi Kagami’s mother and the previous owner of Kirihha, the obi tsukumogami. Before marrying Kazuaki Kagami, Kanaka had an insatiable desire for battle and became an absurdly reckless fighting maniac. She would only find the greatest thrill from facing powerful opponents.

16. Yumeko Jabami 

crazy anime girls

Yumeko is the protagonist of the manga and anime series Kakegurui. In the show, she’s a second-year transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy and Ryota Suzui’s classmate. She is a peculiar and crazy gambler as she finds gambling fun and her happiest moments are when risking everything. Yumeko will push you to your limits, in order to enjoy watching you gamble with your utmost effort.

15. Revy 

revy black lagoon

From the Black Lagoon series, we have Revy, a crazy anime heroine of Chinese American descent with a muscular build and she’s in her late 20s. Revy is one of the craziest anime girls on our list, whose preferred method of solving problems is using brute force. Revy won’t be afraid to use coercion when necessary and has a foul mouth with lots of bad habits to boot. However, she’s also tough and has more than one trick up her sleeve.

14. Shouko Kirishima 

craziest anime girls

Shouko Kirishima is one the craziest female characters in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu anime series. She is the Fumiuki Academy’s student council president, who is currently ranked number one in the whole Academy. She also happens to be Yuuji Sakamot’s friend from childhood and his supposed future wife. Throughout most of the series, Shouko shows a lot of love and devotion to Yuuji. She becomes quite violent if somebody else comes close to him. She is very jealous and will not hesitate to attack Yuuji for being unfaithful.

13. Tanya Degurechaff

youjo senki

Tanya von Degurechaff is the main protagonist of the light novel/anime Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil. Originally a salaryman who was murdered in 2013, he was reborn as a girl living in an alternate version of Europe during the late Interwar period. Tanya is not only a short-tempered, anime-crazy girl but also has a few sociopathic traits, such as being manipulative, cunning, cold, and careless. This allowed her to rise rapidly through the ranks of her careers in both lives.

12. Anna Nishikinomiya 

insane anime girls

Coming in next, among the craziest anime girls is Anna Nishikinomiya, one of the main characters of the Shimoneta series. She is actually a yandere female character, portrayed as the president of Tokioka Academy’s student council and a childhood friend of Tanukichi Okuma. Her yandere personality is used for comedic purposes and is split into two sides: a violent side and a lusting side.

11. Hange Zoe 

crazy girls in anime

Hange from Attack on Titan is a reckless and sometimes insane female character who is a squad leader for the Fourth Squad. She also has duties like innovative inventing and conducting experiments on Titans, including Eren Yeager. To most people in the whole series, Hange is perceived as a crazy, energetic researcher with a very observant, objective personality.

10. Haruko Haruhara 

haruka flcl

Haruko is a major protagonist of the FLCL series, Mabase’s newest resident, and an extraterrestrial investigator for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood. She serves as the Nandaba household’s maid while also searching for Atomsk. She is hard to read, unpredictable, and inconsistent. That’s because she can switch between a variety of moods on a dime. She is sometimes persuasive and domineering so to get what she wants. Other times she’s sweet, like a mom-type person who only wants the best for you.

9. Junko Enoshima 

crazy anime females

Junko Enoshima is a fictional character and the primary insane villain in the game and anime series Danganronpa. She is a crazy anime girl who struggles to keep her emotions and personality under control and this can lead to sudden mood changes in a matter of seconds. She has a variety of personalities, one being cuteness, another being depression, and a third one being dominance. Junko is most intent on despair and often finds herself having fun by inflicting despair on others. She then created The Ultimate Academy to make the utmost despair.

8. Midari Ikishima

psychopath anime characters

In Kakegurui, Midari Ikishima serves as a side character, but in the spin-off series Kakegurui Midari, she is the central protagonist. She is a second-year student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, and she is pretty popular for her presidency of a student council. Midari is a crazy female character with tedious and suicidal traits. Most of the time, she is overbearing and often acts strangely to other students.

7. Nui Harime

nui from kill la j=kill

One of the top crazy anime girls on our list is Nui Harime, another insane antagonist in the Kill La Kill series. In addition to being in charge of her company’s fashion department, she also played a part in murdering the protagonist’s father, in order to get one-half of his Scissor blade. Nui is a female character who has a sadistic, childish nature and incredible fighting strength. The main character Ryuko Matoi wants to kill her in order to finally avenge her father.

6. Roberta 

crazy anime girls

Roberta is an antagonist from the Black Lagoon manga/anime series. She’s one of the most evil-doing villains and is supposedly the most powerful girl in the series. When you first meet Roberta, she might seem like a very well-mannered woman. But it doesn’t take much to see that her past wasn’t always easy. If you push her too far, she’ll quickly cast off the soft-spoken and reserved personality that’s typical of her and show you just how crazy, psychotic, and bloodthirsty she can be.

5. Shiro

crazy anime girls

Deadman Wonderland is a good series that also has a female anime character named Shiro with two personalities- a happy cheerful girl and one that fits squarely into the category of “crazy anime girls.” The first personality is that of Shiro, who is a clumsy, blond girl with white hair that eats a lot of sweets. She has lots of energy and may be energized due to the fact she’s only eating candies. The other personality of Shiro is her dark half The Wretched Egg. Unlike Shiro, she enjoys solitude, and she is very vicious, merciless, as well as psychotic.

4. Lucy 

crazy anime girls

Lucy is a female anime character, who has two sides to her – she may be cute and innocent but can be crazy and psychotic sometimes. She is among the top crazy anime girls, serving as the protagonist and anti-hero of Elfen Lied. The would-be “queen” of the diclonius humans, Lucy struggles with being good and between her bad actions. She has a dissociative identity disorder, which means that there are spilt personalities ‘living’ inside her. This disorder had its origins in Lucy’s childhood when she developed those personalities Lucy/Kaede, Nyu, and her DNA inner voice.

3. Akane Hiyama 

akane love tyrant

Akane Hiyumi is a psycho female protagonist from the Love Tyrant anime series. She is classified as a yandere-type character and her insanity ranks her among some of the most memorable crazy anime girls ever. Hiyama may seem like a sweet, innocent girl. But this kind of nature belies the truth: she is without a doubt a pure genuine Yandere. She is always willing to go after anyone who tries to date Seiji and is unlikely to show any mercy if they get caught. If Seiji gets hurt, Akane will make them regret it deeply. She’s so in love, that even if Seiji dies! she is willing to take her own life.

2. Shion Sonozaki

shion sonozaki

Sonozaki Shion is a major insane female character in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series. She is Mion’s twin sister, who is well known for her mischievous nature and relationships with other characters as well as teasing them. Shion is one of the most popular psychopath anime girls of all time, due to her spectacular insanity, mental breakdown, and the occurring deaths and gores in the entire series.

1. Yuno Gasai

crazy anime girls

From the Future Diary anime series, we have such a popular crazy anime girl who is a huge stalker of her love interest Yuki and will do anything to make sure he’s safe. She is an ultimate yandere who is obsessed with him and comes off as weird at times. But there’s more to the girl than meets the eye! as she might have other plans for her unrequited love. Yuno Gasai’s personality is very hard to define. On the one hand, she can be warm and kind, but on the other hand, she can also be cold, violent, psycho, and calculating.

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