The 20 Best Anime Girls With Green Hair

green hair anime girl

We’re counting down a list of the prettiest anime girls with green hair. There are so many different types of these characters, both cute and zany!

We have already covered so many anime girls with so many different hair colors; we think, we have that we have missed talking about the green-haired ones! Therefore, we decided to make a tribute for these characters who have long green hair and that we think are the most attractive.

Green-haired anime girl characters come in a wide range of tones, from light and soft to intense dark green hair. This article will showcase some of the best girls with green-haired designs.

Here we go!

20. Minami Iwasaki – Lucky Star

anime girls with green hair

Kicking off the list of the cutest anime girls with green hair with named Minami, who is your typical Kuudere female character. Even when in utter distress, she still won’t blink an eye. Talk about mixed emotions. Minami is one of the main characters of Lucky Star, a schoolmate, and friend of Yutaka Kobayakawa and Miyuki Takara.

19. Suu – Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

anime girls with green hair

Suu is a slime anime girl who moved in with Kurusu, but it was kind of unofficial. She has green hair plus she snuck into his house without notice. She’s the fourth girl to move in with him.

As a Slime, Suu’s true form is a large mass of transparent blue gelatinous slime. At first glance, this seems to be an individual very naïve in nature. She also seems to have an interesting and endearing disposition that will most certainly make her make friends easily and promptly!

18. Tatsumaki – One Punch Man

Tatsumaki from the One Punch Man series is just among the prettiest green haired anime girls you’ll ever see, who proves that the size of one’s body has no bearing on power or rank. This girl is a powerhouse, despite her petite frame.

Her hero alias is Tornado of Terror, she’s an S-Class Rank 2 professional hero. She is a mighty Esper and is recognized by the Hero Association as one of their most powerful heroes.

17. Tsubomi Kido – Mekakucity Actors

Tsubomi from the anime and manga series Mekakucity Actors, is a pretty green-haired anime girl, in the series she’s the leader of the Blindfold Gang.

She has a warm and generous side, and it’s hard to get frustrated or get on her bad side. She can also erase objects within a certain distance of herself or her surroundings. She always has headphones on, listening to music.

16. Erin – Kemono no Souja Erin

anime girlsgreen haired

Erin is among the most beautiful female anime character with green hair. She is a kindhearted girl from the series Kemono No Souja Erin, she is portrayed through her connection to the magical “Mist People”.

Erin is a 10 years later green hair anime girl, who is composed, quiet and observant. Later in the story, she becomes 14 and then 18. Due to her mother and foster dad’s influence on her life, Erin holds a unique perspective on caring for beasts.

Many people think that she is too curious, but Erin cares about all types of people–even animals. This may even include worrying more about others than herself sometimes.

15. Michiru Kaiou – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Sailor Neptune is a fictional female lead character in the popular Sailor Moon anime franchise. Her alternate identity is Michiru Kaiou, a teenage Japanese schoolgirl who is a member of the Sailor Soldiers with wavy aqua green hair that represents her element, water, and is one of the best female supernatural fighters who are protecting the Solar System from evil.

14. Alpha Hatsuseno – Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Alpha Hatsuseno is one of the kindest and most gentle female anime characters with green hair in history. At first sight, you will think that she is actually a normal anime girl, but actually, she is a robot!

Unlike many common characters, Alpha is sweet without being too saccharine. Her pleasant disposition has won her several friends and loyal customers yet she is capable of making deep insights and displays an unusual level of maturity, even though she is a robot.

13. Ranka Lee – Macross F 

anime girl with green hair

Ranka is among those teenage anime girls with green hair, who are lively and cheerful. She aspires to become an idol. She’s had a tough time as she witnessed the destruction of the ship in the 117th Long Distance Research Fleet in which she lost her family.

She can move her hair according to her feelings and even resist the vacuum of space. She’s also one-quarter Zentradi. Ranka’s voice is powerful and can carry greater fold waves. She is one of the most talented singers in the series, comparable to Sheryl Nome.

12. Yotsugi Ononoki – Nisemonogatari

Yotsugi is an anime girl with green hair, green eyes, and pointy ears with a hat that looks strange and has googly eyes. In the series, Yotsugi is Yozuru’s Shikigami, who always uses the masculine first-person pronoun Boku and thinks of Yozuru as her sister.

She’s got a cool power where she can do much more than just “shape-shift her finger and use it as a weapon” or “send herself or others flying through the skies.”

11. Arania Web – Mermaid Heel


Arana is an anime woman from the Fairy Tail anime series, who has long, pale green hair. Her hair is gathered on the back of her head and tied into a series of locks that jut outwards.

Arana Webb is a member of the Mermaid Heel Guild, one of the most laid-back members of the Fairy Tail series, and quite flirtatious. She greeted fans at the Grand Magic Games with a kiss.

10. Kayano Kaede – Assassination Classroom


Everyone has had some anime girls with green hair that they like, but what makes Kayano from Assassination Classroom so interesting is her dark secrets. She starts off as a shy and vulnerable girl but leading up to the end of the show you see how tough she really is.

Kayano is a green-haired anime girl with unique cat ear-styled pigtails. She has brown eyes and has a running gag for how she looks: she does not have noticeable breasts like other female students in the class, which often causes jokes about being flat-chested.

9. Ritsuko Kunihiro – Shiki


Next up among the best anime girls with green hair, we have Ritsuko Kunihiro from the dark anime series “Shiki”. She is an energetic and passionate nurse who works at Ozaki Clinic. She has a little sister, Midori, and they are super friendly with each other. Her hair is short and green, with spiral curls at the end, as well as she has blue eyes.

Ritsuko is a very kind and caring woman who is always ready to help anyone and support individuals who have had a difficult time. She cares about family and is happy to assist people in need. She’s also friendly with everyone she meets, no matter what they’re going through!

8. Alice Carroll – Aria the Animation


This green-haired anime girl Alice doesn’t come across as very interesting to people when they first meet. She comes across as emotionless and lifeless, but that rosy exterior hides a passion for life waiting to unleash itself. It’s just a matter of convincing her that you are worth wading through the countenance.

Alice from Aria The Animation series is a very deadpan person, who often uses the phrase “Dekkai” in most of her sentences. Alice also commonly likes to address herself as “Kohai-chan”.

7. Asa Shigure – Shuffle!

Asa Shigure is the main character in the Shuffle! series. She’s a senior at Verbena Academy and the vice president of their cooking club with Kaede Fuyou. Rin Tsuchimi shares a disdainful relationship with her, but they’re actually good buddies.

Her anime character design makes her one of the most gorgeous anime girls with green hair. She has a lot of good reviews, Although she is weak and fragile, this girl will brighten up your day when she greets you!

6. Nelliel Tu Odershvank – Bleach


Nelliel from the Bleach anime and manga series is a child anime girl at first glance, but she’s not someone you want to mess with. Especially when she changes into her true womanly form!

Her character design makes her one of the most beautiful anime girls with green hair and hazel pretty eyes ever. At the same time, her proper form is that of a tall, fully grown curvaceous, and well-endowed adult woman.

5. Mion Sonozaki – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni green hair anime girl

One of the main characters in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series is Mion, who is one of Sonozaki Shion’s twins and heir to Sonozaki’s house. She is more well-known than her twin because she came across as stable, mature, and a little bit on the shy side.

Her character design features mint green hair and turquoise eyes, and she does her hair into a ponytail, which makes her look so pretty of course. Keep in mind that Mion is also an anime girl with a sweet personality, unlike her sister.

4. Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 


Sonozaki Shion is one of the main female characters in the Higurashi series and the twin sister of Mion. She is the antagonist of the question arc Watanagashi-hen, but she also has a hand in Meakashi-hen.

She is among the best anime girls with green hair. Shio also has gotten some notoriety for her spectacular mental breakdown in said arcs, and the ensuing bloodbath that followed. She’s known for her mischievous nature when it comes to teasing her friends as well as her relationship with Hōjō Satoshi.

3. C.C. – Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch


C.C. from the Code Geass anime series is immortal and a pretty never growing old girl. She is among the most beautiful green-haired anime girls with long light green hair and golden eyes. She is of average height, but is shorter than Kallen, and has a scar under her left breast.

Throughout most of the series, C.C. doesn’t show a lot of emotions or affection and is quickly shown to be stubborn, selfish, and headstrong as well as possessing high standards. She claims to hate stubbornness, despite also being quite stubborn herself.

2. Flora Klemm – Asterisk War


Flora Klemm from the series Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is actually one of the most beautiful anime girls with green hair you will ever see! in the series, she is portrayed as an orphan young girl from Lieseltania, which Julis Riessfeld is trying to help.

Flora has medium-length green hair and green eyes. She wears a maid’s uniform. In other words, Flora looks very sweet and adorable. She is not only a cute girl but also a powerful one who has a Genestellar with increased physical ability and an energy field called prana.

1. Mashiro Kuna – Bleach


Mashiro kuna is one of the most childish female characters in the Bleach anime and manga series. Regardless of her age, she has as much fighting experience as she does, and is prone to acting immature sometimes.

Her appearance is that of a young woman with hazel eyes. She wears a white bodysuit with orange gloves, boots, and a scarf, along with a set of goggles atop her head. Undoubtedly, she is one of the prettiest green haired anime girls of all time.

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