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The 30 Best Anime Girls With Blonde Hair Who Are Attractive

konjiki no yami

The List of The Top 30 Sweetest and Cutest Anime Girls with Blonde Hair 

As the title says! today we will be focusing on those prettiest, cutest, and most beautiful anime girls with blonde hair who gonna wows everyone with their charms.

So, with no further ado, Let’s melt our hearts with these pretty blonde anime girls’ beauties!

30. Hibike Sakura from Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

hot anime girl with blonde hair

Kicking off the list of the most beautiful anime girls with blonde hair with Hibiki Sakura,  who is the main female protagonist of the Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru anime and manga series. Hibiki is a gorgeous tan-skinned teenage anime female character who gained weight because she eats a lot of junk foods. Therefore, she decides to start working out in the Silverman Gym in order to lose weight.

29. Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai


Sena has stated that she inherited most of her looks from her mother, and there is no doubt about it! Sena is a beautiful young anime girl with shiny blonde hair and a pair of pretty blue eyes.

Aside from being one of the most beautiful anime girls with blonde hair. Sena has also a curvaceous beautiful  body, which allows her to always looks sexy! be it on her school uniform, or while wearing flashy clothes, Sena often looks stylish.

28. Yuzu from Konohana Kitan 

blonde anime girls

Coming up next, we have Yuzo from Konohana Kitan anima and manga series. This gorgeous blonde-haired anime girl is The protagonist of the story and is portrayed as a cute and cheerful country fox.

Yuzu the pretty fox anime girl is of average height, and has rather a klutzy and naive personality. She seems innocent, and she really is! as she holds tenderness and love for everyone around her as demonstrated in almost all of her appearances in the series.

27. Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 


Kirino Kousaka is the main female character of the series. She is someone who happily focuses on anything that interests her. Therefore, everyone seems to like and respects her for baking such an overachiever who seemingly lives a perfect life.

Kirino is another pretty anime girl who has long dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Furthermore, She has a small tiger-like tooth that can be often seen when she opens her mouth. She is of average height and has a well-endowed body and long legs.

26. Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On! 

anime blonde characters

Mugi is one of the sweetest girls with blonde hair on our list. Tsumugi Kotobuki or Mugi is one of the five main protagonists in The K-ON! anime and manga series. Her character is portrayed as a rich, cheery, sweet girl who plays the keyboard and is the main musical composer in the band Ho-kago Tea Time. She is a cute anime girl with sapphire-blue eyes that everyone will absolutely wish to date if she was real.

25. Rio Nakamura from Assassination Classroom

anime blonde girl

Rio Nakamura is a female character from the popular Assassination Classroom anime and manga series. In the series, is a student in Class 3-E, a class that is tasked to kill their teacher as soon as they for the opportunity and the needed skills to do so.

Nakamura Rio can be described as one of the prettiest and most gorgeous anime girls with blonde hair because the colors of her hair and eyes give her the appearance of a typical European girl,

24. Ais Wallenstein from DanMachi


Next up; we have a beautiful female anime character named Ais Wallenstein; who, In the Danmachi series, is portrayed as a powerful first-class adventurer with unmatched sword skills. Ais is undoubtedly among the most beautiful anime girls with long blonde hair, golden eyes, and a well-shaped body.

Her personality seems somewhat of a cold nature, untalkative, and always quiet. Not because she is actually badass or having some issues, but it is just due to dedicating her life solely to becoming powerful, which makes her unable to understand many things and lacks knowledge when it comes to certain topics.

23. Bishamonten from Noragami 

anime girls with blonde hair

There is Hiyori Iki, but there is also Bishamon who are two of the prettiest anime girls in the Noragami anime and manga series. Bishamonten as known as Vaisravana or Bishamon is one of the powerful characters, who despite being a master with so many followers, still has a generous and kind personality toward those she loves. She cares so much about her close ones and will do the best she can to save and help them.

22. Ayase Eri from Love Live!

ayase eri

From the cute series of  Love Live! we have a cute anime girl called Ayase Eri, she has some Russian genes in her, and is unquestionably one of the sweetest anime girls with blonde hair. In the series, she is portrayed as a popular third-year high school student, who is admired and respected by everyone.

Her personality can be described as calm, mature, clear-headed, with unbelievable physical flexibility, and can surpass anything she does, which makes her very dependable and responsible, and always ready to help everyone in their needs.

21. Anzu from Hinamatsuri

anime girls with blonde hair

Anzu from Hinamatsuri is one of the best supportive female characters in the series. At first, she was like a gangster, who is aggressive and hot-headed but later after some circumstances, she turns into a calm and polite girl.

In the beginning, you may not like her personality, but as soon as you will discover what lies deep down, you will instantly fall in love with her warmth and affectionate side. So yeah! let’s say that Anzu is one of the most loveable anime girls with blonde hair on our list.

20. Sachiko Tanaka from Denpa Kyoushi

sachiko tanaka

Sachiko Tanaka from Denpa Kyoushi is another best anime girl who has long yellow hair and red eyes. In the series, she is one of the two truant students in her school, who always messes some classes, and is depicted as a talented mangaka under the pseudo name of Tenjouin Kisaki. Tanaka’s personality is portrayed as apathetic and easy-going and seems to only really care about her fans.

19. Konjiki no Yami from To LOVE-Ru

konjiki no yami

Yami is one of the primary characters in the To Love Ru anime and manga series. She is a cute anime girl with blonde hair, red eyes, and a child-like body.
In the show, she can be described as an emotionless character, due to being an assassin working for Lacospo, on a mission to kill Rito. Therefore, Yami wanders the city streets and the high school, aiming to finish her mission of assassinating Rito.

18. Yukana Yame from Hajimete no Gal

blonde anime characters

Yukana from Hajimete no Gal is a gorgeously voluptuous anime girl with strawberry blonde hair, pink streaks at the end, and green eyes. She can be described as one of those hot anime girls who are always wearing her “sexy revealing clothes”, which make everyone notice her irresistible body and large busts. In the series, she is portrayed as a gentle and soft girl who serves as Junichi Hashiba’s girlfriend and wants to break him out of his virgin status.

17. Erina Nakiri from Food Wars

blonde haired anime girls

Erina from the Food wars anime and manga series is among the hottest anime girls with blonde hair on our list. She has purple or pink eyes and long yellow hair that falls to her back. The front of her hair covers part of her cheek and goes past the bottom of her neck.

This beautiful female anime character has a big chest and a big butt, which makes her figure so attractive. Being from a wealthy background, Erina is a highly privileged and spoiled anime girl, used to only the best things in life. She is both loved and feared throughout her school for her skills, appearance, and her high status.

16. Shiina Mashiro from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


Shiina Mashiro is among the best blonde-haired anime girls on our list. In the anime, ‘Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, we have this pretty teenage girl who has the desire to become a novelist. She lives in Sakurasou (The Sakura Dormitory) with five other people who have unique talents. Mashiro is not only a beautiful female anime character but also a talented novelist, an artist, and a good voice actress. Shiina’s love interest is the main male character Sorata Kanda, who she met at Sakurasou. Sorata works as the dorm manager and he has dreams of being an engineer in the future.

15. Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi 


Chitoge is one of the most kawaii anime girls with blonde hair, and you will fall in love with this anime female character with beautiful waist-length shiny yellow hair and wide blue eyes. Furthermore, with such a tall and voluptuous body figure, many people consider her to be a supermodel.

In the show, she is portrayed as a tsundere anime girl who is spontaneous with her hot-headed nature towards those who are annoying or threatening. However deep down, she has a sweet, oblivious, and innocent personality that will make everyone fall for her instantly.

14. Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate/kaleid 


Much like the other Einzbern homunculi, Illyasviel has crimson eyes and is one of those prettiest anime girls with long blond hair. Similar to her mother, Irisviel, Illya also bears a genetic resemblance to her ancestor, Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, who was responsible for the formation of the core of the Holy Grail.

Although Illya is born through natural means, her body will transform before and after her birth to maximize the magical circuits in her body, making her the ultimate homunculus and a great vessel for the Holy Grail. Her personality can be described as cheerful and optimistic nature; but unlike her counterpart, she is shy, easily angered, and more innocent at the beginning.

13. Rachel Gardner from Satsuriku no Tenshi 

blonde anime characters

Rachel Gardner from the anime and manga Satsuriku No Tenshi is a young gorgeous anime girl of small stature, blonde hair going down to her hips, and large blue eyes.

Her personality is depicted as an extremely cold and reserved girl, although this likely stems from her desire to die, and the other floor masters say that she is ruthless, selfish, and manipulative and is willing to do anything to get what she wants. She is shown to have issues with empathy and difficulty expressing or understanding emotions,

12. Onna Shinkan from Goblin Slayer


If you are looking for anime girls with reserved outfits? Then Priestess Onna Shinkan is the right choice to pick. She is a beautiful anime girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who serves as the main female character of the Goblin Slayer anime and manga series.

In the series, she becomes the first member to join the main character’s group, after she was saved by the powerful during her lone first adventure. From then on she started to journey with him on any given quest.

11. Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan

 blonde hair female anime characters

Attack on Titan is a popular anime series, and Annie Leonhart is among the most famous antagonists in the series. She is one of the best powerful anime girls with blonde hair, be it in her titan form or human form she always has super physical skills, fast reflexes, and genuine combat strategies.

Annie is a young anime girl, whose appearance features short height and muscular build, and a well-shaped body. Her personality can be considered a loner, and distant, who doesn’t care about having friends. She is also a cold and emotionless female character who rarely smiles.

10. Alice Zuberg from Sword Art Online

anime series 2019

Alice Zuberg is another cute anime girl, who serves as the main female character of the Sword Art Online: Alicization spinoff series. In the series, she is portrayed as the childhood friend of Kirito and Eugeo.  She had a tragic past where her memories were erased and unwillingly became an Integrity Knight. Although she seems like an artificial being, Alice is a pretty blonde-haired female anime character, with a serious, determined, and overachiever personality.

9. Darkness from KonoSuba!

anime girls with blonde hair

Darkness is one of the three main female protagonists of the Konosuba anime and manga series. She is a pretty woman who is portrayed as an adventurer with masochistic tendencies who joins Kazuma’s group.

Well, Konosuba has so many pretty girls, one of them is Darkness, a weird blonde-haired anime girl, with pretty blue eyes, and a well-shaped body. She likes to be tortured and tormented, let us say that she is among the best submissive anime female of all time.

8. Yue from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest 


From the good isekai anime series Arifureta, we have the female character Yue, one of the best anime girls whose appearance can be described as a high-grade bisque doll with blonde hair and crimson eyes.

She is 323 years old despite her small physique because she is actually a vampire princess. Moreover, Yue isn’t actually her true name, because she was given that name by Hajime to leave her dark past and move on.

7. Filo from The Rising of the Shield Hero

filo the rising of the shield hero

Next up we have Filo a female character from The Rising Of The Shield Hero series. She is cute, lovely, kawaii, and cheerful. However, this blonde hair anime girl is not actually (human), but is originally born from a monster egg that Naofumi gets from a slave trader.

It took only just a few days for Filo to grow into a fully grown Filolial, and was later given the ability to talk like humans and turn into a humanoid form strongly resembling an Angel.

6. Irina Jelavic from Assassination Classroom

anime girls with blonde hair

Although Irina Jelavic is just a side character in the Assassination Classroom series, still every time she appears we can’t take our eyes off her pretty face and endowed figure.

In the series, she serves as an undercover teacher, tasked to assassinate the main character Koro Sensei. She is a beautiful experienced woman with a good personality and enough knowledge until she is pissed or teased! You will see a cute childish side of her.

5. Saber from Fate Series

anime girls with blonde hair

Next up among the best powerful anime girls with blonde hair, we have Saber. She is one of the main female characters of the Fate series, portrayed as one of the legendary heroes who was summoned by the main character Kiritsugu Emiya to fight and win the Holy Grail.  Aside from being so beautiful and elegant, she is also so skilled, powerful, and a loyal partner that you can rely on. Therefore, many anime fans have pointed out her as one of the best anime waifu of all time.

4. Misa Amane from Death Note

misa amane

Death Note is such a masterpiece and a popular anime worldwide; and so does the series’ characters. Misa Amane is one of those few female characters of the Drath Note series and is unforgettable. Amane Misa is blonde haired anime girl with a cheerful and easygoing personality. In the series, she is portrayed as a famous actress, who has a large fanbase. Misa is in love with light Yagami, therefore, we have seen that she has a yandere side that is shown when it comes to any girl trying to get closer to her love interest.

3. Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy tail


One of the hottest blonde anime girls on our list is Lucy Heartfilia from the Fairy Tail anime and manga series. In the show, she plays the role of a female Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild–and is a member of Natsu Dragneel’s party.

This sexy female character has pretty brown eyes and blonde hair that’s usually tied with colorful ribbons. Lucy is smart and kind, as well as a good-looking girl with a well-shaped body. She is also confident in her charm and knows how to tease people.

2. Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April

kawaii anime girls

Kaori from the sad romance series Your Lie In April is a free-spirited and self-motivated young blonde-haired anime girl with a bright and cheerful personality. She is a violinist with the spirit of a conductor and her love for music drives her to overcome her physical weaknesses.

She is hyperactive and able to retain a positive attitude in times of difficulty. She seems like an average girl when she first meets Kousei but Miyazono Kaori is not just an ordinary student as her personality gradually develops to be more complex than what Kousei initially thought.

1. Violet from Violet Evergarden

blonde haired anime girls

Violet is a very cute blonde-haired anime girl who almost looks like a doll, her hair is yellow color and her eyes are light blue. This anime girl is actually an Auto Memory Doll at the CH Postal Company. In the series, her adventure is to know what the phrase “I Love You” means… that she once heard from Gilbert, a person she held dearest.

Make sure to watch Violet Evergarden! which is among ht best-recommended series that I think everyone would really like. It’s a Japanese drama anime that features top-notch animation, a solid storyline, and epic soundtracks, that really stands out among the best tv shows that I have ever seen.

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