35 Best Anime Girls With White Hair Of All Time


Welcome to this ultimate compilation of the most stunning anime girls sporting white, silver, or grey hair.

In anime, female characters with white or grey hair  infuse a delicate charm, tenderness, and compassion into the very fabric of the story. These characters have the power to uplift the world and inspire people to keep moving forward.

It’s worth noting that there are countless white-haired girls in anime who deserve mention in this list. However, for now, we’ll exclusively spotlight the most adorable and exquisitely beautiful anime girls with white hair, whose ethereal appearances makes them look like angels.

Here we go:

35. Kon from Tokyo Ravens

anime girls with white hair

Kicking off the list of the best anime girls with white hair with Kon, a fox girl from the Tokyo Ravens anime series. Actually, she has two different appearances: one as the child-like known as Kon; and that of a young woman known as Hashimaru.

As kon, she looks like a small kid, with blue eyes, fox ears, and a white fur tail. On her back, she carries her blade. While as Hishamaru, she turns into a pretty tall and grown-up woman in both appearance and mind.

34. Coconut from Nekopara

anime girls with silver hair

Coconut from the Nokopara anime series is a pretty female character with white hair, cool-headed, and among the most beautiful cat girls of all time. In the series, she plays the role of the 3rd youngest of the Neko females in Minaduki, and she low-estimate herself by thinking that she is not feminine enough.

Therefore, besides being a gorgeous girl, Coconut is also powerful with her physical skills, which she really wants to use for the good of others. However, she usually fails as she can’t totally take control of her powers.

33. Natsukawa Masuzu from Oreshura

white haired anime girl

In the Oreshura anime series, we have Masuzu Natsukawa, among the most beautiful female characters in the entire series. She is portrayed as a first-year high school girl who just come back to Japan after being away for nine years in a foreign country.

Masuzu is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous anime girls with white/silver hair and pretty blue eyes. However, although she looks slim in her ordinary school uniform, when she wears revealing clothes there is actually a very well-endowed and curvaceous figure hidden within.

32. Loss Felli Chrome Shelled Regios

loss felli

Felli Loss is a long white-haired female character from the anime series Chrome Shelled Regios. She is portrayed as a companion of Layfon in his journey.

Felli is so  beautiful, while her personality gives the impression of an emotionless girl, although she gets easily angry, and gets jealous of those who get closer to her love interest Layfon. Later in the series, she starts to be more emotional and is ready to do whatever it takes to protect the city and help loved ones.

31. Chaika Trabant from Hitsugi No Chaika 

chaika from hitsugi no chaika

Chaika Trabant is a silver-haired female character from the Hitsugi No Chaika series. She is a teenage magical girl who runs into Toru Acura and picks him up as a traveling companion, along with his sister Akari. Chaika is the queen of high-precision spells and is a sorcerer who usually carries around a big coffin as she goes on her quests.

Her personality is that of a gentle, kind, and compassionate anime girl who hates brutality, and who wants to live a peaceful life full of kindness and safety, therefore, she is often ready to help people in need, be they friends or foes.

30. Yukine Chris from Senki Zesshou Symphogear

anime girl with white hair

From the Senki Zesshou Symphogear series, comes the female character Chris Yukine, who is a powerful armored fighter who wields the Ichaival relic. Chris’s character design, makes her stand out among the other white-haired anime girls, due to her pretty purple eyes and long grey hair, and beautiful body shape.

Due to her dark past and the way she was treated, Chris is nervous, villainous, and brutal, quick to lash out, especially against adults. Chris dreams of a peaceful world far from the flames of war, and she can’t stand seeing innocent people getting hurt.

29. Kazami Kazuki Grisaia no Kajitsu

female characters with white hair

Coming up, among the most beatuiful white-hared anime girls of all time is Kazuki Kazami from the Grisaia No Kajitsu series. She is portrayed as the caring big sister of the main character Yuuji Kazami.

Kazuki’s character design features long white/silver hair, red eyes, and a delicate body, while her personality is that of a calm, collected, and intelligent who surpasses almost everybody in the series.

28. Canaan from Canaan


Canaan is the main character of the series of the same name. She plays the role of a female mercenary currently working in China.

Canaan is a brunette young anime woman with short white hair that sometimes looks grey, grey eyes, and a slim, well-shaped body. Her personality can be described as someone who is collected, serious, and more mature compared to her late teenage age.

27. Index Librorum from Toaru Majutsu No Index

toaru majustu no index

Index Librorum Prohibitorum is the female protagonist of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime series. As known as Index in the series, she is undoubtedly one of the cutest anime protagonists with white hair and green eyes on our list.

In the show, she is portrayed as a member of Necessarius and is a smart girl with a big memory that holds within herself 103,000 magical grimoires.

26. Togame from Katanagatari

anime girls with white hair

Next up among the best female anime characters on our list, Togame is a cheerful girl with long white hair from the series Katanagatari.

Togame can be described as someone who is strong and collected will and smart, as well as a good strategist that one can rely on.

25. Shirogane Kei from Kaguya Sama

white haired anime girl

Next up along the most beautiful anime girls with white hair is Shirogane Kei, a newly added female character in the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series.

In the show, she is portrayed as the little sister of Miyuki Shirogane. Kei’s character design makes her a standout pretty anime girl with white hair that sometimes looks grey-colored, white skin, and has blue eyes and a well-shaped body.

24. Shiraki Meiko from Prison School

anime girls with silver hair

Meiko Shiraki is one of the hottest female characters with grey hair of all time. In the Prison School anime series, she is depicted as a sexy girl with tied white hair in a ponytail style, which goes well with her well-shaped and irresistible body.

In the series, she is portrayed as a mascot guardian who keeps an eye on the perverted boys who are incarcerated in the school’s Prison Block.

23. Komugi from Hunter X Hunter

komugi hunter x hunter

Here we have one of the most popular side characters in the popular Hunter X Hunter anime and manga series is Komugi.

In the series, she will be the one who made us see the soft and emotional side of the villain Meruem. Komugi is a blind anime girl with white hair and a clumsy/messy personality.

22. Tomoyo Sakagami from Clannad

anime girls with white hair

Everyone agrees that Clanand is a good recommended sad anime series for those who wanna shed some tears, and get sad.

Therefore, if you pick this series you will stumble upon a female character named Tomoyo Sakagami, a white-haired or grey-haired girl, with a fearful personality due to being perceived as a heartless person with no feelings whatsoever. However, there is more to her than meets the eye! as she is actually emotional, soft, and someone who deeply cares about those around her.

21. Menma from Anohana

menma anohana

Menma, whose real name is Meiko Honma is the female protagonist of the anime series Anohana. In the series, this petit girl with white hair is portrayed as a ghost, who wants her wish to be fulfilled by her friends.

Before she died in a tragic accident, Menma was a childlike cheerful, and altruistic girl who always puts others first.

20. Tsukishiro Hitomi from Irozuku Sekai no Ashita

best anime girls with white hair

Hitomi Tsukishiro is the main heroine of Irozuku Sekai no Ashita anime and manga series. She is among the cutest white-haired anime girls you will ever see in history.

In the series, she is portrayed as a descendant of a family of witches. As the anime progress, she will end up losing her sense of color and she will travel back in time 60 years into the past with her grandmother.

19. Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats! 

kanade tachibana

Tenshi is a pretty white-haired anime female with various self-defense skills at her disposal, which she calls “Guard Skills.” She is the nickname the SSS gives her based on Yuri’s belief that she must be a representative of God. Tenshi is one of the two main female characters in the anime. Her name means “Angel,” though she has stated she isn’t one.

The main plot of the anime series revolves around her rivalry with Yuri, as Tenshi is believed to be the enemy of the Afterlife. She never admits her name as “Angel.” Instead, she calls herself the Student Council President of the school, who oversees the process of the afterlife.

18. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland 

anime girls with white/silver/grey hair

In the anime, Shiro is a mysterious being that looks like a long white hair human girl that Ganta encountered during his first days as an inmate. Clothed only in a skin-tight bodysuit and muffle gloves, which conceal her heavily scarred skin, Shiro stands out among the other prisoners due to her bizarre appearance and mannerisms.

To Ganta, Shiro’s manner of speaking and acting reminds him of a small child, even though Shiro is the same age as him. However, Shiro possesses inhuman physical abilities and has an intimate knowledge of the prison, having apparently lived there most of her life. From the beginning of the anime story it is made clear that, as children, Shiro and Ganta were close friends. Ganta, however, has no memories of his childhood, which greatly saddens and annoys Shiro.

17. Origami Tobiichi from Date A Live

anime characters with white hair

This cute short white haired girl is Origami Tobiichi, one of the main characters in Date A Live anime and manga series. She is also a protagonist of Date AST Like, a spin-off manga that focuses on her relationship with Mikie in the AST, as well as the main character of Date A Origami, a 4-Koma comic strip manga that focuses on the romantic comedy aspect of the main series.

Origami is a top student in her school both in terms of academics and sports. Of course, none of the student body and facility members know that she is a member of the AST with a few exceptions unknown to her. She is a very skilled wizard but can lose herself in her emotions when it comes to dealing with Spirits in combat. Origami is in love with Shidouu, her love for Shidouu is greatly high that she stalks him.

16. Uzaki Hana Uzaki- chan wa Asobital 

uzaki hana

Among the hottest anime girls with grey hair is Hana Uzaki, the main female character of the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! anime and manga series.

Hana Uzaki is among the shortest anime girls on our list, her height is 1,50m, she has white like silver hair, wide blue eyes, and a curvaceous bust.

15. Midori Fuse from Black Bullet

midori fuse

This sweet  female anime character with short white-hair is called Midori Fuse, Nagisawa Shoma’s partner. She is a cat anime girl type who is known to have cat ears under her witch hat which she is ashamed to show to others besides Nagisawa.

This is due to her animal factors from the Gastrea virus which can strongly affect the body of the host. Nagisawa seems to have established a very strong trust with Midori.

14. Neko from K Project

anime girls with white hair

Neko is definitely among the cutest anime females with white hair of all time. Her personality is that of a carefree girl, who always likes having fun with people. She is clumsy and unaware of the possible issues she’s causing to others, instead of interpreting her actions as comforting and even entertaining.

In serious times, Neko can become a maverick anime female with a strong resolve to use her abilities to save or for the good of others and doesn’t back away from big challenges or taking on difficult tasks.

13. Misha Necron from The Misfit of Demon Academy

anime girl white hair

Misha Necron is an anime girl from the Misfit of Demon King Academy series. She plays the role of a descendant of the Ivis Necron family, who are known for their power to control the demon race.

Misha is a pretty female character with smooth skin, short and messy white hair, as well as a beautiful pair of big blue eyes. Her character’s design also features a taller and more attractive curvier body.

12. Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail 

lisanna fairy tail

Lisanna Strauss from the Fairy Tail series is a beautiful Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. She is actually the childhood friend of the main character Natsu and is the younger sister of Mirajane and Elfman.

Lisanna is shown as a young petite anime girl with short white hair and blue eyes. Her personality can be described as a sweet and kind young waifu who can easily adjust to and be loved by everyone.

11. Orphelia Landlufen from Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

anime girls with white hair

Orphelia Landlufen Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. When she was a young girl, she was experimented on to cover the orphanage’s debts, turning her into a Strega and a Genestellar. Orphelia has long white hair and red eyes.

Orphelia’s voice is described to be dark and hollow, cold as if it was frozen and seemingly reverberating from the ground. Like her voice, her eyes are also described to have bleak darkness within them.

10. Seitenshi from Black Bullet

white hair anime girls

Seitenshi is a silver-haired female character from the anime and manga series Black Bullet. She has a top-notch character design that features short white or silver hair and light blue eyes, which makes her among the most beautiful girls of all time.

In the series, Seitenshi is portrayed as the ruler of Tokyo. A social statue that makes her confident, collected, and someone who walks with her head held up high.

9. Isla from Plastic Memories

anime girls with white hair

Isla is among the best anime girls with white hair and red eyes. She also has a childish appearance which causes those around her to feel the fleetingness of life.

She is a veteran at the department Tsukasa works in and was also partnered with Kazuki in the past. After that, all she does is serve tea to her fellow co-workers. When Tsukasa arrives, she becomes his partner and goes back into the field again.

Isla is extremely clumsy and retreating in her personal life, but her true personality is revealed to be slightly childish, lively, fun-loving, and caring.

8. Koneko Toujou from High School DxD

kaneko highschool dxd

Behold a white haired anime girl who happens to be a young Nekomata who is part of a rare species among her kind, called the Nekoshou. After losing her parents, she and her older sister, Kuroka, were later taken in by an unnamed Devil who reincarnated her sister as one of the members of his peerage.

However, Kuroka’s power as a Nekomata supposedly soon grew out of control, eventually causing her to kill her master and become a Stray Devil on the run from her pursuers. In actuality, he had planned to harm Koneko, causing Kuroka to kill him in order to protect her younger sister.

7. Elizabeth Liones from The Seven Deadly Sins

elizabeth nanatsu no taizai

Elizabeth is among the prettiest female anime characters with white hair, blue eyes, and a well-endowed, and curvaceous figure. She is the female protagonist of the Japanese anime and manga series Nanatsu no Taizai.

In the series, she plays the role of the third princess of Britannia. She adventures on a mission to find the Seven Deadly Sins, which are needed to help reclaim the Britannia kingdom.

6. Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto Shippuden

anime girls with white hair

Kaguya Otsutsuki from the Naruto series is one of the most overpowered female characters of all time with otherworldly powers. She is one of the latest antagonists that appeared in the Naruto Shippuden series.

Her character’s design features long white hair in the manga and grey in the anime, as well as big white eyes.

5. Emilia from Re: Zero 

emilia from re:zero

Emilia is a half-elf cute anime girl with white/silver hair, and she is one of the candidates to become the next ruler in the royal election. Emilia is a good-natured anime girl, who likes to take care of others, though she herself refuses to admit it, instead of thinking of it as her own selfishness.

Furthermore, this white-haired anime girl may sometimes act like a child and is unacquainted with the world as she used to live in the woods with other Elves, though despite this she still works hard to become a ruler.

4. Irisviel von Einzbern from Fate/Zero

anime girls with white hair

Irisviel von Einzbern is among the prettiest anime girls with white hair and red eyes, as well as a well-shaped body. In the anime, she plays the role of being the partner of Saber. She is the mother of Illyasviel von Einzbern. She is married to Kiritsugu Emiya, the biological father of her daughter.

3. Neferpitou from Hunter X Hunter

anime females with white hair

Besides being a pretty grey-haired anime girl, Neferpitou is considered one of the most overpowered female antagonists of all time.

In the Hunter X Hunter anime series, She is portrayed as a villain and a powerful member of the Chimera Ant Royal Guard. She is someone who seems undefeatable, as she possesses monstrous physical strength and speed, as well as the ability to heal any wounds quickly.

2. Nao Tomori from Charlotte 


Nao is The female protagonist of the Charlotte anime series, where she is portrayed as a first-year white-haired school girl and also the student council president of Hoshinoumi Academy.

She is hardworking but also narcissistic. Nao has the ability to make herself invisible, but this is limited to one person of her choosing at a time. She is a huge fan of the band Zhiend, and she hates people who use their power for no good.

1. Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail

anime girls with white hair

Topping the list of the best anime girls with white hair is Mirajane Strauss from the Fairy tail series. Mirajane is one of the best female characters of all time due to being beautiful in and out, sweet and fierce.

In the series, She’s portrayed as a powerful young woman and a strong member of the Fairy Tail’s guild. At the same time, her personality is that of a wise and collected adult girl who loves her family, friends, and everyone in her guild.

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