Top 15 Best Anime Boys With Blue Hair

Grimmjow Jagger Jacques

Anime boys with blue hair are often thought of as the best and the brightest. We take a look at some of the best anime guys who are not just good-looking, but also powerful.

Anime has given us some of the most memorable characters in recent years. Some of the most popular anime boys are those with blue hair, some of them are considered powerful, while others comes off as ordinary.

Let’s take a look at some of the best blue haired anime guys, who not only have good looks but who also features a good character development.

15. Marx Francois

anime boys with blue hair

  • Anime: Black Clover

Starting off our list of the best anime boys with blue hair, with Marx from the Black Clover series. He is one of the most senior members of the Magic Knights, and was among the first to join the Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono. His title is 1st class Senior Magic Knight, and he is also one of Julius’ advisers. Marx Francois is considered one of the anime boys with blue hair, and he got a face that is easy to remember.

Marx Francois’ hair is noticeably different from others. The layers are painted a faded pale blue color to match the brows and shaped into a traditional bowl cut. The front hair are sharply cut and fill half of the face before becoming longer and touching the back of the neck.

14. Kuruko Tetsuya

cute anime boys

  • Anime: Kuroko no Basket

Kuruko Tetsuya is a character from the popular anime series, Kuroko no Basket. He is a high school student who attends Seirin High and plays as a point guard with the basketball team.

Also, He is known for his calm personality and demeanor, which often contrasts with Kiyoshi’s hotheadedness. Furthermore, he has many friends in his team, even though he is seen as the most emotionally distant one of them all. However, Kuruko does care about his friends and greatly appreciates their company for this reason.

13. Grimmjow Jagger Jacques

Grimmjow Jagger Jacques

  • Anime: Bleach

Grimmjow, one of the notable adversaries in Ichigo Kurosaki’s journey, stands out as a prime example of captivating character design. With his untamed blue hair stylishly swept back, accentuated by a few rebellious strands cascading towards the front, Grimmjow’s appearance is meticulously crafted to exude a mesmerizing aura, making him an ideal candidate for a visually striking wanted poster. His distinctive hairstyle not only adds to his overall allure but also serves as a testament to the attention to detail dedicated to his creation. Grimmjow’s captivating design truly captures the essence of his fierce and formidable nature, leaving him as one of the most popular figures in the series.

12. Henry Legolant

Henry Legolant

  • Anime: Black Clover

Henry Legolant is one of the mysterious characters in black clover anime. He got the power to move the whole black-bulls headquarters and turn it into a bull fighter.

This mystical character from the Manga Anime series has long white locks that reach all the way to the knee joint. Henry’s hair is layered, messy and untamed to give it a bird’s nest-like appearance. The stray strands at the front cover his face which completes this look.

11. Inosuke Hashibira

anime boys with blue hair

  • Anime: Demon Slayer

The Demon Slayer series’ hero wears a black to light gradient hairstyle with confidence. The shoulder-length hair is gently layered, complemented by a front edge of thick strands crossing across in the center. Inosuke’s black midnight blue hair lightens to an ocean blue tone as it approaches the ends.

Inosuke is a really hot-headed and tough guy who loves to think he’s the best fighter in every situation. He easily challenges most people that come across him & he also wants everyone to know how strong he is. His ego has took him to some success as a demon slayer, but it has also led to most of his failures where he underestimates his opponents.

10. Mitsuki

anime boys with blue hair

  • Anime: Boruto – Naruto Next Generation

In the Boruto anime, Mitsuki is introduced as a character who is described as being mysterious and cold. His blue hair, gives him an appearance that’s different from other characters in the series.

Mitsuki is a type of anime boy with blue hair which falls to about his shoulders, making him look very stylish. This anime boy’s hair is styled in layers, spikes and a warm blue color. Add in the touch of an icy shade and some gray, and it completes his look.

9. Ban

anime boys with blue hair

  • Anime : Nanatsu no Taizai

Ban is among the best looking blue-haired anime boys. This nanatsu no taizai figure has chunky curls with sharp tips in his pale blue hair. A little curl of hair falling over his forehead completes the hairstyle.

Ban is proven to be a loyal man. He acts on whatever piques his curiosity, such as fleeing from prison after learning that his captain was alive. Furthermore, he is a man who does not understand the meaning of fear. He will take any risk and do anything to protect his captain and his crew.

8. Aomine Daiki

Aomine Daiki

  • Anime : Kuroko no basket

Aomine’s brown color is darker compared to the majority of the other figures. His hair is dark blue and pretty short. His hairstyle is set to the right. He frequently has an appearance on his face and his deep blue eyes are slightly squinted. Aomine is a tall and powerful guy.

When Aomine was in his prime he had no one left to beat. He was too good for his own good to speak. The guy who challenged him the most was Kagami Taiga but even that rivalry eventually burned out when neither one of them got anywhere, untill kagami awakened the zone.

7. Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki Sakata

  • Anime: Gintama

Coming up to the famous character Gintoki Sakata. He got a natural wavy hair which is groomed into a disheveled jagged shag in the Gintama series. The front and edges of the threads are short, but the rear is longer. The cold blue hair eventually lightens to a silvery color towards the crown.

Furthermore, He’s a founding member of the Yorozuya, as well as a trained samurai who fought in the Joui War in the very past! Gintoki is just a lazy goofball. It seems like he’s always in a good mood even though he only sits around reading comic books all day, giving advice to his workers despite the fact that he often doesn’t know what he’s talking about

6. Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki

  • Anime: Boku no hero Academia

From My hero Academia, we have Tamaki, one of the senior students in Class 3-A at U.A. He also happens to be one of The Big 3 and will be working with Fat Gum as a sidekick.

Tamaki Amajiki’s messy dark hair reflects his introverted and melancholy character. The lengths are spiked in the rear and paired with a front edge that is layered and separated for a clear view. His ears are a bit longer than most, their tips pointy and elf-like

5. Ikuto Tsukiyomi

anime boys with blue hair

  • Anime: Shugo Chara!

Who rocks blue hair better than Shugo Charal’s Ikuto Tsukiyomi? This anime boy has long airy layers and a front fringe. The dark indigo color of his hair matches the touch of blues in his eyes. He always wears a choker with a silver cross, usually in his school uniform but in other outfits as well.

Ikuto is very caring and does whatever he can to protect people from his own personal struggles. It’s clear how much he cares about them, so in order to not drag them into his own problems he emphasizes his distance.

4. Tokiya Ichinose

Tokiya Ichinose

  • Anime: Uta No Prince-Sama

Tokiya Ichinose is undeniably one of the hottest anime boys with blue hair. This handsome anime male character has dark blue hair that occasionally seems black. The hair is side-parted and covers the ears, neck, and a portion of the face and cheeks.

He’s been performing since a kid and has developed a lot of competencies in that time. He even has some professional knowledge!

Sometimes Tokiya can get really stressed, but he usually seems calm & collected. He’s hardworking in his idol life and is always trying to stay positive. His private personality is different because he’s a perfectionist & Stoic, but he’s an amazing singer too!

3. Aladdin

anime boys with blue hair

  • Anime: Magi

In the magic world of Magi, there exists a beloved anime character named Aladdin, a young boy with vibrant blue hair. Aladdin holds a significant role as one of the eight esteemed commanders in the anime, making him one of the most powerful ones in the series. Despite his kawaii features and short stature, he possesses a profound wisdom and maturity beyond his years. His gentle appearance, complemented by his endearing front eyebrows, conveys a sense of kindness, compassion, and expertise. Aladdin’s presence adds depth and charm to the anime, making him a beloved and memorable character.

2. Lancer


  • Anime: Fate/Stay Night

In the early episodes of the Fate/stay night series, Lancer initially appears as an antagonist possessing impressive demigod-like powers. However, as the story progresses, he undergoes a transformation and becomes an ally to the main protagonist. Lancer’s personality is often portrayed as lighthearted and easygoing, adding a touch of humor to the series. His distinctive title stems from his mastery of a formidable weapon—a towering crimson spear, as tall as he is, which he wields with great skill and precision.

1. Nagisa Shiota

Nagisa Shiota

This shy young fellow is a deadly assassin. When arranging an attack, he maintains a cool yet deadly approach. Nagisa has long blue hair as a result of his mother’s desire for a girl, rendering him an anime trap. His mother’s annoyances were transmitted to him. Despite his frustration, the young guy does not revolt.

He is the top student in his school and a master of all assassination methods. In the end, this timid youngster decided to teach while still working as a killer on the side.

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