Top 10 Romance Anime where the Girl is Obsessed with the MC

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The Best Romance Anime where the female lead is obsessed with the MC.

Hey everyone, welcome back to this list of top romance anime where the female lead is obsessed with the mc.

Everyone has at least once wondered what it would be like to have someone be obsessed with them, well today we’re going to be looking at some of the best anime where the girl is obsessed with the main character.

Here we Go:

10. Domestic Girlfriend

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Starting off at number 10, we have Domestic Girlfriend. This romance anime follows the main character Natsuo as he awkwardly goes through his life as a high school student.

He has a crush on this girl named Hina, who is way out of his league, and ends up going with friends to a party, where he meets another girl named Rui, and they end up bonding over their mutual awkwardness.

Soon after, his dad decides to get remarried, and Natsuo’s new step-mom ends up having daughters of her own. He then has to navigate new challenges while still trying to be a good brother.

After being released in January of 2019, we can probably expect the second season of this anime to be released sometime in 2021.


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9. Paradise Kiss

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We follow the life of Yukari Hayasaka, and see her encounter strange people who turn out to be fashion designers at a famous art school known as Yazawa Art Academy, and offer her a chance to be a model.
After realizing that the modelling life is not for her, she turns down the offer, but the head designer knows that she would be the perfect model for them, and does everything in his power to get her to change her mind.

Premiering in October of 2005, this top anime has been enjoyed by many people, and it falls into categories like comedy, drama and romance.

8. Natsuyuki Rendezvous

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Oh Yeah, now we have Natsuyuki Rendezvous. First being released in July 2012, and belonging to categories such as romance and drama.

we follow the story of Ryousuke Hazuki. He is in love with a woman, named Rokka Shimao, who owns a flower shop and in an attempt to get her to notice him, he gets a part-time job at that same flower shop.

Unfortunately for him though, her deceased husband’s ghost still watches over her, keeping her safe, and he does not approve of Ryousuke’s advances.

A strange relationship is formed between a florist, a ghost and a love-struck man.

7. Momokuri

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Next up at number 7, we have Momokuri. If you’ve ever thought about a stalker girl in anime, Yuki Kurihara might come to mind.

She is obsessed with a boy named Shinya Momotsuki, nicknamed Momo, and is already researching everything about him.

She eventually asks him out, and he agrees. She becomes a typical yandere as she continues to obsess over absolutely everything he does.

Being released in December of 2015, this anime belongs to categories like comedy and romance.

6. Chihayafuru


Coming At number 6, we have Chihayafuru. Chihaya Ayase is a girl who lives in the shadow of her older sister, and doesn’t really have much ambition in life.

All that changes when she meets a boy named Arata and develops a love of the card game he
plays called karuta.

She becomes extremely competitive at the game which leads her to creating a club in her high school. Being released in October of 2011, this romance drama is a relaxing anime to watch.

5. Sing Yesterday For Me

sing yesterday for me

A very intense anime about exploring the feelings holding us back in life, we follow the main character Rikou as he leads a rather monotonous lifestyle.

He, along with two other characters learn what it means to truly let go of the feelings of the past, and look towards the future.

A very recent release, being first aired in April 2020, this anime has been widely accepted and has gotten good reviews.


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4. Welcome to the NHK

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This anime follows the main character Tatsuhiro as he tries to lead a normal life, the only thing stopping him is his complete belief that a secret evil organization named the NHK, is after him.

This anime is classified under comedy and psychological, which completely makes sense, and has been enjoyed by audiences since first appearing in July 2006.

3. Fruits Basket

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Up at number 3, we have Fruits Basket. Here we have the main character Tooru, who is invited to stay with some class friends as the house she stays in is currently undergoing renovations.

The friends she stays with are 3 brothers, who have a secret within their family.

The brothers shower Tooru with affection, and it’s no wonder that the anime is mainly classified as a romance.

2. Itazura na Kiss

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Coming At number 2, we have Itazura na Kiss. Also known as ItaKiss for short, this anime has a similar feel to Fruits Basket, when our main character Kotoko has her house destroyed in an earthquake, she ends up living with the schools smartest student.

He also just happens to be her crush, and the show follows her trying to win over his heart. Originally released in April of 2008, this romantic comedy has been enjoyed by many anime fans.

1. Nodame Cantabile

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Up to number 1 spot, we have Nodame Cantabile. The word cantabile is an Italian term often used a lot in music, and it’s no surprise that the main character Shinichi is a very talented musician.

He dreams of one day performing among the greats in Eurpoe, however his fear of flying keeps him in Japan.

He meets a girl, nicknamed Nodame, and realizes that she also creates music, and he is awestruck.

Originally being released in January of 2007, this anime story of music, romance and comedy has been enjoyed by many fans.


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