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Top 20 Best Chinese Anime Series as of 2020 to Watch

The 20 Best Chinese Anime Animation Series you Should Know About!

Here are The Best Chinese Anime that you can Watch, yeah as the title says we will be referring to a list of the best Chinese anime animated series, that China’s Mangaka have ever created.

Everyone is talking about how good Japanese anime series are, but there also some other countries like Korea and China that really starts rivaling Japn in this field.

Today we will be on Focusing on the most awesome Chinese animes, in order to give you a well-packed list of the best tv shows that will introduce you to the anime Art Style made in China.

So, be it old titles, or the most recent ones, let the countdown of the Best 20 Chinese Anime Series Begin!

20. Wangpai Yushi  (Ace Censorate)

chinese anime

starring off the list with Wangpai Yushi, known in english as “Ace Censorate”, which is really a good fantasy school Chinese anime that you will absolutely enjoy.

with 39 episodes in total, this Chinese series depicts a unique story set In a fantasy world where yin and yang has lost its balance and day became mingled with night.

So, Due to this phenomenon that happened! Now humans and monsters must learn to coexist.  While, Our hardworking censorates do and try their best to fight the wild monsters.


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19. Duan Nao  (Die Now)

die now

This is another good Chinese anime  that spans genres like Mystery, Thriller, and Sci-fi, and is by far one of the greatest and most exciting series I have ever seen.

Die Now is a series that starts off the story with a series of unknown murders, unravelling the secret hiding beneath the entire universe, ranging from horrifying conspiracies to galaxy wars, from anti-human betrayals to honorable sacrifices.

Now that the gigantic system consisting of collision universes realized its weakness and backwardness, mankind takes the last stand.

18. Heibai Wushang  (Black and White Warriors)

best chinese anime

Next up we have this good Action, Comedy, Supernatural Anime called “Heibai Wushang” which is a pretty cool recommended Chinese series that highlights a unique story about two young demons who are less active at work.

Well, the funny thing is that their work is not an ordinary task, as they are a part of an organization that promises to keep the balance between the worlds of the living and dead by killing humans!

17. Wo de Ni Tian Shen Qi  (My Holy Weapon)

china animes

At number 17 we have “My Holy Weapon” a romance magic chinese animation series, that has 16 episodes, that follows the story of the main character Chang Tian. who One day, while under an attack, unexpectedly summons an artifact called Xiao Bai that saved him from a horrific fate.

Later, he will finds out that he is now in a  battlefield, where he must fight alongside many other people like him, able to summons artifacts…

16. Jie Mo Ren  (The Devil Ring)

romance chinese anime

Next up, we have Jie Mo ren another animation series made in China. The plot starts When the main character Zhou Xiaoan put on a ring of unclear origin, a terrifying devil leaps from his mouth and his life turns upside down for goof.

Later some historical secrets are slowly revealed – a Blood Devil calling itself King Zhou of Shang, a race of heart-eating zombies; a dubious group of Taoist Priests that fight against them; mysterious beings of the supernatural world who can blend in to human society.

15. Yaoguai Mingdan  (Monster List)

chinese animes

This Action Romance Chinese Anime tv show chronicles A foxy temptress. A mysterious misty tree demon. A pretty girl with the power of the goddess Xianjia!

Being caught between these women is a feat in it of itself, but our hero Feng Xi must fight in order to protect the peace and save the world!

This series promises 18 episodes of an amazing story that will keep you hooked.


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14. Huyao Xiao Hongniang   (Fox Spirit Matchmaker)

fox spirit matchmaker

Derived from the same Chinese manhwa with the same title, this anime series follows the Main Character Bai Yue-Chu, in his adventure of looking for a bride in order to oppose the plans of his family. However, unexpectedly a fox youkai will falls through the roof, breaking into his life, and dragging him into some tasks of aiding random couples.

Thrown together by fate, The two will discover who they truly are… and who they used to be.

13. Aishen Qiaokeli-ing…   (Cupid’s Chocolate)

china animation

This is a heavy Chinese harem anime shows with so much fan service. you have been warned! then, if you like this type of animes, “Cupid’s Chocolate” will keep you entertained.

The story chronicles the daily life of the main character Jiang Hao Yi, an ordinary student, a wimp, who avoids getting into trouble.

However, our protagonist will unexpectedly turn into a Harem King of his school many beautiful girls starts having a crash on him!

The funny thing, is that Jiang hao doesn’t know any of the girls who confessed to him! What on earth is happening?

12. Gin no Guardian  (The Silver Guardian)

gin no guardian

Well, if you have already watched this series, there is no doubt that you are waiting for the 3rd season to come up as soon as possible! that shows how much exciting this Chinese anime is…

The story overall Highlights the Adventure of a young video gamer, who bounces between an ordinary person in the real real world and a virtual-reality tournament fighter to save a kidnapped friend from mysterious forces.

11. Xiang Ling Ji  (Tales of Exorcism)

chinese anime series

Wanna Chill out! this is the perfect show to pick. Tales of Exorcism can be summarized in one word ” Revenge”. The story showcases how the young tomboy exorcist Hua Jiu meet up with an ‘evil spirit’ and forced him to be her spirit servant when cleansing spirits.

Later our human main character and the spirit set out on an epic adventure of helping each other and cleansing spirits.

However, Hua Jiu’s enemy started insidious revenge at the same time…

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Now that we are at number 10 of the Best Chinese anime series list, things will get more interesting, and the following top 10 tv shows are a must-watch!!

10. Shuangsheng Lingtan  (Twin Spirit Detectives)

china anime

Shuangsheng Lingtan, also known in English as Twin Spirit Detectives, is a Chinese manhua created by Jiao Ran. the creator did really a good job in creating such a solid solid story, and the studio done a great work in animation the series… so there is nothing to criticize about this tv show.

Overall the story follows the life of a Handsome twin detectives Xiaotu and Xiaohu, who proves that There is always more to the world than meets the eye. This is the slogan that these brothers follow as they set up a business that specializes in dealing with supernatural occurrences.

9. Douluo Dalu  (Soul Land)

3d china animes

Coming up at number 9 we have Douluo Dalu, a well balanced Chinese anime series between action, romance, and comedy. this is by far the Best of the best anime I have ever watch. Because, simply Everything was on point.

The plot is so valid, and it follow Tang San, one of the most overpowered martial art disciples, who have never thought to gets reincarnated in another world, one without magic, martial arts, and grudges. A land where only the mystical souls of battle lay.

So, in The continent of Douluo. will Tang San be able survive in this unknown environment? With a new road to follow, a new legend begins…

8. Hitori No Shita: The Outcast

hitori no shita

College student Cho Soran unwittingly discovers his grandfather’s secret legacy when warriors from rival clans begin pursuing him for the hidden power he inherited.

While visiting his grandfather’s grave, Zhang Chulan is attacked by zombies. luckily, a mysterious girl appears and saves him.

Chulan later realizes that he inherited a superpower from his grandfather. hence, From that moment, our main character’s fate begins to change.

As a result, There will be rival clans with special powers pursuing him, for the power that he got on his hand.

7. Ling Qi  (Spirit Pact)

chinese anime

Oh yeah, there is only one word that describes this chines series, AMAZING!! SpiritPact is a two season Action Magic tv show, that will keep you hooked until it last episode.

The story is so unique and for short it showcases the tale of a ghost of a recently killed man and a son from a powerful exorcist family form a pact to protect one another.

6. Zhen Hun Jie  (Rakshasa Street)

chinese anime with op mc

Moving on to number 6 we have Rakshasa Street, oh my god, this Chinese anime is so valid, and you must watch it as soon as you finish reading this article.

Based on the Chinese manhua of the same title. the story takes place in Requiem Street, a place where evil spirits are attracted to in order to destroy them.

And, not every human can enter Requiem Street. Except for those humans called guardian spirits can break in swiftly.

The anime focuses on Xia Ling, who is just an ordinary university intern, but a sudden meeting will turn her life upside down…

Therefore, In this supernatural world that hosts evil spirits, will you collaborate with your guardian spirit in order to stay alive?

5. Wo de Tian Jie Nu You  (My Cultivator Girlfriend)

my cultivator girlfriend

The first time i have heard of this anime i wasn’t expecting it to be so good, the story of My Cultivator Girlfriend is great, since it spans genres like adventure, superpower, and romance. it is obvious that this chinese show will be enjoyable to watch.

the story is set In the modern cultivation world, everywhere is law of the jungle, everyone feels unsafe. After saving a cultivator girl, the main character, who plays the role of a security guard named “Ma Yingxiong” unwillingly begin an adventure of practicing cultivation.


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4. Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo  (The Daily Life of the Immortal King)

chinese anime series

Realesed in 2020, this is by fare one of the best chinese anime to pick, in order to enjoy a perfect series with an op mc who hides his power.

The series is well animated, with a perfect good writing, and interesting characters. The story follows The op mc Wang Ling, who has achieved a new realm every two years since he was a year old,

Now that he’s sixteen, he encounters his ultimate battle yet – Senior High School. With more challenges popping up, his plans for a low-key high school life seem further and further away…

3. Mo Dao Zu Shi  (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)

china animation

This Chinese Anime will hits you right in the feels, this series is really a masterpiece, the animation is so captivating, dialogues, and ost… well everything about this show is done in a great way that won’t give you the chance to criticize nothing…

Now its time to go and check out this anime that tales the story of the badass two main characters named Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji.

They meet each other during a magical training. since then the two became allies, and begin working together to solve many mysteries of the spiritual world, Fighting demons, ghosts, and even other cultivators.

2. Quanzhi Fashi   (Full Time Magister)

full time magistar

Coming at number 2 we have Full Time Magister a good magic anime made in China, This is an interesting magic tv show with an Op Main Character who wants is calm and has a deep purpose that he need to accomplish. and to do so although he possess immense superpowers, he tries his best to hide his true power from everyone.

The story overall depicts the tale of a family with a struggling father and disabled sister. However, when everyone can only have one major element, the Op Main Character Mo Fan can do much more than what you can ever imagine.

1. Quanzhi Gaoshou   (The King’s Avatar)

the king's avatar

Oh Yeah, behold the number 1 on our list The King’s Avatar, a Chinese Anime that is not only popular in China, but it is now rivaling even the best Japanese anime series ever created.

This Donghua Ona Series is a perfect tv show that is set in a fantasy realm, with action scenes that are attractive. The anime chronicles the story of the main character Ye Xiu, a highly professional gamer, who is forced to retire by his “Glory” game company.

When Glory’s 10th server come out, Ye Xiu login in the game under a brand new character.

Hence, starting from scratch, he is not here for fun, but to follow the path to regain his title “The Best” once again, while relying on his10 years of experience, countless memories of his past, and a self-made weapon.


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