10 Best Dark Thriller Anime Series That are So Good

best dark thriller anime

Here are The Top 10 Dark Thriller Anime you Should Be Watching!

Hey everyone, Just like in everyday society, everyone has different tastes, Some people love Dark, Thriller, and Sad Anime; while the others hate Romance, Comedy, and Ecchi.

Hence, we are lucky that there are so much entertaining anime series that spans various genres. Therefore, whatever your taste is, there is always a good anime show for you. So today, we’re going to be looking at some of the best dark and thriller anime that will definitely keep many people up at night.

10. ID:Invaded

id invaded

Kicking off the list of the best dark thriller animes with this drama crime anime called “Id: Invaded” Some people will consider it a little dark, but it really has its part of dark moment since it is revolving around Crime. 

Also, There is an element of the isekai genre, because technically there is “travelling to another world”, even if that world is into someone’s mind. As the main character has the task of invading the minds of serial killers, in order to solve and discover the motifs, and mysteries that caused those murders.

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9. Shiki

best dark thriller anime

Next up we have a dark horror anime series, named “Shiki”. This is a good Japanese tv shows that deeply explores the lines between good and evil, and digs deep within the inner intentions that drove both sides to act and do horrible things.

It was first aired in July of 2010, where we watch human characters in the show being mysteriously turned into ruthless vampires, they call themselves the Shiki.

8. Death Parade

darkest animes

Death Parade is a pleasant Dark/Thriller Anime Series that will play with your mind. The story follows The Badass main character Decim, who is a bartender in the afterlife, and he is the one responsible for judging people via some deadly games, and then, decides whether they are going to be reincarnated, or whether their souls will be cast away into the void, to never to return.

While watching the show, it is obvious that he is rather an emotionless character, but as the anime progress, there will be some development occurring in his personality. All i can say is that Death parade is really a good anime that you gotta watch, cause this ain’t like any other Japanese series.

7. Ergo Proxy


I have never seen any dark anime like this, as Ergo Proxy is one of the best darkest and thrilling tv shows you will ever see.  The story In this reality, is set in a world that has basically become uninhabitable after a global catastrophe thousands of years ago. Therefore, The way people survive, is within domed cities, and they are assisted by android-like robots.  However, when a virus starts spreading which basically grants the robots self-awareness, it is up to a single badass anime girl to unravel this mystery.

6. Shinsekai Yori

shinsekai yori

Shinsekai yori is really a masterpiece, Known in English as “From The New World”, this 25 episode dark anime tv show explores genres like Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller and Mystery.

The plot depicts: That when children show signs of developing psychic abilities, they are sent to a special academy specifically for kids with psychic powers.  So, this only leaves the mincing question of what happens to the children who don’t develop powers.

5. Psycho Pass


This is really a Highly recommended cyberpunk anime first appeared in October of 2012, and continued to run until March of 2013. The show takes place in the 22nd century, in a future version of our world where people are easily scanned by the authorities, so to determine how likely someone is up to commit a crime.

Definitely this is one of the best darkest anime you will find, as “Psycho Pass” is a complex Crime/Psychological Thriller series that can leave a chill down your spine.

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4. Serial Experiments Lain

dark thriller anime

Here we have the anime that many people have loved, I also love this Dark Thriller Psychological show like, very very much. Its one of my favorite classics. honestly you gotta watch it, as it also happens to be a rather mature show that can be hard for youngsters to follow at times.

Serial Experiments Lain exhibit a very unique art style, and got a strong plot that follows some strange events starts occurring as a withdrawn girl named Lain becomes obsessed with interconnected virtual realm of “The Wired”..

3. When They Cry

dark thriller anime

This dark horror thriller anime is not old, but definitely not new. except for the 3rd season that is still currently airing in fall 2020. When they cry is a solid horror anime that gives chills, and may even keep you up at night. What is the story about you may ask?

For short, the story is set in a small town, where there is an annual festival, a group of friends, strange murders and disappearances, and how everything is linked together.

2. The Promised Neverland

darkest anime

Also known as “Yakusoku no Neverland” in Japanese, this anime is returning for a season 2 which is currently airing on January of 2021. This is a dark anime that falls into genres like psychological and thriller, and the story follows three smart kids living in an isolated orphanage, who will later discover the secret and the reason why they were raised for!!

The shocking truth, will make the three kids starts looking for a way to escape from their evil caretaker and lead the other children in a risky escape plan..

1. Steins;Gate

dark thriller anime

Steins Gate is an amazing dark thriller drama and sci-fi anime, with an outstanding story and unbelievably unique characters developments that will make unable to skip any moment of the show.

The strong story depicts: Working with some strange and mysterious gadgets, a team of so called “mad scientists” tinker and investigate different contraptions, and discover that one of these gadgets has incredible power, which can play with time and not a useless function it was originally thought to have.

So, upon discovering this Time Travel Machine, our group of scientists must use their knowledge of it to stop an evil organization and their diabolical plans.

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