36 Best Black Anime Characters of All Time

black anime characters

Japan’s Anime always features a wide range of characters from different colors, ethnicities, and descents. In paying tribute to the diversity within anime, we present our ultimate list of 36 top black characters.

By highlighting these dark skinned anime figures, we aim to celebrate their intelligence, beauty, power, and even their ordinary everyday lives, showcasing their standout presence in the anime world.

Now, let’s explore the most remarkable and memorable male and female characters with beautiful dark skin tones!

36. Blue from Wolf’s Rain

black female characters

Starting off our list of the top black anime characters is Blue from “Wolf’s Rain.”

With her dark skin, hair, and eyes, Blue stands out as a unique black female character in the series.

In “Wolf’s Rain,” she serves as Quent Yaiden’s pet and a false antagonist.

Her Japanese voice is provided by Mayumi Asano and the English dub is voiced by Jessica Straus.

35. Kilik Rung From Soul Eater

black anime boys

Another standout black anime boy is Kilik Rung from “Soul Eater.”

As one of the top three fighters at Death Weapon Meister Academy, Kilik is known for his hot-blooded nature, directness, and fierce determination.

He’s also a compassionate character who is willing to risk his life for his friends.

He is a dark-skinned Meister with dark eyes and black hair, and is thirteen years old in the first part of the series.

His age is roughly the same as Black☆Star. Kilik’s unique appearance and character traits make him a favorite among anime fans.

34. Carole Stanley From Carole and Tuesday

black anime girls

Carole Stanley is a beloved black anime girl known for her cuteness and charm.

Voiced by Miyuri Shimabukuro in Japanese and Jeannie Tirado in English, Carole is a teenage girl from Earth who now lives on Mars.

With her light brown skin and dark auburn hair styled into locs, Carole stands out with her unique look.

Carole is determined, passionate, and quick-witted, making her able to navigate through any situation.

However, her straightforwardness can sometimes cause problems in delicate situations or when dealing with bad people, which makes it hard for her to keep a part-time job.

33. Coffee From Cowboy Bebop

black anime characters

Coffee is a beautiful black female bounty hunter who appears in an episode of the anime series “Cowboy Bebop.”

She runs into another bounty hunter, Edward, and quickly joins him in pursuit of a mushroom farmer who harvests rare mushrooms with drug-like effects.

She gets into her convertible car and chases after the train where the farmer and Edward are.

She tries to stop a fellow bounty hunter from catching them first, but ultimately they both crash and lose the bounty.

32. Daz Bonez From One Piece

daz one piece

Daz Bonez is a powerful black male character in the “One Piece” anime and manga series.

He was once a bounty hunter and joined Baroque Works, becoming the highest-ranked male Officer Agent and the strongest under the leadership of Crocodile.

He was known by his codename, Mr. 1. Bonez is a tanned, tall, and muscular figure with thin limbs and fingers. He has a shaved head and is a major antagonist in the Arabasta arc.

After being captured and sent to Impel Down jail, he managed to escape during the Impel Down arc and has since been wandering the New World with Crocodile. He is known for his strength and cunning.

31. Bob Makihara From Tenjho Tenge

bob makihara

Bob Makihara is a muscular black anime character in the series “Tenjou Tenge.”

He’s a member of the Juken club, a master of martial arts, and an energetic guy who is in love with Chiaki Konoike.

Makihara is a South-African person, often referred to as the “foreigner.”

Despite his Afro heritage, Bob has blue eyes and a Japanese-sounding surname. He is a skilled fighter who enjoys fighting and has a good perception.

30. Nils Yajima From Gundam Build Fighters

nils gundam

Nils Yajima, formerly known as Nils Nielsen, is a brilliant anime character in the TV series “Gundam Build Fighters” and “Gundam Build Fighters Try.”

Initially, Nils was only interested in science, but after his battle with Sei and Reiji, he discovered a passion for Gunpla battles.

From then on, Nils became an integral part of the Gunpla world. As a builder and operator of Gundams, Nils utilizes his expertise, skill, and craftsmanship to tune his Sengoku for victory by creating effective strategies for each battle.

He is known for his advanced knowledge and attention to detail in creating and customizing his Gundams, making him one of the smartest black characters in history.

29. Onyankopon From Attack on Titan

best black anime characters

Onyankopon is a dark skinned anime character from the popular series “Attack on Titan.”

He seems like a character with african descent, with short black hair, and thin eyebrows. Adittionaly, He is well-built and is seen as one of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers working for Zeke Jaeger.

He was a soldier for Marley and was part of the first scout fleet sent to Paradis Island after their failure.

He is a skilled pilot and assisted the Scout Regiment in their escape from the raid on Liberio.

Onyankopon is known for his friendly nature, but also for his serious attitude. Although, Attack on Titan boasts a lot of characters with different colors, but he is the only black anime figure to appear in the series.

28. Charon From Fire Force

charon fire force

Charon is one of the most powerful black anime characters on our list.

He is a former member of the White Clad, which served as the guardian of the Second Pillar.

Charon is tall, has light hair, and wears a blindfold with a red cross symbol. He is a devoted, inspiring, and serious person who has a strong commitment to the Evangelist and is known for being trustworthy.

Despite his dedication, he can also be impatient, demanding quick responses from others. When it comes to fighting, he is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.

He is both physically strong and fast, and also possesses a Second Generation power that makes him highly resistant to strong attacks from pyrokinetic.

27. Sister Krone From The Promised Neverland

black anime woman

Sister Krone is a supporting character in the anime series “The Promised Neverland.” She is a strong and unique black female character with an afro short hair, brown eyes, and a muscular large figure that gives her a dominant presence.

She is known for her warm and bright smile. Krone used to work at the Grace Field House orphanage alongside Isabella, but her ambition to become the head caregiver led to a messy situation, ultimately resulting in her death at Isabella’s hands.

Even with her untimely demise, Krone’s strong presence and unique character development make her one of the most memorable figures in the entire series.

26. Darui From Naruto Shippuden

best black anime characters

Darui is a skilled and strong black male anime character who is the right-hand man of the Fourth Raikage, and later succeeds him as the Fifth Raikage.

He is a tall, dark-skinned man with a pointy nose, bored-looking eyes, and white hair.

His skill and ability made him a valuable asset to the Fourth Raikage as his bodyguard, and during the Shinobi World War, he was chosen to lead the Allied Shinobi Forces First Division.

He also was able to defeat the Gold and Silver Brothers, who wielded the tools of the Sage of Six Paths.

Through his hard work and determination, Darui became a powerful ninja and was able to ascend to the position of the Fifth Raikage.

25. Atsuko Jackson From Michiko & Hatchin

atsuko michiko

Atsuko Jackson is one of the most attractive black anime female characters from the series Michiko & Hatchin.

She is a policewoman in the show who lived in an orphanage with Michiko Malandro, her co-worker with whom she has a complicated relationship.

She turned into a vigilante and was responsible for Michiko’s arrest twelve years before the events in the show.

Michiko likes to tease Atsuko by referring to her black skin as “Jambo,” which irritates her.

In spite this, she has mixed feelings towards Michiko and is sometimes seen helping her out of difficult situations while still trying to apprehend her.

24. Muhammed Avdol From Jojo Bizare

avdol jojo bizare

Muhammad Avdol is a powerful Arab anime character from the Jojo Bizare series.

He’s an Egyptian of average height and build, and is one of the main allies in Stardust Crusaders.

Avdol is a good friend of the protagonist Joseph, he joins him on his journey to defeat DIO.

The character provides important knowledge of enemy Stand Users and information about local cultures along the way.

Avdol is a Stand User who wields the fire-manipulating Stand, Magician’s Red. He generally presents himself as an individual who is serious, responsible, and overall righteous.

While he’s very concerned with maintaining his “image” as a mature and responsible man.

23. Kaz Kaan From Neo Yokio

black anime characters

Kaz Kaan is a charming and interesting black anime guy featured in the Netflix series Neo Yokio.

He is a magistrate, an eligible bachelor, and an occasional demon slayer.

As one of the main protagonists of the show, Kaz stands out for his unique appearance, being dark-skinned with long locks and violet eyes.

He is also slim and skinny with a girl-like form and is often seen wearing fancy formal clothes. Kaz is a gentle, handsome, and honest person, but can also be known for speaking his mind even if it may hurt others’ feelings. He can also be a bit self-absorbed at times.

22. Ken Takagi From My Hero Academia

my hero academia

Ken Takagi, also known as Lock Hero: Rock Lock, is a powerful and skilled afro anime character from the My Hero Academia series.

He is a Pro Hero known for his exceptional abilities. Takagi is a man of average height with dark, curly hair and pierced ears with padlock earrings. He also has distinctive key teeth on his fingertips.

He is known for being blunt and hard on newbies and young students but does so because he understands the risks they are taking and wants them to fully grasp the gravity of the situation.

21. Andrew Gilbert Mills From Sword Art Online

black anime characters

The dark-skinned Andrew Gilbert Mills, is a notable side character in the Sword Art Online series.

He plays a crucial role throughout the Aincrad arc and makes occasional appearances in other arcs and spinoffs.

Andrew was trapped in the virtual reality survival game Sword Art Online and became a skilled criminal and merchant who owned a shop on the 50th floor of Aincrad.

He used his skills to survive and ultimately return to the real world unharmed. In reality, he runs the Dicey Café with his wife.

20. Mr. Popo From Dragon Ball

popo dragon ball

Mr. Popo is a beloved classic anime character from the Dragon Ball series. He serves as the caretaker and gardener of the Lookout and is a devoted servant of the Earth’s Guardian and Dende.

He has a unique appearance, with dark skin, large lips, and no nose. He is able to travel anywhere instantly but remains dedicated to his duties at the Lookout.

Mr. Popo is also responsible for training Goku and his companions to prepare them for battles against powerful enemies like Piccolo, Nappa, and Vegeta. Additionally, he helps in the quest to recover the stolen Earth Dragon Balls and revive those killed by Frieza.

19. Michiko Malandro from Michiko & Hatchin

black anime characters female

Michiko is a gorgeous black anime girl and is the main protagonist of the series Michiko to Hatchin. She’s a free-willed diva who overcomes many different obstacles that are seemingly inescapable.

She saves Hana Moreno’s from her abusive foster parents and told her that her father was a good man, with whom she fell in love instantly.

They Both embark on an adventure together to find the missing father. They become a bickering pair but soon have a turning point where they come to realize their true depth of need for each other.

The two girls have the same tattoo on their stomachs which is a sign of belonging to an organized crime(gang) and the father has it too on his right arm.

18. Simon Brezhnev From Durarara!!

simon durarara

Durarara’s Simon is one of the owners of Russia Sushi along with his old friend Denis. He’s also one of the members of The Dollars and is known as one of the strongest men in Ikebukuro according to Izaya.

Simon is an American descendant man who was born and raised in Russia. He is a black muscular man with a weird accent.

Simon has a way of making people feel at ease with how he approaches conflicts. He often works as a peacemaker in intense situations and not only conveys significant meaning but is able to expedite resolutions through his wise words.

17. Edward from Cowboy Bebop

black anime girl

Edward is a prodigy who stars in the 90s anime series Cowboy Bebop as a young hacker from Earth.

She’s the daughter of the inventor Mr. Appledelhi. Edward is a dark-skinned young anime girl with vivid red cheek marks. She appears to be an eccentric genius with many interesting quirks, such as being easily distracted, talking to herself aloud, and singing childish songs.

Her humor and flexibility help her personality shine through and make her the type of loved character who is really memorable and easy to make you laugh.

She often repeats the last words of the people who spoke before her, and answers questions with seemingly meaningless phrases, and sometimes real nonsense.

16. Tier Harribel From Bleach

badass anime girls

Tier Harribel is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Bleach.”

She is a former Espada, a powerful group of Arrancar who serve as the top ranking members of the organization known as the Espada, led by Sosuke Aizen.

After Aizen’s defeat, Harribel was appointed as the leader of Hueco Mundo, the realm of the Hollows.

She is known for her calm, analytical, and reserved personality, preferring to watch fights rather than engage in them herself.

She is also visually characterized as a tall, black female with aqua green eyes, thick eyelashes and short golden blonde hair.

15. Uub From Dragon Ball GT

black anime characters

Uub from Dragon Ball GT is the reincarnation of Majin Buu, the eldest child of five, who becomes a student of martial arts under the coaching of Goku.

He is a well-loved anime character especially due to his character design features of dark skin, black eyes, and hair.

Uub was a shy child growing up with no one noticing, despite his fantastic ability to fight.

However, after years of training with Goku, he became a confident fighter who knew what it takes to win and fight evils.

14. April from Darker than Black

black female anime character

April from Darker than black is a former MI-6 agent who supported November 11.

Her character’s design features dark black skin, ice blue hair and golden yellow eyes, and icy pink lipstick.

Her usual attire comprises a fuchsia pink coat that reaches her upper thighs with a big white fur collar and fur lining at the bottom of her coat.

April is a heavy alcoholic. She enjoys drinking beer and sometimes even outdoes the owners of the bar.

However, When it comes to any given mission, she is usually ready to complete her task effectively and with ease and so does everyone else on her team.

There’s obviously a certain bond between them, with November 11 as the leader.

13. Sol Marron From Black Clover

sol marron black clover

Sol Marron is a beautiful, tanned anime girl who is a 3rd Class Intermediate Magic Knight from the Clover Kingdom’s Blue Rose squad in the Black Clover series.

She is tall with green eyes, brown skin, and short ruffled black hair that makes her look youthful.

Despite her beauty, Sol has a strong dislike for men, believing them to be incompetent and brutish.

However, she puts aside her prejudices to support her captain, Charlotte Roselei, and her squad.

12. Villetta Nu From Code Geass

black anime girls

Villetta Nu is a stunning black girl from the popular anime show “Code Geass”.

She is a skilled pilot of a Knightmare, a type of mecha, and starts off as a baroness in the second season, later becoming a member of the Black Knights.

With her voice actress Akeno Watanabe, she is known for her dark skin and gray hair, often styled with a strand on one side of her face tied up in lace.

Villetta’s personality changed significantly after suffering from memory loss.

She became more compassionate and empathetic towards those who were different from her, and even developed feelings for a man named Ohgi who saved her.

However, her past experiences of racism came back to haunt her when she was attacked by racist Elevens, and her memories returned.

11. Ogun Montgomery from Fire Force

black anime characters

Ogun Montgomery is a memorabile supporting character in the popular anime series “Fire Force”.

He is a handsome black character and a former Third Generation member of Special Fire Force Company 4.

Ogun catches attention with his dark skin, black hair, orange eyes, and the Special Fire Force uniform.

He has the ability to create multiple spears and short swords out of his great power of fire, which he uses to launch at opponents from long ranges.

Ogun is extremely dedicated to protecting the people living in Tokyo, driven by his family’s history and his role as a hero who saved immigrants from the Great Cataclysm and brought them to the Empire.

10. Jet Black From Cowboy Bebop

jet black cowboy bebop

Jet Black, from the anime series “Cowboy Bebop”, is a cool and charismatic black character.

He starts off as a member of the ISSP and later becomes a bounty hunter. He meets Fad, who he eventually loses his arm to, before becoming the captain of the Bebop and leading the crew including Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, and Edward.

Jet is a tall, broad and muscular individual who is balding and only has a few strands of hair on the sides of his head. He has sideburns that continue down his face to form a beard.

He is considered as the wise member of the Bebop, as he handles his friends with grace and patience, particularly, he is always by Spike’s side, giving him advice and guidance.

9. Kaname Tosen From Bleach

black anime characters

Kaname Tosen is one of the one of the most iconic black characters from the Bleach anime series.

He has black skin and dark brown braids, and his eyes are pale lavender.

He is blind since birth and was the former 5th Seat of the 9th Division under Kensei Muguruma and was the 9th Division’s captain until he betrayed Soul Society alongside Aizen and Gin Ichimaru.

This betrayal caused a strain in his friendship with Sajin Komamura. Kaname’s personality is said to have changed after a near-death experience, making him more introverted.

He is also very invested in being right, likely because of his past experiences. He had a significant emotional reaction when his best friend was killed by her husband under trivial circumstances.

8. Dutch from Black Lagoon

black anime characters

Dutch from Black Lagoon is the leader of the Lagoon Trading Company, an African-American character known for his intimidating appearance.

He wears a flak jacket, military fatigues, and has a muscular physique. He also always wears sunglasses that make it hard to see his eyes.

Dutch’s background as a US Marine Corps crewman has earned him respect among those around him.

He is a calm and cool character, preferring to negotiate contracts rather than engage in the fighting associated with the company’s work.

Regardless of this, he is also skilled in combat and is seen as easygoing and approachable by his companions.

7. Canary From Hunter X Hunter

black anime girl

Canary is an ebony girl from the anime series Hunter x Hunter. She is an apprentice butler of the Zoldyck Family and is responsible for guarding their property.

She is a black girl with dark purple hair styled in thick bunches that are tied with strings resembling stars. She has gray eyes, a round face, a small nose and thick lips. Her skin is dark brown.

She is fiercely loyal to the Zoldyck Family and will use force to expel anyone who attempts to pass her post on the estate. However, the character Gon has seen through her tough exterior and discovered that she has a gentle side as well.

Aside from her initial introduction as a ruthless guardian, her eyes seem to indicate a certain level of kindness and compassion.

6. Afro from Afro Samurai

afro samurai

Afro Samurai is a popular powerful black anime protagonist of the anime series of the same name.

He is someone who has a tragic dark past, as he witnessed his father’s murder as a child and grew up to become an skilled swordsman.

Therefore, his ultimte goal in life is to take revenge on the man who killed his father, who is known as Number One.

However, as a Number Two, many others in the world are after him as well as only Number Two can challenge Number One.

Afro must fight through many challenges and enemies to achieve his goal of avenging his father’s death.

5. Mugen From Samurai Champloo

black anime boy

Mugen is a one-of-a-kind black character from the anime series Samurai Champloo.

He stands out with his rough exterior and unpredictable nature, yet he also possesses a humble and intelligent side.

With no ties to his past, fate brought him together with Jin and Fuu, ultimately changing his life for the better.

In the series, Mugen has a rivalry with Jin and is always seeking an opportunity to fight him, yet the two of them join Fuu on her quest to find “Sunflower”.

He adds a unique flavor to the show with his wild personality and provides comic relief.

His fighting style is an eclectic blend of martial arts, swordplay and break dancing, and he trusts his instincts and reflexes to surprise his enemies.

4. Killer B From Naruto Shippuden

killer b naruto

Black people are often associated with being rappers, and Killer B is no exception.

Killer B, also known as B, is a badass black character from the manga and anime series Naruto Shippuden.

He is known for his skills as a rapper and his ability to help the main character, Naruto, control his powers.

He is tall, muscular and has dark skin with white hair and a beard. As a host to Gyuki, an eight-tailed demon ox, and an elite ninja, Killer B is a powerful force on the battlefield.

He trained Naruto and fought alongside him against the main antagonist, Obito Uchiha. He is also fiercely proud of his abilities as a jinchuriki and never lets his status and background define him.

3. Daiki Aomine From Kuroko No Basuke

hot anime guys

If you think that Kobe Bryant and Jordan are the only top-notch black basketball players, think again.

Aomine from the anime series Kuroko’s Basketball, is a pro player on the court. He’s a badass, elite player with an aggressive and fluid playing style, made even more deadly by Kuroko’s misdirection.

He was known as Kuroko’s “Light” for a long time before Kagami came along. Aomine’s speed and agility make him nearly impossible to stop, leaving defenders and opponents alike struggling to keep up with him.

He can score from practically anywhere on the court, sometimes even catching his opponents off guard.

2. Kuzan Aokiji From One Piece 

black anime characters

Aokiji, also known as Kuzan, is a famous black character from the One Piece series.

He was once a Marine Admiral, known as the “Blue Pheasant” and was nominated for the position of fleet admiral, but lost a battle to his rival, Sakazuki.

As a result, he resigned from the Marines. Standing tall and lean, Aokiji is a formidable figure with tanned skin, black curly hair, and a muscular build.

He possesses the power of ice, using it to create ice-ground, walls, and weapons, and can freeze anything he touches, turning it into ice. Aokiji is one of the most overpowered dark skinned male anime characters of all time.

1. Yoruichi From Bleach

black female anime characters

Wrappign up our list with Bleach’s Yoruichi Shihouin, a popular black female anime character known for her strength and beauty.

Her appearance is that of a slender woman with average height, she has dark skin, golden eyes, and black hair tied up in a ponytail with bangs on the side of her face.

Yoruichi is sharp-minded and witty, holding a deep knowledge and understanding of Soul Society and its secrets.

She was once the former captain of the Second Division. But, she ends up abandoning her command responsibilities and now works with Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi. Together, they run the Urahara Shop in the human realm.


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