The 23 Most OP Anime Characters to Not Mess With

When anime characters are op, it may be quite annoying, especially if you're rooting against them. Here We Go with the list of the most overpowered anime characters that you don't wanna miss with!

Top 23 Best Overpowered Anime Characters to Know About!

We’ve all seen anime series with characters who are much too op (overpowered) and badass. Some of These powerful anime characters can knock someone out with a single punch. While others can fly and even become invincible and immortal (if they aren’t already).

In the world of anime, powerful characters’ abilities can be so strong that it feels like nothing can overcome them… Some have the power to heal wounds or regenerate quickly, the power to change destiny, and the ability to read minds. While there are Op anime character types who can go up against the whole world: those with superpowers like psychic powers or the hero type that has immunity or raw physical abilities.

Well, this list will show you how anime characters can simply be far too strong for their own good.

23. Isaac Netero

op anime characers

Netero the old man is one of the best Op anime characters of all time, He is the former head of the Hunter Association, and died in a climactic battle with the Chimera Ant King Meruem, the apex of evolution. Although the average player is much more powerful than the average Hunter X Hunter character, Isaac is an outlier who can beat so many powerful anime characters at his own game.

Meruem can summon a giant karate god to kill his opponents with thousands of different attacks. Isaac is also much wiser and craftier, not to mention physically tougher despite inadvertently training for more than a decade in order to throw ten thousand punches in an instant during a training pilgrimage that was supposed to be to end his life.

22. Izayoi Sakamaki

op mc

Izayoi, the op main character of the Anime “Problem Children Are Coming From Another World”, spends a lot of time resisting the need to use his full strength. When he was younger, he was always threatened to go on a spree if he didn’t get what he wanted, it was normally simply to be on the same level as him.

This may have been dismissed as a bluff by a loud-mouthed man, but in one episode, he punched away a string of typhoons before knocking out a god in a second punch with no real effort.

21. Tetsuo Shima


In the anime film Akira, Tetsuo Shima is among the best characters with psychic powers and unrivaled abilities who almost destroys the whole universe. He awakens his quickly developing powers after almost dying in a motorcycle crash and starts to exact his revenge on a harsh society that has no room for a wretched orphan like him.

By the end of the film, Tetsuo is capable of destroying and constructing whole worlds with his uncontrollable psychic forces. Tetsuo’s skills placed him in a league of his own in combat.

20. Hajime Nagumo

overpowered anime character

Hajime, like Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero, was dismissed as an inept fool who couldn’t do anything. Hajime is among the best anti-hero anime characters, who worked hard to become an op badass person independent despite being mocked for being frail.

The only difference between them is Hajime’s sadistic personality, which he uses to battle his rivals with his mutation and strength abilities. He can also cause organ damage without even trying, which is very impressive.

19. Jotaro Kujo

jojo bizzare

Jotaro Kujo, the third-op main character in the long-running JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime and manga, can easily beat any other character by using his Star Platinum Stand ability.

Stands are embodiments of the soul in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that enable an individual to perform a special paranormal power. Jotaro’s Star Platinum helps him to delay time for several seconds before unleashing a barrage of super-destructive punches in both suspended and flowing time.

Any other character has no means of defending himself against an enemy who can halt time, and even if he did, the remarkably quick-witted Jotaro would quickly devise a counter-strategy. Jotaro Kujo is one of the most overpowered coolest anime characters ever.

18. Koro Sensei

koro sensei

Imagine being so overpowered that you develop an entire class teaching people how to murder you. I mean, he basically teaches them everything. Because even his guardian abilities are powerful. But the main purpose is to get rid of him.

He provides advice, corrects form, and points out his weaknesses, and yet mankind as a whole can’t seem to deal with this individual.I mean, he’s the most endearing yellow blob I’ve ever seen. So, honestly, why would you want to… however my point is still valid.

17. Senkuu Ishigami

anime overpowered characters

Strength does not have to be gained by brute force in order to be deemed among the best “overpowered anime characters,” as Senkuu is a one-op brainiac. Senkuu starts to rebuild humanity and create his own after waking up in a “stone world,” as he refers to it.

He also counted the days in his mind that he was trapped like a stone so he wouldn’t forget what year it was. It’s almost a wonder he’s still alive, while his followers think he’s insane for wanting to return civilization to how everything used to be before something went horribly wrong.

16. Ban

op animesAfter drinking from the Fountain of Youth in the Fairy King’s Forrest. The Fox Sin of Greed Ban becomes an invincible, immortal, and overpowered anime character.

Ban almost dies in about every manner possible in The Seven Deadly Sins anime series and is sure to perish in still more horrifying forms as the series progresses, but still regenerates with minimal effort.

In The Anime, Although our Op Ban may not be able to inflict much harm on many characters, the damage inflicted by the eternal can only compound as Ban easily cures even the most fatal of injuries. Any fight between the overpowered Ban and any other character will finally result in the immortal’s triumph, even though it took a lifetime.

15. Alucardhellsing ultimate - alucard

The overwhelming majority of the time, vampires are far and away from the safe bet in a war between vampires and ninjas, and this match is no different. By the start of the  Anime Hellsing Ultimate, Alucard, also known as Dracula, is among the most functionally invincible op anime vampire characters, and at the end, he will blink in and out of reality anytime he wants.

Furthermore, he has armies of demonic beings ready to battle any living being on his behalf. Alucard can quickly overpower, and potentially eat, the orange ninja with his vampiric abilities and penchant for giant weapons.

14. Guts

guts berserk

Guts, the black swordsman, is physically smaller than many other anime characters, but he is much more mentally powerful and op. He has been through nearly every bad thing that may happen to a human in Berserk’s dark fantasy world, and he has dedicated his life to slaying the demons responsible for some of the most heinous of those horrors.

Guts are also grieving the loss of all of his loved ones as a result of Griffith’s deception, while others merely discovered his own self-worth over the course of his character arc. Guts is an emotionally better person than any other mc in about any way, and his Dragonslayer blade will potentially do a lot of harm to the ninja.

13. Zeref

anime overpowered characters

Throughout the anime series, Zeref is among the coolest and most powerful characters and is recognized as the deadliest and most foul black strong mage to have ever graced the lands of Fiore. He has summoned numerous demons to raze the lands of innocent people and is almost invincible to any sorcerer who dares to challenge him. There is also the normal bundle of immortality and rebirth.

His greatest strength is his death magic, which is so strong and amazing that he has trouble managing it. When used, it has the ability to immediately destroy any living being in its vicinity, regardless of any protections put up by combatants. Very few can counteract this magic, and as a result, very little can deter him.

12. Bam

manhwa tower of god

Bam meets Rachel and wishes nothing more than to always be by her side, despite having no memory of who he is. But her only ambition is to ascend the tower and reach the top, where she will be able to fulfill all of her greatest desires. After she abandons Bam to ascend the tower, he unknowingly opens a path to the tower in order to pursue her.

People who are not welcomed into the tower but open the door on their own are referred to as irregulars. These outlaws are considered to wield enormous strength. As the anime progress, It doesn’t take long for one of these irregular characters to realize how strong and overpowered Bam is.

11. Marshal D. Teach

one piece

Devil Fruits are only available once. The user can obtain power after consuming Devil Fruit, but they will not be able to get rid of it or became able to swim or survive in water.

So, in one piece anime, there is Luffy who is stuck with something ridiculous, like being made of rubber, he and all the other op characters will just have to improvise.

So, what is it about Marshal, or Blackbeard, that makes him so op and so terrifying? He has absorbed the Yami Yami no Mi, transforming him into a user of darkness.

He has all of the powers associated with being a user of darkness, but he also possesses the power to snatch the skills of other Devil Fruit users. This means he can amass powers and theoretically have an infinite amount of Devil Fruit talents.

10. Rimuru Tempest

anime op characters

Rimuru Tempest begins The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime with the power to swallow anything, so the first thing he consumes is a huge dragon’s scattered mystical energy—and later, the dragon itself.

This transforms him into a world-class warrior, and the character only becomes stronger with each battle he is thrown into. There are only a few more op characters in the anime, and Rimuru has already exceeded them in the light novels.

Meanwhile, he can improve people’s mystical powers simply by assigning them a name — and he carries not only a dragon but also an ancient summon inside him.

9. Shuuichi Kagaya

best animes

Shuuichi Kagaya is a typical high school grad. Good grades, athletic ability, and lack of social awkwardness. The only thing that distinguishes him from the other students is that he transforms into a massive mascot-like ogre. He has increased his physical strength and sense of smell in this form. This does not seem to be much, but in this form, he is virtually untouchable.

To supplement his ability, anyone with similar objectives will climb into the mascot and fuse with him to become even more strong. While Shuuichi is physically and mentally incredibly strong, he is extremely depressed as a result of his struggles to maintain human morality despite becoming a monster.

8. Sora and Shiro

no game no life

In the world of No Game No Life, Sora and Shiro are the anime’s main characters who are far too overpowered.

They were so dominant that they were confronted by the king of the world and still managed to maintain their unblemished record. Anything in the world of Disboard is determined by someone’s talent with sports.

These two op anime characters are also mega-geniuses who are barely challenged, except by beings with centuries more skill at playing games than they do. And after being taken to another planet where they must fight God, they never give up and defeat them as easily as if they were humans.

7. Shigeo Kageyama

anime with op main character

Shigeo Kageyama, often known as White T-Poison or Mob, is the op main character of the webcomic, manga, and anime series Mob Psycho 100. He is a powerful esper with tremendous capabilities, Arataka Reigen’s helper and disciple, and the newest member of the Body Improvement Club. He was also Arataka Reigen’s former assistant and protégé.

In the Japanese version, he was portrayed by Setsuo It, while in the English dubbed version, he was played by Kyle McCarley. Mob realized from a young age that his abilities were far too powerful to be left unrestrained and that doing so would endanger others.

As a result, he has determined to keep his emotions under check in order to avoid hurting others. He uses this to keep his powers from reaching 100 percent, however, it is shown that he can regulate his emotions in some circumstances even when his capabilities are at 100 percent. Because of his ability to manage his emotions, he is socially uncomfortable and lacks friends.

Despite his social awkwardness, Mob is a nice and sympathetic child who is also incredibly helpful and forgiving and will assist others whenever possible.

6. Satoru Gojou

anime overpowered characters

Satoru Gojo is among the most powerful anime characters of all time. In the series, he is portrayed as a teacher at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College and is an Overpowered special-grade jujutsu sorcerer.

Satoru Gojo is a tall man who towers above his students and is seen as quite beautiful by many. Gojo has white hair that is frequently spiked high, although he lets it down when he is dressed more casually. Gojo has dazzling blue eyes that are generally hidden under his distinctive black blindfold or dark shades.

Gojo works in an all-black high-necked jacket, matching slacks, and dark dress boots. Gojo has previously worn bandages over his eyes instead of his regular blindfold.

5. Tatsuya Shiba

anime op characters

Behold one of the most op badass anime main characters of all time, Shiba Tatsuya is an overpowered first-year student in the First High School’s Course 2. He is the eldest son of the president of Four Leaves Technology (FLT), a member of the Yotsuba dynasty. Shiba Miyuki is his only sibling. Because he was born in April and Miyuki was born in March, they are both in the same school year in Japan.

Miyuki ranks first among freshmen, but Tatsuya ranks towards the bottom in the technical skills section. The pupils at the school are divided into two groups: those who scored well, known as flowers, and those who scored poor, known as weeds. Except for his sister and pals, Tatsuya looks to have a rather frigid attitude.

4. Goku

dragon ball

While not every version of Goku could beat other op anime characters, after the Saiyan’s second resurrection in the Majin Buu saga, Goku could comfortably defeat almost all of them (except a few of course).

Once he achieves the Super Saiyan 3 transition, Goku has the primitive, explosive ability to obliterate whole worlds on the spur of the moment.

This level of devastation is never reached by any overpowered anime characters, let alone its main protagonist. Sure, raw destructive force isn’t all in a battle, but when Goku manages the divine speed and accuracy of the Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct transformations, there’s no matching the two characters’ powers.

3. Saiki Kusuo

saiki kusuo

Kusuo Saiki, the primary anime main character of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., is so op and possesses a wide range of psychic skills. He normally attempts to stay out of problematic situations. His distinctive look includes green-tinted glasses and two pink antennae situated just above each ear, which serve to restrict his strength.

He was always seen alone at first, but as the novel unfolds, our overpowered mc is finally getting along with his classmates, particularly characters like Riki Nendou and Shun Kaidou. Kento Yamazaki played Kusuo in the live-action film based on the series.

2. Saitama

one punch man

The titular one-punch guy, Saitama, is so-called because of his ability to obliterate seemingly any adversary with a single blow. Although this setup results in some of the finest action scenes in anime history, it also leaves Saitama with existential fear.

Saitama is an ordinary-looking bald man of normal height and weight, with a slim yet well-built physique. He used to have a full head of short black hair, but it was lost due to the rigors of his hero training routine. Saitama is one of the most op anime main leads of all time

This op anime main character is frequently depicted in a simpler manner than the other overpowered anime characters, akin to the original webcomic, with an elliptical head and minimal facial characteristics. Saitama is shown to have sharp facial features, scary eyes, and a sculpted physique when drawn in a more serious way. When he’s relaxed, he has a loose posture and sloping shoulders, and when he’s serious, he has a straightened posture and squared shoulders.

1. Beerus

anime overpowered main characters

Beerus is known as the God of Destruction, That’s it. He is an op deity in every sense of the word, On this overpowered anime characters list, we’ve got villains who aspired to godhood, and some who even achieved a semblance of temporal godhood, granting them a great deal of power.

Beerus, on the other hand, is a real-life deity that has lived from the beginning of time. he rated among the best op anime characters in anime history

When partnered against Goku in a contest, he easily defeats him while looking bored. And when he was defeated, Goku was in Super Saiyan God mode. This clearly shows that his power rating is not only above 9000, but it is also potentially difficult to calculate.


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