37 Iconic Anime Mothers Who Touch Our Hearts with Love

best anime moms

Today, we will make a list of some of the most supportive and greatest anime mothers in history, from Kushina Uzumaki to Reiko Tamura, this list of fictional Mothers is the epitome of love, care, and sacrifice.

In the world of anime, we have seen many mothers who have played a vital role in shaping the characters we adore. You will stumble upon some moms who sacrificed their lives for their children, while others are always there to support their beloved little ones, which made all of these anime mothers favored for a long time by all fans.

In this article, we will be counting down the top anime mom characters who have nurtured our hearts with their love, care, and selflessness.

So, without further ado, let’s appreciate take a look a the 37 amazing mothers in anime who have given their children some of the most heartwarming moments in history.

37. Nana Sawada

best anime moms of all time

Kicking off the list with Nana Sawada from the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series, a loving wife and mother who always welcomes new people into her home. Despite her warm nature, she has little faith in her son’s future success. Nana is completely unaware of her husband and son’s involvement in the mafia, which frustrates her.

36. Yoshie Hanabatake

yoshiko from aho girl

Yoshie Hanabatake is Yoshiko’s perverted mother in the Aho Girl anime series. She wants her daughter to be normal or find a husband so she can retire.

Yoshie has average looks but is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can tell a woman’s intentions by looking at her panties. She is devious and wants to be free of her idiot daughter by setting her up with Akuru.

Yoshie is willing to use immoral methods, like drugging Akuru, to ensure he’ll marry Yoshiko in the future. She encouraged her daughter to do the same, showing just how far her depravity goes. Yoshie is just as dirty-minded as Yoshiko.

35. Maquia

maquia anime

Maquia, from Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, is a shy and emotional young girl with blonde hair and red eyes.

She becomes Ariel’s mother after her home is destroyed in an attack by the Mezarte Kingdom, genuinely loving him from the moment she holds him. Despite her doubts, she tries her best to be strong for him and supports him even as he grows distant from her.

During her years in captivity, the thought of Ariel is enough to keep her going. She is overjoyed at the birth of his daughter, Millia, and shares a heartfelt conversation with him before leaving.

Decades later, she visits Ariel one final time and cries at his death, recalling all the moments she spent with him. Even with the pain of loss, she affirms that she is happy to have been Ariel’s mother.

34. Yuriko Hori

yuriko hori

Yuriko Hori, a character from the Horimiya anime and manga, is the devoted wife of Kyousuke Hori and a loving mother to Kyouko and Souta Hori.

With her stunning looks, brown hair, and olive eyes, she is admired for her gentle and caring nature. However, when it comes to cooking, Yuriko can be quite lazy.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Yuriko had a serious side during her high school days, showing that she was not one to be underestimated despite her calm demeanor.

Overall, Yuriko is a devoted wife and mother who exudes both beauty and strength in her character.

33. Acier Silva 

acier silva from black clover

Acier Silva is a silver-haired anime mother from the Black Clover series, known for her lavender eyes and noble status as a member of the House Silva, a royal family in the Clover Kingdom.

She was a former captain of the Magic Knights’ Silver Eagle squad. Unfortunately, Acier passes away after giving birth to her daughter Noelle Silva, a victim of Megicula’s curse.

In spite of her tragic fate, Acier is remembered as a courageous woman who fought fiercely for the life of a child held hostage. Her interactions with her son Nozel in the past also reveal her kind and compassionate nature.

32. Clara Magnolia

clara magnolia

Clara Magnolia is a character in the anime series, Violet Evergarden. She is the mother of Ann, a girl with a terminal illness who knows her time is limited.

Fearing that her daughter will be alone after her death, Clara asks Violet to write fifty letters for Ann, to be sent to her on her birthday for the next fifty years.

Clara is known for her beauty, with light brown eyes and a slender figure. She has an old-fashioned taste in things and even as she ages, she retains some of the charms of a young lady.

31. Kazue Sonokawa

craziest anime moms

Continuing our list of the best anime mom characters with Kazue Sonokawa, a supporting figure in the Sabagebu! series. She’s the mother of Momoka Sonokawa, who has some questionable interests.

Kazue is known for having an unusual taste, enjoying people who have a hint of madness, cute girls who seem to have a hidden dark side, and clever creatures who hide their sharpness behind stuffed animal-like appearances.

She’s also skilled at using model guns, and is one of the few people who can outplay her daughter Momoka in this regard.

30. Mio

mio from dororo

From Dororo comes Mio, a young girl who had a heart full of compassion for the orphans living with her in an abandoned temple.

With the war taking the lives of their parents, she had to take the lead to provide food for the children by serving both warring clans as a prostitute at night. Hyakkimaru, who was in search of his body parts, fell in love with her.

Sadly, Mio’s life was cut short by troops sent by Hyakkimaru’s father, who suspected her of being an enemy spy. Mio was a selfless person who prioritized the welfare of others, particularly the orphans who looked up to her as a mother figure.

Though her job was tough, she never gave up and continued to work hard to provide for the children.

29. Tamura Ryoko

tamura ryoko

Reiko Tamura is a character from the Parasyte series. She is one of Shinichi Izumi’s teachers and a parasite. While typically emotionless like other parasites, Reiko became maternal after giving birth to her son and ultimately gave her life to save him.

Her actions have a significant impact on the plot. At first, she was indifferent towards her child, even considering eating him or using him for experiments.

However, after raising him, she began to develop human emotions such as love and laughter. Despite her newfound emotions, Reiko retained a mischievous side, often causing chaos for humans.

She sacrificed herself to protect her son from a barrage of bullets fired by the police. In her final moments, she revealed that she believed humans and parasites were the same and enjoyed her time living as a human.

28. Tsuki Uzaki

tsuki uzaki

Tsuki Uzaki is a caring and sexy mother to her daughter Hana, who is the main character of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Unlike Hana, Tsuki has a gentle demeanor and finds Sakurai, the male protagonist, a bit intimidating at first.

Throughout the series, her perception of Sakurai changes but her initial impression of him remains the same. Tsuki is quite overprotective of her daughter and becomes worried when Hana stays at Sakurai’s house.

She has a tendency to give harsh or cynical comments about other people, but at the same time, she does her best to take care of her children. Despite having an active imagination and experiencing many misunderstandings, Tsuki always prioritizes her family’s well-being.

27. Isabella 

isabella mama

Isabella, or Mama as she’s known to the children of Grace Field House Plant 3, is a complex character in The Promised Neverland.

At first, she appeared to be a loving and caring mother to the orphans, but as the story unfolds, her true nature is revealed. Isabella is detached from the children’s tragic fate, showing a twisted side to her personality.

Putting her villainous actions aside, there is also a sense of redemption for Isabella. After Emma, Ray, and thirteen other orphans managed to escape, Isabella accepted her defeat and bid them farewell. However, her story doesn’t end there.

Even though she let fifteen children escape, Isabella was promoted to the Grandmother of Grace Field. But, with a plan to betray Peter Ratri from the very beginning, Isabella had a secret hope that her children would return and she could help them once more.

26. Emi Handa 

emi handa barakamon

Emi Handa is a character in the anime series Barakamon. She is the wife of Seimei Handa and the mother of Seishuu Handa, a calligrapher.

In addition to being a beautiful and youthful-looking woman, Emi has a fiery personality and is quite impulsive and emotional. She is devoted to her son and tends to be overbearing and overprotective of him.

When upset, she has a tendency to cry easily, similar to Hina Kubota, and can become violent, resorting to punching people who have angered her.

Her husband has learned to dodge her punches but occasionally lets her vent on him if he knows he’s the source of her stress. Although Emi’s punches don’t seem to be very strong, they still show her fierce and protective nature.

25. Mamako Oosuki

lovely moms in anime

Mamako Oosuki is the main character in the Okaasan Online anime and manga series. Together with her son, Masato Oosuki, she is a beta tester in the MMORPG.

Mamako is a devoted beautiful mother to Masato, showering him with love and attention, even to the point of irritating him. She wields two powerful swords and treats the other members of their party like her own children.

Mamako is known for her kindness, affectionate nature, and motherly instincts. However, she can be quite naive and scatterbrained at times due to her trusting personality.

Nonetheless, she has a strong sense of justice and can be quite firm and resolute when necessary. When upset or angry, she expresses her emotions openly and is not afraid to show her stern side.

24. Sachiko Fujinuma

anime moms

Sachiko Fujinuma is an interestting character from the anime series Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, where she plays the role of Satoru’s mother and a former reporter.

Sachiko possesses a remarkable level of perceptiveness, which often leads her son to joke about her being a witch. Her upfront and honest personality can make her appear cold or self-centered at first, but she is actually very empathetic and always willing to help those in need.

Sachiko’s love for her son is unwavering, and she is a warm and loving mother figure, especially during Satoru’s early years.

Aside from being an excellent cook, Sachiko is also welcoming to Satoru’s friends and genuinely wants her son to lead a happy life and become a good person. Her kind-hearted nature and dedication to her family make her one of the most beloved anime mothers of all time.

23. Delia Ketchum

delia ketchum

Delia Ketchum is a beloved female character from the Pokémon anime series, and she serves as the mother figure for the series’ protagonist, Ash Ketchum.

Delia is a kind and nurturing woman, always there to offer her support and encouragement to her son. This woman is very perceptive, and able to understand her son’s emotions even when he tries to hide them.

She is also very supportive of Ash’s dream to become a Pokémon Master, and she encourages him every step of the way. Delia has a very warm and welcoming personality, and she is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

22. Tamako Yukihira 


Tamako Yukihira was a beloved character in the Shokugeki no Soma anime and manga series. She was the wife of Joichiro Yukihira and the mother of Soma Yukihira. T

amako was known for her cheerful and optimistic personality, which made her quite popular with everyone she met. Even though she was a terrible cook, she never let her failures bring her down and always tried to learn from her mistakes.

Both Joichiro and Soma greatly admired this trait about her, with Jōichirō being particularly impressed by her ability to come up with ideas that he could not fathom.

Even though her lack of cooking skills, Tamako was a loving and supportive wife and mother who was always there for her family. Her memory continues to inspire Soma as he pursues his dream of becoming a great chef.

21. Chi Chi 

popular anime moms

Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball series is a well-known female character and is widely known as one of the best anime mothers of all time.

She comes from Fire Mountain and is the daughter of the Ox King. Later, she becomes the wife of Goku and a loving mother to their two sons, Gohan and Goten.

Initially, Chi-Chi was a shy and timid girl, but as she grows older, she develops a tough and fierce personality. Her tomboyish nature sometimes leads to angry outbursts, but she has always shown her love and devotion toward Goku and their children.

She is known for being tough, but Chi-Chi has a soft side and is a very caring and nurturing mother who wants the best for her children.

20. Rei Todoroki

rei todoroki

Rei Todoroki is a beloved character from the popular anime series, Boku no Hero Academia. She is the wife of Enji Todoroki and the caring mother of their four children: Toya, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shoto Todoroki.

Regardless of her kind and loving nature, Rei’s life has been marked by tragedy and turmoil. She was devastated by the loss of her son Toya, who was consumed by his desire to become a hero and gain his father’s approval.

Meanwhile, her husband’s cruel training methods took a toll on her youngest son Shoto. Though she tried to protect him, she eventually suffered a mental breakdown and burned Shoto with boiling water.

After being hospitalized for her mental instability, Rei eventually recovers and reconnects with her family. She forgives her husband for his role in their family’s dark legacy and works with him to address the situation with their son Toya, who has become a mass murderer.

Through it all, Rei remains strong-willed and compassionate, determined to help her family heal and move forward from their painful past. Her story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of forgiveness.

19. Fumio Usui

cute anime mothers

Fumio Usui is a character in Chibi Vampire who plays a supporting role. She is the cute mother of Kenta Usui and has a melancholic personality.

Unfortunately, Fumio struggles to hold down a job due to being usually harassed by her male co-workers, resulting in her getting fired from various jobs. Anju Maaka suspects that Fumio’s strong pheromones may be the cause of her attracting unwanted attention from men.

18. Tomoko Higashikata

sweet anime moms

Tomoko Higashikata is a character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s fourth part, Diamond is Unbreakable. She is the mother of Josuke Higashikata and the daughter of Ryohei Higashikata.

Tomoko is a single mother who works as a teacher. She has a strong personality and doesn’t appreciate men who hit on her, as she still loves Joseph.

She is easily annoyed, but she can also be quite perceptive, as shown when she noticed that the seal on the milk Angelo had given her was broken. In spite of her sharp tongue, Tomoko is mostly a kind person, especially to her family and friends.

17. Sanae Furukawa


In the Clannad anime series, Sanae is the mom of Nagisa. Aside from her usually childlike and sensitive nature, she can also display a strong will and be relied upon when necessary.

Together with her husband Akio, she runs the Furukawa Bakery where she often experiments with unconventional bread recipes that never seem to sell.

When not baking, Sanae tutors children and takes pride in the fact that her youthful appearance often causes people to mistake her for Nagisa’s older sister.

Her love and dedication to her family make her one of the most beloved anime mothers in history, and a role model for children everywhere.

16. Kyoko Honda

kyoko honda

Kyoko Honda, the late mother of Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket, had a tumultuous past as a troubled teenager and gang leader known as “The Red Butterfly”. However, after meeting Katsuya Honda, the love of her life, they worked together to leave behind their difficult pasts.

After Katsuya’s passing, Kyoko devoted herself to raising their daughter, Tohru, instilling in her valuable life lessons and shaping her character.

Kyoko’s untimely death in a car accident deeply affected Tohru, who cherishes her mother’s memory and often quotes her wise words. Although her absence, Kyoko’s influence remains a significant presence in Tohru’s life and the series as a whole.

15. Curly Dadan 

dadan from one piece

Curly Dadan is a formidable female character in the One Piece universe. She is a trusted friend of Monkey D. Garp and has taken on the role of foster mother to both Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy.

Garp entrusted her with the care of Ace right after his birth and later left Luffy under her care as well. Dadan is the leader of the notorious Dadan Family, a group of mountain bandits that reside on Mt. Colubo near Foosha Village.

Despite being a wanted criminal, Dadan is respected by her peers and feared by her enemies. Her toughness and no-nonsense attitude are the traits that make her a powerful woman to be respected. She also took Sabo under her wing and raised him alongside Ace and Luffy.

14. Fueguchi Ryouko

greatest anime mothers

Ryouko Fueguchi, a character in the Tokyo Ghoul series, was married to Asaki Fueguchi and was the mother of the cute girl Hinami Fueguchi, who was considered suspect Number 73 by the CCG.

Even while being a ghoul, Ryouko was a gentle woman who was not fond of hunting or killing people. Her love for her husband was evident as she always stood by him, even when others criticized his shady past.

Moreover, her affection for her daughter was so strong that she advised Hinami to flee so that she could fight against Kureo Mado, who ultimately killed her. She had always relied on her husband for the protection of the family and when he died, she has left mourning.

In fact, she even apologized to Hinami for putting a burden on her husband and for endangering her life. To start anew, Ryouko decided to leave Anteiku. Just before her death, her only wish was for Hinami to live.

13. Leonora Nakiri

leonara nakiri

Leonora Nakiri is one of the most stunning anime mothers, and she appears in the popular show Food Wars. Leonora is the wife of Sōe Nakiri, the Research Division Head of Nakiri International, and the mother of Alice Nakiri.

She’s not only beautiful but also an incredibly intelligent woman who is a kind and loving mother. Leonora and Alice have a great relationship, and she’s always patient and nurturing with her daughter, as evidenced by the nine-hour phone conversation they had after Alice’s quarterfinal match with Sōma Yukihira.

However, Leonora’s passion for cooking is no joke, and she shares the Nakiri family’s intensity for the culinary industry. When expressing her hopes for Sōma not to disappoint her, she exudes a serious aura that can be felt by everyone in the audience.

Leonora shares a similar “disrobing” experience when eating an exquisite dish, much like her father-in-law. Although her Japanese isn’t perfect, it’s endearing when she speaks it in broken phrases, and she usually strips her language skills to express herself better.

12. Carla Yeager

top anime moms

In Attack On Titan, Carla Yeager was a former waitress in Shiganshina District before becoming a wife and mother. She was the mother of Eren Yeager and the second wife of Doctor Grisha Yeager.

By having a kind and gentle nature, Carla is usually willful and expresses her concern for the safety of her loved ones. This was particularly evident in her interactions with Eren, whom she forbade from joining the Survey Corps due to the dangers it posed. Carla believed that life was special in and of itself, unlike Shadis who valued acknowledgment from others.

Carla was fiercely protective of her family, often putting their needs before her own. She cared for her sick parents and was willing to sacrifice herself to save her children from danger.

However, when Eren and Mikasa left her side to attempt a rescue from a Titan, Carla couldn’t help but express her fear of being left alone to die. She wept until her untimely death.

11. Sora Vinsmoke

sanj's mom

Vinsmoke Sora was the matriarch of the Germa Kingdom, and she played a vital role in shaping the characters of her five children, including Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, Sanji, and Yonji.

Although Sora is not alive during Sanji’s adulthood, her influence is still felt by her children, especially Sanji.

Sora was known for her incredible kindness and maternal instincts. She fiercely loved and protected her children, insisting that they should not be turned into cold-blooded killers by their father’s experiments.

Despite Judge’s objections, Sora believed that her children deserved to experience human emotions like love and empathy. This belief was especially important to her when it came to Reiju and Sanji, whom she saw as particularly compassionate and empathetic.

She is considered one of the top anime mothers because although Sora may not have been physically present in Sanji’s life during his adulthood, her values and teachings shaped him into the kind and empathetic person he is today.

10. Bulma

bulma brief

Bulma Brief is one of the greatest mothers in the anime world. She is the wife of Vegeta and the mother of Trunks and Bulla. Although Bulma is a genius inventor and often busy with her work, but she still a loving and devoted mother who always puts her family first.

She has a close relationship with her children and is willing to do anything to protect them, even risking her life during battles.  She is also fiercely independent and strong-willed, which has been a positive influence on her children, especially Trunks, who has inherited her intelligence and determination.

She is known for her quick thinking and resourcefulness, often using her inventions to help her family and friends in their battles against powerful foes. Overall, Bulma is an exceptional mother who has raised two incredible children and contributed greatly to the Dragon Ball series.

9. Trisha Elric

trisha elric

Trisha Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist was the beloved common-law wife of Van Hohenheim and the devoted mother of Edward and Alphonse Elric. She is so pretty with beautiful chestnut-brown hair and striking green eyes.

Trisha was a kind and affectionate person, deeply caring for her family and their well-being. Her love for her sons and husband was unconditional, and they all cherished her dearly.

Although Trisha is no longer with them, she is still remembered fondly by her loved ones, especially Hohenheim, who has never forgotten her even after all these years.

8. Irisviel von Einzbern

good anime mom

Irisviel von Einzbern is a character from the Fate Series who possesses the qualities of a caring mother figure. As a homunculus, she has a unique perspective on family and love.

Her bond with her daughter Illyasviel von Einzbern is particularly touching, as Irisviel considers Illya to be her own daughter despite not being biologically related. When Illya introduces Irisviel to Shirou, her husband’s son, Irisviel takes on a motherly role and lectures him about the importance of brotherhood.

One of the most heartwarming scenes featuring Irisviel occurs when Archer and Avenger, both of whom have a connection to her, visit the Emiya residence. Irisviel recognizes Avenger and calls him Angra Mainyu, revealing that he is her son in this world.

Regardless of not having seen each other in his current state, Angra Mainyu is happy to see his mother again. Irisviel’s unwavering love and support for her children, both biological and adopted, make her an inspiring and beloved character in the Fate series.

7. Bell-mere From One Piece


Bell-mère is a beloved anime foster mother who left a lasting impact on all One Piece fans. A former Marine and adoptive mother of Nami and Nojiko, she is introduced in a flashback during the Arlong Park Arc.

In spite of her rebellious youth, Bell-mère’s decision to join the Marines showed her strong sense of responsibility and love for her community. Her adoption of Nami and Nojiko caused some concern among the villagers due to her past, but she proved to be a capable and loving mother to the girls for nearly a decade.

As a Marine, Bell-mère was known for her confidence and reliability. Her determination to stop Shiki from attacking the East Blue showcased her bravery and loyalty.

Upon returning to Cocoyasi, she displayed her mischievous nature and impulsiveness, offering to pay for Nami’s thefts with her body and hitting Nami for questioning Nojiko’s sisterhood. Despite these flaws, she recognized Nojiko’s maturity and deeply loved her daughters.

6. Masaki Kurosaki

mothers in anime

Masaki Kurosaki is a beloved anime mother who has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. As an Echt Quincy, she lived a life full of challenges and hardships.

After an unfortunate incident with a Hollow, she found herself living with Isshin Kurosaki, whom she eventually fell in love with and married. Together, they raised their three children, Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu.

Although being the last surviving member of her family, Masaki was known for her loving and caring nature towards her family. Her family described her as a kind and gentle mother who did everything she could for her loved ones.

She believed in putting others before herself and never let any family customs stand in the way of helping those in need.

5. Hana 

moms in anime

Hana, the main protagonist in the heartwarming anime movie Wolf Children, is a single mum who raised her two children, Ame and Yuki, all by herself. She met her lover, the Wolf Man, during her university days, but unfortunately became a widow after his untimely death.

Following the death of her father, Hana started living alone in the city while continuing her university education and working part-time, although it is unclear when this occurred.

While studying, Hana met the Wolf Man and they began their romantic relationship. After moving to the countryside to raise her children, Hana took a job as a nature conservationist.

She worked hard to provide for her family and instilled important values in her children, teaching them to embrace their dual heritage and follow their own paths in life. Even with the challenges that came with raising wolf children, Hana remained a dedicated and loving mother until the end.

4. Android 18

android 18

Android 18, one of the iconic characters from the Dragon Ball series, is a strong addition to this list of the most iconic anime mothers in history. She was originally known as Lazuli, a regular human, and was designed by Dr. Gero as his eighteenth android creation to assist in his plans to take down Goku.

Even though her initial obedience to Gero’s plans, her inquisitiveness towards activating Android 16 caused her twin brother, Android 17, to rise against Gero and put an end to his evil plans.

After joining the Z Fighters, Android 18’s life takes a turn for the better as she marries Krillin, one of the most beloved characters in the series, and becomes the doting mother of their daughter Marron.

Her transformation from a ruthless android to a loving wife and mother is one of the most heartwarming character arcs in the entire Dragon Ball series.

3. Hinata Hyuga

hinata hyuga as a mom

Hinata Hyuga, who was initially introduced as Naruto’s love interest in the earlier seasons of the Naruto anime series, has now become his wife and the mother of their children in Boruto.

However, Hinata’s kind and gentle nature didn’t always make her a natural fit for the role of a ninja. In fact, it often hindered her decision-making abilities in tough battles.

Despite this, Hinata seems to have found her true calling in Boruto, where she can focus on caring for her beloved family. She’s always striving to be the perfect wife and mother, going above and beyond to take care of her loved ones.

While her friends are also good wives and mothers, Hinata stands out by putting her heart and soul into her family. She never hesitates to be there for both of her children and does everything in her power to be the best mother she can be.

2. Midoriya Inko

best anime mothers

Inko Midoriya from the My Hero Academia anime series is not just a supportive mother, but also a kind-hearted woman who cares deeply for her son Izuku. Regardless of his lack of Quirk, Inko never failed to show her love and support towards him.

However, when Izuku gained a Quirk and was accepted into U.A. High School, Inko felt guilty for doubting his aspirations and handmade a hero suit for him as an apology. She was proud of his feats in the U.A. Sports Festival and showed her support by being protective of him.

Inko shares many personality traits with her son, such as excessive crying and panicking easily. She was unwilling to let him be relocated to U.A.’s dormitories, worried about his Quirk that damages him, and concerned about his dream after witnessing All Might’s battle.

However, she comes around after All Might apologize for his negligence and vows to support Izuku as his teacher. Inko may have doubts and concerns, but she always puts her son’s well-being first and wants the best for him. She’s a caring mother who shows her love and support to her son in her own way.

1. Kushina Uzumaki

best anime moms

Kushina Uzumaki is undoubtedly one of the best anime moms in history. Her beauty and unique ninjutsu style made her renowned, including the fūinjutsu of her clan.

Kushina was excited about her husband’s reign as Fourth Hokage and was guarded by Minato’s top student, Kakashi Hatake, during her ten-month pregnancy.

She even named her unborn child Naruto, after the main character of Jiraiya’s first book, and approved of Jiraiya being Naruto’s godfather. Kushina hoped that Naruto and her friend Mikoto Uchiha’s youngest son, Sasuke, would become friends in the future.

Even when being weakened after the Nine-Tails was extracted from her body, Kushina volunteered to have it sealed back into her body to die with her, willing to sacrifice herself for Minato and Naruto.

Minato suggested using the Dead Demon Consuming Seal on the Nine-Tails and sealing it into Naruto instead, and both Kushina and Minato used their bodies to shield him from the demon. Kushina’s final act was giving Naruto her best advice for the future and filling him with as much of her love as possible.


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