Here are The 24 Cutest Anime Girl with Pink Hair


The 24 Anime Girl with Pink Hair

One of the most important aspect of Anime is that we can differs from characters by their hair’s colors!

at first it was strange and unusual to see blue, pink, or green hair! but now it became a trending fashion around the world.

In Bakabuzz we have already covered anime girl characters with multiple hair colors. So in this post we are continuing our series by showcasing the 24 cutest anime girls with pink or purple hair.

here we go!


24. Saya Takagi Highschool of the Dead


Saya is a Gorgeous, beautiful pink haired anime girl, who is a genius, stubborn, and very arrogant. in the anime, She is a character that stays out of troubles and fighting and prefers think about strategies.


23. Momo Belia Deviluke – To LOVE-Ru


Momo is another beautiful girl coming from the anime to love ru, she is the “Third Princess of Deviluke”, and she got amazing purple eyes and  short pink hair.

Her Personality can be seen as sweet, cute, and kindhearted, but in reality she is a pervert inside.


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22. Yachiru Kusajishi – Bleach


Although she seems like a child this cute pink haired anime girl is the lieutenant of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13, she is always accompanying her captain kenpachi zaraki.

I really like her childish tempers, and the blush on her cheeks, Yachiru is usually energetic, cheerful, carefree, and always fixed onto the back of her captain.


21. Jibril – no Game no Life


Jibril possess pinky pretty eyes, and long pink hair that reach down to her knees, in the anime she is the youngest of the Flugel race

Her Personality shows us that she is a soft spoken and polite girl, but when offended, she can also be incredibly condescending to other races.


20. Reiju Vinsmoke – One Piece


Reiju is Sanj’s Sister, descendant of the Vinsmoke Family, and she is the princess of the Germa Kingdom and a commander in its military arm.

What i like about this beautiful girl is Unlike her cruel and abusive vinsmoke family, she turns out to be kind, and supportive toward sanji and always cares about his safety.


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19. Aries – Fairy Tail


Aries is a girl spirit who looks like a young woman with amazing pink hair, pretty brown eyes and horns on her head.

I like her shyness and gentleness. and her usual apologizes, regardless of whether or not she is truly at fault. Also, she is so sweet, obedient and willing to fight for her owner Lucy.

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