26 Best Motorcycles Anime For Bikers To Watch

motorcycles anime

Today, we’re diving into the world of anime that’s all about motorcycles. This genre offers exciting stories set in magnificent places, amazing animation, and a bunch of interesting characters. You’ll find a mix of things that fans really love – like cute biker girls, brave heroes, and futuristic settings. Well, keep in mind that all the characters in these shows are into motorcycles, whether they enjoy riding, racing, or just taking a leisurely ride. 

Without further addition, here’s the compiled list of the 26 best motorbikes animes to watch right now!

26. Bubblegum Crisis

anime with motorcycles

First on our list is Bubblegum Crisis, a great cyberpunk anime that delves into a world of androids, robots, and futuristic engins.

Set in the year 2032, Tokyo lies in ruins after a catastrophic earthquake, giving rise to the new city of MegaTokyo. Amidst this transformed landscape, humans coexist alongside androids called Boomers, designed to handle undesirable tasks.

Yet, these artificial creations pose a perilous challenge as they often malfunction and turn against their human creators. The A.D. Police force attempts to counter this danger, but their efforts are limited.

The fate of MegaTokyo rests with the Knight Sabers, four remarkable young women donning advanced armored suits and wielding formidable firepower.

Together, they stand as the city’s last line of defense against its greatest threat.

25. Circuit Angel: Ketsui no Starting Grid

circuit angel anime

Circuit Angel: Ketsui no Starting Grid is a 1987 anime by studio Mariko, falling under the genre of action, sports, and motorcycles racing.

The story revolves around Mariko, a resilient yet compassionate girl deeply passionate about motorcycles.

Her journey takes an unexpected turn as she finds herself entangled in a race, a showdown to resolve conflicts with a wealthy young man who hails from a prominent bike-manufacturing family.

24. Master of Torque

master of torque anime

Premiered in 2014, Master of Torque is a web anime series that focuses on racing. Created by studio Simogumi, the show offers a glimpse into the lives of three youthful motorcyclists as they navigate a semi-fictional Tokyo set in the near future.

Through their thrilling exploits on Yamaha motorbikes, the series captures the essence of speed and adventure that defines their journeys through the bustling cityscape.

23. Yuukai Anna

biker anime girls

Yuukai Anna is a 2018 anime movie that unfolds in the year 196X. The story revolves around Anna, an enigmatic and alluring professional kidnapper.

During a wedding ceremony, Anna abducts The Professor upon the request of one of his former girlfriends. This mysterious woman, whose face Anna has never laid eyes upon, desires to meet her end alongside The Professor before his marriage.

Departing from the church with The Professor on the rear seat of her motorcycle, Anna embarks on a journey to the fictitious city of ‘Alpha Paris.’

This anime film is created by Studio Deen, and delves into genres like action, adventure, and romance, making it a well recommended title that promises a thrilling ride.

22. One Off

one off anime

One Off is a heartwarming anime TV series that focuses on the life of Haruno Shizoaki. Residing in a quaint, rural Japanese town, Haruno, a young high school student, grapples with the prospect of her future.

Having spent sixteen years in this tranquil locale, a sense of restlessness stirs within her, fueling her desire to depart from her hometown.

Amidst these contemplations, a transformative encounter unfolds. Haruno crosses paths with Cynthia B. Rogers, an adventurous Australian who has traversed various countries on her motorcycle.

Cynthia’s arrival brings new perspectives to Niwa, a café owned by Haruno’s family. Inspired by Cynthia’s global exploits and spirited nature, Haruno’s world broadens.

21. Venus Wars 

venus wars

Now we have Venus Wars, which comes as a highly recommended post-apocalyptic adventure anime movie. It unfolds in the 21st century, against the backdrop of a freshly terraformed Venus.

The story centers on the tumultuous conflict between two rival nations, casting a profound impact on a cluster of teenagers.

With its dark and gritty tone, reminiscent of “Akira,” the anime delves into the theme of coming of age amid the throes of a catastrophic planetary war.

20. Galactic Gale Baxinger

motorbikes animes

Galactic Gale Baxinger is a mecha science fiction anime series that warrants attention. Set 600 years after the events of “Ginga Senpuu Braiger,” the destruction of Jupiter has triggered a wave of planetary migrations, resulting in extensive colonization efforts. However, this expansion has also given rise to a surge in lawlessness.

In response to the escalating chaos, Don Diego Condor takes action. He assembles a team consisting of Billy the Shot, Samanosuke Dodi, Layla Minesato, and Shuteken Radcliffe, collectively known as J9-II.

Operating specialized Cosmo Bikes, this diverse group of individuals pilots them with skill and precision. When combined, these Cosmo Bikes morph into the formidable robot Baxinger.

19. Scared Rider Xechs

scared rider xechs anime

Scared Rider Xechs is an action sci-fi reverse harem anime that I recommend anyone to watch and stay tuned till the very end for an unforgettable experience.

The show highlights The Blue World, representing reason, faces a dire threat from formidable creatures named Nightfly O’Note, dispatched from the Red World symbolizing instinct.

At the helm of the defense stands 17-year-old researcher Akira Asagi, tasked with leading the combat unit “IS.” These six valiant riders, collectively known as the Scared Rider Xechs, engage in battles at Ryuukyuu LAG to safeguard their world and one another. 

18. Bobby ni Kubittake

motors anime

The drama romance anime Bobby ni Kubittake focuses on Akihiko Nomura, a 17-year-old high school student fueled by a fervent passion for motorcycles.

Despite his underachieving academic performance and the strict nature of his father, Akihiko discovers solace and purpose in his love for biking.

His motorcycle becomes not only a means of transportation but also a primary focus and emotional outlet. Support comes primarily from his spirited younger sister and his reticent mother.

A pivotal shift occurs when Akihiko’s photographs from a road trip grace the pages of a motorcyclist magazine, prompting a letter from a girl who came across the article.

This exchange initiates a correspondence between them, wherein Akihiko grapples with his own timidity and unfamiliarity with romantic connections.

His fixation on motorcycles becomes so intense that Akihiko makes the bold choice to leave school and work at a biker bar, a decision that strains relations with his family, particularly his father.

This discord culminates in Akihiko being expelled from his home. Undeterred, he continues his communication with the mystery girl through letters while anticipating her anticipated call.

Unexpectedly, his routine takes a turn when his boss takes him to a motocross track, leading to a sequence of unforeseen and astonishing events.

17. Kentauros no Densetsu

motorcycles anime movies

Kentauros no Densetsu is another older racing anime movie that will surprise you. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone.

The storyline revolves around the Centaurs, a racing team consisting of 93 bikers hailing from Yokohama’s port city. They take their name from the legendary Greek figures, part human and part horse.

The plot takes an interesting turn as Arthur and Ken, both members of the Centaurs, become embroiled in a dispute due to their shared affection for a woman. In a bid to resolve their rivalry, they opt for a race as the ultimate decider.

16. Futaridaka


Futaridaka, aka Twin Hawks in English, stands as one of the top classic 80s TV series. The story focuses on Taka Sawatari and his mother, who become targeted by a motorcycle gang while returning home from dinner.

Their rescue arrives courtesy of an enigmatic young individual. The subsequent day brings revelation: the stranger who intervened shares the same first name as Taka, now identified as Taka Toujou, and is a professional racer.

During a race, Sawatari’s control wavers while navigating a curve, placing Toujou in imminent danger. This incident marks the beginning of a rivalry as the two young men vie against each other using their exceptional racing capabilities.

15. Baribari Densetsu

baribari densetsu

Moving on to a classic recommendation, from 1987, Baribari Densetsu is a classic action-packed sports anime movie that centers on motorbikes racing.

The story revolves around Gun Kyoma, a remarkably swift 17-year-old bike racer. In a twist of fate, he finds himself compelled to team up with his rival and newly acquainted high school classmate, Hijiri Hideyoshi. Their mission: to participate in an endurance race at the renowned Suzuka International Racing Course.

14. The Melody of Oblivion

motorcycle anime girl

The Melody of Oblivion, a 2004 anime TV series by J.C.Staff, falls within the genres of ecchi, fantasy, and science fiction.

It unfolds in a world where a fierce war raged between Monsters and humans as the 20th century drew to a close. Tragically, humanity suffered defeat, leading to a new era under Monster rule.

These insidious Monsters have an appetite for children and possess the power to transform any human who lays eyes on them into a puppet or stone.

However, there is a ray of hope in the form of the Melos Warriors, the sole warriors capable of combating them.

Enter Bokka, an aspiring Melos Warrior, with a clear and simple goal: to safeguard the Melody of Oblivion and topple the Monster King, bringing an end to their reign once and for all.

13. Kaze wo Nuke!

kaze wo nuke anime

Kaze wo Nuke! is a unique anime OVA produced by Studio Madhouse, adapted from the manga of the same name. The central theme revolves around racing, particularly focused on motorbikes.

Within the motocross realm, the narrative follows 16-year-old Satoshi Ichimonji as he navigates a journey from the initial novice rank to the pinnacle of achievement – the Junior Cross championship.

Through determination, Satoshi is a role model character who  strives to ascend the ranks and establish his name in the competitive world of motocross racing.

12. Megazone 23

megazone 23 anime

Megazone 23 is a surprisingly robust series, bearing more than a casual resemblance to titles like “Gundam 0083” and “Akira.”

It stands as an ideal anime for those seeking to satisfy an 80s nostalgia, particularly if you are into mecha action coupled with motorcycle vibes.

Initially, Shogo led an unremarkable life as a teenager working at McDonald’s, indulging in motorcycle rides, and spending time with friends.

However, his existence takes an abrupt turn when his friend Shingi unveils a prototype motorcycle known as the ‘Garland’.

Tragedy strikes as secret agents, aiming to appropriate the motorcycle, kill Shingi. Through a twist of fate, Shogo escapes with the bike and his life.

Curiously, the following day unveils no evidence of the preceding events. Shingi’s absence is attributed to overseas training, yet covert agents surveil Shogo’s residence, relentlessly pursuing him.

The escalating conflict culminates, revealing a startling revelation: Garland possesses the capacity to transform into a colossal robot.

How could such a phenomenon occur? In light of these newfound developments, Shogo embarks on a quest to unravel the conspiracy’s purpose and the hidden realm that encircles him.

11. Two Car

two car

With a top-notch animation style, Two Car is a 2017 anime produced by the Silver Link studio. This enjoyable sports anime focus on the world of racing, where each team grapples with relationship complexities, encompassing misunderstandings, jealousy, and even love triangles. These emotional entanglements have the potential to disrupt their focus on racing. 

The show centers around the opening day of the high school division in the racing kneeler exhibition. As female participants from all corners of the nation gather, their determination to triumph in the “kneeler race” is evident.

While today’s race serves as an introduction to this season’s contenders, the true competition will bring forth their utmost efforts. With this, the fierce battle among female racers commences, as they strive to seize the coveted first place.

10. Great Teacher Onizuka

great teacher onizuka motorcycle

 Why would a 22-year-old like Onizuka, who once led a motorcycle gang and struggled with academics, aspire to become a teacher? Is his goal to nurture young minds or share the joy of education? And if it means getting a glimpse of the beauty among high school girls, why not?

Follow the journey of this potential educator as he draws from his life experiences and unorthodox methods to manage a class of unruly students.

Great Teacher Onizuka is a classic anime series that follows Eikichi Onizuka.and his students who may not share his enthusiasm for his unconventional teaching style, leading to a humorous clash between their resistance and his genuine passion for teaching.

9. Bakuon!!

bakuon anime

Bakuon!! is a spicy anime that seamlessly combines the genres of comedy, ecchi, and all-girls school life with the concept of Moe and motorcycles.

This story focuses on a spirited ensemble of students who form the motorcycle club at their exclusively female institution.

The show kicks off when Hane Sakura observes the free-spirited Onsa Amano cruising to school on a motorcycle. This captivating sight sparks an inspiration within Sakura, leading her to make a bold decision: joining the motorcycle club and pursuing her license.

Yet, the challenges and thrills that accompany the open road on an actual motorcycle prove to be more exhilarating than she could have anticipated.

8. Genesis Climber Mospeada

genesis climber mospeada

Another must-watch motorcycle-themed anime is Genesis Climber Mospeada. The storyline revolves around the Invid, nemeses of the vanquished Robotech masters, who harness the proto-culture residual within the SDF-1.

Their invasion has led to the complete subjugation of Earth, resulting in a global occupation. Humanity faces grim circumstances – death, enslavement, or aimless drift.

Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard finds himself entrenched in this woeful backdrop as he returns to Earth alongside his Mars base comrades.

Despite the Mars forces’ endeavors to reclaim the planet, they prove futile against the formidable Invid, leaving Scott as the sole survivor.

Determined to persist in the struggle, Scott embarks on assembling a coalition of freedom fighters, engaging the Invid forces wherever possible. His objective: to eventually reclaim Earth, nurturing the hope of a victorious resurgence.

7. The Rolling Girls

Rolling Girls is a nice anime that skillfully combines action, adventure, and sci-fi themes, while beautifully featuring cool moto-girl characters.

It’s set in a future where Japan’s political system has crumbled after a major war. The country is now divided into 10 independent regions, each controlled by a gang led by a “Best” who claims to have destructive powers.

The story follows Nozomi, a regular girl who joins a local gang as a rookie. Her aim is to assist her childhood friend Masami, known as the Best, in ongoing territorial conflicts.

When Masami gets seriously hurt and can’t fight, Nozomi steps up. She takes on a mission to fulfill the requests that people from all over Japan sent to Masami.

Along her journey, Nozomi meets other girls: Yukina, a shy girl with no sense of direction; Ai, an upbeat food enthusiast; and Chiaya, a quiet and mysterious girl who wears a gas mask. Together, they travel the country on their motorcycles, getting involved in territorial wars, disagreements, and even mysterious plots.

6. Blassreiter


Blassreiter, a 2008 anime animated by Studio Gonzo, features teh genres of action, science fiction, demons, and motorcycles.

In a proximate future, humanity grapples with the emergence of demons possessing the capability to merge with machinery and inhabit cadavers. These entities, known as ‘Amalgams,’ baffle the masses regarding their origins and abilities.

As outbreaks of Amalgam-related chaos escalate, fear grips society, demanding defense against these savage adversaries.

The response arrives in the form of XAT, a dedicated military unit established to counteract the Amalgam menace. However, even with their exceptional skills, XAT struggles to curb, let alone quell, the threat.

Adding complexity, a novel form of Amalgam emerges, surpassing its predecessors in cunning – it’s a fusion of human and machine.

Amidst these dire circumstances, a glimmer of hope surfaces through two unique Amalgams: the spirited Gerd and the enigmatic Blue.

While their kind is ostracized by humanity, they courageously stand against their malevolent counterparts. As the odds stack against them, the question remains: Can they safeguard mankind despite facing its rejection?

5. Ride Back

ride back

Aired in 2007, Ride Back is a good mecha anime centering around motorcycle racing. The show boasts remarkable production by Madhouse, dynamic characters, meticulously crafted racing sequences, and intricate political intrigues.

Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous 2025 revolution orchestrated by the GGP government, the story revolves around Rin Ogata.

Originally aspiring to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a ballerina, Rin’s elegance and agility promise a bright future on the stage.

However, a debilitating injury and the sudden demise of her parents shatter her dreams, leaving Rin adrift in a world devoid of purpose.

Her trajectory changes dramatically when she stumbles upon a club’s garage and encounters a RideBack—a motorcycle equipped with arms and the remarkable ability to stand upright.

This discovery ushers Rin into a realm of limitless mobility. Unbeknownst to her, this group of RideBack enthusiasts is about to become entangled in the violent conflict between the GGP and the terrorists striving to overthrow them.

While Rin’s life becomes more exhilarating, it also grows increasingly perilous. In a world where racing signifies not only glory but also survival, will Rin’s innate piloting skills prove sufficient? 

4. Super Cub

super cub

Premiered In 2021 and created by studio kai, Super Cub is among the finest iyashikei anime series to watch. While the inclusion of motorcycles is so cool, the series transcends more elements to craft a captivating wholesome and undeniable story.

The show revolves around Koguma, a high school girl residing in Yamanashi. Her existence is marked by an absence of parents, friends, and hobbies, rendering her daily life a void.

Everything changes when Koguma acquires a pre-owned Honda Super Cub motorcycle. This marks her inaugural experience of commuting to school on a motorbike.

Unexpected episodes like running out of fuel and encountering detours evolve into minor yet exhilarating adventures in Koguma’s once mundane life. The peculiar transformation brings her a sense of contentment.

However, Koguma’s classmate, Reiko, initiates a conversation revealing her own penchant for using a motorcycle to reach school.

The possession of a single Super Cub catalyzes the transformation of a solitary existence into one of connection and camaraderie, ushering Koguma into a novel world of everyday experiences and friendship.

3. Shounan Bakusouzoku

top motorcycles anime

Known in English as Bomber Bikers of Shonan, Shounan Bakusouzoku is an action comedy anime that features delinquent characters who blaze through the streets on their motorcycles.

Animated by Toei Animation, the series unfolds in Japan, a nation once characterized by the motto “Born to be Mild.” However, the passion and vigor of young men still burn brightly.

In earlier times, they engaged in sword fights in the countryside, but with the demands of school life, such pursuits are no longer practical.

In a distinct departure from Japanese norms, some of these young men embrace a different path. They mount powerful bikes, tearing through the streets to both inconvenience and confront those they deem dishonorable.

Enter Eguchi Yousuke, leader of a high-school biker gang and also a member of the school’s handicrafts club. His days are a unique mix of brawl-filled encounters and delicate needlework projects.

As the story progresses you will be  introduced to the eccentricities of Eguchi’s gang members, each contributing their own unconventional flair to the group dynamic.

2. Kino’s Journey

kino's journey

Kino’s Journey, known as “Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World” in Japan, is an adventure anime produced by studio a.c.g.t.

The series features motorcycles and is set in another world where numerous countries with distinct cultures, customs, and traditions exist.

Ranging from advanced technology to folklore, each location offers profound insights into its people—their aspirations, dreams, disappointments, and fears.

The protagonist, Kino, is a traveler with the aim of exploring as many new places as possible. While learning about the diverse ways of life, Kino remains detached from getting involved in the local affairs.

Accompanied by Hermes, a talking motorrad, Kino embarks on a journey to discover the enchanting world and engage with its inhabitants, no matter where they may reside.

1. Akira

anime about motorcycles

Originally released in 1988, “Akira” stands as one of the all-time great animated films. This anime masterpiece encompasses the genres of action, motorcycles, and post-apocalyptic settings.

The story is set in a world that has been ravaged by the cataclysmic force of an enigmatic entity known as ‘Akira’. The aftermath has plunged Neo Tokyo into a state of social and economic chaos.

Within this deteriorating urban landscape, Kaneda, a spirited individual, and Tetsuo, his reserved companion, eke out an existence as members of a biker gang.

They engage in pursuits against local rivals and skillfully dodge the authorities. The course of their lives takes a seismic shift when Tetsuo collides with an unusual-looking boy during a motorcycle chase, leading to his capture by the military.

Upon his eventual return, Tetsuo is no longer the frail boy his friends recognized. A military experiment has metamorphosed him into something far beyond human conception.

As the military asserts its determination to regain control over their experimental subject, Tetsuo grows weary of being a pawn and is poised to demonstrate his dominance to everyone, even his comrade Kaneda, making it unequivocally clear who holds the reins of power.

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