The 19 Best Anime Waifus that are So Cute

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19 Pretty Anime Waifus we wish they were Real

Romance and anime girls or waifus go hand in hand, and many romance anime success and catch fans eyes because their male characters dates such pretty girls that we wish they were real.

However, every now and then, the two main characters start dating—some with better girlfriends than others. There are a plethora of best anime waifus from various genres, ranging from adoring girlfriends to someone who can ruthlessly beat her partner in a swordfight.

These pretty girls,  made the area of anime expands as it becomes more popular around the world. Anime is a form of animated series that is typically created in Japan and featuring strong emotional narratives for the series’ whole characters.

However, The attractive female characters in these anime series, as well as the intensity of the plot, are the main draws for many audiences.

So here I am telling you about some of the most amazing and beautiful female anime characters that fans wish that they will undoubtedly become their waifus.

19. Winry Rockbell

Winry Rockbell

Kicking off the List of the best anime waifue with Winry Rockbell, a lead character in the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

She has been a close childhood friend of Edward and Alphonse Elric since their childhood in Resembool, and she is more like a sister to the two, as well as their only kin.

Winry, an amateur surgeon and mechanical repair specialist/enthusiast, serves as Edward’s personal automail engineer and technician, ensuring that his prosthetic right arm and left leg are both in good working order.

She also serves as the pair’s moral support and serves as Edward’s romantic interest.

18. Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka

Misaka Mikoto was originally only one of the main female characters in Toaru Majutsu no Index, but she was elevated to the position of main heroine when her storey was expanded to Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

She is a magical user whose strength, called Railgun, allows her to produce and manipulate electricity, causing Kamijou Touma to give her the nickname Biri-Biri.

She was considered a child prodigy in primary school, quickly scaling the ladder and reaching level 5 spell by the time she was in middle school.

Her degree, along with her academic success, earned her another moniker: Tokiwadai’s Ace.

17. Krista Lenz

Krista Lenz

Lenz is the only surviving member of the Reiss royal family and the queen of the Walls. She is quiet, kind, and insecure much of the time, but she has shown that she has what it takes to become a frontline monarch and monarchy.

Despite her strong-willed personality, Lenz is a reserved, kind, and insecure person much of the time, but she tries her hardest to win the hearts and approval of others by her sweetness.

A strong-willed and kind wife like Lenz can be among the best beautiful anime waifus who will love you and give you confidence and courage.

16. Kotoko Inagawa

Kotoko Iwanaga is the protagonist of the mystery drama anime In/Spectre. Kotoko doesn’t waste much time in confessing her feelings for Kuro after falling in love with him at first sight.

Despite Kuro’s mistrust of the tiny Goddess of Wisdom, they marry after a year.

Unlike Kuro’s ex-girlfriend, who saw him as a demon because of his instantaneous curing powers, Kotoko sees none of it and still loves him.

With one eye and one leg off, Kotoko understands what it’s like to be blamed for her flaws, which is one of the reasons she loves him.

Kotoko is one of the perfect waifus and best girlfriends in anime due to her pure love and devotion.

15. Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner is a fictional character in the anime series Gurren Lagann, known in Japan as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which is developed by Aniplex and Gainax.

Hiroyuki Imaishi also directed it, and veteran playwright Kazuki Nakashima wrote it.

She is a fourteen-year-old girl from Jeeha’s neighbouring village of Littner who was pursuing the Gunmen who crashed into Jeeha Village during the events of Episode 1.

She carries a wide variety of handguns, the most popular of which is a long-range sniper rifle modelled after the Barrett M82.

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