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22 Best Anime Girlfriends To Have By Your Side

anime girlfriends

Here are some of the cutest anime girlfriends out there that would make great partners. 

Anime has had many love stories that explore the trials of a couple’s relationship and as such there are many fictional girlfriends in anime that we wish were real. Some of them have a special power, some are just beautiful, some are kind and helpful, and some have an interesting personalities.

In this article, we list the top 22 female characters, who are not only beautiful and clever but also loyal and loving. If you’re looking for the best anime girlfriends who have all these qualities, these are the perfect anime girls to root for.

22. Rikka from Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions

cutest anime girlfriends

Rikka, the main female character featured in the anime series “Chuunibyou”, can be classified as one of the cutest anime girlfriends of all time. She’s constantly living out her fantasies and enjoying her unusual behavior. Her delusions often reflect her feelings. She is always talking about anime and other fictional works and comparing them to her Chuunibyou fantasies.

Throughout the series, Rikka and Yuuta are continuously making their “contract of lovers”. Yuuta doesn’t want to rush because they’re so different, and they grow closer as they learn to work together and become an inseparable couple.

21. Kaori from Your Lie In April

kawaii anime girl

Kicking off the list of the best anime girlfriends with Kaori from the Your Lie In April series. Although we don’t see Kaori and Kousei as a real couple until the end of the season, the romance and love chemistry is definitely there. The story is very sweet and bittersweet with a finale that makes everyone sad. But the drive between the two, as Kaori tries her best to make the most of the time they spend together and help Kousei rediscover his passion for music, is everything we might ask for in our private relationships.

20. Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann

yoko littner

Yoko and Kamina make up one of the best anime couples of all time. Sadly, despite everything they went through together, Kamina died before he could make good on his promise to her. Yoko was deeply affected by his death and tried to stay strong for everyone in the brigade.

Yoko is aùong those anime girlfriends who are loyal, mature, and collected. She can display a strong smile to support you when she’s sad and cry when she’s alone. Despite her boyfriend’s death, she still cares about him and refuses to allow people to talk badly about him. She believes that he can’t be forgotten just like that and that people need to remember his sacrifice.

19. Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!

taiga - toradora

Taiga is small and cute, but she is a girl that carries a feature on her shoulder that contributes to her being considered “the tiger with the repentant”. So, when she and Ryuji discover that they live next door to each other and are crushed by each other’s friends, they develop an awkward friendship but ultimately end up in love with one another. Taiga and Ryuji are so cool to be seen together. They complement each other well and their reactions to each other make them hilarious.

18. Tohru from Fruits Basket

anime girlfriends

One of the best anime girlfriends that everyone will wish to be in a relationship with is Tohru Honda. Tohru is a high school girl and she has many hobbies. She enjoys cooking, likes housekeeping, and even has an after-school job as a janitor in an office to avoid being a burden on her family. She is an anime girl depicted as a polite, optimistic, selfless, and independent person who has a nurturing personality.

17. Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad

nagisa from clannad

Many fans praise Clannad for the love story of the main characters, which could make them one of the best anime couples ever.

Meet Nagisa, one of the sweetest anime girlfriends on our list. Nagisa is a beautiful, kind person who, despite suffering from a mysterious illness, shows Tomoya how to pursue life despite the past. She has a lot of positive effects on Tomoya’s life which has helped him feel more optimistic. This will reflect in the two getting married and having a child.

16. Mine from Akame ga Kill

mine akame ga kill

Akame Ga Kill is an unusual tv show, that has many female protagonists that many fans can relate to and it will make them wish of them to become their girlfriends. Mine is a pretty female character who despite seeming cold and angry, has shown the ability to be caring with those she opens up to.

She develops feelings for Tatsumi and they have been dating since then. She is a cute anime girl who has expressed jealousy from time to time, such as getting furious when girls would flirt with Tatsumi. At the same time, Yukio demonstrated a lot of concern for Tatsumi’s well-being.

15. Zero Two from Darling In The Franxx

darling in the franxx

When it comes to girlfriends in anime, this is a girl that’s hard to forget. She’s called Zero Two from the Darling in the Franxx series.

In the beginning, they were seen as a mismatched couple. But as the series progresses, Hiro and Zero Two’s relationship improves, and they really care about each other. They understand each other and enjoy their time together. They are always there for each other no matter what and understand that their love can overcome whatever obstacles life might try to throw at them.

Zero Two is an incredibly dedicated and determined girl. In fact, the lengths she goes to for Hiro are so significant that she even sacrifices her own safety in order to ensure his safety. Furthermore, Zero Two mentions at one point that she’s not bothered by anything–as long as he’s safe and around her.

14. Satomi Murano from Parasyte

sweet anime girlfriends

Satomi is the pretty and tender-hearted girlfriend of Shinichi, with whom she forms a deep, special bond throughout the series. Although their relationship is rocky at the beginning due to him constantly changing and all of the strange things that were happening around them, they stay strong and end up becoming lovers.

By the end of the series, Satomi is confirmed to be Shinichi’s true love who helps him not to become his full monster self. She also helped him save his humanity side with her encouragement and unconditional love.

13. Holo from Spice and Wolf

good anime girlfriends

Holo is another gorgeous anime girlfriend, who is not an ordinary person, she is like a werewolf, and even in her human form, she has fox-like ears and a bushy tail. When she finds herself no longer wanted in her home village, she joins Lawrence, a traveling merchant, and business genius.

From the very beginning, you can feel the romance growing between them. Holo flirts all the time, making Lawrence – who isn’t very nice around women – feel insecure. Little by little, their friendship grew, and they began to value and trust each other more and more. But, of course, for couples, nothing is simple in life, nor in anime, as they both have to make some very big choices.

12. Shirayuki from Snow White with the Red Hair

romance animes

If high school girlfriends aren’t your type, this girl might suit your imagination. She goes through the usual fairy-tale love story of falling in love with a prince. Shirayuki is proud of their relationship and is unashamed of their differing statuses. She still has goals to pursue with her career as a pharmacist and botanist. But, She believes that their life paths will stay together in the end,

Her intent with their relationship is that she hopes they can work together to accomplish their goals. She doesn’t want to abandon her own aspirations just because she’s in a relationship with a prince, though she would be willing to use her path to help him out.

11. Kurisu Makise from Steins; Gate

anime girlfriends

Kurisu is one of the best tsundere anime girlfriends types, she’s always calm and collected and is a serious young woman who normally doesn’t let others get to her. Kurisu’s accomplishments despite her youth have exposed rivals to envy her.

Silent as she is, Kurisu usually has a lot to say, often with a sense of sarcasm, but she is friendly with just about anyone as long as they don’t do inappropriate things or argue about petty things. Although Kurisu is hesitant to admit her feelings for Okabe, the tsundere has never stopped demonstrating her love. This is shown many times throughout the series and most noticeably when Kurisu was drunk.

10. Elizabeth Liones from The Seven Deadly Sins

cutest anime girlfriends

Elizabeth is among those anime girlfriends who are always endearing and willing to fight for what they believe in while being cute and beautiful as well. If you’re looking for anime couples that make for the idea of “love and war,” Elzibah and Meliodas are the ones to choose. They look cute and crazy but they’ve both been through a lot of harsh and dark experiences.

Elizabeth has to die and reincarnate endlessly without her memory, but Meliodas has to live through her again every time. Elizabeth can’t help but feel attached to her boyfriend, even without memories. She feels love like no other and it never feels heavy or strained. So, if you thought long-distance girlfriends were difficult, you couldn’t help but imagine what Meliodas and Elizabeth went through.

9. Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi Ni Todoke

kimi ni todoke

Sawako is feared because of her appearance in school. She doesn’t have a good reputation because of it, despite the fact that people still claim that she is a weirdo who can see spirits and interact with dead people. However, she didn’t give up on bullying and continued waiting, then meeting her new hero boyfriend Kazehaya.

After she began to chat with him, everything changes for her. She finds herself more confident in herself and falls in love. She is one of the best girlfriends on our list. She has overcome any obstacle that’s been thrown her way with her patience and kindness.

8. Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

anime girlfriends

Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild of Fairy Tail. She’s a powerful sorceress who uses magic called heavenly soul wizardry to summon spirits. Lucy is confident in her appearance, yet she is genuinely caring. She also takes pride in what she does and is a clever person.

As the series progresses, Lucy begins to display a greater connection to Natsu, as well as burgeoning feelings for him. She was the only one able to calm down Natsu after he was driven berserk by the flames of Ignia, and privately expressed concern for his well-being.

7. Kaname Chidori from Fullmetal Panic

kaname chidori

Kaname is another beautiful anime girlfriend you will wish to date. She is the heroine of the Fullmetal panic anime, portrayed as smart and beautiful and everyone looks up to her.

We love the tsundere anime girls, and she is certainly one of the best out there! Kaname is a fascinating character with a lot of conflicting characteristics, like her feelings of loneliness and insecurity- very strong emotions that she frequently attempts to hide.

What I like about her is the compassion and unconditional love she shows toward her boyfriend Sousuke. The same feelings are also mixed up with violent reactions, but often it involves “corrections.”

6. Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

best anime girlfriends

The anime series Full Metal Alchemist is by no means a serious story. Its main protagonist, Edward Elric, deals with all kinds of conflicts and gets into a lot of adventures. But there is still an implicit sense of romance in the series though!

Winry Rockbell, a mechanic with a huge heart, was always there to support Edward, even making a prosthetic for him when he lost his limbs after the failure of the catastrophic transformation. She’s awesome! They have each other’s back and are always there for each other. It seems like they’re perfect for each other and can really lean on one another when needed.

5. Rias Gremory from High School DxD

rias gremory

One of the best anime girlfriends of all time is for sure Rias Gremory, a red-haired girl with captivating eyes and a curvaceous body. She has devil blood that enhances her beauty even further and she’s the main female character of Highschool DxD.

As the main heroine of the series, Rias Gremory has faced many powerful enemies and made many close friends along the way. She’s also widely considered by students to be the most attractive girl in school.

4. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

anime girlfriends

Asuna is among the best female anime characters to have ever graced the screen with her presence. She is a gorgeous beauty who has long orange hair and hazel eyes.

Asuna is one of the most highly esteemed, and well-liked anime girlfriends we could hope for. Not only is she the perfect waifu because of her cooking skills, but she’s also very caring and helpful when it comes to anyone in need. Because a lot of people love her, she receives many dating propositions and invitations in the series.

3. Raphtalia from Shield Hero

good anime girl

Raphtalia is a character from the Japanese light novel, manga, and anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero. She is a part human, a part tanuki, and is typically portrayed as a slave and servant. Despite her servitude to humans, she is still very much regarded as one of the best anime girls in history.

She was originally timid, sickly, and fearful as a slave. Now she assisted in Naofumi Iwatani’s ‘quest’ and is with him because of her love and respect for him. Raphtalia is always there to help, motivate, and even ready to make sacrifices for her master, Naofumi.

2. Inoue Orihime from Bleach

best anime girlfriend

“Bleach” is one of the most popular anime around. I love just about anything that comes out of the series, one of those things is Inoue Orihime, a cute girl with pretty, brown eyes and long, waist-length, burnt orange hair. Her main characteristic is her slender frame and perfect chest. Her figure could be classified as curvy even though she’s still young.

Her personality is so cute, caring, and lovable, she makes friends with almost everyone including villains. She is clumsy at times but also so sweet, often blushing in Ichigo’s presence. That’s why she is one of the best anime girlfriends ever. She has been a good partner so far; who does a lot for her relationship with Ichigo.

1. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto Series

anime girlfriends

Hinata Hyuga is among the best anime girlfriends who can teach us a thing or two about love. Plus she has this trait of wanting to walk with her one true love, which makes it all the more exciting.

Hinata is one of the most important female characters in the series, as she changes who she was to become more useful to Naruto. She doesn’t let her shy personality hold her back and helps him overcome adversity many times. Her character also develops over time into more assertive moves.

Hinata’s gentle and kind personality makes her unique as well as gives her a lot of respect among her peers. Just by looking at the way she speaks, it’s easy to see that she is a softy emotional, and kind person who cares very much about others’ feelings.

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