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46 Best Anime Couples That Will Make Your Heart Melt

best anime couples

The Best Anime Couples We Wish Were Real

Anime couples are one of the most popular types of couples in the Japanese fandom culture. There are many popular ones, but some underrated ones may surprise you. Have you ever wondered who the best anime characters are when it comes to relationships?

This recommended list will be featuring those couples in anime that have created an everlasting bond in the hearts of fans all over the world. From childhood sweethearts to married life, these anime couples are sure to make you swoon!

These are the most popular anime couples, as voted by the fandom.

46. Ikuto and Amu 

best anime couples

What makes anime couples so special is their heartwarming relationship. Amu and Ikuto from the anime series Shugo Chara! are both unique in their own right, yet they complement each other in a beautiful way.

Amu is a cheerful anime girl who wants to make sure everything will go well. Ikuto is a stoic boy who’s always calm and collected. In the manga, Ikuto told Amu that he wanted her to grow up faster so he could be with her.

With their sweet story of true love, it becomes harder not to picture these two as your next favorite anime couple.

45. Hachiman and Yukino

hachiman and yukino

Among the best couples in anime are Hachiman and Yukino, who are the two main characters in the anime series “Oregairu.” They are both students at high school. They have opposite personalities, but they are both smart, and they often use sarcasm to make light of their problems.

At the end of the series Season 3, Hachiman admits to Yukino that he wants to spend more time with her and not only because of his obligations. After a bit awkwardly of a conversation, which can get a little uncomfortable, Yukino asks him to give her his life too, which makes them a de-facto cute anime couple.

44. Haruhi and Tamaki 

anima dance

Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suoh are perfect examples of anime couples who have their own unique personalities. In the harem series of Ouran High School Club, Tamaki’s feelings develop from casual interest to deep abiding love over the course of the series, and in the manga – completely. Haruhi notices his true kindness and kindness, at first, doesn’t really get along with him. As time goes on, she realizes that he is a genuine person and a partner she can rely on.

43. Maka and Evans 

soul eater

Maka Albarn, or Soul Eater Evans, is among the most popular anime couples of all time. Despite their contrasting personalities, Maka and Soul both have a close, enjoyable relationship. Maka is severe and hardworking while here weapon Evans is cold and lazy However, The duo in the anime is always there for each other. They try to understand one another and be supportive of one another in order to form a powerful anime duo to stand against all threats.

42. Rin and Shiemi

cute anime couple

Rin and Shiemi are the main protagonists of the Blue Exorcist series. This anime pairing of Rin and Shiemi was popularized by the series fans, as it inspires many people in their own same relationships.

Shiemi’s personality differs from her classmates at the start but after seeing how Rin interacts with the other friends, she is inspired to change that. She then takes a step toward being just like him while ultimately having no interest in anyone, but her true feelings have yet to be revealed. Hence, while they are not yet together, it is still possible to look up fan-made fan-art videos about them.

41. Shuka and Kaname sweet anime couples

In the anime show called “DARWIN’S GAME,” Shuka Karino and Kaname Sudou are the perfect examples of anime enemies becoming lovers. Shuka is typically good-natured but can be a deadly yandere if she needs to be. Fighting has given her a certain level of exaggerated ego and pride, however, she will become cute and obsessed after falling in love with Kaname, who beat her.

40. Holo and Lawrence 

spice and wolf

Spice and Wolf features one of the best interspecies anime couples of all time. Holo is not an ordinary person, rather she is like a werewolf or fox who can take on human form. She has a bushy tail and fox-like ears. When she finds herself no longer wanted in her home village, she meets up with Lawrence and decides to follow him on his traveling adventures.

It’s clear that the relationship is starting to blossom between them from the beginning. As Holo makes Lawrence feel insecure, with her constant flirts. Their relationship slowly grew as they spent more time together and began to value and trust each other more and more.

39. Rintarou and Kurisu

steins gate

Anime fans have been enjoying the Steins; Gate series that depicts the romantic story between these two anime characters that will surely grab you! Kurisu is a female protagonist of the anime Steins; Gate and the love interest of Rintarou Okabe. When she’s found lying in a pool of blood, and after everyone’s memories are erased. Rintarou tries his best to find her once again, it gets better with every episode. The mad scientist is a unique character; he is badass and crazy, but he is also so touching, and he just shows how madly he is in love with Kurisu.

38. Yuu and Nao

best anime couples

Yuu and Nao are among the cutest anime couples on our list, and they are the perfect example of how to succeed with your high school sweetheart. You can achieve everything you want if you work hard for it and put in the time.

In the Charlotte anime series, Nao Tomori is portrayed as the love interest of Yuu Otosaka. She is the student body president of Hoshinomiya Academy and she works hard to protect students who have superpowers so they don’t end up captured and experimented on like her little brother.

Yuu Otosaka and Nao Tomori are characters from the popular anime series “Charlotte.” This is a love story about two people who might not be as different as they seem at first sight.

37. Satomi and Shinichi

anime couples

The anime and manga industry is full of good anime couples, and they can be found across different genres. One such couple is Satomi Murano and Shinichi Izumi from the ever-popular horror anime Parasyte.

Satomi is the love interest throughout most of Shinichi’s story and they share a close relationship as she helps him through many difficult times. Although initially, it was a little awkward, they eventually balanced their relationship thanks to Satomi’s tender side that embraces Shinichi’s constant changes and the terrors that were happening around them at the time, their relationship eventually grew to a balanced point.

36. Ko and Futaba 

ao haru ride

The next best anime couple is Kou and Futaba, the main protagonists of the anime Ao Haru Ride. Futaba’s relationship with Kou starts out rather complicated. In her first year of middle school, she was really into him. When they met again in high school, she couldn’t help but be reminded of his good character and his new attitude, and still had her heart set on him.

Kou and Futaba’s relationship is one that captures people’s hearts across different countries and languages. It’s a universal story of friendship and love that resonates with fans around the world.

35. Renton And Eureka 

eureka seven

Eureka Seven’s Renton and Eureka are one of the best anime couples with a unique love story to learn from. Their relationship is one of the most complex and interesting in the series. Renton meets her when the Nirvash crashes into the Thurston Garage and falls in love with her at first sight. She didn’t understand human nature and emotions, so she wasn’t able to reciprocate his feelings.

With all the emotional turmoil that comes with losing their friends and family, the protagonists’ Eureka and Renton discover love in each other. The series may be influential for others to learn about loving themselves too.

34. Isaac and Miria


The anime couple Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent from (Baccano!!) is a heartwarming story about love and death. It depicts the struggles of their relationship as they go through emotional highs and lows.

Isaac Dian and Miria are one of the most famous anime couples ever, and fans of the series can’t forget their memorable scenes. they were two thieves who accidentally became immortal in November 1930 and separated four years later in November 1934 when Isaac was incarcerated in Alcatraz they were reunited once again.

33. Yato and Hiyori 

best anime couples

Yato and Iki Hiyori makes for a cute anime couple with a lot of potential for comedy, drama, and romance. The Noragami series follows Hiyori and Yato’s journey as they grow closer together and share a deep trust. Hiyori often acts as the more mature of the two, while both have strange quirks that don’t really overlap. She supports Yato’s dreams, no matter whether they’re serious or not. And in the manga, Hiyori admits that she’s in love with him too.

32. Usagi and Mamoru

sailor moon

Sailor Moon is a magical story that follows a young girl named Usagi Tsukino who is the reincarnation of the Sailor Senshi, which means “Warrior of Love and Justice.” And there is Mamoru Chiba, who is Usagi’s love interest. He’s always there for her whenever she needs help. He’s also very brave and will do anything to protect his loved ones including fighting enemies with his own hands.

In this good classic anime, Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship is not that clear. But in the manga, they’re a sweet anime couple and their relationship is way more intense.

31. Yuzuru and Kanade

cutest anime couples

Among the sweetest anime couples of all time is that of Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, who are two characters from the anime series Angel Beats! Kanade Tachibana is an antagonist character in the anime Angel Beats.

She’s the student council president and Kanade becomes the love interest of Yuzuru Otonashi. The principles are often at odds with each other as they are responsible for suppressing delinquency and other disruptive activities that the team does.

30. Kirito And Asuna 

sword art online

Kirito is in love with Asuna, she serves as his partner, girlfriend, and one of the closest people to him. They develop feelings for each other as The Sword Art Online series progresses. After the two of them declared their love for each other, they are only concerned for the other’s safety.

This anime pair is among the most realistic couples in history! because they marry out of love and commitment rather than for convenience. This couple’s relationship is also relatable to most real-life relationships because it has ups and downs just like any other romantic relationship.

29. Banri and Kouko

romance anime

These two lovely characters are one of the sweetest anime couples of all time. They are not only the main couple of the Golden Time tv show but also have their own dedicated fans. They are both kind-hearted, interesting to watch, and have a unique relationship.

Banri found Kouko attractive when he first saw her, but she never felt anything for him. Kouko originally was spending time with Banri mainly to try to get closer to Mitsuo, but her emotions soon changes and she was able to be open about her feelings toward Banri. This all culminated in an official relationship in Episode 7 of Golden Time.

28. Kaori And Kousei 

cute anime couples

Even though we don’t consider Kaori and Kousei are a real couple until the end of the season, they do seem to have great chemistry and romance based on what we see.

In the story of Your Lie In April, Kaori tries her best to make Kousei’s life just a little bit brighter. Unfortunately, she cannot mend his broken spirit, but she hopes that in the meantime they can rediscover his sense of passion and become close in spite of their fear and differences. This is why it feels good to see him in this anime because you know at the end, he’ll finally rip your heart in two.

27. Kamina And Yoko 

badass anime couples

Gurren Lagann is a classic anime with well-written characters. They also create an extremely interesting world that begins underground. When Simon and Kamina set off to find freedom, they will encounter Yoko, a girl sniper.

Kamina made his first move toward Yuko shortly after their first encounter, which angered her. At first, they are awkward and do not get along, but with time it feels like their chemistry or passion for one another came to life. They will turn into one of the most amazing badass anime couples of all time.

26. Saito and Louise 

zero no tsukaima

Saito and Louise are a cute anime couple that has been through a lot of ups and downs. In the Zero No Tsukaima series, they’ve enjoyed the best moments together but also experienced some of the most painful ones.

Throughout the series, Louise’s feelings for Saito are intense. As viewers find out that Louise reciprocates his feelings. By not saying it, she shows through her actions that they both feel the same. In the final season of the anime, Saito and Louise make a commitment ceremony as a way for them to express their feelings. In this instance, there is no actual wedding ceremony.

25. Sousuke And Kaname 

best anime couples

Kaname and Sousuke are interesting anime characters who are in love with each other. They have been a couple since the first season of the Full Metal Panic anime series.

Sagara Sousuke is a teenage mercenary deployed by MITHRIL to guard the life of Kaname Chidori. Throughout their school trip, Kaname was kidnapped and Sagara pursued the criminals. Afterward, they started to improve their relationship and they began understanding each other better. Hence, For the first time in his military career, Sousuke ignored orders and acted based on his emotions for her.

They are one of the most popular anime couples, with many fanfictions, fan art, and cosplay dedicated to them. However, there is no evidence that they exist in the real world.

24. Meliodas and Elizabeth 

nanatsu no taizai

There are so many couples in the Natantsu no Taizai anime series, but the pairing of Meliodas and Elizabeth is one of the most popular ones.

Elizabeth is extremely grateful to Meliodas for saving her. She often misses him when he went on missions and kissed him on the cheeks as soon as she sees him return. Well, she is very attached to Meliodas, and these feelings grew stronger and stronger until they became lovers.

They are the kind of anime couple, with a crazy and sweet love story that everyone wishes to have. They’re perfect for each other and their love will last forever.

23. Ryuuji and Taiga 

toxic anime couples

Toradora is a good romance anime that features a really cute anime couple. The series showcases that Ryuuji’s classmates are terrified of him because they wrongly see him as a “tough guy,” when deep down he is just a friendly guy.

While Taiga is a small, cute girl, and a tsundere, who can be considered a “Tiger with the repentant” because of her large shoulders.

So, When the two discover that they live next door to each other, Ryuuji often helps Taiga Aisaka with domestic chores. Eventually, he and Taiga start off as one of the most toxic anime couples, however as the series progresses they will turn into a cute pair and they happily got married in the end.

22. Tohru and Kyo

cute anime couple

The romantic relationship between Tohru and Kyo is what makes the Fruits Basket anime series special, and we enjoy the misunderstandings and false beginnings that kick off this tv show.

Watching Kyo and Tohru talk about their feelings one word at a time, first to themselves and then finally to each other, is an expectation of what is typical of romantic couples in anime.

21. Tomoya and Nagisa 


Clannad is a show with a great sad romantic story. It’s a fantastic contender for having one of the saddest anime couples in history. Tomoya, the protagonist is hard-working and optimistic, while Nagisa is sensitive and always looks out for others.

While their differences initially come from small arguments, as they spend more time together their whole world starts to change as she shows him how to pursue love in life despite the past. She is a beautiful, loving person who suffers from a mysterious illness.

Tomoya feels his life has improved since he falls in love with Nagisa. She makes him feel more positive and helps him to see the potential in all of his goals. Ultimately, they’ll get married and have a child together.

20. Takeo and Yamato

my love story

In My Love Story, the main couple breaks boundaries and does something you likely wouldn’t see in this show: a $exy man with a huge heart.

Takeo meets Yamato one day and immediately falls in love with her. Fearing that she will fall in love with her friend, Luckily she ends up with a love of Takeo instead, making for a perfect pairing that is considered one of the cutest and loveliest anime couples of all time.

19. Mikasa and Eren 

attack on titan

Attack on Titan is an epic anime series by Hajime Isayama. Its impact on the anime industry has been widespread. Mikasa and Erin are characters that seem to have opposite personalities and don’t know how to live in a world full of Titans that ruined their peace, but they grow together into skillful warriors seeking a peaceful world!

For fans of Attack on Titan, maybe the differences between the two of them are what makes them so incredibly adorable. Eren and Mikasa in the show have a much deeper relationship. They’re not just friends and they’re not just siblings, they’re closer to being lovers than being family.

18. Tatsumi and Mine 

akame ga kill

In the cruel world of Akame ga Kill, emotions barely exist, but somehow make their way. This is a series that comes with many romances, many anime couples, as well as many angsty moments that leave you feeling awed and elated, is a rare shonen series that shouldn’t be missed.

Although the beginning of the story has viewers shipping Tatsumi to fall in love with Akame, events take place and Mine appears at this point. The Killer Queen starts off tough, but gradually builds her personhood and pushes away the heroine. Not all members in Night Raid can feel safe so they are usually relayed to defend each other whenever there is a threat.

Mine does a great job highlighting a different side of being an assassin, and this is what she shares with Tatsumi. Out of the many struggles they face, they find a way to keep things alive with their close friendship that blossoms into a love story.

17. Sasuke and Sakura 

sakura and sasuke

Naruto couples are one of the most popular couples in anime history. Therefore, Sasuke and Sakura are probably one of the most famous Naruto anime couples of all time, and it’s easy to see why. They have great chemistry, a compelling backstory, and a lot of heartwarming moments that make for some high-quality drama.

Sasuke is often an antagonist in the anime but has a soft side that Sakura can always see through. By the end of the anime, Sasuke and sakura will finally get married.

16. Vegeta and Bulma

badass anime couples

In the Dragon Ball franchise, we have Vegeta and Bulma, a married anime couple that is mostly known for their dynamic relationship. But what makes them different? For starters, Vegeta is a Saiyan and Bulma is a human. They also have different personalities.

Bulma hates to be treated as an inferior race by Vegeta, but because of his arrogance, he doesn’t understand her feelings, which makes their relationship interesting because they both have very different views on the world. Bulma will become the wife of Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans. Despite Vegeta’s coldness towards women, Bulma has always loved him and stayed by his side.

15. Natsu and Lucy 

cute anime couples

Natsu and Lucy are one of the most popular anime couples so far. They were first introduced in the first episode of the Fairy Tail series back in 2009. Natsu is an energetic dragon slayer, who cares about nothing but fighting for his friends and protecting his loved ones. Lucy is a celestial spirit who possesses magical powers, which she used to help Natsu out from time to time.

14. Hak and Yona

sweet anime couple

The main focus of the Yona Of The Dawn series is on Yona and Hak’s relationship which grows into love with every episode. They have been together since they run away from their taken kingdom vowing that they will take revenge on the one responsible for that Hak has been very supportive of Yona since the beginning, and he will continue to be there for her throughout their life together.

Since I had finished the series’ manga, I’m glad to see that these two love birds finally got together. After he had rescued her from the Kai castle, she finally told him she was in love with him as well.

13. Kenshin and Kaoru 

kenshin and kaoru

Rurouni Kenshin’s Kaoru and Kenshin’s love story is one of the most well-known and loved of all time. They met, fell in love, faced challenges, and sacrificed for each other. This love story taught us that true love conquers all.

For Kenshin, Kaoru served as a source of hope, happiness, and purpose. She is the one who rescued him from circumstances that led to grief, shame, and loneliness. Kenshin used to see Kaoru as equally important to any other person … But in the final episodes of the anime, she got married to Kenshin and had a baby boy named Kenji.

12. Meruem and Komugi 

 anime couples

Two young girls with contrasting personalities – Meruem and Komugi – fall in love in the anime, “Hunter x Hunter“. Despite their contrasting personalities, they make an adorable couple.

Komugi is a blind weak girl, but she still manages to be a World Champion of Gungi. With her pure heart and sweet personality, it is easy to see why Meruem is so infatuated and in love with her. Meruem and Komugi are a sweet anime couple in the Hunter X Hunter series that has won the hearts of fans.

11. Goku and ChiChi 

gogo and chichi

Goku and ChiChi are one of the most popular anime couples in the world. You can find them in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and even some movies.

The relationship between Goku and ChiChi is a classic example of a strong powerful male character paired up with a sweet innocent girl. Their love story is one of the most memorable for lovers to watch after they have been together for years.

Goku and ChiChi went through a lot of ups and downs in their marriage, but they always loved each other unconditionally. The most important thing about the power couple is that they have never stopped loving each other despite all the hardships that they’ve been through together.

10. Shirayuki and Zen 

sweetest anime couples

Zen Wistalia and Shirayuki are among the most famous anime couples of all time. A lot of fans of the Akagami No Shirayukihime series have shipped them because they’re just too cute!

They begin as friends, really good ones at that, who inspire each other to work harder and achieve more. This changes in later episodes with feelings of respect and friendship becoming love towards the end. When Zen confessed his love to Shirayuki, she turns shy and doesn’t know how to answer.

The two finally start off their love quest full of romance, heartwarming, and hardships moments that strengthen their relationship.

9. Ichigo and Orihime 


Anime couples are iconic in the anime industry. They are the characters that viewers fall in love with and root for. They can be sweet, heartwarming, and cute, but they can also be cutely dramatic.

This anime couple from the Bleach series has gone through so much together that it’s hard not to get attached to them. Orihime is always there by Ichigo’s side no matter what happens – even if she does get hurt because of it! Ichigo and Orihime’s heartwarming relationship makes them one of the best anime couples out there!

8. Shota and Sawako 

kimi ni todoke

Kimi ni Todoke is an anime that showcases Sawako having a tough time because her classmates start thinking of her as an inhuman monster. In such a harsh place, she has also met her hero, a student named Kazehaya. After she begins to talk to him, everything changes, and she begins to find more faith in herself and fall in love. Together they are one of the most beautiful anime couples that teaches us about overcoming obstacles in our way.

7. Ban and Elaine 

nanatsu no taizai

This eternal anime couple is among “the cutest anime couples of all time” because of their sad love story, hardships, sacrifices, and their cute interactions.

Ban and Elaine are two characters in the anime series “Nanatsu no Taizai.” They are both types of characters that I would like to see together for eternity – Ban became severely depressed when Elaine was killed. He hasn’t been the same since. when given the option to revive her, Ban didn’t hesitate much because Elaine is one of the most important people that Ban cannot live without.

6. Edward and Winry 

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist is one of the best anime series ever made, all thanks to its stunning animation and a great story. Also; there’s still also romance and love that smoothen Ed’s harsh Journey.

Winry Rockbell is a skillful mechanic who always has Ed’s back. Her tenacity powers him on, especially with the prosthetics she made for him to replace his missing arm and leg that he loses during childhood.

In anime, it’s normal for love to take a long time. These two anime lovers have been in a budding relationship for a while and despite going through some tough times, they’re still going strong. Their strong bond eventually leads to a beautiful story that’s truly worth experiencing!

5. Yuuta and Rikka

 anime couples

Here we have a really sweet anime couple from the Chuunibiyou series. The show highlights a syndrome called Chuunibyo which refers to the act of living in your own imagination. It is not about imagining your favorite character, but rather choosing whatever character you want to take on.

With his delusions having turned into a humiliating experience, Utah starts over and gives the high school a second chance. This time he is more open to the idea of socializing and finding new friends. He meets Rikka, a girl who reminds him of his former self. she is also living a delusional life.

Yuuta takes care of Rikka and helps her out whenever he can, including without them officially dating. This selflessness is the first sign of his intense feelings for her, and it shows how much he cares about her.

4. Misaki and Takumi

kaichou wa maid sama

Maid Sama is a school romance anime that shows us how anime couples who are complete opposites are meant to be together. Misaki may have been a stubborn and headstrong person, but she also had a good personality. Takumi loved her for this and liked the way they were able to tolerate one another throughout their disagreements. They both ended up falling in love with each other as their friendship blossomed into romance.

3. Kagome and Inuyasha 

beautiful anime couples

From the Inuyasha series, we have Kagome Higurashi, an ordinary schoolgirl who, by a twist of fate, finds herself transported to the world of feudal Japan. There she meets Inuyasha, a half-demon who is in search of the shards of his shattered sword.

I love Kagome and Inuyasha so much! They are one of my favorite anime couples. It’s so hard to choose which one I like better because they are both so cute and interesting in their own ways. I also love the series!

2. Naruto and Hinataanime couples

Naruto and Hinata have been making a cute anime couple since the beginning of the Naruto series. The two are very close friends, and Naruto’s unwavering support for Hinata is what has helped her to succeed as a ninja. Overall, Hinata Hyuga is Naruto’s love interest, and one of his closest friends. Their relationship began when they were children and grew stronger as they grew older.

In The Last: Naruto The Movie, the couple officially started dating & eventually married. In Boruto, Naruto and Hinata are the parents of the protagonist, Boruto. They serve very different roles: while Hinata is at home taking care of them and doing her best supporting role as a mother figure, Naruto protects and defends his people as Hokage.

1. Hiro And Zero Two 

darling in the franxx

Wrapping up our list of the best anime couples with Hiro and Zero Two. Although their relationship begins with a fragile start, Zero Two seems only to use Hiro mainly to achieve her goal of finding her “one partner”, which is why the pair are often seen as being just partners.

However, Hiro turns out to be that little boy from Zero Two memories who was kind to her as a little girl, which will ignite a fairy romance between them and win us over easily. Aside from being one of the best anime couples of all time, the Darling In The Franxx series is also an incredibly successful and unforgettable anime tv show. You should watch it!

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