The 10 Sweet Interspecies Anime Couple Love Stories

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Interspecies Couple in Anime History 


Interspecies Anime Couple, that shows us that the power of love can even gather beasts and beauties.

Here is a compiled list of 10 of the sweetest anime couple love stories that mingles interspecies, and make them love, care, help, protect, and die for each others.

So, Here We Go!

10. Nanami & Tomoe  (Kamisama Kiss)


This Anime highlights the story of Tomoe, who may be a fox yokai, but presently serving Nanami because of Her idealistic belief that interspecies will live in peace and became a Couple too.

So, this may be a constant supply of competition between Nanami and Tomoe.

It’s uncertain that this interspecies anime couple romantic attraction for each other would grow if he was a Tengu or a possessed pot.


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9. Breareos & Deunan  (Appleased)


He is a large rabbit-looking bionic woman and she’s a bad-ass, talentious member of the Olympus private security force, E.S.W.A.T.

He and Deunan warranted over war and bloodshed before an explosion landed him in his information science body.

The variations between Deunan and Briareos are few despite their appearances.

Her childhood is equally traumatic and helps in forming herself into an unshakable, talentuous soldier.

Together, they are AN economical team protective Olympus from threats each foreign and domestic.

8. Hamel & Fleute  (Violonist of Hameln)


I’m an enormous fan of Hamel/Flute within the manga.

It’s One of the Best tragic, sweet, and ultimately triumphant Sadly a sweet interspecies Anime Couple.

their relationship is weak within the anime, but, it still says tons concerning Hamel and Flute’s relationship and her dependence on him.

Hamel’s temperament within the manga versus the anime is wildly completely different because of the anime appearance is darker.


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