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What Are The Best Anime With Mermaids to Watch?

Mermaid anime characters are often depicted as beautiful and mysterious creatures that can grant wishes and help people in need.

Therefore, anime about mermaid tales have been around for some time, but there is a lot of variation in the stories across different tv shows. Some anime stories focus on the mermaid’s beauty, while others focus on their magical abilities or their connection to humans.

We know that there are so many anime series that feature mermaid characters. Hence, the list below will depict only the best mermaid anime tv shows that are worth watching!

Let’s Go!

19. Magical Pokan

mermaid anime

This is not 100%  anime about mermaids but is actually about four young interspecies anime girls. Each has her own unique breed, backstory, and personality. They have a lot of ups and downs during the series which is what makes it so interesting.

Unfortunately, these interspecies friends have a severe lack of knowledge about the earth and make co-existing with earthlings more difficult than they imagined

As they slowly adapt to their new life, they cause all sorts of trouble while also attracting unwanted attention from a woman named Dr. K-Ko.

This woman thinks these new arrivals are up to no good, so she decides to add her two cents on the situation by catching them and bringing them in for questioning. She’s hoping a bit of extra publicity will help her increase her scientific reputation.

18. Monster Girl Doctor

mermaid anime

In this good mermaid anime, welcome to the town of Lindworm, a place where humans, mermaids, elves, centaurs, and even monsters coexist in this lovely fable. While Doc Glenn carries out some…slightly ‘risqué’ medical examinations!

Yes, Glenn has experienced many unique experiences thanks to his job. Whether it’s diving deep into the body of a mermaid, stitching up the thigh of a flesh golem, or helping these interspecies lay their eggs; he always puts all his efforts into making sure the client is healthy.

In doing so, Doc Gleen often ends up in some pretty dangerous situations. But It’s all just part of his medical tests, however!

17. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

anime with mermaids

This is not only a good mermaid anime but also has so many pretty girls of various breeds. The story follows Kurusu, who was surprised when he was taken out of his normal life and thrust as a “volunteer” into the government exchange program, which will turn his life upside down.

Kurusu came across a snake-like lamia named Miia who came to live with him. It is up to him to take care of her and make sure that she integrates into his everyday life.

For Kurusu, the most we could hope for is having only the adorable Miia. But then one day, an extremely attractive centaur and a very seductive harpy moved to break into his life too—But Kurusu’s sexy dreams were crushed by the law that prevents humans from sleeping with other species.

16. Restaurant to Another World

another world anime

There is an old, 70-year-old restaurant called “Western Cuisine” on the first basement level of a multi-tenant building near one of the shopping streets near the office district. The sign outside of this restaurant has a logo of a cat on it.

This restaurant has a lot of quirks, including it only being open on Saturdays. So if you check this out during the week, you’ll just see a normal-looking establishment with normal guests. However, the restaurant has some doors that lead to another dimension, so when they open on Saturday, the guests are creatures and interspecies from other worlds.

15. A Centaur’s Life

a centaur's life

Being a teenager can be hard… Himeno is a sweet, shy girl, and is not flawless, but she is making the best of her situation and trying to cope with new and old feelings- as any high schooler would… The difference is that she is a centaur, a creature that’s half equine and half-human.

However, she is not alone! All of her classmates are supernatural anime creatures – some are mermaid characters, others are elves while there are also those who have horns, wings, tails, halos, or some other unique body part.

Despite appearing to be fantastical beings, Himeno and her three best friends are like any other teenagers who grapple with life and love. They experience normal teenage issues in their day-to-day school setting while trying to have a fun time.

14. Interspecies Reviewers

mermaid anime

This is not only a series with many beautiful mermaid anime girls but also is packed with moe anime characters in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They have horns, spear tails, mandibles, bat wings, or other mythical frames that we know from the myths and legends. Whichever you choose to be crowned as the “best girl”, it’s sure to make a splash when she rises up!!

If you’re looking for something fresh and sexy, Interspecies Reviewers is an ecchi anime series that might be able to help. There’s even a chance that you’ll discover an entirely new fetish and end up having it!

13. Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure

tropical rouge

This is one of the best anime about mermaids stories, that starts off with showing us the main character Manatsu with her mom, as they move from an island to Aozora City. There she meets Laura, a mermaid anime girl who makes her some Pretty Cures using makeup.

Manatsu and her new friends are fighting the servants of the Witch of Delays who stole that power from the mermaid’s kingdom. Hence, the girls must discover what really matters to them as they struggle to save humanity from the ocean invaders.

12. Monster Strike: Mermaid Rhapsody

mermaids anime

Minami’s father is a former mercenary and has been invited to an American naval party. Ren and the gang end up heading to Okinawa with him for summer break. On a sandy beach, Ren meets a mysterious girl. “Help me…” The girl leaves Ren with those words as she dives into the depths of the ocean never to be seen again.

As such, Ren found herself very drawn to the girl. She is always trying to save her in some way. That’s when Ren gradually discovers her identity, why she need help? and the deep dark secret that draws Ren into a mysterious adventure.

11. A Lull in the Sea

anime mermaids

Nagi no Asu Kara is among the best anime with mermaids and the sea’s people, the story follows some friends who used to live under the sea, but now are forced to leave the sea and attend a school on the surface. There, they will meet Tsumugu Kihara, a fellow student, and fisherman who loves being underwater.

These friends’ lives will likely change from here on out as they have to deal with the deep-seated hatred and discrimination from the people on the surface, as well as dealing with an impending tempest that may spell doom for everyone.

10. Bermuda Triangle Colorful Pastorale

anime about mermaids

Mermaids are known worldwide as iconic mythological creatures of the sea. Despite their charms and otherworldly powers, daily life for these beings comes with everyday challenges. But the guidance of friends can help them overcome those struggles in life.

Watch the adventures of five mermaids exploring their town and the world around them in a delightful slice-of-life anime about mermaid girls that you absolutely fall in love with.

9. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

anime about mermaids

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is an anime with plenty of sexy girls, heavy fanservice, and yuri. It even has a decent story that may actually make you enjoy watching it!

The mermaid characters in this one are competent and the visuals and; sound is very effective. Splashdown for an entertaining, artistic mermaid anime story that highlights that there has been a new virus that affects two different types of girls: those who are Exters, and those who are Liberators. Therefore, these girls are brought to two separate islands: Mermaid Island and Bhikkhuni Island.

8. Muromi-san

muromi san

Muromi San is a mermaid anime about cute mermaid girls that will make you laugh a lot and knock you for a loop. The episodes are often very funny and have some very endearing moments in them.

The story follows Mukoujima Takurou a lonely teen who spends his days fishing on the pier and ends up fishing a mermaid.

Not only did Muromi never realizes she was a mermaid until Takurou came along. But also she is just crazy, clumsy, and drinks too much. Now Takurou has a new challenge whenever he goes out fishing: Muromi comes along and makes things interesting for him!

7. Umi Monogatari

anime mermaid girl

Umi Monogatari is a mermaid anime that handles its story in a very unique way – the show comes with romance, comedy, and adventure themes. It draws inspiration from classic fairy tales but gets its own original twist on the story. The show is also great for newcomers to anime since there are a lot of lighthearted moments, making it accessible for even those that aren’t big fans of anime mermaids.

The story follows Marin and Urin, who are mermaid sisters living in the sea. They stumbled upon a ring that falls from the sky world and needed to give it back to its owner. They decided to journey up to the land for that!

It turns out that the ring that was thrown into the ocean by a heartbroken girl named Kanon is an act to say goodbye to her ex-boyfriend.

Marin finally finds Kanon but refuses to take the ring back. Meanwhile, a dark event occurred which leads them both to discover their secret destinies.

6. Mermaid Forest

anime mermaid

Mermaid Forest is among the best mermaid anime with mermaids that you should watch! The story chronicles that eating the flesh of a mermaid would make anyone immortal. Yuta unknowingly ate what he thought was some mermaid’s flesh, and as a result for centuries, he become immortal. Now he is traveling across Japan for centuries to look for a way to become human again!

Yuta finally finds one of the mermaids, but when he finds out what they’re doing – raising a girl to be their food so they may eat her and take on her youthful looks – he decides to rescue the girl who turns out that she ate some mermaid flesh.

Although he had to kill all the mermaids, Yuta still isn’t too disappointed. He has found a companion and joy in Mana, who she was trapped in a small, and now they are together to support each other. They go out to look for more mermaids while doing anything to make themselves human again.

5. The Prince and The Coral Sea

the prince and the coral sea

The Prince and the Coral Sea is a mermaid anime OVA with one episode that spans genres of Drama and fantasy. This series is bright and shining. It’s a whimsical fable that ends in teaching us the importance of being kind to all creatures and selfless, something that everyone needs to learn from time to time.

the story is pretty solid and follows a boy named Ray who lives on Okinawa Island, met a beautiful and gentle mermaid who bestowed him with a magical gift from the sea, and now Ray is determined to use it to protect his island’s nature and people from harm.

4. Merman in My Tub

anime merman

Tatsumi is on his way home from school when he notices a man collapsed near a lake. As he approaches, he notices something strange: the person in need of help is actually a beautiful mermaid named Wakasa! There was too much pollution left at Wakasa’s house, so Tatsumi offered his bathtub to the merman.

It’s been a long time since high school student Tatsumi has been able to live his life without worrying, but hosting the merman will make his life take another turn. Not only is he living with the merman, but now even his aquatic friends–Takasu, Mikuni, and Maki–often show up unexpectedly.

Merman in My Tub is a good mermaid anime about both mermaid boys and girls that follows Tatsumi, as he mingles with his new mermaid friends and accepts them into his life. Sometimes, Tatsumi finds himself amused by their whimsical antics. But he has to stay cool to keep such a happy friendship.

3. One Piece – Fishmen Island Arc

one piece fishmen arc

One of the most exciting arcs in the series is Fishman Island Arc. This arc was so unique and interesting that it was ranked as one of the top “Impressive Arcs of One Piece” by many. Welcome, to Fishman Island, where the civilians are fish-men, mermaids, and other sea creatures.

You gotta watch this part, in order to behold the pretty girl “Princess Shirahoshi”, who is a giant smelt-whiting mermaid and is the youngest of King Neptune’s children. She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful anime mermaid girls ever drawn in history.

2. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure

anime about mermaids

After her battle with Gaito, Sara had given her life to be with him. Now there is peace in the sea, but with only six mermaids alive.

It’s time for Caren, Noel, Coco with Lucia, Hanon, and Rina to head back to the kingdoms. Mitsuki Tarou is leaving for Germany and Kaito Doumoto is going to Hawaii.

Lucia is feeling dejected, and when things couldn’t get any worse, Kaito is missing at sea. Worse still, a mysterious angel named Michel has appeared and wants the mermaids to join him.

However, Sara’s spirit tells Lucia about a young mermaid named Seira. Then, these mermaid anime girls will be in for another adventure!

1. My Bride is a Mermaid

my bride is a mermaid

My Bride is a Mermaid known in Japanese as Seto no Hanayome is one of the rarest types of anime about mermaid characters that you can find – a parody rom-com that is actually extremely funny!

The story follows a cute anime mermaid, who saves the main character from drowning and he ends up marrying her out of fear of her being executed.

To sum up, this is a good romantic comedy anime that everyone has been hoping for. It has such action and it is so over-the-top that it just feels natural. In terms of comedy, it’s hilarious.

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