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Top 10 Best Anime Like Vinland Saga that shares so many similarities To Watch Now!

Anime like Vinland Saga:

Vinland Saga is a good TV anime series based on the Vinland Saga manga by Makoto Yukimura and animated by Wit Studio. The story follows Thorfinn, who as a child used to sit at the feet of the great Leif Ericson and was thrilled by wild tales of a land far to the west.

But his youthful fantasies were shattered by a mercenary raid. Raised by the Vikings who murdered his family, Thorfinn became a terrifying warrior, forever seeking to kill the band’s leader, Askeladd, and avenge his father. Sustaining Thorfinn through his ordeal are his pride in his family and his dreams of a fertile westward land, a land without war or slavery…the land Leif called “Vinland”

So with no further ado, let us show the best anime like the Vinland saga that you will really enjoy!

10. Fate/Zero

anime like vinland saga

Fate Zero is a popular anime like Vinland saga that you will enjoy. Spanning genres of action, supernatural, magic, and fantasy this is a spinoff series that comes with 13 Episodes focusing on the female main character Saber, a production of Ufotable’s studio.

Produced by Ufotable studio, the anime depicts that with the promise of granting any wish, the omnipotent Holy Grail triggered three wars in the past, each too cruel and fierce to leave a victor. In spite of that, the wealthy Einzbern family is confident that the Fourth Holy Grail War will be different.

The Einzberns hired Kiritsugu Emiya “Magus Killer”, with marriage to their only daughter Irisviel as a binding contract. Kiritsugu now stands at the center of a cutthroat game of survival, facing off against six other participants.

However, each one had an ancient familiar fueled by unique desires and ideals. Saber, the notorious mercenary soon finds his greatest opponent in Kirei Kotomine. A priest who seeks salvation from the emptiness within himself in pursuit of Kiritsugu. Fate/Zero depicts the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War—10 years prior to Fate/stay the night.

9. Claymore


Claymore is an anime like vinland saga, both series are historical, and have an mc who seeks revenge, all the while both the anime series offer epic sword-fighting scenes.

Spanning genres of action, demons, and adventure, the story of this show starts when a shapeshifting demon with a thirst for human flesh, known as “youma,” arrives in Raki’s village, a lone woman with silver eyes walks into town with only a sword upon her back.

She is a “Claymore,” a being manufactured as half-human and half-youma, for the express purpose of exterminating these monsters.

After Raki’s family is killed, Claymore saves his life, but he is subsequently banished from his home. With nowhere else to go, Raki finds the Claymore, known as Clare, and decides to follow her on her journey.

As the pair travel from town to town, defeating youma along the way, more about Clare’s organization and her fellow warriors comes to light. With every town cleansed and every demon destroyed, they come closer to the youma on which Clare has sought vengeance ever since she chose to become a Claymore.

8. Le Chevalier D’eon

good anime

Le Chevalier D’eon and Vinland Saga are so similar, as both series have that European atmosphere, and both main characters vow to take a path that will lead them later to face a harsh truth. This mystery, magic, and historical anime is set in the 18th Century, where France. Lia de Beaumont, a loyal servant of Versailles and its King, Louis XV, is found dead in the river Seine.

Floating inside a coffin, on which the word “Psalms” was written, her body had been poisoned by mercury, thus preserving decay. According to the Church, the soul that belonged to a corpse incapable of being consumed by the soil will forever wander in the human realm, unable to go to Heaven.

This greatly affects D’Eon de Beaumont, Lia’s brother and one of the king’s spies. However, he vows to discover by whom – and why – she was murdered. But he never expected that the one who conducted the revenge would be Lia, now possessing D’Eon’s body! And what will the knight do when this quest might risk France itself?

7. Guin Saga 

anime like vinland saga

GuinSaga is an anime by Kaoru Kurimoto, first aired in 2009 with a total of 26 episodes, produced and animated by studio Satelight.

Much like Vinland Saga this adventure anime showcases the theme of warfare, hence the story of Guin Saga focuses on an ancient kingdom of Parros, that has been invaded by the armies of Mongaul, and its king and queen have been slain.

But the “twin pearls of Parros,” the princess Rinda and the prince Remus, escape using a strange device hidden in the palace. Lost in Goodwood, they are rescued from Mongaul soldiers by a strange leopard-headed man, who has no memories except for the words “Aurra” and “Guin,” which he believes to be his name.

6. Arslan Senki


Arslan Senki by the author Yoshiki Tanaka was animated back in 2015 with 25 episodes and produced by SANZIGEN, LIDENFILMS’ studio. So, why the Arslan Senki is quite like Vinland Saga anime series? well read the following plot and you’ll know the answer!

Arslan Senki is an anime that spans the same themes of Vinald Saga including adventure, history, action, and of course drama. The story follows the exploits of Arslan, the crown prince of the fictional kingdom of Pars, and it is divided into two parts. In the first part, after Arslan’s father, King Andragoras III, falls victim to a treacherous plot the neighboring nation of Lusitania took Pars

After barely escaping with his life, Arslan rejoins his loyal servant, Daryun. However, only a few companions backed him up, including The philosopher and tactician Narsus and his young servant Elam. Also Farangis, an aloof, cold priestess, and Give, a traveling musician and con-man.

Arslan stands against overwhelming odds to assemble an army strong enough to liberate his nation from the Lusitanian army. “Silvermask”, is another contender to Pars’ throne. In the second part, Arslan, as the king of Pars, is defending his country against several external threats and addressing the needs and hopes of his subjects.

5. Kingdom


If you like those feelings you’ve experienced during watching the Vinland saga series, then this anime may be your next love interest!

Studio’s Pierrot’s Kingdom spans genres of action, history, and military. The story is set during China’s Warring States period, where a raging dragon that would raze the land for 500 years, saw many kingdoms rise and fall, making way for the next generation of kings and generals to fight for supremacy.

Eventually, seven powerful states emerged from the endless cycle of warfare. In the kingdom of Qin, Xin Li trains vigorously with a fellow slave and best friend, Piao. Piao dreams of one day becoming a Great General of the Heavens.

However, a retainer of the king recruits Piao to work in the royal palace which separates the two friends. Piao returns to Xin, half-dead, with a mission that will lead him to a meeting with China’s young King, Zheng Ying. Kingdom follows Xin as he takes his first steps into the great blood-soaked pages of China’s history. He must carve his own path to glory on his long quest to become a Great General of the historic Seven Warring States.

4. Code Geass


In Vinland Saga, it’s all about revenge and in Code Geass anime series it is also the same case.

The story of this popular anime brought by Sunrise studio, showcases The Holy Empire of Britannia as it is establishing itself as a dominant military nation, starting with the conquest of Japan. Japan has seen significant resistance against these tyrants in an attempt to regain independence.

Therefore, Lelouch Lamperouge finds himself caught in a crossfire between the Britannian and the Area 11 rebel armed forces. Finally, he realizes the vast potential of his “power of absolute obedience,” and embarks upon a perilous journey as the masked vigilante known as Zero.

3. Attack On Titan


From the mind of Hajime Isayama comes an awesome anime series named Attack On Titan produced by Wit Studio. Attack On Titan shares similar anime genres as those of Vinland Saga (action, military, dama). The story is set centuries ago, in a fantasy world where some sort of huge Titans forces humans to hide in fear behind enormous concentric walls.

What makes these giants truly terrifying is that their taste for human flesh is not born out of hunger but out of pleasure. To ensure their survival and living within defensive barriers, resulting in one hundred years without a single titan encounter.

However, that fragile calm is now over when a colossal titan manages to breach the supposedly impregnable outer wall. Reigniting the fight for survival against the man-eating abominations. After witnessing a horrific personal loss, Eren Yeager dedicates his life to fighting titans. Indeed, he joined the Survey Corps, an elite military unit that combats the titans outside the protection of the walls.

Shingeki no Kyojin follows a revenge and rebellious journey of Eren, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert, as they join the brutal war against the titans and race to discover a way of defeating them before breaching the last walls. Well, this looks like the same setup as in Vinland Saga.

2. Last Exile


From the studio Gonzo,  we have the Last Exile anime series that features genres of action, sci-fi, and adventure. The plot is set In the world of Prester, where flight is the dominant mode of transportation, which is now possible after producing the  Claudia Fluid.

“The Guild” has absolute authority over the skies, with a monopoly on the engines that make use of this fluid. Moreover, as ecological disasters destabilize the warring countries, the Guild arbitrates the disputes between the two. Caught in the middle of the conflict are Sky Couriers, piloting small, two-person van ships that fly freely through the sky.

Last Exile follows the adventures of two teenagers who dream of surpassing their parents. Their job as couriers entails passing through an air current called the Grand Stream that separates the hostile nations. However, when they take on a high-rated delivery to bring an orphan girl (Alvis Hamilton) to the battleship Silvana, they stood against the might of the Guild.

1. Berserk


Berserk is a masterpiece anime from the mind of Kentaro Miura. Spanning genres of action, history, adventure, and romance, and is undoubtedly the best anime like vinland saga.

The story of this masterpiece anime series focuses on Guts who is wow branded for death and destined to be hunted by demons until the day he dies, he will embark on a journey to defy such a gruesome fate.

Steeling his resolve, he takes up the monstrous blade Dragonslayer and vows to exact vengeance on the one responsible and hunting down the very man he once looked up to and considered a friend.

Along the way, he encounters some unlikely allies, such as a small elf named Puck, and Isidro, a young thief. As the ragtag group slowly comes together after having decided to join Guts in his quest, they will face incredible danger.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article about the best anime like vinland saga and that you end up discovering some Japanese anime series that are so good to watch. Therefore, if you have something in mind that you think deserves to be in this list of Vinland saga’s similar anime series, comment it below.

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