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Top 10 Japanese Movies Based On Anime and Manga

The Top 10 Best Japanese Romance Movies Based On Anime and Manga 
Anime is not only an animated art, but also it inspires the movie’s creators, to adapted it and make it into films due to their unique, yet amazing stories.

10-Kinkyori Renai 2014

Here is a japanese romance movie based on the manga of the same title, that focus on A smart high school student falls in love with her new handsome English teacher after she begins to receive one-on-one tutoring from him.

9- Kyo, koi o Hajimemasu 2012

Hibino, a geek girl fall in love for the first time with Kyouta, the playboy.

What will happen when a zero experienced girl coupled with a fully experienced boy? Love for beginner begin.

8-L♥DK 2014

Aoi lives in an apartment by herself.

Shusei moves in next to Aoi’s apartment.

Shusei is a very popular student, Due to a mistake, Aoi makes the sprinkler go off in his room. Until his room is fixed, he stays with Aoi.



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