The 27 Cute Anime Girl Characters that Are so Beautiful

cutest anime girls

The Top 27 Cute Anime Girl Characters of all time

If you are looking for a huge dose of the cute anime girl characters, look no further, as this list is dedicated to the cutest and most kawaii anime young-girl characters that the Japanese world of manga and animation series has to offer.

With no further addition, let’s get on with this list to know who is the best cute kawaii anime girl of all time mid these 27 best young senoritas characters.

27. Yuzu – ‘Konahana Kitan’

cute anime girls

Kicking off our cutest list with this blonde haired kawaii anime girl, “Yuzu” is The protagonist of the story.

In the anime series she is portrayed as an adorable, innocent and hardworking country fox.

She was brought up by Bikini and has rather extensive knowledge of things.

26. Charmy – ‘Black Clover’

charmy black clover

Charmy is Black Clover’s Most Adorable anime Girl and Most Popular Character. She loves food more than anyone in the entire kingdom.

As a human dwarf hybrid, it appears to be incredibly small, which adds to its allure. Whether stuffing her face with delicious food or using her gorgeous cotton charm, Charmy is definitely the healthiest cutest and kawaii girl character in the anime series.

25. March – ‘To Your Eternity’

cute anime girl

As one of the few cute girls in her village, March is a kawaii anime girl that has only one desire: to become a mama quickly.

While her little dream mostly stems from playing “house” with her dolls, she ends up becoming a mother character of sorts for the immortal being, Fuchsia – and she’s so adorable.

Despite all the tragic things that happened to her, she managed to make everyone smile with her sweet and funny style.

Mars is definitely one of the most beloved characters in this pretty good anime.

24. Momo – ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’

cutest anime girl

Momo is the youngest of Kawamoto’s three sisters. Although raised without her parents, this adorable three-year-old kawaii cute anime girl, is fun and happy as always thanks to her older sisters and grandfather.

Her bright personality always raises his voice to Rei Kiriyama’s grief, even moving him to tears at some point.

23. Popura Taneshima – ‘Working!!’

kawaii anime girl

Popura Taneshima wishes she was less cool – then she gets more respect from her co-workers and customers at Wagnaria, the family restaurant where she works.

But she cannot escape the fact that she strongly resembles a squirrel.

22. Kisa Sohma – ‘Fruits Basket’

kawaii cute anime girls

Kisa Sohma is influenced by the family’s zodiac curse, which means that when a member of the opposite sex embraces her, she transforms into a tiger.

She is one of the most shy anime girls, but when she gets attached to someone, she follows him like a little chick.

21. Naru Kotoishi – ‘Barakamon’

barakamon naru

Naru Kotoishi is a young girl who lives on the island, and she has made it her life’s mission to get Seishuu Handa – a grouchy adult who focuses so heavily on his career in calligraphy that he can’t enjoy anything else – to really go out and spend time with other people.

Well the Barakamon anime so good to watch, Not only because Naru is super cute little girl, but she is also conscious and passionate that goes beyond her years.

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