21 Popular Japanese Anime Dere Types that you Must Know


Anime fans always come across some names that end with “dere”.

some of these anime dere types may be easy to understand, but some others! most of us are still not familiar with.

Now is this article we covers all-dere types in japanese anime along with their meanings and some given examples for each.

Lets begin with What exactly the meaning of these names that ends with “dere” ?

Dere meaning is love struck,  or lovey dovey. Hence, Dere types in anime are characters who express their emotions in different ways.


So lets countdown our List of 21 Dere Types in Japanese Anime


bakadere is an anime character who looks very idot, clumsy and stupid.

Sample: Yui Hirasawa from K-On! 



Bakadere cames from the word “baka” meaning “idiot”, and “dere” meaning “lovey-dovey”.

In other words, these anime characters are sweet, lovely, but their clumsy behaviors covers their other cute attributes.


bodere is an anime character who is often shy, when they are around their crush or those persons they admire, and get embarrassed easily.

Example: Mahiru Inami from Working!!


Bodere Anime Characters usually cant control their words, and they uses their hands instead.

They looks like a tsundere, but they are different as they are a mix of tsundere and dandere.


Darudere are those dere types in anime who are nonchalant to those who they love, but they do show their emotions, but usually acts as if they have no interest in those who like them.

Example: Houtarou Oreki from Hyouka


Darudere anime characters are Lazy, dull, and apathetic.


Hajidere’s are people who tend to be very Nervous, shy and blush in front of their crush and persons they like.

Example: Hinata Hyūga from Naruto


Losing control when they are around the person that they like the most, They ends up with having so much trouble in confessing.

Hence,  the beloved one should make the first move. Although if their crush does, the hajidere might faint before they answer.


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