19 Best Black and White Anime of All Time

best black and white anime series

Here, you’ll discover some of the greatest vintage and black and white anime series ever made. They bring together fantastic stories with epic plots that are impossible to ignore.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the top classic and monochrome anime shows that deserve your attention. While there are many black and white anime series out there, some truly shine.

These are the anime you shouldn’t miss, whether you’re seeking underrated or classic masterpieces. You can find a list of the best black and white anime of all time right here on BakaBuzz.

Let’s get started!

19. Osomatsu-Kun

osomatsu kun

Starting our list of top black and white anime shows is Osomatsu-Kun, an old-school TV anime based on an original manga by Fujio Akatsuka that was first published in 1962. It’s a super funny comedy about the Matsuno family, which has six mischievous sons. All six brothers, including the eldest, Osomatsu, have a crush on the same girl, Totoko. The original series follows their hilarious adventures when they’re just 10 years old.

18. Sabu And Ichi’s Arrest Warrant

black and white anime

Next up, we have Sabu and Ich’s Arrest Warrant a great black and white historical anime that really needs your attention. This monochrome series follows SABU, a young investigator from the Edo bakufu, as he travels with the blind master swordsman, ICHIRO.

Together, they use their skills to solve problems in places where corruption and law enforcement issues are common. Sabu is engaged to Midori, a police officer, and she’s also his boss’s daughter. She assists him in solving mysteries and correcting injustices, while he provides solutions to these problems.

17. Suteneko Tora-chan 

black and white anime

This is a wonderful black and white anime about animals that depicts the story of a family of cats finding a homeless kitten and taking him into their home. The kitten quickly becomes one of the siblings’ favorite pal, but love doesn’t last forever – even between animals.

As time goes on the sibling starts to grow jealous of the attention that the kitten gets from her mother, which leads her to go away from home. Can the new family member bring the cat back home safely, get them to accept her as a part of the family, and provide some comfort?

16. GeGeGe no Kitarou

best black and white anime

GeGeGe no Kitarou is an epic retro horror anime tv show produced by Toei Animation and spans genres of adventure, comedy, fantasy, and supernatural.

The Japanese anime series centers around a ghost named Kitarou who spends his afterlife helping humans in need of his skills. His mission is to thwart the plans of evil spirits. He is so fearless and powerful. He is such a noble hero and he is defying all the bad that can come to humans. The show is definitely still one of the best out there back then! and right now.

15. Yuusei Kamen

black and white anime

Yuusei Kamen is a really good Japanese black and white anime series produced by Tele-Cartoon Japan and first aired in Japan in, 1966. With A total of 39 episodes.

Set in the year 2001, the story follows the aftermath of an evil conspiracy that dealt a huge blow to society. Multiple cities are destroyed on Earth while two civilizations grab each other by the neck and start a war.

The protagonist’s main goal is to defeat the war and bring peace back to the mother. Dressing in a mask, his journey of defending Earth has just begun.

14. Perman 


Perman is an anime with the old black and white animation style adapted from the Japanese manga series directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa and Sadayoshi Tominaga. The story follows Mitsuo Suwa, who’s chosen to be an apprentice by a powerful superhero named Birdman to save the world along with other superheroes.

Mitsuo used to be an ordinary human, but now he’s teamed up with four other crime fighters! They need to keep their identities secret and use their newfound abilities to assist the denizens of Japan.

13. Animal 1

black and white anime

Animal 1 is a classic anime that’s been around since the 1960s. It’s one of the beloved classics that showcases people’s dreams, how they conquer challenges, and achieve success. This anime focuses on a young amateur wrestler’s journey who aspires to compete in the Olympics Games held in Mexico. It’s a sports anime with black and white old animation style that you’ll definitely enjoy.

12. Sekai Monoshiri Ryoko

black and white anime

Sekai Monoshiri Ryoko is another fantastic black and white anime, but it’s not your usual kind. It’s packed with humor, making it a great choice for a relaxing day. This anime combines comedy and adventure in various places around the world.

The humor here is a unique and effortless form of creativity that’s hard to find anywhere else. Think of it as an educational documentary show that explores real-world places across the globe in short 5-minute episodes. The series used to air from Monday to Saturday.

11. Pinch to Punch

pinch to punch anime

One cool thing about black and white anime is how it stirs up feelings in a unique way. Take Pinch to Punch as an example. It’s filled with different emotions as the characters dive into their mischievous adventures. The show also has moments that many folks can relate to, especially if they’ve been through similar situations.

Pinch and Punch is about two brothers who excel at tricks and pranks. With some help from their sister Chibigon, their friend Dotako, and their pet pig Ijibuta, they come up with all sorts of funny schemes. Their targets include their frustrated mom, Mamagon, as well as two-faced grown-ups and super-smart folks who spend all day studying.

10. Space Ace

space ace

A cool old-school anime is Space Ace, and it’s about Dr. Tatsunoko from the Tatsunoko Research Center. He goes underwater with his daughter Asari to check out some strange radiation. What they find is a giant shell, and the radiation’s source is inside it.

Inside that shell, Asari discovers a small magical globe, and it carries a message from a space alien. All of a sudden, a mysterious boy appears. He’s the Silver Ring mentioned in the message. This special ring lets him transform into a superhuman using space food, and he can fly with it. He also uses it as a weapon to battle bad guys. Together with his pals, especially Asari, his robot dog Ibo, and Hermit Crab Reporter, they tackle space baddies and save the day when things go wrong.

9. Ookami Shounen Ken

ken the wolf boy

Ookami Shounen Ken is one of those anime series that’s both simple and fascinating, making it hard to stop watching! This black-and-white anime tells the tale of a young boy named Ken, who grows up with wolves in the jungle. He’s got two wolf pals named Chi Chi and Po Po.

It’s a fun retro anime show that uses inspiration from stories like Tarzan and the Jungle Book. It also teaches you a bit about nature and focuses on themes of love and friendship. When you watch it, time will fly by!

8. Kaitou Pride

kaitou pride

Moving on to Kaitou Pride, which is one of those recommended black and white anime series you might not be familiar with, but it’s worth watching.

The show consists of 105 episodes, and each one tells a short story about a detective trying to catch a famous thief. This series includes adventure and comedy themes and each episode is only 8 minutes long. You can finish the whole show in just a week!

7. Chiisana Oji-san

best black and white anime series

“Chiisai Oyaji Nikki” is a Japanese manga series created by Noi Asano. They made it into a black and white anime TV series. The show is about the main character who lives with a mysterious old man, and it’s all about their everyday life (it’s in the slice of life genre).

The TV series was made by Kachidoki Studio. Asano Noi, who created the manga, also directed the streaming TV series, which had 30 episodes. The final DVD came out in 2014, and the series won an award at the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival.

6. Chingou Muchabei

best classic anime

One of the best classic black and white anime shows is Chingou Muchabei. It tells the story of Muchabei, a ronin who earns a living by making umbrellas, which he also uses as his main weapon. During the story, he meets and becomes the sworn protector of Bokemaru, a disinherited prince who is the true heir of the Toyotomi family.

Lord Toyotomi, who currently holds power, is trying to stop Bokemaru from reclaiming his rightful position. To achieve this, he’s sent a ninja named Kaburezukin to get rid of Bokemaru. However, Kaburezukin isn’t a very skilled ninja and often faces obstacles created by Muchabei.

5. Harris No Kaze

black and white anime series

Next up we have Harris no Kaze, a Japanese manga created by Tetsuya Chiba. It was first published in 1965 and later reissued as part of the Kodansha Comics series in 1967. This black-and-white anime series, with 70 episodes, was first aired in 1966. It falls into the comedy and school genres. The story revolves around a troublemaking boy who changes schools.

4. Shounen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru

black and white anime

This is a great classic anime for retro fans. Shounen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru is a historical story featuring a mix of weapons, martial arts, and magic. The story is set in a chaotic time when ancient artifacts were highly desired for world conquest. Ninja Masters competed against each other. That’s when Fujimaru and Midori meet other Ninja Masters and later engage in battles.

3. Kaizoku Ouji 

kaizoku ouji

If you believe that One Piece is the only pirate anime out there, you should know that one of the pioneers is Kaizoku Ouji. It’s a famous black and white anime series with adaptations like a movie, a game, and it has inspired other works.

This show tells a ghost story about a boy living on an island who discovers that his dad is not who he thought. This revelation leads to significant events in his life. His real father was Captain Morgan, a pirate who ruled the seas. Kid embarks on a quest to find him. Many pirates aimed to become the new king of the seas, but Kid didn’t want his father’s legacy to be taken. So, he becomes the new captain.

2. Astro Boy 1963

classic anime series

Astro Boy (1963) is a popular classic black and white anime. It’s a show directed by Osamu Tezuka and written by Yoshiyuki Tomino. This is a robotic anime, which is about Astro Boy, a robot created to replace his creator’s son, who sadly died during World War II. Astro has incredible strength, making him perfect for fighting bad guys and making the world a fairer place.

But there’s more to Astro’s story. He learns to be better in many ways, like focusing on his relationships and living a more human-like life. The tale of Astro Boy has been turned into different forms, including anime movies, TV series, and live-action films.

1. Dororo

black and white anime

Dororo is a famous sword fighting anime from 2019, but did you know it’s a remake of a black and white series of the same name from 1969? The story is about Hyakkimaru, a guy who’s missing 48 body parts because they were taken before he was even born.

His father made a deal with a demon to gain power over the country, but the cost was his son’s body. When Hyakkimaru was born, he was in bad shape and left to die in a river. As he grows up, he sets out to find and reclaim his stolen body parts. Along the way, he meets a friend named Dororo.

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