28 Best Anime About Robots To Watch

anime about robots

Welcome to the fantastic world of robots anime, where mechanical beings rule supreme! This outstanding genre introduces us to a wide range of robotic characters that go far beyond conventional technology.

From sentient androids to powerful mecha, these non-human entities pique our interest and challenge our mind about what it means to be alive.

Well, let us make you wonder through futuristic cities, battles, and uncharted planets as we find epic stories of artificial intelligence, steely determination, and the borders between man and machine.

Now, here is a list of the top 28 robots anime series that all sci-fi fans should watch!

28. Clockwork Planet

best robots anime

Clockwork Planet, a 2017 anime produced by studio Xebec, takes place in a apocalyptic world where Earth perished a millennium ago.

In its wake, a legendary clockmaker referred to as “Y” resurrected the planet using intricate clockwork machinery. Naoto Miura, a struggling high school student, stumbles upon RyuZU, an automaton left behind by “Y,” and the brilliant clockmaker Marie. When their unique abilities converge, the wheels of destiny set into motion.

United by a common purpose, the trio embarks on a mission to repair the endangered Clockwork Planet. In this clockpunk fantasy, they navigate a cycle of both failures and successes, tirelessly working to salvage and restore this extraordinary clockwork world.

As fate’s gears continue to turn, the trio’s efforts become pivotal in shaping the future of their resuscitated planet.

27. Coyote Ragtime Show

robotics anime

Coyote Ragtime Show is an anime that revolves around Androids, treasure, and pirates. When the space pirate, known as “Coyote” Bruce, meets his demise, he leaves behind a legendary treasure, known as the greatest heist in history.

The key to finding it lies with only one person. Bruce’s daughter desires her rightful inheritance, while the enigmatic Coyote Mister seeks his share of the loot.

A determined detective aims to apprehend the notorious pirate, and the sinister Madame Marciano, along with her army of androids, craves vengeance.

Amidst this thrilling pursuit, the race is on to uncover Bruce’s hidden treasure. As the authorities and bounty hunters enter the fray, the stakes escalate.

Will Bruce’s treasure finally be found, or will the battle for it turn into an intense showdown, with lives hanging in the balance?

26. Atom The Beginning

mechs anime

Atom: The Beginning is a science fiction anime centered around robots and non-human characters. The story unfolds after a major catastrophe strikes Japan, leaving the world in need of a savior.

But what form should this hero take? A god? Or perhaps, a friend?

Two brilliant young minds, Umataro Tenma and Hiroshi Ochanomizu, dedicate their efforts to creating a powerful artificial intelligence that can safeguard the future. Through their relentless collaboration, they bring to life a remarkable robot named A106.

This anime unveils the untold tale of Tenma and Ochanomizu as they lay the groundwork for the creation of an android that would go on to shape the course of the world.

25. Hand Maid May

hand maid may anime

Hand Maid May is a 2000 anime centered around robots. The story revolves around Kazuya Saotome, an electrical engineering student deeply interested in computers, robot construction, and programming.

One fateful day, he receives May, a petite cyberdoll, delivered to him by Cyberdyne Co. It turns out that May was sent as a revenge ploy hidden in a CD by his rival.

With May’s assistance, Kazuya starts to improve his life and behavior, and he hopes that these changes may also help him win the affection of Kasumi, his landlord’s daughter.

24. Cat Planet Cuties

alien anime

Cat Planet Cuties is an anime that caters to fans of neko anime characters, although these characters are not actually humans but some form of aliens or robots.

The show falls under the genres of Ecchi, Harem, and Sci-Fi. It revolves around Kio and his family, who gather for a funeral in Okinawa.

On the same day, they receive a message from outer space, leading Kio to meet a girl named Elis, who claims to be an alien.

23. The Big O

the big o anime

Moving on we have The Big O, a classic sci-fi anime filled with robots and mecha characters. Set in Paradigm, a city where the citizens lost all their memories forty years ago, people live without hope for the future or knowledge of their past.

Roger Smith, a skilled negotiator, aids the wealthy with the assistance of a peculiar android named Dorothy and his capable butler Norman.

However, when a greater evil threatens the city, he unleashes the powerful Megadeus, known as Big O, a relic from Paradigm’s past.

With Big O by his side, Roger becomes the city’s last hope for survival in this memory-less world.

22. Kamisama Dolls

kamisama dolls

“Kamisama Doll is a highly recommended and unique anime series that you’re sure to enjoy.

When Kyohei moves to Tokyo, he hopes to leave his old life behind. However, things take an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon a bloody corpse, bringing his past back to haunt him.

In his hometown, Kyohei was a “seki,” possessing the power to control ancient wooden “gods” known as “kakashi” with his mind.

Now, a kakashi is wreaking havoc in Tokyo, and Kyohei must step up to stop it and its seki in this thrilling robotic story.

21. No Guns Life

no guns life

No Guns Life is another recommended anime set in a dark world filled with cyborgs and robots. The story centers around the Extended, humans transformed into powerful weapons.

Juuzou Inui, an Extended with amnesia, works as an agent investigating his own kind. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious child with Extended ties appears at his office.

Inui now faces the daunting task of protecting the child from dangerous street gangs and the formidable megacorporation Berühren.

20. Casshern Sins

casshern sins anime

Casshern Sins” is a post-apocalyptic anime set in a dark future where the world is in ruins, and everything is slowly crumbling away into dust.

Humanity is almost extinct, while robots desperately seek out new parts to replace their rusting bodies. Their only hope for survival is to devour the one known as Casshern… or so they believe.

Meanwhile, Casshern himself has lost all memory of his past. Why are these robots attacking him? Did he really kill the one known as Luna; the Sun that was called Moon? And why is he, alone, unaffected and undamaged by the ruin? 

19. Mahoromatic

androids anime

Mahoromatic is a delightful and kawaii anime series that is featuring a charming robot girl as the main character.

Mahoromatic, a former Vesper battle android, decides to give up her weapons and live as Misato Suguru’s maid, extending her remaining life significantly.

Alongside her household duties, she also protects Suguru from an amorous teacher and his ecchi magazines.

Can Mahoro preserve Suguru’s innocence amidst their comedic and heartwarming adventures?

18. Solty Rei

solty rei anime

Solty Rei is a compelling  and good cyberpunk anime set in a world that faced the catastrophic “Blast Fall” twelve years ago. As a result, society adapted with cybernetic limbs.

Roy Revent, a bounty hunter, carries the burden of losing his daughter during the disaster. When a vengeful criminal targets Roy, an enigmatic girl falls from the sky and saves him.

She lacks any memory of her past, prompting Roy to name her Solty. With the support of Miranda, his boss and landlord, they seek to unravel the mysteries surrounding Solty’s true identity and the cause of Blast Fall.

17. Uninhabited Planet Survive

best anime with robots

Uninhabited Planet Survive is a 2022 anime that revolves around Luna, an orphaned girl with aspirations of attending a prestigious academy.

Once she is accepted, her class embarks on a field trip to witness the colonization of a new world. However, during the journey, a storm strikes their space vessel, causing Luna and a small group of students to be jettisoned into a gravity well, leaving them stranded on a distant planet.

Now, faced with constant dangers from monsters and limited supplies, the group of strangers must unite and do everything they can to survive.

16. Chobits

chobits anime

Chobits, produced by Madhouse, is a popular anime featuring robots (Androids) and an Interspecies Relationship. The story follows Hideki Motosuwa, who moves to the big city after failing to gain admission to a university.

He is determined to study hard for the next year’s exams. However, one day, he encounters an unusual distraction in the form of Chii, a robotic young girl discarded in the trash.

In a world where people rely on ‘persocoms’ for companionship, the boundaries of human relationships are tested as Hideki finds himself falling in love with the machine itself.

15. Robotics Notes

robotics notes anime

Robotics Notes is an anime by Production I.G set in the year 2019. The Robotics Club at Central Tanegashima High School has a dream of creating a working replica of the giant anime robot Gunvarrel.

However, with only two members – Aki and Kai – the task is challenging. To make matters worse, the school’s vice principal plans to shut down the club.

To save it, they must win a fighting robot tournament and recruit new members. But when Kai stumbles upon a shocking conspiracy, their priorities shift dramatically.

14. Nier Automata

nier automata

Nier:Automata is a recent anime released in 2023, produced by A-1 Pictures.

It is an action-packed sci-fi show set in the distant future, where invaders from another world known as “machine lifeforms” pose a grave threat to humanity.

Forced to abandon Earth, mankind seeks refuge on the Moon. To fight back, the Council of Humanity forms a resistance of android soldiers, including the new unit called YoRHa.

Amidst the chaos of war, the androids and machines clash, revealing long-forgotten truths about their world.

13. Planetarian


First aired in 2016, Planetarian is an underrated anime tv show that features robots and androids in a wonderful story.

Hoshino Yumemi, a companion robot, has patiently awaited visitors for thirty years in an abandoned planetarium. Unfortunately, no customers ever arrive, leaving her all alone.

However, everything changes when a Junker, someone who scavenges goods and artifacts from the ruins of civilization, stumbles upon the decaying establishment.

Their encounter marks a turning point as he must decide whether to assist Yumemi in repairing the planetarium or leave her to solitude once again.

12. Expelled From Paradise

expelled from paradise

Fans of action, mecha, sci-fi, and robots, as well as those interested in virtual reality, will be delighted to watch Expelled From Paradise.

The story is set in the future, where humanity’s new paradise, the cyber universe known as “DEVA,” faces a security breach when a mysterious hacker from Earth gains access to its mainframe.

To investigate the situation, DEVA’s high officials send Angela Balzac, a skilled DEVA system security officer, down to Earth’s surface.

Her mission is to uncover the motives behind the hacker’s actions. With her exoskeletal powered suit, Arhan, Angela descends onto the devastated Earth’s surface, ready to confront the challenges that await her.

11. Edens Zero

edens zero

Eden Zero is a fantastic shonen fantasy anime produced by J.C. Staff in 2021. The story is set in Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned amusement park where the main character, Shiki, has spent his entire life among machines.

However, everything changes when Rebecca and her cat companion, Happy, arrive at the park, marking the first human contact in a hundred years.

As Shiki forms new friendships with the newcomers, unrest brews among his former robotic neighbors, leading to the potential for a robo-rebellion

. When his homeland becomes too dangerous, Shiki decides to join Rebecca and Happy on their spaceship, embarking on a thrilling journey through the boundless cosmos.

10. Space Dandy

space dandy

If you enjoy intergalactic characters, then Space Dandy is a must-watch! This 2014 anime is produced by Studio Bones.

The series follows the adventures of a dashing and stylish character known as Space Dandy, who roams across the galaxy on thrilling quests.

His dreamy persona and iconic pompadour lead him to explore uncharted territories in search of rare aliens, robots, and unknown species.

Every time he discovers a new species, he earns a generous reward, but he must act swiftly as it’s a race against time; the first one to make the discovery claims the prize.

Space Dandy’s journey takes him through extraordinary encounters, and his quick wit and daring nature are essential for success in this galactic quest.

9. Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

vivy fluorite eyes song

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song, created by Wit Studio, is a really good time travel anime that revolves around robots and androids.

The series follows Vivy, an autonomous android working at NiaLand, an A.I. theme park that fulfills people’s dreams through science. Vivy aspires to bring happiness to people through her singing.

However, one day, her world is turned upside down when an A.I. teddy bear named Matsumoto appears before her.

He claims to have come from 100 years in the future, a time when a fierce war between A.I. and humans rages.

Together, Vivy and Matsumoto embark on a century-long journey, entwining their fates as they attempt to alter the future’s tragic course.

8. Suisei no Gargantia

mechs anime

Suisei no Gargantia is a post-apocalyptic anime that revolves around mecha and robots. In the distant future, humanity is facing imminent destruction, drifting in space aboard a highly advanced base named Avalon.

In a final desperate attempt, they prepare to battle against their alien foes, the Hideauze.

During this climactic fight, a mecha pilot named Ledo gets caught in a wormhole, transporting him to an unfamiliar place: Earth, believed to have turned to ice long ago, and the lost birthplace of humanity.

Saved by the people of Gargantia, a fleet of ships navigating the now-flooded planet, Ledo must adjust to this primitive society with its archaic language and technology.

He must learn to communicate with them and strive to find a way back to his home in the sky.

7. FlCL

flcl anime

FLCL is a 2000 anime produced by GAINAX and Production I.G, encompassing action, comedy, romance, and sci-fi genres.

The story follows Naota Nanbada, a young boy leading a mundane life in a dull town. His older brother has moved to America, and the most excitement he experiences is when his irresponsible dad drinks too much sake.

One day, everything changes when a peculiar girl on a scooter appears out of nowhere and whacks Naota with her guitar.

To his surprise, she arrives at his home before him and moves in. This strange woman engages in inappropriate activities with Naota’s father, flirts with him, and claims to be an alien in search of the ‘Pirate King.’

Now, Naota must adapt to living with this unconventional intruder while dealing with a government agent sporting massive eyebrows and the enigmatic Medical Mechanica.

Moreover, he must confront the realization that robots and weapons emerge from his head, among other strange occurrences.

6. Darling In The Franxx

darling in the franx

Darling In The Franxx is a mecha anime set in a distant future where the land is in ruins, and humanity seeks refuge in the mobile fort city Plantation.

The city’s inhabitants, known as pilots, live within the confines of Mistilteinn, also called the “birdcage.” These children are sheltered from the outside world and the freedom of the skies, devoting their lives to battling mysterious giant lifeforms called Kyouryuu.

To combat these threats, the children pilot robots known as Franxx. Riding these mechs becomes a testament to their existence.

Among them is Hiro, also known as Code:016, who was once hailed as a prodigy but has lost his edge, feeling insignificant. Piloting a Franxx becomes their sole purpose, and not doing so means fading away.

However, everything changes when a mysterious girl with two horns named “Zero Two” enters Hiro’s life.

She holds the key to unlocking his true potential, leading them on various missions filled with challenges and revelations about the world they live in.

5. Time of Eve

time of eve anime

Time of Eve is a soothing drama sci-fi anime set in the future, where androids coexist with humans but are treated as their inferiors, marked by holographic rings above their heads.

The story follows Rikuo, a boy who discovers unusual activity in his own android’s logs. Alongside his friend Masaki, he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind the android’s behavior.

Their investigation leads them to a hidden café called Eve no Jikan, where a unique rule prevails: no discrimination between humans and robots is allowed within its walls.

Surprisingly, the androids in this café appear human and display signs of independence, defying what is normally expected of them.

As Rikuo delves deeper into this enigmatic place, he grapples with his perceptions and emotions, especially in his relationship with his own android.

4. Plastic Memories 

plastic memories

Plastic Memories is a drama romance anime that will captivate everyone, as it evokes emotions and tears. The story revolves around 18-year-old Tsukasa Mizugaki, who fails his college entrance exams.

Thanks to his father’s connections, he lands a job at the prestigious SAI Corporation. SAI Corporation specializes in producing and managing androids called Giftia, which possess human-like emotions.

Tsukasa’s assigned position is in the terminal service department, tasked with retrieving Giftias that are nearing their expiration date. This department is like a graveyard for Giftias.

To add to his challenges, Tsukasa is paired with Isla, a female Giftia who is often relegated to a mere tea-serving role with no significant responsibilities.

3. Nichijou

nichijou anime

Nichijou, a 26-episode anime produced by Kyoto Animation, is one of the funniest robot anime out there. The series follows the lives of high school girls Yuuko, Mio, and Mai, who appear to lead a regular, everyday life.

However, their days are far from ordinary as they encounter bizarre explosions causing random objects to rain down, lunchtime turning into epic battles, and even students riding goats to school.

Meanwhile, there’s Nano, an android who yearns to be a normal human. Despite her wish, she spends her days taking care of her creator, the playful and immature child genius Hakase.

Alongside dealing with a talking cat named Sakamoto, Nano also grapples with managing her multiple easily-detachable body parts. Her dream of becoming a regular human seems quite distant from reality as she navigates these peculiar circumstances.

2. Ergo Proxy

top anime with robots

Ergo Proxy is renowned as one of the darkest anime of all time, featuring a cyberpunk setting with Androids, non-human protagonists, and a post-apocalyptic world.

The story takes place in a futuristic world where human existence is confined to domed cities controlled by highly advanced A.I. systems.

In this society, humans are no longer naturally born but instead manufactured through a production line. Alongside them coexist androids known as autoreivs.

Among the residents of Romdeau, a domed city, lives Re-l Mayer, who possesses a rare gift of independent thinking.

Thanks to her grandfather’s influential position and the affection of scientist Daedalus, she enjoys a level of free will not typically granted to others.

However, as Re-l delves deeper into the city’s facade, she begins to question the supposed perfection of their way of life.

Mysterious beings called proxies start to wreak havoc, and a man named Vincent emerges, significantly impacting her life.

Driven by curiosity and a desire for truth, Re-l ventures beyond the city’s confines to find answers and uncover the enigma behind “the awakening.”

1. Made in abyss

best robots anime to watch

Made in Abyss is an adventure drama anime that aired in the summer of 2017. The story features a robot as the main character.

Young Riko has always harbored a deep fascination with the Abyss, a massive chasm and labyrinthine network of caves filled with both marvels and perils.

Only the bravest and most resilient Cave Raiders have managed to survive its depths, retrieving ancient artifacts as they return.

Riko’s mother vanished into the Abyss years ago, leaving her daughter with an intense desire to follow in her footsteps and uncover the mysteries it holds.

One day, while exploring, Riko encounters a peculiar boy who appears to have emerged from the Abyss. This boy seems to be a sort of robot.

Intrigued and hopeful that he may help her in her quest to find her missing mother, Riko befriends him. However, as they venture deeper into the Abyss, the children soon discover that it may not only harbor wonders but also dangers.

Will the boy’s presence aid Riko in her search, or will they become victims of the Abyss’s unknown perils? The journey is fraught with uncertainty and peril as they delve further into the unknown depths.

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