Top 16 Legendary Giant Anime Characters in History

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Today, we will be ranking the top giant anime characters. These colossal beings, whether they are humans, robots, monsters, or aliens, have left a lasting impact on the world of anime.

Some of them serve as antagonists, posing a threat to humanity, while others are ordinary characters with the ability to transform into powerful giants.

These giants play pivotal roles in their respective series and contribute to their success. Without further ado, let us explore the best anime featuring giants that you should definitely know about.

16. Pacific Rim: The Black (Giant Monsters)

pacific rim anime

The arrival of the Kaiju from the Pacific Rim triggers this series of events that leaves Taylor and Hayley without their parents.

Five years later, they find justice and defeat the kaiju by constructing a giant anime robot called Jaeger Atlas Destroyer.

But, Taylor and Hayley not only have to battle giant anime monsters to find their parents’ whereabouts, but also other parties who want the Jaeger for their own agenda.

15. Godzilla Singular Point (Huge Creatures)

godzilla anime

Even strangers can have the same immediate emotional responses to music. This is what happens when two people, engineer Yun Arikawa and graduate student Mei Kamino, become friends after hearing the same music as something terrible was happening in their lives.

Therefore, they both have to deal with some sort of giant anime species, and there’s no one else that would rather fight them than each other.

14. Digimon (Giant Animals)

giant animals in anime

One of the most popular anime series is the Digimon series. The story follows a group of kids who have suddenly become digital entities in the real world.

They must now go through intense training to earn their freedom back, while also helping other digital beings to do the same.

Digimon anime features a world that is full of monsters and giant characters. These creatures are similar to animals but evolved into different shapes and forms when their worlds merged.

This anime features an action-packed story about these different creatures fighting for survival in a world of giant anime monsters.

13. Blood-C (Huge Bugs, and Monsters)

anime giants

They only live to feast on humanity in the goriest way possible. There are plenty of these giant anime bugs, and strange creatures and they display some really gruesome behavior. They even eat side characters in a flash.

It’s hard to pick a favorite monster. If I had to narrow it down, it would be either Cerberus or the Bunnies.

But In Blood-C I can forget that scene when I saw a student getting ripped apart in one of the most uncomfortable sights in anime, while the latter literally made people into smoothies and kebabs. I can’t imagine a worse way to go.

12. Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse (Giant Robots)

anime giant

You’ll never regret watching an alien invasion, especially if the extraterrestrial invaders are as cool as these. These ETs are large, but their intelligence is lacking. What they lack in their intellect, they make up for in size and toughness.

With a striking combination of crustacean and human features, you’ll be sure to see these guys in your nightmares. Each one you cut down is quickly replaced by another hundred that show up.

11. Claymore (Enormous Demons)


In Claymore, these awakened beings are on a whole different level, mainly due to them being former Claymores who have lost control of their more bestial sides. They turned into some sort of giant demons that also need constant human flesh, on a much grander scale.

As the main character ” Clare” moves from place to place, defeating youma together, more about Claymores is revealed. With every town cleansed and every demon destroyed, they draw closer to the youma which Clare has sought revenge on ever since she became one.

10. Yu-Gi-Oh (Powerful Legendary Characters)

giants anime

This is the ultimate danger, a giant anime being of such immense power that it was able to single-handedly take on and defeat Exodia the Forbidden One, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and even the Three Egyptian Gods.

It’s difficult to calculate its destructive potential, but one thing’s for sure – it is destructive. It nearly destroyed all of ancient Egypt and, yes, you saw that correctly – for a crotch, he has a dragon.

However, the fact that he managed to accomplish so much while being constantly exposed to gross visuals makes him seem all the more venerable. That would be a sight!

9. Blue Gender (Gigantic Bugs)

giant anime

Blue Gender takes place in the future where humans have been basically wiped out by Blue, a race of advanced giant bug aliens. Hence a space station called AIR was created to be a safe haven for humans. There was also a plan to use it as a base for getting Earth back someday.

Yuji Kaido was suffering from B-Cells when he was brought to a camp of soldiers that came to Earth for extraction – but everything went haywire when they arrived.

Yuji is about to have to deal with a lot of violence, fighting in the war on Second Earth and trying to survive. Things will not be easy but it might still seem worthwhile for the fighters if they can win back Earth without losing who they are.

8. Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Colossal Dungeon Monsters)

anime giant

Bell might want to consider a different job. Sure, he’s the only human in service to the petite goddess Hestia, but is it worth toiling with a giant like Goliath?

Like his namesake, this behemoth is a towering presence that can’t be dealt with by ordinary means. Even a full party of magic users will find it hard to defeat him.

The series is full of tough monsters, and giant anime beings that lurk in the dungeon and it may take a lot of people to get past them. Not somewhere you want to go if you want to come back safe and sound!

7. Cencoroll (Immense Creatures)

anime giant bugs

When a giant creature shows up out of the blue in a Japanese city, the Self-Defense Forces get ready for battle and notifies people to be on the lookout.

Nobody knows how it came to be or where it came from, but Yuki has a secret that she might be able to help us understand what’s going on. Her friend Tetsu has been looking after some kind of creature, which may reveal some mysteries.

Another teenager who doesn’t even know Tetsu shows up and becomes interested in his pet which confirms that he has a connection to the monster attacking the city.

6. Nobunagun (Huge Weapons)

anime giant

DOGOO is famous for being the chief weapon in fighting the EIO invasion. With it, you can go on missions and fight alongside historical figures, monsters, and giants anime characters from the past.

High school girl Sio Ogura, the reincarnation of Warlord Nobunaga Oda, unwillingly joins DOGOO after getting involved in their battle while on a school field trip.

5. Ultimate Girls (Giant Futuristic Suits)

Ultimate Girls

When monsters attack, three girls decide to watch it in person. They make a really bad choice in location and end up right next to the city’s guardian, UFO-man, who accidentally crashed them and they end up dead.

That was really sad, wasn’t it? The UFO man took the blame for their death and sacrificed his power so Silk and her friends could be revived again. But there’s a catch: to bring them back, they had to become the heroes of this city.

4. Berserk  (Monstreous Beasts)

anime giant monsters

Zodd stands as one of the most impressive giant characters in the Berserk series. Seeking a formidable adversary, he discovers his match in Guts, the equally bold and courageous protagonist.

As we all know, Zodd is far stronger than any human. Even in his humanoid form. But when his rages go unchecked, he turns into a raging bull and becomes super powerful. If you don’t stop his rage in time, you’ll have to “kneel before him”.

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion (Mega Robots)

anime giant robots

The Angel Ramiel is pretty traditional in the sense of getting to the point. This means that if you’re under 100% HP after the first turn, prepare to make some arrangements for your funeral. It spoils all the fun.

Considering this one comes equipped with a devastating particle beam, we’d say it’s a quite powerful gigantic robot.

Its design and mechanical appearance combined with its unyielding drive to complete its mission more than succeed in inspiring terror. This mecha anime series has a lot of giant robots, but Ramiel was by far the most important one to cover.

2. One Piece (Elbaf, Shirahoshi, Kaido, Big Mom, and More)

anime giants

The anime One Piece features a wide array of giant characters, ranging from side characters, emperors, pirates, and marines, to an entire island known as Elbaf.

The series shows Elbaf to be a giant grassland. It’s also known for being the strongest country with an army of giants well-known for their powers.

You might be interested to know that Elbaf giants take the notion of ‘honor’ very seriously. If there was any sort of argument or dispute, the two giants would settle it with a battle to the death, in order to determine who was more deserving.

1. Attack on Titan (Titans)

anime giant

As these colossal anime giants reign over the human world, they position themselves as dominant predators, leaving us humanity as nothing more than prey.

While some Wanderers pose no threat and remain distant from the walls, there are others who occasionally venture closer, bringing with them the danger of deadly and cunning Titans.

In addition to the titan form of the protagonist Eren, there are other unforgettable Titans such as the Female, Colossal, Armoured, and Beast Titans, each possessing immense power to unleash havoc effortlessly. Even for Eren, it proved to be a formidable challenge to confront them head-on.

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