The 48 Awesome Anime Girl Names and Their Meanings

Here are The Best Anime Girl Names with their Meanings

Hey Anime Fans, Oneday you will have your very own baby girl, you’ll probably look for the best girl names around to come up with one for your new female child.


So being an anime fan you will probably name your girl after same names of those beautiful female anime characters, with whom you’ve been in love with.

And you’ll also pick a unique name that no other fella you know is bound to have?

Luckily, Now you have many choices…

With no further ado, let the countdown of these most popular anime girl names


Anime Girl Names that starts with “A”:

best anime names for girl


Ayano Tateyama from Kagerou Project


Starting off the list of our best anime girl names with “Aina” an original Japanese name that refers to: Love, Fondness, Vegetables, and greens.


Asuka is another cool Japanese name for girls that means: Tomorrow, but if you split it into “asu” and “Ka” it will refers to a flying bird.


if you have ever played Yandere Simulator, you will probably know about this name of one of the most well knows yandere game characters.

But dont worry and rest in ease. because, the name has nothing to do with yandere’s psycho behaviors. therefore, the Japanese word “Ayano” means Color, or Design.


Well, Akane is another pretty Japanese anime girl name that means “deep red”, and is popular, yet a traditional name that has been used for a long time in japan.


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Anime Girls Names that starts with “C”:

chika-kaguya sama
Chika from Kaguya Sama Love is War


moving on to anime girl names that starts with letter “C” we have Chouko, which is a cool anime name that means Butterfly Child and is obviously of Japanese origin.


here we have another pretty name for girls, Chiyo refers to thousand Generations, and of course is of Japanese origin.


the Japanese name Chihaya  is a uni$ex name, which mean it can be used for both girls and boys. the interesting thing about this name, is that its definition changes according to the gender. as for girls it means “One Thousand Times Early”, and “One Thousand Falcons” for boys.”


i like this anime name so much, because it belong to one of the cutest anime characters ever, derived from the series ” Kaguya Sama Love is war“.

This original Japanese name Chika refers to Scatter, Flower. and would be a good name to pick for your newly born baby girl.

Anime Girls Names that starts with “E”:

Eri from My Hero Academia
Eri from My Hero Academia


Initiating anime girl names that starts with letter “E”, with Etsuko, which a cool Japanese name to be used for girls that means Joy, Child.


Emi is light pretty name that i like, its familiar too as we may heard it at so many countries, but still The name Emi is of Japanese Origin and means Blessed, Favour, Beautiful.


The meaning of the name Eri is Drawing. Eri  reminds me of the cute girl that appeared recently in the my hero academia anime series, and was the reason that made deku improves his powers.


Here we have another gorgeous original japanese anime name “Eiko” that refers to Flourishing, Prosperous.

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