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Travel To China – Top 15 destinations to visit

Travel To China:

There is no doubt that traveling to China is a topic that attracts a large segment of people, in search of the beauty of Chinese nature and learning about the unique Chinese civilization in relation to its different customs, food, and affairs.
We mention in this article some of the wonderful tourist places in China:

15. Cruise River:

travel to china

The Cruise River is located between the two most important rivers of China, Guilin, and Yangshuo.
Beautiful scenery appears with hills on either side of the river, as well as caves and villages hillside slopes.

14. National Museum of China:

travel to china

The establishment of the China National Museum dates back to 2003 AD in downtown Beijing.
It consists of two main museums: the National Museum of Chinese History and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution.
Museums and galleries include a large number of artwork and historical artifacts dating back to the period from ancient times to modern times.

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13. Guanyin of Nanshan:

travel to china

The Guanyin of Nanshan statue is one of the most important tourist attractions in China that is worth the trouble of traveling.

It represents the Chinese Buddhist mercy goddess, is part of the complex of Nanshan Temple, and reaches a height of 108 meters. And is referred to as the tallest statue of Guan in the world.

It is also the fourth tallest statue on the surface of the globe, and the statue contains three faces, one of which looks at the ground, while the other two faces the South China Sea.

12. Dongyue Temple:

The construction of the Dongyue Temple dates back to the fourteenth century AD, and it is located in Beijing.
It was considered as a place of worship and celebration, then today it is home to the Beijing Museum of Folk Art, and a place for major national celebrations.

11. The Great Wall:

The Great Wall of China among the destinations that we recommend you to travel to in China.

It is classified as one of the oldest wonders of the world.
Despite its span over a large area of 6,400 km2 along the northern region of China, it was constructed manually without the use of machinery.

Its history dates back to the 4th century BC, and was intended to protect the northern regions from enemies.

10. Terracotta Army:

It represents an entire army of clay dating back to the third century BC.
Consisting of warriors of various ranks, armor and weapons, vehicles and horses, and government officials…

The Terracotta Army was discovered by chance by farmers in 1974, near Mount Li in Shaanxi Province. And is one of the greatest archaeological finds in the twentieth century.

9. Summer Palace:

It is noteworthy that the Summer Palace in Beijing was a playground for emperors, as they sought refuge from them to escape the suffocating summer of the ancient imperial city.

The palace is distinguished by its amazing design, its strategic location overlooking the top of the hill, and the huge lake.

8. Hangzhou:

One of the best places to visit is Hangzhou, in southern China.

When you travel to China you will enjoy its breathtaking scenery, surrounded by quiet and beautiful rural areas, and bamboo boats lining up along the river.

It is a suitable city for adventurous travelers; It allows them to climb rocks, walk long distances, stay in caves, and ride bicycles.

7. Victoria Peak:

It is the highest mountain in Hong Kong and the main tourist area that welcomes millions of tourists, but these tourists cannot reach Victoria Peak as it is closed to them.

Victoria Peak includes the most expensive real estate in the world, a garden overlooking the sea and nearby islands, a suspended railway train that transports tourists to the steep mountain top, and Peak Tower.

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6. Victoria Harbour:

Victoria Harbor is a natural port that occupies an area between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.

It ranks among the major tourist areas that we advise you to travel to in Hong Kong, China
Due to its charming features, and its location amid the dense urban ground, and contains many parks, and hosting the annual fireworks display.

5. Chengdu Botanical Garden:

Among the places I would like to travel to is Chengdu Park located in China.

This park contains large numbers of giant, red pandas, and the garden provides this type of animal in a very suitable environment for their living and growth.

It allows visitors to enjoy seeing pandas practicing their usual activities, such as: climbing on bamboo trees, rolling among weeds, playing balls, and others.

4. Jin Mao Tower:

Jin Mao Tower, a Shanghai skyscraper, opened in 1999 and was then one of the tallest buildings in the world.
It is 420.5 meters high and consists of 88 floors.

3. Potala Palace:

travel to china

Its construction dates back to the 7th century AD, and the palaces group is located at the highest point in Huangshan Mountain at an altitude of 3700 AD.
The palace represents the highest group of luxurious buildings in the world, which contain a large number of palaces and temples linked together.

2. Forbidden City:

Travel To China

The Forbidden City is located in the heart of Beijing and is one of the most important archaeological and tourist icons in China.

It was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, a large-scale, multi-faceted structure that took 14 years to build.

1. Mogao Grottoes:

Travel To China - Best Destinations

Mogao Grottoes located in Dunhuang are ancient historical caves within which they contain one of the most important groups of Buddhist art in the world.
In the past, these caves were home to many monasteries, large numbers of monks, and artists.

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