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The Right Order to Watch Jesse Stone Movies Collection

jesse stone movies

The Jesse Stone Movies in Order For Watching Purpose:

Welcome to this article that chronicle all of the Jesse Stone 9-Movies Collection, and the right order to watch them chronologically.

Jesse Stone is among the best detective novels, led by the protagonist Jesse stone who is a fictional book character created by author Robert B. Parker who first appeared in the novel “Night Passage” published in 1957.

Jesse Stone movies are all led by the retired detective “Jesse Stone” who has taken up position as Chief of Police in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts. While he tackles crime, unsolved murder cases, in his police department, he also struggles with his own demons that plague him from his previous career.

So what is the right Chronological Order of the Jesse Stone Movies Collection?

  • Jesse Stone Movies in Chronological Order

1. Stone Cold (2005)

jesse stone movies in order

Jesse Stone (Selleck) is the Paradise’ Town police chief, who is alcoholic and has many personal problems.

In this movie series adaptation of Robert B. Parker’s novel, Jesse Stone is seeking to solve the mystery behind a murder and assault case. At the point when a series of murders happen in a similar way, he figures out how to follow the criminals. Be that as it may, because of absence of proof, he needs to stand by his chance.

2. Night Passage (2006)

night passage 2006

Night Passage is another goof Jesse Stone movie, that follows our former homicide detective makes the move from LA in order to become Chief of Police in a small Massachusetts town. He has been faced with adversity and is still adjusting to his new workplace.

Suddenly he has to investigate a prominent domestic abuse case that involves mob connections. Things turn out worse than expected as things get complicated while solving the case and trying to take over the position as Chief of Police.

Will he be able to solve it, putting himself on the line?

3. Death in Paradise (2006)

jesse stone movies order

Jesse Stone has moved to paradise living life as the police chief of this small town. Where suddenly A teenage girl’s body is found in a local lake after she went missing.

Due to the time it took for her to be noticed missing, it was deduced that she had been estranged from her parents and had started leading a self-destructive lifestyle.

4. Sea Change (2007)

jesse stone movies order

Sea Change is a police procedural novel written by Robert B. Parker.

This is one of the best jesse stone movies, and in order to understand it you gotta watch the previous sequels.

The story is about Jesse Stone, a veteran cop who had been on the job for 28 years. He has just been appointed as police chief of the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts and he needs to figure out how to handle his new position while dealing with past enemies, mysterious murders, and present crimes that threaten this community.

5. Thin Ice (2009)

thin ice

Thin ice is the another good installment in the Jesse Stone series.

The story of Thin Ice stars off with Jesse Stone and Captain Healy being shot while on an unauthorized stake-out.

Meanwhile, a cryptic letter from Paradise prompts the mother of a kidnapped child to contact Stone. Her son had been announced dead, but later it turns out that he was still alive.

6. Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)

jesse stone movies order

Jesse Stone no remorse is a crime thriller that is based on the novel by Robert B. Parker. The movie tells the story of Jesse Stone, a detective suspended by the council of Paradise.

Simultaneously, he helps a friend in Boston with murder investigation, relying on Rose and Luther to figure out the truth behind the crimes in his town.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse is an 2010 releases, It stars Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, Kathy baker as Rose Gammon, and Kohl Sudduth as Luther.

7. Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)

jesse stone movies order

Chief Jesse Stone is having trouble adjusting to his new life after his involuntary retirement. He has been sober for a while, And he starts to investigate the suspicious death of a young friend while the Paradise Police Force deals with this new Chief, who is the son-in-law of a town councilor.

8. Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)

 benefits if doubts

The Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt is the eighth film of the movies series’ order, and it is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The story depicts: After the recent sheriff replacement, Jesse Stone is forced back into his profession to solve the case of his deputies murder. The rest of the officers have retired so he has to go at it alone.

9. Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

jesse stone movies order

“Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise” is a detective crime drama film series starring Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone. The series is based on the novels of “Robert B. Parker.”

This ninth film is the latest amid the chronological order of “Jesse Stone Movies” was released in 2015 and follows Jesse through his investigation of a cult-related murder of a serial killer in Boston and becomes concerned with a wayward teen in Paradise.

Jesse Stone Favorite Quotes:

  • “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than the things I haven’t done.”
  • “Risk is the price you pay for opportunity.”
  • “Few of us are as good as we think we are; none of us are as good as we can be.”
  • “We judge ourselves by our good intentions, but we’re judged by our last word.”
  • “Unless you treat failure as part of the journey, you’re never going to get anywhere.”
  • “All I see is people out there who are hungry for more.”
  • “My mustache gets so many questions he has his own age now.”


We hope that we have succeeded in providing you with the best order to watch the “Jesse Stone movies series”. as we have kicked the list with the first movie in this series is “Stone Cold (2005)” which introduced us to Officer Jesse’s troubled past and his alcoholism.

Over a decade later, we still feel for him when our famous detective is going through tough times because we know that he doesn’t want to go back to drinking again but struggles with temptation every day until we reach the end of our chronological order with his 2015 ninth and last movie of the series.

Oh; What a 10 years collection of epic thrill and suspense!

See you in the next article. Cheers!

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